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  1. Congrads on your new purchase and welcome to the forum. Glad you posted pics of the car, disappointed there were no hot babe photos. Maybe you should call that car DARKNESS or something. The dark side of the force is probably jealous of that car. It does need some bright work brought back. I like the idea of adding a contrasting color to the top. Good luck with it.
  2. Ha! that reminds me of that replacement Lucas smoke I've seen advertised for sale for the wiring harnesses of british cars. Lucas made electrical components for british cars and motorcycles. Kind of a running joke about the quality of Lucas products. Lucas has been referred to as the prince of darkness.
  3. So these were never offered on any of the car engines? Ever?
  4. Wow, a 13 huh? That's prob darker than I have. I'm not sure even my auto darkening hoods go that dark? My manual hood is a 10. Thanks for the info though. Doubt I'll get to go now anyway though, they told me today had to work all weekend and long hours next 2weeks. Joy Joy!
  5. The path of totality is going to be just a tad bit southwest of me. I could care less myself. If my 12yr old daughter who is really into science and goes to science camp and classes during the summer. If she expresses interest in it we may go to a park and view it. I would much rather be in my basement working on the latest project though.
  6. Rebuilt mine back in '04, right or wrong that's what I used. I didn't even know there was a tool for this particular job till here recently.
  7. Ted has done a fine job on this.
  8. Yea I heard that, I hate to hear all these country heros are leaving us.
  9. Due to federal regulations this is what 7 passenger SUV's will look like by 2020. They must satisfy 80mpg's, and due to safety standards have no power to speak of and pretty much all look the same no matter who makes them. Ads Will boast of the ease of parking, how quickly you can wash and wax it and...uh...oh yea how small it's carbon footprint is.
  10. At the moment all my bellhousings have a a trans and engine attached. There may be one At my sons house, I'll check when I can. I think this thread is a good idea whether you go the T-5 route or choose another. Good info to have.
  11. I guess I shouldn't be so critical. I'm sure a grill for a 36 is pretty hard to come by these days. I like the looks of those cars alot, just think it would have been better with the original grill.
  12. I thought it looked like someone hung turn signals on a shower curtain.
  13. Sorry to hear about your loss. Prayers for you and your family.
  14. Somebody get this man a grill!
  15. When I was working on the car lot just outta high school. Me and a co worker went on a dealer transfer to Georgia. Drove one truck down, were driving 2 back. We were driving along and as we crested a hill. I saw in the rear view what appeared like a Lamborghini cresting the previous hill. I turned to my buddy and said " hey check this out" no sooner than the words came out of my mouth he passed me like I was sitting still. My buddy said " what was that"? I said I think it was a lambo. He said, had to be! Or a low flyn jet! We were doing about 70. I would hate to guess how fast that car was going.