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  1. 48-50 Grill Bars

    I agree! 3rd week in June is a great option if you dont like the cold
  2. Fuel pump question

    If you are price shopping dont forget to check Oreilly auto. They ordered a fuel pump for me a couple summers ago. I had it in a day or two
  3. Canadian travel question

    Great info! Ive always wanted to make the loop around lake superior.
  4. Hand cranking

    Ive started my truck with the hand crank before, Todd saw me do it. The crank came with the truck so im not sure how hard they are to find. After talking with a few people at Tims BBQ last month ive come to conclusion my compression might not be what its supposed to be
  5. NWC T5 Gear Ratios

    johnT53 has a t5 in his truck. i havent read through his info in a long time but i know its around here. for reference hes running 4.10 axle and says its perfect with the flat head. with a higher rear ratio in OD the engine might not be able to pull your truck around.
  6. getting on the plane in a couple hours. Cant wait to see everyone again.
  7. no, were flying out wednesday and will spend a couple days around sacremento checking out the sights. tim mentioned that. i looked into it and the motel 6 was significantly cheaper and only a few blocks away so they won
  8. Plane tickets are purchased. Im looking forward to the trip!
  9. got it marked on the calendar. hoping to make it this year
  10. 1953 Dodge 'coupe' truck project

    Im glad you updated this thread with your progress. i reread everything and i enjoy your attention to detail.
  11. Back to the 50's 2016

    great time as always! Glad i had a chance to meet Gary and Brent
  12. do you have any pictures or suggestions on how to do this. seatbelts are something ive thought about adding for a while but i too had concerns about the pillar strength.
  13. Replacement Wheels

    I didnt see this directly mentioned but Tim kind of hinted at it with his subframe swap. All the 80s Mopar RWD cars like the diplomat and volare use the 5 x 4.5" bolt pattern and plenty of them had steel wheels. Thats what I run on my truck but they are 15" if that matters. The stock hub caps will not work with these but there are tabs to run some cheap baby moons which can be found on ebay. I have never gotten around to measuring my center diameter to get the correct size but once i did i had planned to get some red vinyl stickers made that look close enough to stock hubcap pattern. Most people will never look close enough to notice that its just vinyl. As for tires, 235/75/R15 equals 28.88" and there are a lot of tire choices in that size.
  14. Back to the 50's 2016

    I attend every year. not sure if im going to drive my truck down yet or not.