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  1. Flatie46

    Gone but not forgotten

    I sure have learned a lot from that car! Of course I mean from the step by step pics that were recorded through the build. Like mentioned above, glad a forum member has purchased it.
  2. Nice car, seems like a fair price. Appears to be some kind of rodent in the foreground of the picture.
  3. Yea I've always liked the C bodies. A friend recently bought a '73 2 Door Monaco that's a nice low mile car. Them big un's ride and drive real nice. The prices have been going up on them.
  4. Well I'll be darn, all I remember was the wagon.
  5. I don't remember a barracuda on the Brady Bunch. I know it was popular but have never liked white interior, nice car though.
  6. Flatie46


    Guess I'm late but been busy, Happy 80"th hope it's a great year for you!
  7. Flatie46


    Ed those look really high quality, are they Snap on brand?
  8. Flatie46


    I have vented over this often. I have scored some awesome deals on craigslist and some I've wondered WTH happened? I guess more often than not it's worked out well. I have discussed several times in the past how on Craigslist if it's listed with an Email only they will never respond. The only time I had a response was when I bought 2 welders and a shrinker/stretcher last fall. The guy outright lied, it was pretty obvious when I was asking about the machines but I was still pretty sure I could come out. I was able to repair both for less than $150 bucks. The machines are probably worth $1500 a piece. I have done well on Facebook market place. I rarely ever see any Plymouth parts our era there but I have seen several cars for sale at reasonable deals. Bought lots of AMC Jeep parts there. Vintage tools and machinery galore!
  9. Flatie46

    TV car shows

    I really don't see this happening...ever. Some things just take time and are worth the wait.
  10. Flatie46

    TV car shows

    How about pretending to steal their car or impounding it over simething stupid? I could see me doing hard time over something like this.
  11. Flatie46

    I'm not sure how they fit that in there...

    Really a sweet ride!
  12. Flatie46

    clutch fork return spring

    Mine was intact when I was working on this area of the car but it was almost worn in two. I took it to NAPA that had a shadow board their that matched up common springs. I guess I should have posted my info or made note but I didn't. Anyway hope this helps.
  13. Flatie46

    New to the Forum!

    I knew their were more Plymouths in east TN. Welcome to the forum.
  14. Flatie46

    Indian Plodge

    Yep, I agree. I see repro parts with substandard plating. I've seen stuff people have paid good money to have done be disappointing. I don't think you can buy the quality plating of the 60's back anymore.
  15. Flatie46

    Fuzzy dice

    I believe pilots from ww2 hung dice in their cockpit for good luck is where this orginated.
  16. Flatie46

    New speed record today

    Must have been trying to loosen it since you wrenched left.
  17. Flatie46

    Indian Plodge

    To be so rough to start with that car turned out really nice. I wonder where they sourced the chrome?
  18. Flatie46

    1952 Dodge Coupe hot rod

    Sounds like an interesting project. I am a big fan of the Jeep straight 6 in all forms especially the 4.0 (242). I had one in an 88 Cherokee that had 365K on the clock and still felt really strong when I sold it. Sounds like a good plan keep us updated on the progress.
  19. Flatie46

    Snap on tool search

    Might check the vintage tool section on ebay, I see lots of goodies there.
  20. Flatie46

    every wonder where all the good old cars are?

    Their was a junkyard just a few miles from where I live now. An old man had owned it for as long as I remember. He always had the old stuff 30's to 60's a few early 70's. He always had the hard to find stuff, unusual and odd models. Back in about '71 the Chevy dealer sold out, changed hands, whatever. I remember people telling me he bought out the complete parts dept. I don't think this was the only time he did this or brand. At that time I didn't understand the value of NOS parts or genuine OEM. I loved to walk through his yard and just look at all the possible projects and possibilities. I never bought much from him because he was considerably higher than the other yards. He was a one stop shop though, he usually had what you might be looking for. He passed away about 10yrs ago. I remember hearing through the grapevine that his family was selling everything cheap and had brought a mobile crusher in. I hurried up there, I knew he had a 47 Plymouth 5 man coupe there and wanted to see about it. I got there and was really heart broken to see all the crushed cars stacked up. So many good parts mashed and ruined. I saw the 47 and was in time to save it. It was much rougher than I had remembered ( it's always this way, right?). I bought the car for $200 bucks, had $50 in a tow bill to get it home. This car had the rare factory turn signal indicator on the dash. I used some parts to help my 46 coupe project, sold and saved all I could. I hate seeing good parts and cars go to waste. I also hate seeing all the good parts sources disappear. I guess that's life though. I remember seeing a 59 Lincoln there, it appeared as if it was driven in. Me and a friend talked about what an expensive car it was when new and the miles of chrome on it. Only one I guess I've ever seen.
  21. Flatie46

    every wonder where all the good old cars are?

    Really cool clip, thanks for posting.
  22. Thanks for sharing. My dad was in the 7th infantry and my uncle was involved In the D-day landing at Omaha beech. I wished more people understood the meaning and importance of these memorials.
  23. Flatie46

    Calling all 41 Plymouth owners

    Thank you, good luck with your new venture!
  24. Flatie46

    Calling all 41 Plymouth owners

    Will you being other models, possibly other brands? Asking for a friend...🙄

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