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  1. hansen

    manufacturer tag location

    My 1941 De Soto
  2. hansen

    Paint detailing on chrome ?

    I used thick paint,only one layer.Wipe off excess paint whit thinner soaked cloth.
  3. hansen

    Hi from England

    Welcome. Any pics?
  4. hansen

    New member, new car

    Welcome .I like your choice of car.I bought mine 1999,and I have a lot of fun with her. I`m sure you will too.
  5. hansen

    The Lowered Stance Picture and Build Thread

    3.5 inch dropped uprights,3 inch lowering blocks.
  6. hansen

    265 Engine Color opinions

    Mine 1941 De Soto
  7. hansen

    Lowered pics?

    3 inch block
  8. hansen

    Coupes you like

    Not sure what this is,but I like it.
  9. hansen

    Coupes you like

    Nice 1934 Plymouth in Sweden
  10. hansen

    Coupes you like

  11. hansen

    Coupes you like

    A better picture of my 1941 De Soto
  12. hansen

    Coupes you like

    My-41De Soto and -49 Dodge
  13. hansen

    Drop a 41 Dodge with uprigths

    I am not the builder of this car,only bought it.But I know that the upright ( steeringknuckle) was bought from a company in West Virginia.
  14. hansen

    Drop a 41 Dodge with uprigths

    Mine is a -49,dont know if it is a difference from a -41.But I have 3,5 drop and drum brakes. No problems.

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