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  1. P15-D24

    Hyd hitch brake

    Wow, hooking into the vehicle's system seems pretty sketchy. I've heard about this setup but never seen one in the wild.
  2. P15-D24

    Kickdown on carb

  3. P15-D24

    Brake hardware

    Vintage Power Wagons should have the hardware. Yes you have to pull the axle, then the hub. 1 tons are full floater rear axles.
  4. P15-D24

    Dummy Brake Drum?

    My .02 worth. With a flangette, bearing and dial indicator you can have a proper adjustment tool for less than $20.00. Plus it will be more accurate. If you want to go really cheap, skip the dial indicator and just use feeler gauges.
  5. P15-D24

    Automatic Choke

  6. P15-D24

    Bellhousing to transmission gasket

    Really thin, not much more than a sheet of paper.
  7. P15-D24

    Time for an overhaul...

  8. Where are you located? Maybe their is a member near you that can assist with the correct tool.
  9. P15-D24

    Water pump bolt head snapped off

    If your really stuck and none of the above work find you local "hole shooter". They use metal disintegration to burn it out. Your local machine shop will know who is the local guy.
  10. P15-D24

    Put My Dog Down Today...Been A Rough Day

    It's not just a dog, it's a loved family member. Non dog owners don't get it, a dog's loyalty, friendship and love is unique to humans. I had to put Taco, our 15 year old Border Collie down in February, a year and half after losing our Aussie, Ruby. Good news is their is another friend waiting out their to join your life and family, you just have to find them. We first added Sunny, and six months ago, Roxie. It doesn't make the hurt go away, but it does help. Taco and Ruby, still missed... Our new family members, Sunny, after playing hard! (Cattle dog) Roxie, who is Sunny's new best friend. (Aussie and Queensland Heeler)
  11. P15-D24

    Movie Plymouth

    Skyviews are really cool.
  12. Oh yeah, forgot to add it to my list. Picked up a couple from Mitchells years ago.
  13. When I started putting my B1 back together I started looking for accessories to make it fully loaded. He is what I have accumulated so far: Mopar electric wiper upgrade Mopar windshield washer Ash tray Deluxe heater, the one that sucks in fresh air from an intake next to the radiator Front tow hooks Spotlight After market vacuum fan in the cab Aftermarket tach Radio Heavy duty generator Factory PCV system Passenger door mirror Fog lights Front bumper overrides Brake holder Heavy duty air cleaner Heavy duty bypass oil filter Still trying to figure out a clock option without cutting the dash. What options do you have on your trucks?
  14. P15-D24

    Not a Pilot-house but still a classic Dodge truck

    If you can't get the needed parts for the AC may want to look at up updating it with a kit from Classic Air.
  15. While this is the "stock" section some upgrades for safety or reliability are good, especially if they are invisible to the observer. Like Dot 5 brake fluid, or factory radio upgrade with FM added. I also added an Allison/Crane optical ignition system. The control box is well hidden so when you lift the hood you think it's stock. Giveaway is when it starts instantly. What's on your truck?
  16. P15-D24

    crankshaft question

    On the 8 bolt I believe the hub has to be machined to accept a non FD pilot bushing. It's not just a swap.
  17. P15-D24

    little Hit and Miss going on here

    These were typically used to power?
  18. P15-D24

    676337 head

    Might have some useful info, ymmv...
  19. P15-D24

    crankshaft question

    Sure it's not 952066 ? That would be the correct # for a P23/218 End plate is pressed on, it may have a key in it also.
  20. P15-D24

    crankshaft question

    Sure on those numbers ? Only one I'm finding is 85608. They do mention crossing to 8 bolt but it will require a different flywheel and a standard pilot busing will need to be fitted because that crank is set up for a Fluid Drive. FYI I have four 218 cores list in the store. If you get stuck I can check the forge numbers. Problem is i'm on the west coast and shipping will be high. Pretty sure they can go UPS or FedEx Ground however. Let me know
  21. P15-D24

    crankshaft question

    You need get a Hollanders exchange manual to see which cranks will work. Or post the forge numbers on the cranks and we can look them up.
  22. P15-D24

    A visit with Earl Edgerton

    FYI if you try to go to his website it looks like he either let his domain name expire or it't been hijacked. Either way DON'T click on update your Acrobat link when that page loads. It''s fake.
  23. If you have one my favorite weapon of choice is a pneumatic air gun. Between the torque and vibration from the gun action they come off in seconds. Otherwise a 5 pounder is a good choice.
  24. I read that as the shoes were still engaging the drum and if the drum was scored it would still hang on the shoe. If both adjusters are backed off and the shoes clear the drum it should pop right off. Otherwise instead of beating it to death, pull the anchor bolts and you can be sure the shoes aren't the issue.
  25. You need to back off both the major and minor adjusters. Worse case, remove the anchor bolts, drive the bolt in so the show pop off the anchor bolt shoulder. That way the shoes are no longer an issue.

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