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    I'm adicted to 40's mopar I'm working on a '46 plymouth business coupe
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  1. I put one up recently that I purchased from Harbor freight. It was ( with the cupon ) $199.99 and it's a 10 x 17. The brand name is Cover Pro. I did a couple of extra things when I put it up that may not be required at all. I added an extra tarp between the frame and the top and slid some of that extremely light foam insulating board in between the tarp and the top. I also opted for some of the screw anchors from the pet section that are meant to tie and stake off a dog. It came with anchors but these worked better. I put this up to store a body in out of the weather. This week we had very strong winds, it's done fine. Pretty happy with it, I would buy another. For no more than I gave for it if it lasted 6months I would be happy, I think it will last much longer than that though.
  2. Flatie46

    spot anyone you know

    This explains German engineering.
  3. Flatie46

    Junkyard Photos

    I took my son often to many junkyards off the beaten path when he was growing up. He told me recently that was the coolest thing he remembers as a kid and was so fortunate to have been able to see all the old stuff. He's a gearhead now himself, loves vintage autos and is a pretty darn good mechanic. Which is unusual for this generation. We had fun, it was always like a treasure hunt.
  4. Flatie46

    Bob Drown

    I enjoyed Bob and Coopers adventures over the years. I will include him and his family in my prayers.
  5. Flatie46

    anyone acquainted with mackthefinger

    `I talked to him back in May, he was really focused on a neat BSA Gold Star. I think he was leaning tword the wheeled hobby.
  6. Flatie46


    I never participated in or Facebook till I changed jobs in April. I had an account for about a year before that I only used for the market place. When I left my old job my buddies wanted to keep in touch and it seemed like a good tool for that. I guess it has been, but my biggest use is still the market place.
  7. Flatie46

    Gone but not forgotten

    I sure have learned a lot from that car! Of course I mean from the step by step pics that were recorded through the build. Like mentioned above, glad a forum member has purchased it.
  8. Flatie46


    Guess I'm late but been busy, Happy 80"th hope it's a great year for you!
  9. Flatie46


    Ed those look really high quality, are they Snap on brand?
  10. Flatie46


    I have vented over this often. I have scored some awesome deals on craigslist and some I've wondered WTH happened? I guess more often than not it's worked out well. I have discussed several times in the past how on Craigslist if it's listed with an Email only they will never respond. The only time I had a response was when I bought 2 welders and a shrinker/stretcher last fall. The guy outright lied, it was pretty obvious when I was asking about the machines but I was still pretty sure I could come out. I was able to repair both for less than $150 bucks. The machines are probably worth $1500 a piece. I have done well on Facebook market place. I rarely ever see any Plymouth parts our era there but I have seen several cars for sale at reasonable deals. Bought lots of AMC Jeep parts there. Vintage tools and machinery galore!
  11. Flatie46

    TV car shows

    I really don't see this happening...ever. Some things just take time and are worth the wait.
  12. Flatie46

    TV car shows

    How about pretending to steal their car or impounding it over simething stupid? I could see me doing hard time over something like this.
  13. Flatie46

    I'm not sure how they fit that in there...

    Really a sweet ride!
  14. Flatie46

    clutch fork return spring

    Mine was intact when I was working on this area of the car but it was almost worn in two. I took it to NAPA that had a shadow board their that matched up common springs. I guess I should have posted my info or made note but I didn't. Anyway hope this helps.
  15. Flatie46

    New to the Forum!

    I knew their were more Plymouths in east TN. Welcome to the forum.

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