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  1. 61farnham

    Fish carburettor

    Never come across them before but I'd say you'd need at least a triple carb set up to run one of our flatheads. A standard 1000cc A series engined Mini runs an 1-1/4" SU carb for comparison on my Ford Zodiac which has a 2600cc straight six i'm running triple 1-1/2" SU's which was a period upgrade in the day to replace the original single Zenith carb. Still would be a cool thing to see and a good talking point at a show and obviously you'd need to make an intake manifold as well.
  2. 61farnham

    P15-D24 stickers

    Pm sent regarding international shipping.
  3. 61farnham

    Freeze/Core Plug Question

    Plan on using brass ones, still able source imperial sizes over here. Thanks for everyone's help.
  4. 61farnham

    Freeze/Core Plug Question

    Thanks for the recommendation I was planning on using a smear of sealant with the new plugs but two plugs sounds even better, definitely not an easy place to get too.
  5. 61farnham

    Freeze/Core Plug Question

    Thanks to all the believers, appreciate your input.
  6. 61farnham

    Freeze/Core Plug Question

    Hi all, Finally got some time to tackle the leaky core plug in the rear of the block on my P15 and got everything stripped out by the end of the day. I was wondering if the smaller plug to the right of the large leaky one in the pic below is in a cooling passage or oil gallery. I'll replace them all while i'm in there just curious before I dug them out. Thanks.......... Simon.
  7. 61farnham

    Hello from the UK - ‘54 Dodge Suburban

    Gotta love a wagon, welcome to the forum.
  8. 61farnham

    Hi from England

    Nice ride, welcome to the forum.
  9. 61farnham

    P15 Brake Pedal Draft Seal (Grommet?)

    Another thing learned, when i pulled my floor panel to change the master cylinder i noticed a previous owner had used sealant to stick them to the floor so that's the way i put them back.The floor panels currently out again though waiting for me to change a leaky core plug in rear of the block so i'll replace the draft seals properly this time.
  10. 61farnham

    price differences wheel brake cilinder

    Another option is to find a local company to re-sleeve your old cylinders with a stainless sleeve. regards......... Simon.
  11. 61farnham

    p24 engine help wanted

    If you need parts in the future try http://www.rockauto.com/ they're based in the US but have a good overseas shipping set up all tax's /duties are payed up front and there's usually a 5% discount code available with a google search. I've used them several times shipping parts to the UK with no problems. Regards........ Simon.
  12. 61farnham

    Freeze plug question

    Thanks for posting these photos they helped me locate the source of the coolant leak on the rear of the block on my Plymouth. Another job for the winter!!!! Regards......... Simon.
  13. 61farnham

    What some of us got up to in England, today

    Enjoyed the day. Good to get the Plymouth back on the road with a 200 mile round trip. Many thanks to Robin & team for their efforts.
  14. 61farnham

    kingpin Q

    You'll need to find an old school garage/machine shop in your area to do the reaming job for you, as said above you have to take the uprights off the car. Ask around any veteran car or hot rod clubs for recommendations it was a common job back in the day that had to be done for most makes of car. regards.......... Simon.
  15. 61farnham

    P-15 front shock modification

    The repro f100 arms available new from the hot rod shops come in two lengths 5" and 6" measured between the top bolt hole and the shock mount centre with the longer length matching the original part, ask me how I found out!!!!

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