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  1. Next would be do a leak down test to make sure the valves are all seating correctly.
  2. First I think they recommend thinning with something other than acetone, like their own branded thinner. I think I have used a 1.8 tip with decent results. Also might look at Zero Rust paint, I've had really good luck on my trailer that gets some salt water exposure. Had better luck spraying ZR than RustO and it seemed to last longer. Like RustO you need to use a large tip with ZR.
  3. Very sorry to hear about your mom. I know it still had to be a vary hard decision.
  4. I would start with the compression test, and pull the valve covers for inspection to see if anything got bent. Next would be pull the head to inspect cylinders wall. I suspect a piston(s) scored a cylinder wall.
  5. Nothing has been deleted, don't think it was ever uploaded.
  6. $39.99 per month, Yikes! Way cheaper to get your own ISP account.
  7. If my memory serves me correctly you should be able to install it by just loosening the adjuster fully. Then adjust it to the template in the downloads section.
  8. Just remove the bolt that holds it to the block and pull it out. Before you do that make sure the engine is set a TDC for #1with the rotor pointing at 7:00 Then turn it over you you will see the bolt on the bottom of the plate.
  9. What format do you use?
  10. 9-23-8
  11. Reinforcement bar for the clutch dust pan. Or reinforcement bar for the timing chain cover.
  12. Good info to remember.
  13. Just need someone to step up to be the moderator
  14. Still checking on options, only one I have seen that looks decent has a license fee of over $100 a month. That's not going to happen.
  15. Just a quick update, IPS has released their next major upgrade of the site software. We will be moving to it late August. New features are listed here; https://invisioncommunity.com/news/invision-community-42-r1030/ If your interested in being set up something using the club feature I need a moderator to run each one created. Let me know if your interested.
  16. First off did your static time it to start? If you want to do this right... Set the engine up at top dead center with # 1 in firing position. Pull the front valve cover and verify both valves are closed. Their should be a 12 or 14 degree marks on the vibration damper which will correspond to when the exhaust valve starts to open. If it is spot on your know your timing chain is fine. Next, go back to to #1 TDC in firing position. Your rotor should be pointing at 7 o'clock. If not your oil pump in not indexed correctly, as the oil pump drives the distributor shaft. The oil pump will need to be removed and re-installed. Usually they are off one tooth. As I mentioned earlier make sure your centrifical advance is working correctly. It need to be free to expand and have 2 springs on it. You need to make sure all the mechanical elements are indexed correctly, timing chain, oil pump and distributor shaft first. Their is a second bolt on the bottom of the distributor plate but if everything is indexed right you should never have to adjust it.
  17. Also make sure your vac advance is plugged and the centrifigal advance is working correctly and not sticking.
  18. I want to start expanding out the info in the Reference section, specifically reference and spotter guides for other Chrysler models. I'm looking for volunteers to write and manage those sections as needed. So if you are passionate, for example, about the P17, S18 or W series truck, are willing to send some hours collecting the info and supporting images for the section, send me a PM. Don't worry about how does it gets on the website, I will take care of the publishing. Really all I will need is a email with the info. You guys in Canada, NZ and AU can be really helpful as your "local knowledge" about your models is unique. If your are interested It will require some work to initially assemble but one finished it should not require much effort to maintain. Let me know if your are interested and what vehicle series you want to own. Thank you!
  19. Unfortunately the IMG function can become a security issue.
  20. Sounds like corrosion in the old lines. I would replace all lines, flush entire system till clean then bleed.
  21. Correct
  22. Look for the 4 or 5 short horizontal lines in the upper right hand corner. Tap on it and you will see options for signing in, etc. The multiple horizontal lines is now used on most tablet and phone webpages.
  23. One other point, most of you have a web server included with your internet provider be it cable or DSL. Capacities vary by provider but you should also check out that option.
  24. Well if your don't need all the fancy interface stuff and just a server to host the files their is a simple and cheap solution. Just get an ISP account. Pair (our ISP host) has packages starting at $5.95 month for 15GB of disk space. Best part is if you contact me via PM I will get you a discount code of 20% and the I will also get a discount back against the monthly site bill. To use you just need to upload your image files via ftp (their are hundred of ftp clients for Windows and Mac) and then you can embed the image URL anywhere you want. TO BE CLEAR this DOES NOT give you the fancy view my files online interface like the other image sites, it just hosts the files and allows access via a web browser. It's bare bones, cheap and a little technical to use at first. Depending upon what you need it might be a great fit. PM if your interested.