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    I'm adicted to 40's mopar I'm working on a '46 plymouth business coupe
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  1. Flatie46

    New 1936 Chrysler

    I love the airflow, never seen a done car in person, just parts cars and projects. This would be a great car for Chrysler to bring back IF they would get it right. I will say they do a far better job than the others. The exception, I know Jeep is connected to Chrysler. The "Renegade", I'm into old Jeep CJ's and for them to take a name that really meant something and apply it to a minivan really got me.
  2. Flatie46

    Work bench height

    My favorite is a 4000 lb hydraulic table that doubles as a motorcycle lift. It was an industrial lift table of some kind from my former employer. I added a hinged 6" wide piece channel that can be removed if I wanted. I love how I can adjust the height from something I can work with using an old chair or hit the foot pedal and raise it if I want to stand and work.
  3. Flatie46

    Free Paint Booth`s

    I would have thought it would be ok to buy a used paint booth with no environmental consequences as long as it didn't come with a bunch of paint left over in cans and a drum of questionable stuff. As far as paint left overs our local landfill accepts leftover paints from your residence. It may be different coming from a business or large amounts. I think it's pretty smart to accept it and dispose of it properly otherwise it would prob be poured on the ground somewhere. Wouldn't all the paint in the booth, vents and ducts be dry and ok as long as you didn't try to remove the paint from it? There is a big up coming road project in my area. They are going to widen the road from Morristown to Bulls Gap from 2 lane to 4 lane. This will cause the relocation of several small business'. One of which is a body shop owned by a friend. We were talking about the situation and I said I would like to have his booth if it was just going to be destroyed. He said he wanted to relocate the booth to his home shop but the State considered it part of the building and it had to stay. What do you think will happen to the booth? Will it just be dozed over? Disassembled and sold at a Gov auction? Carefully disposed of per hazards mentioned above?
  4. Flatie46

    Cell phones and driving

    Glad she's ok. I've always felt you learn more from mistakes than not making one at all . Sometimes mistakes like this you don't get a second chance on. I worry about this scenario often. My kids are 25, 21 and 13, You preach and preach and hope they hear it.
  5. Flatie46

    Identifying a T786 motor

    What kinda torque does a 413 put out?
  6. Flatie46

    Lindsay McConnell contact information

    I went to my son's house today, didn't have any luck finding that carboard tube. I'm sure it will turn up just really puzzling.
  7. Flatie46

    Identifying a T786 motor

    Flathead 6, 413 truck engine, wow! That would be a score!
  8. Flatie46

    Lindsay McConnell contact information

    I looked through my contacts, I was sure I had his email address there but cant find it. I know I have that tube somewhere. Its pretty important to me as it has a nice pair of stainless rocker trim for my car. It kinda bothers me that its not where I thought it was but I have been working on other projects and I'm sure its just misplaced.
  9. Flatie46

    Lindsay McConnell contact information

    Having trouble finding the info you need. I had a long cardboard tube Mr. McConnell had sent me some trim in. I can't seem to find it. My car has been moved to my sons garage, it may be over there. I 'll see if I can get over there today and look.
  10. Flatie46

    Lindsay McConnell contact information

    I think his old address may be on a package he sent me but its back in Tennessee and I'm on vacation in Savannah GA. Give me a couple days and I can send it.
  11. Flatie46

    Lindsay McConnell contact information

    Last parts I bought from him several months back he was about to move from PA to AZ I think.
  12. Probably the low miles that drive the price up.
  13. Flatie46

    1949 Plymouth Super Deluxe 4dr Sedan Parts

    You would be surprised what people might want or need. I have a parts car in the field behind my house that has been a very valuable source of information for me and others when it come to reassembly and reference. If you sell the bumpers you should make sure they wind up back on a Plymouth. That's just me.
  14. I'm not really into gassers, someone might like this. I see the steering column is poking through the old master cyl access hole and the gas and brake pedal are about a foot ahead of the column. Be kinda weird to me but different strokes for different folks.
  15. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1946-Plymouth-Gasser/253688060185?hash=item3b10fc9919:g:OdAAAOSwxllbGE8M&vxp=mtr

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