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  1. P15-D24

    Crank Pulley Install Question

    Should be snug but installed by hand only. Put the keyway in after mounting usually by tapping it in. Maybe the PO mushroomed the front edge of the crank.
  2. Little button on the dash, push it and the cap pops open.
  3. When I started putting my B1 back together I started looking for accessories to make it fully loaded. He is what I have accumulated so far: Mopar electric wiper upgrade Mopar windshield washer Ash tray Deluxe heater, the one that sucks in fresh air from an intake next to the radiator Front tow hooks Spotlight After market vacuum fan in the cab Aftermarket tach Radio Heavy duty generator Factory PCV system Passenger door mirror Fog lights Front bumper overrides Brake holder Heavy duty air cleaner Heavy duty bypass oil filter Still trying to figure out a clock option without cutting the dash. What options do you have on your trucks?
  4. I'm a believer keeping them stock, but first getting them in top mechanical condition so they are safe on the road. I'm looking forward to input from other club members.
  5. P15-D24

    Left over part

    Correct, timing chain oiler
  6. P15-D24

    Twenty years. . .

    November is anniversary. Three different forum software suppliers over the years and we are almost at 10,000 registered members.
  7. I'll be setting up some of the new "clubs" as soon as I have time to review the documentation. Let me know if you run into any new issues.
  8. P15-D24

    Thread save question

    Save the page to your Reader List, then open it in Reader Mode and print to a pdf. Result is attached, just click on link to download. Thread save question - Technical Archives - P15-D24.com and Pilot-house.com.pdf
  9. Well as we say in the software business, it's a feature not a bug. I feel its a little convoluted the way it works, but follow these steps: Create a new address for shipping. Then create a new address for billing. then select the appropriate choice at the bottom to assign them as your default billing and shipping address. If you still need help contact me at info@p15-d24.com.
  10. Looks like a bug, support ticket submitted to IPS.
  11. Don't fully seat the manifold before starting the nut underneath. That way you will have a little more room to work.
  12. I'll take a look tomorrow, probably log into your account to test.
  13. P15-D24

    Another brake adjustment option

    If you don't have a hub you can use a bearing and flangette.
  14. P15-D24

    Computer ills

    Assume you are using Edge, try a different browser like Firefox or Chrome.
  15. P15-D24

    Computer ills

    Windows 10? Try clearing your browser cache and history. If that doesn't work try a different browser, like Firefox or Chrome.
  16. P15-D24

    WC Rear axle removal

    Make sure you have removed the backing plate.
  17. P15-D24

    1952 Dodge B3B

    Stock radiator cap is a non-pressure cap so the cooling system is not under pressure.
  18. Have one of the ladles, they are very nice. My wife loves it. Sorry to hear about his passing.
  19. P15-D24

    Air Wrenches

    I have a Chicago Pneumatic (from Sears) Impact and socket wrench. Bought them 25+ years ago, still working. I'm a Milwaukee tool fan and I have one of their NiCad 18 volt impact guns and it has been a disappointment, just doesn't have enough torque. If I was getting a new one the IR 231 mentioned earlier looks pretty good.
  20. P15-D24

    Looking to rent brake adjusting tool

    Your location would be helpful. You can make one pretty easily with a dial indicator. Read this: http://p15-d24.com/page/p15d24/tech/brakes.html/ Also remember part of the process is making sure you drums have been turned and are true.
  21. P15-D24

    Photos in the classified

    man Actually I did answer it: "It started that way then everyone figured they could post pictures anytime and just ignore the rules". I originally allowed externally posted photos. And to Brent's point a lot of members don't really get the whole external posting concept. Most individual hosting packages also provide some space for storing pic on a server but many don't understand the technical steps needed. Instead, I made a decision early on to pay for some storage to make it easy for members to add pic to threads. I think it was the correct idea, but I'm always getting request for more space to post on threads. Their is a third party package that would allow me to set up a ebay like classified area, including payment management. Just seems like a lot of work for little return and the possibility of a lot of headaches.
  22. P15-D24

    Photos in the classified

    It started that way then everyone figured they could post pictures anytime and just ignore the rules. The whole classified section has been problematic over the years because people expect me to manage ads, delete old ads, get in the middle of their business deals when they go sideways. I've gotten some pretty nasty emails from people who were mad cause they followed up on an old ad and the product was no longer available. And it burns resources and time and the site gets zero revenue from the exercise. If I could figure out an easy way to make ads with a charge, I then would allow pics and links and make it more of a real business transaction.
  23. Currently scheduling our forum software conversion for Monday, August 29th, 2016 starting mid-morning PST. If all goes according to plan I expect the site to be offline most of the day, returning Monday evening. This is a major site upgrade by the vendor, Invision Power Services (IPS), basically a rewrite of the entire product offering. It will add many new capabilities members have been requesting like drag and drop image posting, thread preview and support for phones and tablets without needing an app. As with any change thinks will look a little different when you log back in so a couple things to remember: If you registered with a user name but set up a display name, you will need to use your display name or your registration email address for login. (IPS no longer supports registration names and display names). If you don’t have a display name defined use your registration name or registration email address. So before we shut down Monday be sure you know your login name and password. Not all site functions will immediately be available after the conversion as some have not yet been upgraded to work with the new software. The site critical functions including the forums, photo gallery, chat, blogs, store, assist database and downloads will be available. The reference articles need to reformatted for the new release and won’t show up till later. The links page is a 3rd party add on and not yet currently available for this release. If a new version is not released in the very near future I will need to re-write that page, so it may be a couple weeks. The member map is available for the new release, so it will updated as soon as I’m confident the new site is stable. Why are we doing this? The current IPS version is 3.x and at the end of the year will be unsupported with no additional feature or security updates. This makes the site very vulnerable to a hack attacks and potentially spreading malware to members. New feature releases actually ended for version 3.X January 2016, and IPS is only addressing critical security issues through the end of 2016. To keep the site safe for visitors we need to move to version 4. Since I often see over 50 attempts to attack the site a night security is critical. Second, version 4 is a total rewrite by IPS using modern coding techniques and products. This help provide the best performance, security and support for the widest range of client platforms. And, as you will see, many new features. Having worked in the software industry for over 35 years any time I hear “rewrite” I get nervous. However version 4 has now been in the field for 20 months so I confident any major show stoppers have been addressed. For months I have been running test installs on my local server so I’m confident everything should work. If not we have backups and will fall back to the previous release and try again later in the week. One change is a slightly different menu structure based on function. Give it a try. I may move back to the old one but a lot of members never knew we had menu choices in the header and missed a lot at the site. I’m hoping the new menu approach helps people explore the site in more detail. All topic threads, photos and members will be moved over with the conversion so nothing is being thinned down to save space. Some functions like new registration and email notification of PMs may not work immediately after the conversion as they have to be reconfigured for the new software. Lastly when the site comes back up it has around 50 background jobs that initially run to rebuild caches and indexes for the site content. Some run in a matter of minutes others take many hours hours. Until that is complete you may see thing like missing thumbnails from images or profiles. Don’t panic, the data is the database, it just needs the indexing process to finish. If you are interested, I will be posting a temporary home page reporting on the state of the conversion process as it moves along. And don’t forget to check your username/password before we shutdown Monday morning. If you have any questions post them in this thread. After the conversion if you see something critical please report it to info@p15-d24.com. Enjoy the new site!
  24. P15-D24


    Yep, working now! 👍

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