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  1. 46Dodgegirl

    46 Dodge

  2. Hello, Was wondering if anyone knew where I can buy the hubcap clips ?
  3. 46Dodgegirl

    ANSWERED Rear Bearing Broke....

    Oh yes you're correct, we did take those off to get new ones... I forgot about those Thanks!
  4. 46Dodgegirl

    ANSWERED Rear Bearing Broke....

    While I was looking under the truck today I found these on both sides, threaded. I dont know what they are. Can someone tell me ? thanks j
  5. 46Dodgegirl

    ANSWERED Rear Bearing Broke....

    Thanks for that info, I personally wont be replacing it. I am only good with tearing things apart and losing the stuff that is needed. This time I organized everything-shock!!! My mech works on a 46 power wagon, that has won so many trophies he doesnt show anymore. Its extremely nice! Hes experienced with this model so Im in good hands. While Im waiting, I pulled the bumper off, replacing the rear lights and brackets with original. Cleaning everything up-lust of dirt over the years. ALTHOUGH - while I was under there I found a threaded bolt attached to the frame, one directly on the other side, obviously something is supposed to be attached to them. I will upload a picture if I can. I have just plywood for a bed, I was concidering taking that out too and just replace it with a nice piece of wood. I dont want to go original because I wont use it if I do. When I painted my Peterbilt, I didnt want to work it but was force to haha...Just how I roll! Thanks for all this info!! j
  6. 46Dodgegirl

    ANSWERED Rear Bearing Broke....

    Is the adjustment you speak of regarding a Chrysler 65-72 years? This is what I have.
  7. 46Dodgegirl

    ANSWERED Rear Bearing Broke....

    yes Scruffy49, I read your post when we were searching for a fix with this truck. I am confused with the axle grease/lubricant. First because, I just dont know theses things.. but I thought these type of bearings were "greased" not oiled. But someone said no, its an oil based lubricant. ok. Today I went to the mechanic to have it all fixed at itll be 350 for shocks, u-joints, brearings and labor. The bearings were $50.00 ea. Im just excited itll be running by this weekend. April is our areas', Kool April nights week. j
  8. 46Dodgegirl

    ANSWERED Rear Bearing Broke....

    While we had it in the shop, there just wasnt enough room to get a good pull, so we took it outside. It helps to have the right tools!
  9. 46Dodgegirl

    ANSWERED Rear Bearing Broke....

    I agree, it got a little of something and not enough of something else!
  10. 46Dodgegirl

    ANSWERED Rear Bearing Broke....

    It's all apart and going to get new parts tomarrow. Its a 61-69 Chrysler rear end, so I should be able to find them. I hope.... I just bought it a year ago, so Im unsure what was done and what wasnt. Its a 318 motor, automatic tranny and a Chrysler broken rear bearing. Im very glad that we had the Custom Puller today because it WAS NOT breaking loose, no matter how hard we used the "hand dandy" sledge hammer ! I know the previous original owner took very good care of it but it was soon past down to his kids, so unsure what was done. We are the 2nd owners. j
  11. Hey Guys and Gals, So this happened! Broke a rear bearing.... one side had plenty of grease, other side had none. Saddened by this event, so soon in the game. j
  12. 46Dodgegirl

    1947 Dodge Truck

    Thanks for the replies. My steering wheel is cracked pretty good already and one of the mechanics said it might crack even more and fall apart, a gamble. He works on a "show" dodge powerwagon here in town. I checked Larez, they dont go back to 1947 in their catalog.
  13. 46Dodgegirl

    1947 Dodge Truck

    Hello, Been searching high and low, went to several shops, called around, including "vintage powerwagon" ......and they all say I need to rebuild my steering box. It must be pulled and sent off to rebuilder. With that said, one of the guys states the steering wheel itself might break all apart and may not be repairable. Geez...cuz they said I cant buy a repoduction, theyre not available. Id have to buy a used one and Ive never seen a used one, during my year of searching. So my question is, has anyone gone through this and been successful? The last thing I want is my truck down for a month or 2 and no steering wheel on the planet, I drive it everyday. Any advice will help out. I had 2 real good shops in town look underneath/front end and theyve all said the truck is in good shape- its the steering box. Thanks for the help
  14. 46Dodgegirl

    47 Dodge Pickup

    My Husband bought me the same truck-Congrads!
  15. 46Dodgegirl

    6th Annual Clements Tailgate BBQ......

    Best Original, Best license plate, Best story about the truck

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