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  1. Ad Messing Up Format

    And if you make the window smaller the ad will first be partially obscured. Make it smaller it moves to the bottom of the thread.
  2. Ad Messing Up Format

    The right hand ads are called "Skyscraper" ads and have been on the advertising rate card from the first day we added advertising. Again, nothing has changed with ad placements.
  3. Ad Messing Up Format

    I just checked it with IE 11.0 and works correctly. Edge is problematic for a lot of web sites as the current versions don't seem to correctly support a lot of the newer technologies being used. Try Firefox or Chrome, both are generally faster than the Microsoft products and support all the features of this site. It is also possible your Windows machine has an issue like a virus, or ad blocker that is causing the abnormal behavior.
  4. Reccomended timing

    Advance till it pings, then back off a couple degrees.
  5. Ad Messing Up Format

    What browser are you using? Win/Mac, IE, Firefox, Chrome Safari The ad placement has been the same for at least three years if not longer.
  6. Ad Messing Up Format

    It's just providing additional info for you public profile. It is very helpful for others addressing your question as they can see what project your working on and if anyone is near you to help. If you don't want to disclose the info just put in N/A.
  7. Photos of my B2B

    If you drag and drop the image to where the paper clip icon and says " Drag files here to attach, or choose files..." it should resize the image automatically.
  8. 1950 Water pump removal/installation

    It's really that easy. Just watch the sharp edges on the backside of the radiator.
  9. Ad Messing Up Format

    Click and hold on the lower right corner and drag it.
  10. Ad Messing Up Format

    Either make your window wider so it formats correctly or make it narrower and it will move below the thread.
  11. Old Plymouths Forum

    It's tough to keep a site going, especially with all the costs that keep growing. Sounds like an opportunity for Rich and Steve to set up club for P18-P23 owners over here!

    Just tried it and it is working. Downloaded a file also. Try a different browser.
  13. Problem bleeder my brakes.

    You still have air in the lines. Either you didn't get it all out or you have a leak/bad wheel cylinder. Don't worry about pedal height (that is show adjustment) until you have a firm pedal.
  14. Just bundle them up in the garage or put them to work pushing snow?
  15. I'm a believer keeping them stock, but first getting them in top mechanical condition so they are safe on the road. I'm looking forward to input from other club members.
  16. How to keep the mice away?

    Get more outside cat(s) If the area is confined (other animals can't get in) I use sticky traps. Speaking of annoying (and deadly) critters, anyone have a good way to discourage rattlesnakes? Had a 20" juvenile in my garage last week
  17. Arizona Parts

    Many times, he often has odd ball stuff your trying to find. Can be a little grumpy on the phone at times but I've had good luck ordering from him.
  18. Dry oil canister. Help.

    When you say canister, you mean the bypass oil filter? Is the feed line hooked up correctly to the oil gallery supply line? Is the supply line correctly plumbed to the inlet side of the oil filter?
  19. All this complaining from the guys who complain when a new member doesn't include any info in their profile like location and project info. Having that info may actually help people get more accurate info faster. It's a one time thing, get over it.
  20. I'll be setting up some of the new "clubs" as soon as I have time to review the documentation. Let me know if you run into any new issues.
  21. Once you update the profile you won't see the prompt again.
  22. Tell me about this Dodge Truck

    Power wagon 4x4 , 1 ton. Made from '46 to '65, with 230, 250 and 265 engines. Usually seen with a pickup bed. Has a pto so a winch is a common accessory. Also dump bed and power takes off at the back we're available. These are heavy duty, all terrain working trucks that could go just about anywhere.
  23. Timing Chain Question

    I don't think it can happen, skip a tooth. You can check valve timing with the marks on the vibration damper. Pull the front valve cover and watch when the intake and exhaust valve opens.Their are factor specs for this degree location and you can verify with the pointer location on the vibration damper.
  24. Hurricane Harvey - What a mess!

    Tough old lady, still floating! As a lifelong sailor I feel your pain.
  25. Air conditioning in a C1 B6?

    I'm sure it has been done, just maybe no members have. Need to change to 12 volt , neg. ground. If your going to go engine driven have to come up with a pulley set up, probably a dual crank pulley and figuring out which side mount the compressor. With the option of using an electric compressor instead of engine drive, installation is even simpler. Probably need to update to a higher amperage alternator but that looks like a good option for the vintage air kits.