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  1. Ram Man 02

    Info please on mustang 2 installation

    Scrap prices are low here just like everywhere i assume. When i was researching this i was trying to compare apple to apples as close as i could. Rust is a huge factor around here and a $500 dakota wont have a v8 plus needs a ton of work. Since the fatman kit comes with everything i needed and its all new parts, to keep things on a level playing field i would have wound up with $1500 dollars in a dakota. which is still cheaper! However one thing that i wanted was to keep the stock bolt pattern which i know i could have switched over but my time in all this is worth something. Specially when running around looking at craigslist trucks that arent worth what people are asking. I chose to buy something that i knew was going to work and fit all my requirements at the same time. Yes it costs a little more. Thats what i chose to do and it might not be what others choose to do.
  2. Ram Man 02

    Info please on mustang 2 installation

    I have my opinions on how to do things just like anyone does and i know there are many different ways to accomplish a goal. I normally dont chime in of these types of threads. That being said I have purchased a four link rear with coilovers setup from JW Rod Garage and an M2 IFS from Fatman, both of which im almost certain make a mustang 2 style IFS for your truck. I would call them to confirm that but i feel like both companies are producing high quality products. I want my truck to ride, stop, and handle like a modern vehicle. Something that i didnt see mentioned above is the oil pan. on my 218 the oil pick up is in the front, im not sure how yours is and that might be something they switched to on a pilothouse to decrease its turning radius but youre going to want a rear sump pan to work with any kind of modern IFS. I talked to plymouthy adams a couple years ago before i made my final decision to go the route i did. he mentioned even chopping the whole front frame half from a junk dakota and grafting the 2 frames together. While i liked the idea i couldnt find a decent price on something that wasnt complete junk around me. My truck is going into a shop sometime in january to have all mentioned parts welded in but here was why i felt the advantage went to the FATMAN ifs. It has a fixed price of 2k. everything is 100% new and they put the engineering into getting the cross member and suspension angles right to work with my stock frame. For the record the shop is charging me $1100 to weld the IFS in. when its done the wheels will be centered in the openings and i dont have to figure out how to fabricate anything. it rolls out ready for what ever engine i want. So $3100 might seam like a large chunk of money to lay out up front and i agree that it is. i saw the valve in not rebuilding an old dakota frame which odds are probably isnt the right wheel base (it wasnt in my case). It also doesnt have the correct angles (my stock frame is straight, the dakota isnt) or locations for body mounts. if i got even 1 mount off by an 1/8" that might make an interesting time trying to line up body panels and get gaps correct. Thats my opinion for what its worth.
  3. Ram Man 02

    Engine Noise/Tick at Higher RPM

    i have nothing useful to add but do want to say that it never gets old seeing pictures of your beautiful truck!
  4. Ram Man 02

    Rear axle and wheels

    I researched this for myself few years ago. if you have a half ton as well get a 97-01 cherokee axle in what ever ratio works best for your needs. 3.55 or 3.73 are probably what youre going to want. those years were a chrysler 8.25 with a higher spline count (maybe 31?) and were considered almost as good as a dana 44. should be readily available and i picked one up for only $150
  5. Ram Man 02

    Hand Crank a 218

    I have a had crank for my truck and i have used it before. I only use it as a novelty,
  6. Ram Man 02

    I'm Not Jacking Around!

    google "aluminum race day jack" they are light weight, have decent lift capacity and height. not sure if they will fit under the seat but they are nice compact jacks. can be lifted fairly easily and have a long handle to get out from the truck incase it falls which is much safer then the old style jacks
  7. I used to be fairly active in a different car club and i had a great time with them over the years, but the car was the first reason why i became active with them. The people and friends i made over the years was the real reason i kept going back. I am very grateful for everything tim does and all the great people ive met because of this BBQ. You dont need to bring a truck to enjoy someones company and have a conversation. If its more economical to drive a modern ecobox this year, nobody is going to judge you for doing so. my $.02
  8. Ram Man 02

    48-50 Grill Bars

    I agree! 3rd week in June is a great option if you dont like the cold
  9. Ram Man 02

    Fuel pump question

    If you are price shopping dont forget to check Oreilly auto. They ordered a fuel pump for me a couple summers ago. I had it in a day or two
  10. Ram Man 02

    Canadian travel question

    Great info! Ive always wanted to make the loop around lake superior.
  11. Ram Man 02

    Hand cranking

    Ive started my truck with the hand crank before, Todd saw me do it. The crank came with the truck so im not sure how hard they are to find. After talking with a few people at Tims BBQ last month ive come to conclusion my compression might not be what its supposed to be
  12. Ram Man 02

    NWC T5 Gear Ratios

    johnT53 has a t5 in his truck. i havent read through his info in a long time but i know its around here. for reference hes running 4.10 axle and says its perfect with the flat head. with a higher rear ratio in OD the engine might not be able to pull your truck around.
  13. getting on the plane in a couple hours. Cant wait to see everyone again.
  14. no, were flying out wednesday and will spend a couple days around sacremento checking out the sights. tim mentioned that. i looked into it and the motel 6 was significantly cheaper and only a few blocks away so they won

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