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  1. RAM changes

    They're a bargain. Your just not thinking of all the safety, engineering and modern conveniences the new cars have. They're also saving the planet with lower emissions.
  2. OT - What's wrong with THIS picture ???

    That's cool ole bike. I dig it! Bet you miss that one.
  3. The end of our hobby?

    This all may come to pass one day. I really doubt it will be in 20years myself. Wow, if you took old cars and motorcycles out of my life... Guess I would pour all my time, energy and money into guns. I used to look forward to the future, I hear more things like this everyday. Things on the horizon look like they're going to suck!
  4. OT - What's wrong with THIS picture ???

    Owned an FXR...well now, I raise my glass to you sir. I really love mine, best handling Harley ever. I remember reading all the bike magazines back in the 80's and looking to see what the editors and staff road, a lot owned an FXR. I didn't understand until I owned one. They quit making the FXR due to the cost involved in the frame ( last hand welded ). I also own a '92 Ultra, great bike love the EVO engine. Rode it to Sturgis in '15 for the 75th Anniversary, then on to Colorado, rode trail ridge road. Did 4300 miles in 13 days. Not bad for a bike that qualified for antique tags, not a single issue. I see your FXR has the EVO engine, sweet package. Looks new in the pic. Why would you sell such a nice one? What about the Pan, was it all original, chopped, bobber?
  5. OT - What's wrong with THIS picture ???

    I bet it would have made your dad proud.
  6. OT - What's wrong with THIS picture ???

    Really cool, thanks for sharing!
  7. OT - What's wrong with THIS picture ???

    Love the M-37's, on my bucket list to own one.
  8. OT - What's wrong with THIS picture ???

    Thanks for the link Tim, I ain't much on Ebay either but I think Ill buy one. Liked the history link also. I liked the pics of the old Mack's. Several years ago we had a load of steel come in the plant hauled by a 60's Autocar I talked to the driver he had done sort of a restomod to it, more modern engine and trans combo. He said he really liked driving it on shorter hauls but he said it wasn't very practical. It was nice to see a vintage truck still doing it's job, everybody had to give it a look. Yea that's why I stood that gate up. I thought the guy that lost it would have got home and crapped a brick when noticed it was gone. I see all the time though people move and stuff fall out or off a trailer. Cushions are common but I have see where a chair had fell out. Maybe they saw the chair fall out and said, "welp that's screwed" and didn't slow down.
  9. OT - What's wrong with THIS picture ???

    My road leads to a lake access and campground, I get all kinds boat trash. Life jackets, floats etc. I was mowing next to the road last summer and mower hit something. It was a "golden rule " ( type of fishing ruler to measure keeper or not ). I came out one day and noticed something in the road. On closer inspection I noticed it was the mesh type folding ramp/ tailgate from a trailer. I stood it up next to a tree right next to where it came off thinking someone might come back for it. It sat there for 3weeks leaned against the tree. A guy at work came in to the maint shop one day and asked if we had any scrap angle iron, he wanted to build a tail gate for his trailer. I said I'm going to really hook you up and brought it to him, said it worked great. That was 2-3 years ago. Found out recently a guy that lives 5 miles up the road that also works at the plant lost a trailer ramp / tail gate in aprox the same time frame. He couldn't pinpoint where he lost it but I think I know.
  10. OT - What's wrong with THIS picture ???

    Like to have a shirt! lol
  11. Happy Anniversary Lori!

    Congrads! Does Grandpa's have good ice cream?
  12. OT - What's wrong with THIS picture ???

    Roads where I live have pot holes instead of the "speed cushions". I will say they've finally paved the road in front of my house. Before they did you could almost spit from patch to patch or hole the entire length of the road. When talking to the paving crew the foreman said, "Be careful coming out of your driveway and watch your kids, every time we pave a road seems like drivers double their speed".
  13. 1948 Plymouth Rat Rod

    Might want to list any of your take off parts in the for sale section. It will help fiance your project and also help the guy that's wanting to keep his stock. Good luck with your project, I'm wondering what the elves have in store for me? Vent glass rubber would be an excellent gift if any elves read my posts.
  14. wet blasting

    I had my Jeep Scrambler body blasted with DuPont starbright. The guy that did it was a professional, did a great job. I had him shoot it in epoxy primer before it left his shop because I didn't want rust to get started. He agreed, but he also mentioned that after blasting with the starbright it normally wouldn't rust for a while even if exposed to moisture. He said if you handled bare metal after blasting with it, it would rust. My buddies high end 57 Desoto was blasted with same stuff. Has a really nice paint job, no ill effects, been painted for going on 2yrs now.
  15. 1947 Chrysler modern rim substitutions?

    Yep, as cheap as some of the steel wheels are you would be better off in the long run to buy new ones. Not to mention you could skip some agravation.