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  1. you may also need a thicker glass setting tape
  2. use what plymouthy adams said it is the correct product not what warrior dog used I was a auto glass tech for 24 years glass setting tape comes in diferent thickness and diferent compounds it is a press fit not adhesive that bonds the window carrier to the glass.
  3. me too had to shorten my tie rods but all is good
  4. update on my progress now remember I have an amc258 in my b3b . I took an old fan shroud out of a amc eagle and worked on it to fit my radiator took it out on the road with no noticable change but looks kind of cool. than just now I got a new fan clutch I just cranked her up the sound of air rushing thru the radiator took me by surprise the air I felt getting pulled thru the grill is way stronger now it is storming where I live so I will have to wait for the weather to clear for my next test run but I can't see how it can't have been improved. That 1974 clutch fan I think has been the problem all along. It will feel great to fix a problem I have had for a while but like I said earlyer it only showed this problem in the summer. Neil
  5. I know I have a 812
  6. just won a mopar radio 812 for my truck did these come with a face plate or bezel like the mopar 610t if so mine is missing and i will be looking for one. Has anyone here done a update conversion to one of these radios too much money for me but wondered if they were happy with them . anyone here want to show some photos of your OLD RADIOS in your truck that would be very cool. Thanks Neil
  7. she is not boiling over with the 18 pound cap I was looking for some tricks to have it drop a few degrees thats all don't really want to spend the money for a new radiator right now I just came in from driveing it for about an hour I got out opened the hood and she was silent no bubbling sounds. the gauge was saying about 215 degrees. but today is not as hot as it can get down here
  8. I am running a stewart warner guage. While I was running thru a parts box I came across a rear heater core for chevy handy cap van I got the strange idear of mounting it under the bed of the truck for exta cooling ok ok I am just jokeing but I bet it would drop the temp a few degrees. Neil
  9. sorry about putting this in the wrong place. No reaction maybe not as great of a deal as I thought. I thought that was a real good price. Anyone know where you can find them cheaper?
  10. I just got done talking with Tom over at McVeigh's Spring co. He is having 12 pair of rear springs made up for 1951 Dodge b3b half tons will take about 6 weeks for them to come in I got my name on one pair the price is 225.00 a pair comes with bushings and american made. if you are interested call 19898263682 ask for Tom I have his springs on the front of my truck and I am happy with them he has in stock 3/4 ton rear springs in stock right now for 300.00 a pair. just a heads up for who might be looking for springs at a very good price . Neil
  11. I think my next project will be to make a fan shroud and see if that helps. also this weekend I will run it with no hood. I'll keep you guys posted thanks for the help so it sounds like no one here has vented a hood for cooling.
  12. I can see good flow in the rad. This is not a new problem it shows it's self in the summer down here in north carolina every year.
  13. lower hose has a spring thanks
  14. I know but atleast it's not boiling over and I am not done trying to fix my real problem. It looks like I have good flow but the water pump is one thing I have not changed out the whole time I have had the truck no play in the pump. They are cheap I can put in a new one and see if that might help.
  15. oh the block is longer than the old flat head but it's not crowded in there.