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  1. steering

    I am with you on this one wish someone would make a video on repairing these hint hint.
  2. New gas tanks for pilot house??

    good idear thanks
  3. New gas tanks for pilot house??

    I have that tank in my truck when filling with gas I have to go real slow or she will spit it back at me anyone else with this problem. Nice tank for the price tho.
  4. Door window seals

    laminated glass is two layers of glass with a flexable plastic layer in the middle to hold it to gather the only tempered glass in the 1948 to 1953 dodge trucks that I know about were the cab corner windows.
  5. Door window seals

    was it very costly for them to make you one tempered window for your truck?
  6. 1950 pilothouse corner glass installation

    yes instead of holding glass from outside and pulling the rope on the inside it is the other way around.
  7. 1950 pilothouse corner glass installation

    pull the rope from the outside on b3b type dodge
  8. Floorboard Metal Repair How To

    I have torches and a mig if you dont know what you are doing you can burn thru with a mig or a torch. Most people choose a mig for sheet metal repair on cars a rookie is more less likely to warp the sheet metal with a mig. go to a body shop and watch what tool they use most . I worked 24 years in body shops doing auto glass repair and watched the experts do lots of repairs over the years did I ever see a body man use a torch to weld sheet metal yes I did but very rarely and you know the shop had torches but they chose the mig..
  9. Floorboard Metal Repair How To

    most would use a mig welder hobart makes a good low cost welder. make sure when miging that your metal is sanded or ground to a shine finnish your weld will be much better and your mig should be an argon mig I think you will like it better than a non argon mig. go on you tube and watch some videos on patch panel repair and you will get an idear if you feel you are up to it. A floor is a good place to start to learn because most of what you do will not be seen. Thats my two cents worth others I am sure have some good input too. Neil
  10. 225 slant six change

    I have been real happy with my 904 never one problem ever.
  11. 225 slant six change

    I have new springs and shackles and shocks and king pins and tie rods and disc brakes and new tires and everything else that moves the engine is not the weak part of the chain. If I had been in an accident I would be dead meat goes great in a straight line just don't take a corner too fast. I like to see what the limits are I have slammed on my brakes when no one was around to see how fast she can stop too. Its good to have an idear what these trucks can and can't do. I do not make a habet of going 80 the wind noise is something else.
  12. 225 slant six change

    My 258 won't do burnouts but i have taken the truck up to 80 miles an hour and thats plenty fast for a b3b stock suspenion .
  13. 225 slant six change

    I have an amc 258 engine with a chrysler 904 trans had to move the radiator forward about 4 inches no cutting of the firewall and I love that engine and the 904 is like a baby 727 strong enough for the six and much lighter. works good in a b3b and to me it looks a little more right than a v8 in there. good torque but no race car. Check with the jeep guys and you will see how much they are loved. Neil