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  1. 3 inch block
  2. Not sure what this is,but I like it.
  3. Nice 1934 Plymouth in Sweden
  4. A better picture of my 1941 De Soto
  5. My-41De Soto and -49 Dodge
  6. I am not the builder of this car,only bought it.But I know that the upright ( steeringknuckle) was bought from a company in West Virginia.
  7. Mine is a -49,dont know if it is a difference from a -41.But I have 3,5 drop and drum brakes. No problems.
  8. If it is chrome you want, this is the closest we can do
  9. You are right it is not complicated,most car or bike guys that come in to our shop says"masked and ready for paint". The problem whit that is that nobody this far has heat resistant tape.So we have to do all of the masking all over. We cure the paint in 410 F for 15 minutes ,depending on the thickness of the object.
  10. And this
  11. Hope you can read this.
  12. Fiat`s Lingotto factory completed in 1923
  13. My De Soto 1941 is the same