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  1. Howdy Folks - I thought I would do an update on a few topics. 1st the most important one being my buddy George Asche Jr. George who was hospitalized a few months ago continues to be regaining his health at a rate I think everyone including he himself find remarkable. I was down last week and helped him build another engine and a bunch of other thing. He continues to work through a long list of promised work, from engines and over drives, to intake, carbs and linkage. The last AoK racing triple intake for the big blocks was finished and shipped out. It is going on a 1937 Chrysler 6 cylinder. A very close to stock engine, with standard pistons, cam and new undersized bearings. I have enclose a picture of that as well as George finishing off a fresh engine built and one of the AoK - George Asche Jr tribute intakes for the USA Small blocks. We down to just 1 or 2 of those . Next topic, intake updates: As I have talked earlier, with our good friend Tom ceasing operations we had to move the casting of both the Triples for the Canadian 25 1/2" big block flathead and the USA 23 1/2" dual carb intakes. We also sadly lost the services of George long time friend Bob Stover who was responsible for the machining of the AoK triples from when we 1st started to make them over a decade ago until God gave him the checkered flag and he passed away. Moving to a new supplier also saw cost increases. We have worked closely with both suppliers as well as looked at other options for having them cast and machined elsewhere. In the end, we were able to reduce the overall costs, and get the minimum order quantity down to the point that we are going to consider another run of intakes. The cost of the new AoK triple intakes (for the 25 1/2" big block made in Canada) is going to go up approximately 6% and will be $525.00 plus shipping. Linkage will range depending upon what is required, but the standard 3 carb linkage with linkage that can be hooked up to linkage coming across the head will be $195.00. Carbs, are going to be a problem for us to supply rebuilt carbs. If you have cores and need them rebuilt we may be able to help. But intake and linkage we should have later this summer On the AoK - George Asche Jr limited edition dual carb intake for the 23 1/2" USA small block they too will be just under a 6% increase and will be $450.00 plus shipping. If your already on the waiting list and we have intakes set aside for you, your originally quoted price remains in effect for the intake. If your interested in either, drop us a note and we will get you on our waiting list and/or be happy to discuss your project(s). Thanks Tim Kingsbury and George Asche Jr fargopickupking@yahoo.com Below pictures are the AoK dual and triple intake that are being set up for the pre-WW2 cars ad all trucks, pickups and powerwagons which have linkage going down the intake/exhaust side of the blocks
  2. Howdy Folks - Just thought I would put up a little update on the Flathead Mopar Grand Master - George Asche Jr. George is getting stronger every day and wants to say thank you for all the calls, cards and notes of support as well as the prayers from many. George has slowly been easing back into his shop and this week, along with his Son Rob was finishing off a full race motor that goes in a 1933 Plymouth. The Plymouths entire life has been as a race car, with a couple of stints in Museums. It recently has a major break down while up on a bank racing and its owner sought out George to do this build. Just a couple of shots of the build including, yes, those are custom Forged pistons, with plasma moly rings. If you look close you may notice the pistons actually have laserred serial number on each piston. The last couple of pictures is George building a pair of carbs on an AoK dual intake. He has the bases on, the linkage all made up and adjusted, and then continues the build. So he is back at it. There is no question its a new normal for George, but he loves doing it and so he is working through the back log of work he has agreed to do. Sadly, with 4 hi-performance engines and a ton of carb and/or linkage, and a few overdrives to rebuild he isn't taking on any new projects at this time. That may change down the road, but for now his plate is full! We do still have a couple of AoK dual intakes for 23 1/2" small blocks available for sale as an intake only for $425 + shipping. For the AoK triple carb intakes for the 25 1/2" bog blocks were not 100% sold out with a couple of guys on a waiting list. We are continuing to look at options to produce intakes in a more cost effective manner to make the intake projects viable. Tim
  3. Great to see you jumping into the blog-a-sphere. Looking forward to many great topics on the "Up and Coming Flathead Mopars"!
  4. Howdy folks - Well I am down at George's this week and I have passed on the many notes of good wishes to him. The good news is he is actually up and cant move around on his own. The bad news is he is still very weak and definitely is not up to getting back to his bench and the hobby he loves so much. Definitely we can not take any more work on at this point, and we will have to see how this unfolds. He has several engine jobs ahead of him and a large about of carbs, linkages etc. His son's Rob and George III are swamped with the family business - Asche Mechanical which rebuilds starters, generators, alternators etc as its pretty much Spring in PA and they have a huge lineup of work ahead of them. So as of now 100% of the AoK intakes are done, machined and ready to ship. If you are already on the list for intake(s) we are working through the list contacting customers over the next while to give them updates. We do have a very few AoK dual intakes not spoken for, although I believe all of the triples are now spoke for. That may change as people on the waiting list of intakes are contacted. Beyond that, for the time being we can supply intakes, we can take your factory intake and make it into a dual intake or headers, but we wont able to take on any new orders for carbs, linkage, motors etc. We will keep you posted and definitely I can tell you George is looking forward to getting back to his bench, but right now he just isn't up to it. Tim
  5. Interesting. Would love to see it when you come across it. The only stuff I have is shipping from Canada which even in the 1930s would make a lot more sense for UK than being shipped from the USA which would have seen a tariff attached. Even the convertibles which after 1936 were still made in the USA, shipped over to Canada from Detroit to Windsor and because the frame was made in Canada some how were exported as Canadian goods. Ive seen a few pieces of import paperwork from guys in England with 23 1/2" USA motors in Plymouths and a couple labelled as Dodges but were basically Plymouths.
  6. Id love to see it as I have the 1936-40 factory documentation from the Canadian plant, and there are no overdrives in any of those Dodge or Plymouths. Definitely in Chrysler and Desotos and I am sure sold/shipped as parts. I cant speak to 1935.
  7. Howdy Countrytravler - Cool finds. On the 38 and 40 Chrysler there are pictures of those trannys above in the spotters guide. There definitely both different from each other and if you need any information let me know. On the customers comment on 1935-40 Dodge and Plymouths, neither had overdrive trannys from the factory. Not USA, not Canadian, and not export models that I know of and I have a great deal of documentation. The overdrives were Chrysler and Desoto. Now, having said that I have a 1941 Plymouth that was a Canadian built car. Keep in mind that Canada entered WW2 in 1939, so there are 1939 and 1940 Plymouths, and there are some 1941 Dodges but there ar almost no 1941 Plymouths. My grandfather's brother was a Dr and he had applied for an got a permit for a car. He got the car, we still have the original bill of sale, the ownership and the serial numbers are match. The car has almost no miles on it. He volunteered went into WW2 and was killed. The car was parked in a barn that was severely damaged by Hurricane Hazel in the early 50s and the car was parked in the back lane at the farm I live at now. The trees and grown around it someone has removed tires and a over the decades pieces have grown legs. I will attach pictures. Everyone who knows anything about Plymouths will say - hey that is a 1946... or may call it a 1946 - 48.. It is not. The engine block cast date is Jan 10 1941. The serial numbers on the car, the engine all match what is on the original bill of sale. In that car is an overdrive and if your look closely in the interior there are gauging and a radio that was never offered. Its a Dr coupe and between the cabin and trunk is all wood. There is wood framing in the doors and that is 1920-30s stuff there is definitely no wood used in 1946 - 48. I mention this because I know for a fact it is as it came from the factory, yet not in 1940-41, not in 1946-48 were Plymouths offered with overdrives. they 1st appeared in 1952, actually were put in cars that were coming off the line in Canada in September of 1951 and I am sure many will love to debate me on my 1941 being authentic, although trust me if that car had stayed in the barn it would be worth a fortune... as it sits, well from a family standpoint its priceless but in monetary value its not worth much. But the point is there are examples of stuff coming from the factory that are not in brochures. My personal believe is given my Mothers father was the GM of the Canadian Engine plant from the time it opened in 1935 and he was there until the last flathead, actually the last hemi rolled off the line, that maybe he who was born less than 4 miles from my other Grandfather whose brother bought this Plymouth, that maybe, just maybe there was a little family connection action that got a car that just may have been a prototype that if there was no war, that may have come out in 1942. What I do know for a fact was the last overdrive was ordered very close to the death of Walter Chrysler in August 1940 and the last model year with overdrives was 1941. I also know that Overdrive trannys were available at Chrysler and Desoto dealerships in the way of parts, so is it possible someone took their Plymouth or Dodge into a dealership and get an overdrive put in it, oh I guarantee it was. In fact not far from me is a 1938 dodge. It has an overdrive from it. The family thought that is was purchased with the overdrive. My Dad's very good friend, owns today and his Dad 1st opened the Mopar dealership in Guelph in 1929. A few decades ago, the parts guy happened to come across a bunch of old records from the dealership and going through them didn't they find the record where the 1938 dodge was repaired in 1944 and with a lack of a transmission in stock and in the midst of WW2, an overdrive was put in the car. Its a piece of paper the family that owns the 1938 Dodge now very much treasures. So the long story is to say, that for most customers who thought Dodge and Plymouths had overdrives in them from 1935 - 1940 for the most part they are mistaken. The overdrive was only offered in the Chrysler and Desotos.... BUT..... if they pull out some documentation or a specific example would I be shocked.. No I would not.. Would I be surprised... yes, I would but then I know that in those days and through the 2nd world war a lot of things happened to just get by. In any case, good talking with you and if I can help in some way, let me know Tim
  8. An update folks - George is now back home from the hospital. He is quite weak, but is up and moving around. His daughter June is staying with him making meals etc and while its clearly taking longer for George to get back to himself than anticipated, for being 85 years young I guess its to be expected. I have passed on all the thoughts and notes from people and they are definitely appreciated. As it effects intakes, carbs and linkage, we do now have 100% of the dual and triple intakes back from the machine shop. I haven't been able to actually get down to George`s and start shipping out intakes to those who are just wanting intakes. On my end of the world, my Mom hasn't been well the last few weeks and I have been on stand by as she has been in the hospital and going through a bunch of tests etc. But I will be going down late this week or early next and get those moving. For those who have ordered intakes with carbs and or linkage obviously were in a holding pattern and I apologize for that. George has been pretty much been out of pocket for the last month and while we could enact a plan b, there is nothing like having the master building linkage and carbs so we would ask for and thank you for your continued patience. On numbers - the Aok triples for the 25 inch big blocks are now sold out. if you want to get your name on a waiting list in case someone bails or for a future run, send me an email to fargopickupking@yahoo.com On pricing, we will certainly be updating people as we have information, which is to say we wont be holding anyone to an order when or if there is a price increase without reconfirming. On the AoK dual intakes there are still a few not spoken for. I think its either 2 or 3. Once they are spoken for we will be in the same situation as with the triple talked about above. Tim
  9. That is correct its principle reason is heat. Without them the fuel tends to percolate in the carbs. It also does help raise the carbs. If we had been able to find 2`inch phenolic washers or spacers we would have used them. The customer does not have the setup you see installed yet so we can not conclude that a further raising of the carbs might be required. The balance tube was used for multiple reasons. I provided a rise of the carbs above the actual intake which provided a) added torque b.) separated the exhaust heat which is always connected to the intake In your Fenton intake which is the same design as an Offy and D&S the issue is the carbs are way to low. and the square nature of its design being completely different than the mopar stock which nets that that intake tends to loose a great deal of torque while increasing RPM. I would suggest a block or spacer of at least 2`inches would be advisable if you were going to use that intake. I can also tell you that the internal round design of the factory intake is far superior to the fenton, offy and d&s design. Hope that helps answer your question.
  10. I thought I would add this one to show you an example made "Down Under" by Andrew. He actually races this car and you can also see the handy work evident elsewhere under that engine compartment. Over the next few months we should have a comparison for you as in the next couple of weeks I will be boxing up an AoK triple to send to Australia. Its not the 1st that headed down under, but will be the 1st that replaces a home made triple on a full race motor. Of course as I said earlier 3 carbs on a rock stock original 1936 201 ci motor, with the right sized carbs way out performs both in power/torque and fuel economy, but in this case Andrew is chasing the edge of the envelope.
  11. Ive read that your engine is 23" so it is made in the USA. There were never any 23" small blocks made in Canada, just as starting with the 1936 model year all 25" 6 cylinders were only made in Windsor Ontario Canada. If your car was a convertible, the ones sold in Canada were actually assembled in Detroit and all have 25" engines. The engine serial numbers are actually applied at the point its destination or purpose is determined. On the oil filler side down by the oil pan there will be a date code cast into the block. It is unusual to see DP or export cars/engines shown as manufactured in Canada with the USA engines. In fact almost a little suspicious, but I wonder if there was a export advantage to ship from Canada vs USA a that point. Certainly my family has pictures of the barges across the river between Detroit (USA) and Windsor (Canada) and cars being moved back and forth. The convertibles were the most frequent, but perhaps export cars were similar in nature. Very cool
  12. Well Barb Good sleuthing. George hadn't been feeling 100% and yes the Doctor checking him in on the 24th. He is being treated, my Mother went through the same thing and with time and some diet changes (no nuts and some other things), lots of prayers and medical help he should be home soon. Believe me he is chomping on the bit to get back to his work bench. You are correct, on the intake front and more specifically on the carb and linkage front were in a bit of a holding pattern but don't anticipate it being a massive show stopper. I can report that as of now all of the AoK triples for the big blocks are spoken for. I can put your name on a waiting list In case anyone bails, but barring that all we can do is take names and if and when we have a price point to offer another round of them we can let you know, but right now I am afraid their out of production at least for now. On the dual intakes for the small blocks, we will have to wait until George is back hone to check a couple of notes he has on calls. I think there is 3-4 not spoken for but that is a guess and as Barb found out, unless you can produce rebuildable cores we cant supply anything beyond intakes and if you want it the linkage. There is the update. Will keep you posted Tim
  13. Interesting. We have seen this concept quite a bit actually. On the exhaust pipe, cool factor is definitely there, although performance wise it will be little better than stock and it may even have a bigger back pressure imbalance. On the Intake again cool factor right up there. Performance wise carbs are too low, no effective balance tube or sufficient atomization area in the intake. My guess, having never seen it, is it has a bit more rev, looses a bunch of torque and likely tosses out raw fuel on a regular bases. So super cool to look at, but after that, it looses it for me pretty quick. Definitely appreciate seeing it just the same. Tim
  14. We have been quizzed a few times this week about supply of intakes in the future and costing after the above blog entry said - "After that, there will be no more at this price point that is for sure and whether we have any more made with depend on customer demand. " I really don't want to harp on this too much but I will provide this explanation. We started into the project of creating a Dual Carb intake for the 23 1/2" USA small block now several years ago. We felt we could exploit all of the research, design, testing etc from the AoK triple intake for the 25 1/2" Canadian big block and really cut the cost to develop this intake by a bunch. While for reasons talked about before, the timing to get this from the drawing board to a prototype way exceeded expectations. Funny enough.. the actual cost to bring it to that point was right on budget. I know , good news right ! What did change for us was the production cost. Cost of supplies increased a lot. But that wasn't the big problem, nor was the unplanned costs to change some minor things. to the pattern to turn around the name and increase the size of the linkage block. The big issue was our good friend who has done all of our pattern work, and has casted the AoK triples for now 12 + years stopped doing it. He had lost his wife, a great deal of things have happened in his life and he sold everything and is out of the business. Next is the fact that while the projects hugely benefit by modern foam core molding and casting technology there are a very small amount of companies that will produce castings. If it was a sand cast or other casting technology there are tons of options. So imagine, we have all the patterns done, just need to get them casted and the 1st 3 companies our buddy recommended contacting told us.. "Sure we can do that for you. Love to, we have the expertise and we can start within the next 30 days"...... All good right... lol " On cost, well we need a minimum order quantity of 10,000 pieces" Yikes.. so the minimum order quantity ranged from 1000, to 10,000 pieces and the per piece cost ranged from $700 down to $390 per casting. Add heat treating, shipping to us, machining work to take castings to have them ready to go out the door and there is a lot of different steps. and our cost estimate on the cheapest side was $800 per. Oh and the machine shop that did our triples, he passed away so we needed to find another place to do it. Tilt.. yes, months ago this project was dead in the water. We couldn't lay out money to cast 10,000, hell we couldn't do it for 1000 pieces. We did finally find a supplier who would cast duals and triples in a lower quantity at least for a 1st run and did find a retired machinist who had access to all of the machines to do the project that got the intakes in our hands at a price we could live with. One of the big drivers was trying to get this project completed for George while he is very much involved with the hobby. We first had a dream to shoot for his 80th.. then this summer I had to make a decision whether we would get something done for his 85th birthday or risk having this go down in flames. To do it and an meet the demand of all the great people that have reserved an intake at a price point, I purchased the 1st one at a price that far exceeds what anyone is paying.. lol.. In other words folks.. without me doing that we would be loosing a lot of money on everyone we sell. So I purchased #1 and guess who has it... lol.. no, not me it was George's 85th birthday present. But the project is done, the dream has been realized. All of our family and friends who wanted one have or will get one and there were extra dual and triple intakes for sale. We are trying to find a more cost effective casting company, and we have shown our machinist buddy the casting invoicing. Were hoping now that he has done a bunch he may have a way to get them casting to ready to sell at a more cost effective price point. We are no factoring in 1 nickel for all the development and patterns either. This is just casting, heat treating, shipping, machining costs were talking, but if we cant do so at a tiny bit better than break even then, well were back to the start of this post. Right now the cost far exceeds our selling price and we will talk to customers, but I am not sure we have people wanting to pay much more. It really doesn't matter that its better than anything ever made, people have their price point and after that point they go in a different direction. We all get that and honestly its all good. We hope everyone who get one of these intakes enjoys them. I know the feedback over the years on the AoK triples has been incredible and for all those folks, thanks for being a part of the dream and the history of the AoK boys! Tim
  15. Howdy Folks - On behalf of George Asche Jr - thank you one and all for the Birthday wishes. He has seen all of the notes on the thread and received a great number of calls wishing him well. He really was humbled by the shear volume and really did appreciate it. A few have sent me notes and of course those have been passed on. In a few of those notes was asking if George's uncle Harry is really still alive. Yes he is, yes he really is George's uncle.. and while he isn't a lot older than George, he is a bit older. He turns 88 on March 6th. I was down and spent some time at AoK world wide HQ, also known as George's house and shops.. While there we went down to "Uncle Harry's" and brought him up to Georges to inspect a new car George recently purchased. It is a 1929 Desoto 4 door, which is actually like the 1st car George ever owned. Ive updated this blog entry to add those pictures.. Harry and George beaming ear to ear over the new car. Also a rare shot over in the Asche Mechanical Shop with Harry, George Jr, George III and Rob also known as George's #1 and #2 son.. Lol.. you can ask George who #3 is if your ever talking to him. Harry was telling the boys about a legendary grudge race on a Nascar track between his #90 car with a flathead 265 that George had built vs a guy running a 392 Hemi. The punch line, yes Harry won the race.. The rest of the story, well that is for another time. But I thought people would like to see a few pictures of the folks you often hear me or someone talk about !