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  1. 51Pymouth

    Engine swap.

    I am replacing my nice Flat six with a 360 and 904 transmission out of a 79 Magnum. Wondering if anyone has used the swap kit from Butch's Cool stuff. Looks like a pretty neat kit for small block Mopar into 51 Plymouth. Just wondering if anyone has experience doing this. Thanks in advance.
  2. 51Pymouth

    Drivetrain switch

    Looking for any Ida's or experience with dropping a 360 with a 904 automatic trans. Into a 51 Plymouth Business Coupe. Has anyone done this and if so did you build your cross embers and engine mounts? Or does someone know is they are available for purchase? I'm assuming custom but checking. Any other issues or concerns would be appreciated. Engine out of 79 Magnum. Thanks
  3. 51Pymouth

    ANSWERED Changing wheels

    Thank you for the info. I think that is the way I am going to go. Now, any ideas on where to get new drums? I don't want go go through this on old drums if I don't have to. I checked around town and no one goes back that far. Any ideas would be great. Thanx
  4. 51Pymouth

    ANSWERED Changing wheels

    Looking for some ideas or information on converting drums or hubs to either a new (updated) pattern or at least change to lugs instead of using bolts? I have a 51 Plymouth 5 hole and would like to be able to switch to chrome wheels when needed or back to white walls for original look. Don't want to convert to disc brakes if not needed. Hoping there is a direct replacement off something newer with lugs. Thanks for any info.

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