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  1. rear leaf spring pin removel

    well with your help and a torch and air chisel I got those pins out I ordered new pins from roberts those pins would'nt take grease for as long as I have owned the truck and it showed. Thanks again . Neil
  2. rear leaf spring pin removel

    thank you very much I didn't notice the hole in the frame looks like it might be hard to hit it very well being inside the cross member. There is no pressure on the spring at this time found out I'll have to order rear shakles . when I did the front springs I ordered front shackles but didn't need them but since I had new ones I put them in with the rears I did't order them and would'nt you know I need them. I am on vaction this week and I am spending it working on my truck. pulled the bed off going to clean the frame and paint it might box the rear part of the frame and got a new gas tank from tanks with new sending unit. Thanks again for the info any other tips you might have. Neil
  3. I watched the you tube video on this and I thought wow that was too easy I have the rear spring allready to come out but the front pin I removed the bolt and threaded it into the pin like in the video and tapped and fired up my torches and got it glowing red and still no movement. has anyone got a trick to get that s.o.b. out so I can get my new springs in. Thanks Neil
  4. I had to cut about an inch off both tie rod ends and both threaded female parts the tie rods thread into not a big deal just used a hack saw in vice. but I too think it should have been in the directions. The drag link you do not have to touch. I am very happy with rusty hope disc brakes i'd do it again in a heart beat.
  5. Shackle removal

    I wonder if it is left hand thread ? I know on my b3b some parts on the left hand side of the truck were left hand thread just an idear. Neil
  6. 1953 b3

    I have been looking for the king pin covers for my b3b checked out doman didn't see them listed can you help me find the listing thanks Neil
  7. Leave it or paint

    I just got my new rear springs and will be installing soon lowering it an inch or two will it make it handle that much better I like the high look better but if it makes it handle that much better I might think about dropping it a little. the new springs are 5 leaf so I hope it might ride a little softer. Neil
  8. Ty rod ends

    This part on the box says duralast part in box said MOOG. Hope that helps. Neil
  9. Ty rod ends

    auto zone 19.99 each made in usa made by moog left side ES60L for left side fit my b3b check it out . Neil
  10. wiper motor

    I don't know but would also like to find out the problem I have found is there is not a lot of room under the dash. the large angle of modern windshields gives for lots of room I once used a power window motor as a wiper motor on my b3b it only worked the drivers side and power window motors were not ment to work continually plus there was no park had to shut it off at the right spot but did work for a couple of years I welded a pivot shaft on to the metal gear it was kind of hack but I had the motor so it was free.
  11. Tell me about this Dodge Truck

    yup I saw the wheel horse in the back I have an old wheelhorse they were a great machine all steel with cast iron two speed rearend
  12. windshield sealer?

    use thin body urethane like essex u14 not u14hv. seal after install much cleaner if you run a bead and than pull the rope you can pull the rope thru the urethane. seal glass after windshield is in ' pump urethane under rubber lips if you pump in a lot press lip flat urethane will ooz out . the urethane that oozed out on the glass spray with glass cleaner and use a new razor blade to srape off the urethane that oozed out on the paint spray with glass cleaner and a fiber stick or plastic stick to scrape off this will get the majority off the paint the rest use tar and bug remover use soft cloth not paper towel . I don't spray on pinch weld or rubber with wd40 or silicone if I am trying to seal the windshield you can understand why. everyone has there own way of doing things that can work for them this is how I choose to do it don't want to step on any toes here . Neil
  13. window rubber seal stuff

    you may also need a thicker glass setting tape
  14. window rubber seal stuff

    use what plymouthy adams said it is the correct product not what warrior dog used I was a auto glass tech for 24 years glass setting tape comes in diferent thickness and diferent compounds it is a press fit not adhesive that bonds the window carrier to the glass.
  15. 1952 disc break conversion

    me too had to shorten my tie rods but all is good