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  1. Gary Roberts

    Merry Christmas

    Bill as I recall you had more than 1 truck, do you have a shot of the other if it exists?
  2. Gary Roberts

    Merry Christmas

    Great shot, I love the wheels!
  3. Gary Roberts

    Strange Brake Issue

    Being left on is what I mean
  4. Gary Roberts

    Strange Brake Issue

    That's not the point I was making at all. I am happy to take a look at the issue and address if I can, 4+ years after the items were purchased.
  5. Gary Roberts

    Strange Brake Issue

    A number of brake items, not all, were purchased by this customer in 2013. Lining failure can be caused by a number of issues in addition to a bad bond. Brake shoes have been bonded for decades and have been used without issue when installed correctly. If your shoes get too hot the bond will fail. I would suggest that if you have issues with a supplier or the product that they have provided to you that at least give them a call and give them a chance to address your concerns prior to naming them online without the benefit of a chance to fix the issue. If your shoes failed because the bond was bad they would be replaced. If they failed because they got too hot and detached they would not. I can be reached at 978 363 5407 if you would like to discuss this matter further.
  6. Gary Roberts

    Pinion seal question

    The rear end that you have does not have the same pinion seal as a 36 dt
  7. Gary Roberts

    Brake shoe confusion

    If those shoes are 10" then you have rear end from a 1946-1956 Plymouth, your rear end has been changed.
  8. Gary Roberts

    Wheel Cylinder trouble

    I think you are on to something, rear pins should be larger than the ones used on the front cylinder, often the front ones are copper colored and the rear are silver
  9. Gary Roberts

    Truck coughs and stutters going uphill?

    Clogged Fuel flex line
  10. Gary Roberts

    Back to the 50's 2016

    Just a great experience I am so happy I finally got out here!
  11. Gary Roberts

    Back to the 50's 2016

    That better be a big bucket!
  12. Gary Roberts

    Anyone make a floormat that actually fits?

    I would be happy to discuss your transaction and would be happy to offer you a refund for an unused or unaltered item that did not meet your expectations. I can be reached at 978 363 5407
  13. Gary Roberts

    Anyone make a floormat that actually fits?

    Hello Brent, I could write all day in answer to your first question. I would and do consider a variety of projects throughout the course of any given year. I also would and do accept any sample/information/feedback that I can gain access to from all sources. That is one reason why I check in on the forum periodically. Specifically relating to the floor mat question you need to ask your self if there was a source for original style floor mats would you pay $350.00 for the mat ? Would you pay $500.00 for the mat? I know that there are a few folks who would but I think that the majority if folks would not at that price point.
  14. Gary Roberts

    Anyone make a floormat that actually fits?

    Roberts Motor Parts offers a 30 day return policy on most items except electrical or custom Items for product that is unused and unaltered. It is the right of any consumer to feel the way they feel about whatever they purchase. No one is compelled or encouraged in anyway to keep items that they are not happy with in fact I would prefer people did not keep items that they are not happy with. I will be happy to discuss this with the customer which I have not had a chance to do prior to his negative review of both my product and my company's handling of his concerns. Gary Roberts Jr. 978 363 5407
  15. Gary Roberts

    Frank Mitchell

    Very sad to read this, I met Frank when I was a little boy at Hershey in the 1970's. He did business with my parents for decades and I enjoyed speaking with him when I got the chance. Frank had an irreplaceable level of knowledge that helped countless people in the hobby , I will miss him. Gary Roberts Jr.

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