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    Zen Master, I breathe vintage mopar!
  • Birthday 11/23/1968

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    Russellville, TN
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    46 Plymouth business coupe
    81 Jeep Scrambler
    70 Chevy C-10
    83 Harley FXR

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    I'm adicted to 40's mopar I'm working on a '46 plymouth business coupe
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    Industrial Maintenace,


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    Old cars , motocycles ( mostly older bikes), American and WW2 history. Love spending time with my

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If you are reading this note please help me. I have been kidnapped and am being forced to complete my profile against my wishes.

But seriously folks, there isn't room for my profile, my nose would take up too much band width.

 Wait...let me get that..."hello, yes this is Mark. Oh...(Cough, Cough Cough)...I just couldn't make it in to work today SNIFF SNIFF.   "Yea, maybe tomorrow, pretty bad, think it's the Mongoleian swine flu. "Ok yea see ya" CLICK.  Ok,  I'm back hand me that "9/16 wrench, we gotta get this thing going for the Rod Run!

I'm a 6volt guy in a 12volt world...enough about me, tell me about yourself and your car.


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