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  1. doctordave

    My 54 Cranbrook

    Aussie cars were different, the lucas parts are to do with legalities when they were built. A certain amount of parts had to be sourced locally. These were built from 53-56 here with some changes (like hanging brake and clutch pedals in 55 and a different front bar in 56, pretty sure they went to 12 volt +ve earth at some stage too. In 57 they started building Chrysler royals off the same body with different front and rear panels, wrap around rear glass, different dash and a v8 option. They also extended the wheel base by mounting the diff further back on the springs by 1 inch. Just a few things I learnt while researching my cars, I'm now building a chopped and 2 doored 58 Chrysler Royal AP2
  2. doctordave

    Business Coupe To Pickup Conversion

    Aussie coupe utes were based on sedan bodys, our 53-56 dodge and desoto sedan body's were based on the 53-54 plymouth shells. Apparently during WW2 a lot of coupes were converted to utes for more petrol rations and yes that "dodge" was obviously built after WW2 but i dare say thats where the idea came from. And just for kicks here's a couple of Aussie coupe utes.

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