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  1. Antifreeze and your car

    I had always heard this. A guy I work with said unfortunately he knew from experience it is true.
  2. Antifreeze and your car

    Yep and the heater core. I've run straight water at times when working thru problems or testing but I hated to leave it in or use it very long because antifreeze has corrosion inhibitors and helps fight rust. We know what happens with straight water and metal. Also I was afraid I would forget about it. I wish ya luck with your repair. Now I must ask, do you have a certification in the JB Welding Process?
  3. riding season

    Looking pretty racey with your Vette Don, win any triple dog dares with it?
  4. riding season

    Didn't know they made any such thing as a tall frame bike. I'm 6'4" and use to everything being too darned small. I like the idea of it.
  5. Asian Beetle Invasion/ Infestation

    I have a box elder and stink bug problem. I really, really hate to use any form of pesticide but its down to me or them. What is the name of the box elder stuff?
  6. Happy birthday to me

    Sharp ride, I would be proud of it!
  7. Sbc in 50 plymouth

    Seems like Roaddog was slant 6 powered. I read an article about it in Walnecks Cycle Trader years ago. I think it had hydraulic jacks that help hold it up. It was also on the American Pickers show . They told a bit about Wild Bill's life story. One of the better picker episodes.
  8. Buster Keaton and a lot of old cars

    Loved it! Thanks!
  9. Hope all's well there, I will not complain bout the weather here anymore. PS: Usually when I hear the Sheriff just left it means it's a rockin' party is going on.
  10. help me find sbc swap into 50 plymouth links

    You could sell the Chevy motor and trans and put the proceeds tword the flatie rebuild. Just another option. Imagine how much you will save in the fab work? Good luck with it.
  11. Has anyone ever had to deal with a aggressive neighbor?

    The 113" and 117" S&S evo based engines seem to hold up well under abuse. They were offered as the standard engine in a lot of the hot rod choppers like the Ultra ground pounders. Even offered with a warranty. I've known people that have abused the 113" engines. The engine itself never give any problem it was the clutch, primary and further down the drive line that would have issues from the beating. I have been told the bigger strokers will beat dents In the bearings if you lug them. I do understand how your interest and point of view on the Shovel's, nothing beats the sound or feel. They are my favorite. I think that engine is where the statement " if I have to explain, you wouldn't understand " comes from.
  12. Kev's Turbo Flat Six

    I don't know much about turbos and how a turbo'ed engine should be set-up. I have read somewhere that they helped the Hudson flathead 6 and worked well on it. I wouldn't think one would ever put much boost on a flathead 6 for a multitude of reasons but I think due to the pressure it adds to the piston it can cause cracking or possibly the ring land blowing out on a cast piston even at low boost. I will say I don't think I personally would myself. I would much rather step up and go with forged pistons than be enjoying my new found power and scatter it then have to start over.
  13. Kev's Turbo Flat Six

    I think forged pistons are a must. Not sure other than that. Prob like most things engine related, a lot of variables and tends to snowball as changes are made.
  14. Kev's Turbo Flat Six

    Pretty darn cool ain't it?
  15. Banded wheels.

    I have access to a lathe big enough to do the job at work. I have thought about giving it a try, had some ideas on how to true it and keep it true through the process. Tim's right, it would probably be better to buy them. I like doing things like that even if I don't do anything but waste a few wheels and learn from it. I do understand in this day and age I guess you could be liable if things in some way went terribly wrong, like a wheel come apart causing a wreck. I guess the same thing could happen if you did a brake job and they failed. I've got several welding certifications, if I'm good enough to weld a boiler, I'm good for a wheel I guess. But I'm speaking for myself. I was thinking the wheels on the P-15 are actually riveted to the band. I would thing a quality weld would be safer than 70 year old rivits. Speaking of trueness, I have planned on sorting through my wheels and making a jig to go in the lathe and check to see how true they are. I bet from the factory or after a hard life some are better than others. May be this way with any wheel you buy.