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  1. Weight of 230 ci inline 6

    Figure shipping weight of #600.
  2. While this is the "stock" section some upgrades for safety or reliability are good, especially if they are invisible to the observer. Like Dot 5 brake fluid, or factory radio upgrade with FM added. I also added an Allison/Crane optical ignition system. The control box is well hidden so when you lift the hood you think it's stock. Giveaway is when it starts instantly. What's on your truck?
  3. Sbc in 50 plymouth

    Thanks Tod, and as he noted if you don't like the topic, don't post. I think it is important we are open to these type of mods because they are common and the challenges it presents may help others even if they are not using SBC. And as the header logo notes, Flathead to V8s, Stock to Custom are welcome and encouraged to start threads.
  4. We are sheltering in place again, only good news is the storm won't hit till daylight tomorrow morning. Will be watching the radar images on NOAA closely in the morning.
  5. New term in the local vocabulary, "evacuation fatigue".
  6. Bellhousing to transmission gasket

    Think we already have one uploaded. If you could download it and see if it is same as yours.
  7. We are good, storm broke up a bit as it passed over so we never got to a critical point. Two more storms this week but looks like they won't reach an evacuation level intensity.
  8. 1947 Plymouth Woody - posting for a friend

    Most likely 3.9. It's marked on the dif.
  9. help me find sbc swap into 50 plymouth links

    And if you contact Butch's please let them know you heard about them on p15-D24.com.
  10. C-3-B FORUMS

    If you want to moderate it we could start a club with the C series focus. Just click on the Club tab to get and idea of what's available.
  11. We and the Windsor 2018

    Looking forward to your posts!
  12. Pulling the engine

    As Tom says, drop the tranny first. Way easier.
  13. Duals or singles on the back. Head over to Coker tire to get some ideas as what is available. Going to be pretty narrow 205-215 range.
  14. Cowl Vent Assembly

    Does it have a part number stamped on the assembly?
  15. That and too steep for air seeding.
  16. Well, Santa Barbara County just declared another mandatory evac for us tonight, 4th of the year. (Impact is 20K-30K people!) My wife and I live in the western area of Santa Barbara and we are expecting rain and possible mudslides and flooding. You may remember in the news back in January the mudslides in Montecito that killed 22 people, (12 miles east, they are under the same mandatory evac order.) We had a 18K acre fire in July in the mountains and canyon above us and we live on the creek that runs down the canyon. Heaviest rain will hit around 2-3 am. We are planning to shelter in place unless it starts to look dicey, then evac to our neighbors across the street who are at 100 feet higher elevation. Good news is the creek is about 40-50 below our house elevation, but you just never know with these events. Full moon tonight will help, we should be able to at least see something. Animal carriers are staged, (3 cats, 2 dogs) flashlight charged, radios ready and overnight stuff packed. We have done this so many times we now just walk away, everything is backed up off site. If we stay and get cut off we have power, food and water for a couple weeks. (That's living in earthquake/wild fire county) Good news is the storm should be over by 5 or 6 am Friday morning. Wish us luck.
  17. Fire burned so hot it cooked the ground solid so nothing can take hold until it breaks down. Problem is water just runs off with no absorption.
  18. Worse part is the County is telling us to expect this for the next two years. Takes that long for new growth to start on the mountains because the heat from the fires cooks the ground down 6-9 inches. Good/bad news is we have only 2 more months of rainy season. But we do need the rain for the reservoirs.
  19. Take care buying parts long distance.

    Another way is mail him a disposable film camera. Shoot the entire roll and have him mail it back.
  20. Good news, rain ended up less than forecast! Creek is flowing pretty good but no flooding danger for this round. :-)
  21. New gas tanks for pilot house??

    DCM claims to have them: https://dcmclassics.com/27-Fuel-System?id_category=27&n=75
  22. Checking Compression ?? 1928 Chrysler 52

    Is this a 4 or 6 cylinder? Did you pull the valve covers to see if you have a valve(s) stuck open? How did you do your compression test?
  23. New 1950 dodge Truck to me

    This is why an investment in a factory parts book is a very good idea. It has all that info in one place for the entire vehicle.