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  1. Freeze/Core Plug Question

    Hi all, Finally got some time to tackle the leaky core plug in the rear of the block on my P15 and got everything stripped out by the end of the day. I was wondering if the smaller plug to the right of the large leaky one in the pic below is in a cooling passage or oil gallery. I'll replace them all while i'm in there just curious before I dug them out. Thanks.......... Simon.
  2. P15-D24 stickers

    Pm sent regarding international shipping.
  3. Freeze/Core Plug Question

    Plan on using brass ones, still able source imperial sizes over here. Thanks for everyone's help.
  4. Freeze/Core Plug Question

    Thanks for the recommendation I was planning on using a smear of sealant with the new plugs but two plugs sounds even better, definitely not an easy place to get too.
  5. Freeze/Core Plug Question

    Thanks to all the believers, appreciate your input.
  6. Hello from the UK - ‘54 Dodge Suburban

    Gotta love a wagon, welcome to the forum.
  7. Hi from England

    Nice ride, welcome to the forum.
  8. P15 Brake Pedal Draft Seal (Grommet?)

    Another thing learned, when i pulled my floor panel to change the master cylinder i noticed a previous owner had used sealant to stick them to the floor so that's the way i put them back.The floor panels currently out again though waiting for me to change a leaky core plug in rear of the block so i'll replace the draft seals properly this time.
  9. price differences wheel brake cilinder

    Another option is to find a local company to re-sleeve your old cylinders with a stainless sleeve. regards......... Simon.
  10. p24 engine help wanted

    If you need parts in the future try http://www.rockauto.com/ they're based in the US but have a good overseas shipping set up all tax's /duties are payed up front and there's usually a 5% discount code available with a google search. I've used them several times shipping parts to the UK with no problems. Regards........ Simon.
  11. Freeze plug question

    Thanks for posting these photos they helped me locate the source of the coolant leak on the rear of the block on my Plymouth. Another job for the winter!!!! Regards......... Simon.
  12. What some of us got up to in England, today

    Enjoyed the day. Good to get the Plymouth back on the road with a 200 mile round trip. Many thanks to Robin & team for their efforts.
  13. kingpin Q

    You'll need to find an old school garage/machine shop in your area to do the reaming job for you, as said above you have to take the uprights off the car. Ask around any veteran car or hot rod clubs for recommendations it was a common job back in the day that had to be done for most makes of car. regards.......... Simon.
  14. Found a frame no.

    Hi all, Finally found some time to work on the Plymouth. I was busy chipping the some old underseal away when I uncovered a painted no. stencilled on the frame upside down in red, it's on the drivers side outside rail mid point of the car. I'm guessing it's the frame no. from when the car was manufactured can anyone out there decipher it for me? It reads 3-23-48-78-30 The car's a '48 Bus. Coupe built in L.A. if thats any help. Regards.......... Simon.
  15. P-15 front shock modification

    The repro f100 arms available new from the hot rod shops come in two lengths 5" and 6" measured between the top bolt hole and the shock mount centre with the longer length matching the original part, ask me how I found out!!!!
  16. 1949 Dodge Coronet Coupe

    That's weird, the link works fine on my pc but on my phone it goes to completely different site sorry about that. Try tying "49-52 mopar gas fuel tank new steel reproduction" into ebay's seach box and it should come up the tank, sellers name is tomsclassic. I've used Rockautos many times always a good service and import duties are included in their shipping price so you won't have Royal Mail charging you £8 for the privilege of collecting the duties.One thing to watch with them is to try and make sure all your order comes from one distribution warehouse to keep shipping costs down. There's usually a 5% discount code available with a google search too. As said above a factory workshop and or parts manual are first thing to buy if you haven't already. regards......... Simon.
  17. 1949 Dodge Coronet Coupe

    Hi Andy, Welcome to the forum, nice looking project. Where you based? I brought a reproduction fuel tank for my 48 Plymouth from this ebay seller in the States which was good quality and fitted nice and he has one listed for a 49-52 mopar http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/49-52-MOPAR-gas-fuel-tank-NEW-steel-reproduction-Dodge-Plymouth-Desoto-Sender-/231485803592?hash=item35e5a10c48 I had it shipped thru a third party contact who's based in Luton though to keep costs down a bit, pm me if you want his details Rockautos should have wheel cylinders and flexy hoses they did for my Plymouth. As for shoes they're company's here in the UK who can reline your old ones a google search will find the nearest to you or try the links section above to find suppliers in the States. regards ......... Simon.
  18. Found a frame no.

    You're not kidding about the factory paint hiding it, found it today just in front of the fuel filler pipe with a combination of a wire brush a bright torch and me reading glasses!!!!! Reads P15 682197 which is different to the engine no. which is P15 995471 so obviously the engines been replaced at some point in the cars life. Thanks all for your help.
  19. Found a frame no.

    Thanks all for your input, double checked not there on mine perhaps they did things differently on L.A. built cars? regards.... Simon.
  20. Found a frame no.

    That's a good shout, forgot you reverse month/day when writing the date over there. Had a close look round the rear of the frame and can find no number stamped into it, front end is still coated in underseal and that's for another day!!!! Thanks..........
  21. Found a frame no.

    Thanks for that I'll have a look tomorrow, would that be stamped on the inside or outside of the frame? Anyone else got any clue to what the painted no's for? It's been hiding under that underseal for a long time. Simon.
  22. No, mine came already cut but i replaced them with stock height springs and left the rear end on lowering blocks as that's the look i wanted. If you do a forum search on "Front springs" you'll find plenty of info. Simon.
  23. Easiest way to lower the front end is to cut the springs you have on the car. I'd suggest cutting a little at a time to get the ride height you want as for the drive experience it'll bottom out easier on a pothole but hey you can't look cool and ride in comfort too.!!!!!!!