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  1. Wayfarer Off to France

    I hate to see you sell it but I understand. Hope you get your garage situation worked out and find another ride soon. I will say, that car belongs on top of the hauler!
  2. California & The Internal Combustion Engine

    Yes your 52 Cranbrook can be converted to propane very easily with bolt on parts from a Yale forklift ( late 60's early 70's vintage ). The engine in my 46 came from one.
  3. Appomatox - Chrysler 300's

    A friend's dad owned a green 300, just like the green one in the pic. I'm wanting to think it was a '70 model that's just a guess though. It had a 440 with well aged exhaust. It had a nice rumble to it, wasn't too loud just a good sound. It was a nice car but in '85 it was starting to show it's age a bit. We didn't live far from school but I would con him into taking it out on the 4 lane before school some mornings. It could easily bury the speedo needle deep. We embarrassed several of "The Muscle cars " and had a lot of fun in it needless to say I have an appreciation for that model.
  4. What some of us got up to in England, today

    They look like dealership photos from back in the day.
  5. 1950 Desoto Indiana

    Yea, seems like a nice car for the money. You could fix the rockers and prob match the paint reasonably close and drive it like it is.
  6. I would love to own that. I'm forever a fan of the flat 6 but that would be awesome with a Cummins transplant.
  7. someone call the paint police

    That's an example of a car that was a good buy when new. Good for many, many miles after the payment book was gone. Cheap upkeep and no problems the model was known for. My insurance man was thinning his heard a few years ago, offered me a '62 Lancer at a good deal. I considered buying it but I already had too many, I passed. Needed one floor patch , carpet and a headliner. Would have been a great daily driveable classic.
  8. California & The Internal Combustion Engine

    Did the space crafts use that carburetor that allowed 100mpg? Wondered whatever became of it.
  9. Where do you get the little springs?

    Our local NAPA has a shadow board of springs. You match yours up and they pull it from the box. I guess these are general generic springs. I bought 2 parts cars cheap. Between mine and the other 2 I've been lucky and it has really paid off big time to rob what I want from them at my leisure. Saved enough to pay for both cars. I know this is not an option to some people but has worked for me.
  10. How to keep the mice away?

    Good idea. I had always heard that moth balls would keep the snakes away. I also remember a thread years ago about if mothballs would raise octane level. It was discussed in that thread that mothballs weren't made of the same stuff they were years ago. I didn't know if they would still work for pests or not.
  11. How to keep the mice away?

    We use to a pretty bad mouse problem years ago. Had a couple cats, they would catch one every now and then. Then we got this black and white stray. Ragged looking young male cat. He was pretty mean, didn't care to be petted much. He cut the population down considerably and kept em at bay. Sadly I think a coyote got him 3 months ago. So some cats are good to pet and lay around and some love to hunt. Mice ate some wiring on the wife's car last month. They told me at the dealer to put moth balls on the intake. I really don't see this working. Guess I need to round up some moths and sort out the males and females. Lol
  12. I hadn't looked on the site in a long time. Well, I've been sent links as the one above but they were of something of value. It was usually an oddity or antique vehicle. One of my friends is welding instructor at the local vocational school. He was always asked by current students, former students and most anybody where they could buy a good used welder or often would come to him to sell one. He would sometimes buy them at a good deal and turn a small profit. Then he found govdeals. and at that time he could pick them up at a good price and move them or maybe even part one out. I know he has pretty much got out of the sales business other than one here and there. I've not asked but I'm pretty sure he quit buying from them. I think I know why now. He has a mint MIllermatic 200 late 80's vintage that I really want but he will not part with it. That will be my next mig. We've got 2 at work, same age, same machine. You can't beat 'em, tough as nails, not filled with a bunch of boards and digital displays to go bad. They'll work circles around the newer welders like a 211 maybe even a 252.
  13. What has happened to govdeals? There use to be some good buys on there. I do not see the purpose in them listing this truck. It's not even a good joke.
  14. Plymouth Truck

    I'm going to say that truck is going to be WAY nicer than it was the day it left the dealership.
  15. Arizona Parts

    Didn't know anyone on the forum owned an early Jeep? The flat fender model MB (42-45) is my favorite. The values of those have really went up in the last 10yrs. I would own one for sure if I could fit in one. Lol