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  1. I'll hook ya up. Let him get mine done first tho! Lol
  2. You wouldn't have to kidnap him, just pay him. He's reasonable, he's got my 81 Scrambler body now. I've helped him with it, he for sure didn't need my help but it was a way for me to learn from someone really good. We've been great friends since high school . He's worked on some really high end cars and for some top notch shops. Does it on his own now. He's got a 30's Plymouth or Dodge truck that's his, making it an extra cab.
  3. My buddy hand built this body and frame from sheet metal and tubing
  4. Love the FC's! Saw one at the auto fair in April, guy was asking 30grand for it. It was worth less than half that. JP magazine has had some good features on them over the last year or so. Had an immaculate FC 170 ( I think, it was the 3/4 ton model) with a late model diesel swap on big tires. The military had a 4Dr version that was really cool. I've seen them for sale but your best hope would be to get one from the dry southwest. Like most old jeeps they love to rust. You do know JEEP stands for Just Empty Every Pocket? Ask me how I know? Lol
  5. They offer a kit to bolt a T5 5speed to a flat 6. Can't remember who offers it, there was a kit for sale here in the for sale section of the forum recently, may still be there.
  6. The one I have is 36.5" measured in the inside. It is curved. Looks a lot like the one in my 4Dr parts car and it's also curved best I can tell. The grass is high, it's right next to the woods and pretty snakey. So That's the best I can tell at this time. My business coupe is at my son's garage, so I can't compare to it right now. This glass has a few scuffs, may polish out. I don't need it, if someone does PM me, other wise it goes back to the shelf.
  7. This glass was laying in the back seat of a club coupe I bought from a junkyard that was closing down. I assumed it was same as my business coupe. That car had a lot of interesting "extras" in it. Found a model A dash under the seat, an old 2stroke gasoline powered washing machine engine in the trunk among other treasures.
  8. Let me check an I'll get back to ya. If it won't fit mine I have no need for it. I sure would trade it for a set of p15 rocker trim. Really I would.
  9. I thought the Plym back window had a slight curve? I've got a spare back window somewhere that has a curve to it. It was laying in a 47Plym parts car I had bought. I've got a 46 business coupe, never paid much attention to it. The spare glass has a slight curve.
  10. When my son was a senior in high school he bought his 52 Plymouth. Just put liability on it. It was a rough car though. You really have to pay attention to the fine print in the coverage. When he moved out and got his own place he was covered driving my cars/ trucks but while living with me he would have had to have been added to the policy. I don't have collectors policy on any of mine yet as they are all drivers.
  11. When you use the term "season", it reminds me of what an old local racer/ engine builder once told me. He said it was good for An engine block to rust in the bores and "season out". Said it did it a lot of good. Now I know it sounds crazy and I'm not saying I support this statement. I will say the man had a good rep as a builder. May have just been a superstition, but then again...
  12. Wonder how they destroyed it? With all the preservatives in hot dogs looks like it would never rot.
  13. Make a stud that's whatever size you decide to tap the bottom and the original size on top.