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  1. Pull the shoes (use a wheel cylinder clamps so the pistons don't pop out) and see if the still fit inside the brake drum. They should fit without any gaps. If not they need to be turned to the drum. However, you should first turn the drum to make sure it is perfectly round.
  2. You need to compare the cups and push rods of the new and old cylinders. I bet you will find the cups have a deeper recess and/or rods are longer than the originals.
  3. 1/2" dowel on each side. Drive them out with a drift punch and you can remove it.
  4. What are you running, exact browser version and operating system version?
  5. Red arrow points to breadcrumb. Like the old fairy tale it's a path back to where you started when your in the forest. If your getting logged out, usually it means cookies are not enable or are corrupted and need to be deleted. Next time you log in it will be re-created.
  6. Watch my machinist remove a oil gallery pipe plug with a torch. As PA stated, heated it cherry red, let it cool briefly and it came right out. I had been fighting it for days. Whole thing took about 30 seconds.
  7. Correction, according to my POC judging reference info it is only paint. "Steering wheel column, handbrake and cowl vent handle along with center of dash was Vogue Brown. This brown has an ultra fine gold metallic mist mixed into it, and extremely hard to duplicate."
  8. I think when it pops up their is an option "Don't show this window again". And your sure you don't have notifications active on your browser?
  9. Apparently I missed the announcement that IPS has dropped it's chat service, effective May 1, 2017. Sorry for the last minute notice.
  10. Mouse over your user name in the upper hand corner and select Account Settings. On the right under Other Setting select Notification Settings. Select the options you want. You may also need to turn off your web browser notifications if you have them enabled.
  11. for his recent donation! These really help as ad revenue is not consistent and helps back fill the slower months. Thank you, GT
  12. For your very generous forum donation. These donation help keep the site online and your help is really appreciated. Thank you, GT
  13. Pretty sure the dark stripe is also a woodgrain. I have to dig around in my reference info to get the wood type.
  14. Wonder why center carb isn't hooked up? No fuel line. Also anyone know what the brass angle fitting coming out of the base of the carbs?
  15. Can't use the stick on flat weights?
  16. Just run a tube and flap, can even use a radial with the correct setup. Stockton Wheels make modern replacements, but they are pretty pricey. lot more than tubes and flaps.
  17. Under your username (upper right hand corner) go to "My Attachments". Find the image you want to delete, then click on the link to the thread (on the right). The thread will open, click on "Edit" at the end of post, and you can delete the image.
  18. For his very generous forum donation!. These donations help keep the lights on and also allow me to add additional features to the site. Thank you again, JB! GT
  19. Pressure bleeding is the only way to go. Start with the longest line first (right rear). It your brake system is sound you should complete the job in 2 passes, 3 at the most. If that doesn't work start looking for a problem, like a leaking wheel cylinder, or cracked brake line. Soft pedal means air is getting in somewhere and until you find the source you just wasting brake fluid trying to bleed the system. I strongly recommend anyone getting a new car to do a full brake overhaul, including wheel cylinders, lines, shoes, master and turning the drums. If you don't drive the car a lot switch to Dot 5 fluid. Do that at the start you will have years of trouble free and safe brake operation.
  20. Make sure you have cookies enabled for the site. You can always use the breadcrumbs at the top of the thread.
  21. It's a flasher relay on the bottom, but I believe the item on the top was to make it click louder so you would hear it clicking.
  22. IPS (the forum software vendors) has announced the feature set in their next major release 4.2. Take a look https://invisionpower.com/news/invision-community-42-r1030/ Let me know if you see something you would like implemented with the roll out later this year.
  23. That seems high, but let me check with my ISP for their extra disk space costs.
  24. For now, not coming back.
  25. Willing to pay for it? Even thought online storage costs have gone down dramatically over the years, it still has a cost I end up paying. I could create a package where you buy additional storage. And compared to something like photobucket with it's invasive ads, plus clunky interface and sketchy performance I think our interface adds value.