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  1. Chrysler Industrial Transplants

    Your close.. we were talking canadian 25 1/2" engines.. from 1935 to 1959. My Grandfather was hired by Walter Chrysler himself and was an Engineer. My Dad was an automotive engineer, worked on a ton of different chrysler engines, from flatheads to v8s to Hemis and over all kinds of applications and racing. He did not work for Chrysler. My Grandfather was the GM of the engine plant in Windsor Ontario. I do not have all of the stuff grandfather had.. I do have an entire room 12 x 24 feet, set up like a library with rows 8 feet high with documentation. When Grandfather retired, the flathead was no longer even remotely current and as part of his retirement package he was allowed to take home his personal library from the engine plant of all the obsolete stuff. Honestly I have no clue how much there is. its not dozens of manuals. Its not hundreds of manuals, its thousands. I would guess just his work diaries, notes, drawings etc would be several hundred thousands of pages. At one point he offered to give it all to the Chrysler Museum and they passed. He did donate about a couple of pallets of documentation.
  2. Chrysler Industrial Transplants

    Umm If I didnt say dont post that one the forum I should have and the reason being is almost every time it winds up costing me tons of time to defend the facts or winds up into a scrap which to be honest is why I stay off the forum as much as I can. The why are you here now.. well 8 members emailed me today and lol... dragged me back in. I also hate Wikepedia, but to save some time, here is the listing for just the car engines https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chrysler_flathead_engine I haven't checked for accuracy but it shows 27 engines and I know from my Grandfathers documentation, just out of the Canadian Engine Plant starting in 1935 for the 1936 model year to the end of production in 1959 there were over 55 cams just for cars. On the truck side, there were specs for pickups and bigger trucks using the exact same engine, and then another cam change for those engines where they used multiple carbs. Aka 1952 265. Now ad over 37 different combination of the flathead 6 for marine, ranging from civilian to military to different variation for different countries depending on octane level. Next we have the agricultural sector which had combines for 4 different manufacturers, 6 swathers, 3 tractors and then different generations of those and you have a bunch more cams. Then there were water pumps, which used 11 different flatheads, welders with over 22 different flatheads, aircraft, welders, snowmobiles, tugs for aircraft, fork lifts, loaders and generators. There were 14 cams just for air compressors, some of which drove a compressor and some of which used some of the cylinders to produce air. On the miltary side absolutely ever engine had its one spec and cams. From cars, trucks, power wagons, heck even tanks. The reality is we have the specs we can grind over 80 different cams, it is not there were over 80 different cams.. Hell I havent even counted it but its several hundred different cams for flatheads. Go find any engine in history that was used in more places than the flathead mopar 6 cylinder... If there is one, Its sure wont be a small block chevy.. Lol.. why do people this a small block chevy is the gold standard for anything ? Actually but since your on the topic.. Just for marine.. not talking whatever else a SBC is used for, but just marine, I could find 17 different cam specs. Im not picking on you but I did have to laugh.. 8.. There are at least 51 cam patterns just for the Canadian, USA, British, and Israel military just for the Canadian 25 1/2" engine.. Different hp, different octane, different fuel from gas to propane to some weird fuel requirements out on the field. I have no idea how many more there were for the USA side. I do agree there are lots of 25 1/2" still around which is amazing given the last one rolled out of the engine plant in Windsor before I was born in 1960. But the plant pretty much ran around the clock from 1952 to the switch over to the slant six in 1959.
  3. Floor shift concepts for Mopar column shift Transmssions

    This one was a Fenton "universal" floor shift conversion kit, that then someone adapted it for their purposes which was in a early 50s van, similar to this one which likely will be the 1st time this is seen in public! lol I believe this is similar to what my Dad did in his pickup although since I never say it together on a transmission that is pure speculation. If you have other floor shifter actually installed on Mopar 3 speed transmission that was previously a column shift, either already installed and happen to have pictures, or are working on one, or even have ideas, feel free to post away !
  4. Floor shift concepts for Mopar column shift Transmssions

    Another floor shift concept, that again, I need to do some digging and see where I got the concept.
  5. Floor shift concepts for Mopar column shift Transmssions

    I apologize in advance to the person I got this from and I will find it and provide them credit at some point. For this one of course it would not work on an r10g1 overdrive, although that is not to say they couldn't make one for that purpose.
  6. Howdy folks - Coming from another blog topic, which strayed down a back road, came the idea of transmissions for Mopar Cars and Trucks that were post 1940 that came with Column shift and the normally column shift transmission was modified or the linkage was to turn it into a 3 speed floor shift transmission. So this isn't about taking a vehicle that had column shift and putting a transmission for the 1930s or a modern floor shift transmission to make the vehicle floor shift. This is taking say a 1950s r10g1 overdrive and putting it into a 1930s car or a 1950s pickup and making it a floor shift. It could also be taking a standard 3 speed column shift and making it into a floor shift in that same vehicle. Its not a new concept by any stretch. My Dad put an r10g1 overdrive from a 1952 Plymouth into a 1951 Fargo pickup truck which had been a 3 speed column shift pickup. He had taken a Fenton floor shifter kit that was a kit to move column shifts and made a bunch of changes to get it to work. The truck is long gone but we actually recovered the shifter which had been cut off at some point by the person who got the pickup. I will take some pictures at some point for the fun of it. We got it moving again but it would be too expensive to try and duplicate. George has also built a very simplified for racing which is super simple, although I am not sure would work for regular street usage, and he also has one his Uncle Harry Hein's made but duplicating it, is a project that hasn't quite made it to the top of the pile. We also have several pictures of guys who have done them, although most are pretty heavily involved and some quite clunky looking. All that being said, the reason I started this was - Paul aka pflaming had posted a picture of his project of making a traditional 3 speed floor shift Plymouth transmission, and turning it into a floor shift, which really was the impetus for this blog idea. "The shifter I fabbed from a photo, not my design. It is uncomplicated and will serve my purposes very well. The tranny and OD are not on the engine yet."
  7. Hey Paul - Its not the Kingsbury or Asche style to go bashing people and because it is our blog, I would prefer to exercise some tolerance and flexibility when in my mind its clear someone just wandered down the wrong road. As well the idea of floor shift concepts isn't a bad idea for a topic so I will start one. But no apologies required. Now lol, if it was a chevy part, or t5 suggestion, well I would likely be suggesting your in the wrong church!. Have a great one and good luck on the knee surgery. Tim & George
  8. Lol, ok so it really doesn't have much to do with this thread. I likely should start a new topic on just floor shifts. In terms of the r10g1 I can price out all of that for you. Its likely not as bad as you think. Of course that will be column shift. My buddy George Asche has literally done hundreds of them. If they are decent rebuildable they cost $450 to rebuild + parts. What is included is new bearings, bushings and gaskets. I would guess its 80% + that George does for that. If gears are ground, or people want fast seconds or there are parts missing well that starts to add up. The wiring, George hand makes wiring harnesses for them, as he does for the earlier r7 or r6 of which there were the 1940 and earlier that are floor shft. But from kickdown switches, overdrive relays and options switches to put on a steering wheel or dash are all readily available NOS or brand new. In terms of the shifter in your picture, I think its going to be really close to the seat. But maybe your planning on buckets and want it way back. In terms of adding an overdrive behind your existing transmission, Ive seen over the years many try it and a few got it to work but they were always a lot of work , extra connection points, bracing or brackets and there maybe some out there but I never saw one that then had 20-30-50,000 miles + on them. But back to floor shift, there are always people looking to change a column shift setup to floor shift so I will start a thread and if you and others want a place to start documenting and discussing ideas, go for it! Tim
  9. Not quite sure what this has to do with either the fluid drive bell housing or the a833 conversion, but hey .. its interesting. So in your picture are you saying that is a 3 speed transmission with a Volvo overdrive ? Or is the picture to illustrate making the standard tranny a floor shift ? I have no issue with your post, just trying to determine what your trying to illustrate here ?
  10. Howdy 49BC - Actually it wont really be relevant in term of the adapter plate, although I expect it will fit on the bell housing. The issue is the a833 4speed does not have a long enough input shaft to work. On the overdrive front, we have done it many time to use the r10g1 overdrive from a 1952-56 Plymouth and then change the input shaft to a long input shaft and throw out bearing to work with the fluid drive situation. Whether there are long shafts available for the a833 I do not know, I do know guys have switched the Plymouth bellhousing to go with a standard transmission or overdrive but I honestly have no experience in terms of what is involved. I can try and find out for you. In the mean time, here is a picture of the r10g1 with the long shaft I was referring to.
  11. Howdy Folks - I thought I would do an update on a few topics. 1st the most important one being my buddy George Asche Jr. George who was hospitalized a few months ago continues to be regaining his health at a rate I think everyone including he himself find remarkable. I was down last week and helped him build another engine and a bunch of other thing. He continues to work through a long list of promised work, from engines and over drives, to intake, carbs and linkage. The last AoK racing triple intake for the big blocks was finished and shipped out. It is going on a 1937 Chrysler 6 cylinder. A very close to stock engine, with standard pistons, cam and new undersized bearings. I have enclose a picture of that as well as George finishing off a fresh engine built and one of the AoK - George Asche Jr tribute intakes for the USA Small blocks. We down to just 1 or 2 of those . Next topic, intake updates: As I have talked earlier, with our good friend Tom ceasing operations we had to move the casting of both the Triples for the Canadian 25 1/2" big block flathead and the USA 23 1/2" dual carb intakes. We also sadly lost the services of George long time friend Bob Stover who was responsible for the machining of the AoK triples from when we 1st started to make them over a decade ago until God gave him the checkered flag and he passed away. Moving to a new supplier also saw cost increases. We have worked closely with both suppliers as well as looked at other options for having them cast and machined elsewhere. In the end, we were able to reduce the overall costs, and get the minimum order quantity down to the point that we are going to consider another run of intakes. The cost of the new AoK triple intakes (for the 25 1/2" big block made in Canada) is going to go up approximately 6% and will be $525.00 plus shipping. Linkage will range depending upon what is required, but the standard 3 carb linkage with linkage that can be hooked up to linkage coming across the head will be $195.00. Carbs, are going to be a problem for us to supply rebuilt carbs. If you have cores and need them rebuilt we may be able to help. But intake and linkage we should have later this summer On the AoK - George Asche Jr limited edition dual carb intake for the 23 1/2" USA small block they too will be just under a 6% increase and will be $450.00 plus shipping. If your already on the waiting list and we have intakes set aside for you, your originally quoted price remains in effect for the intake. If your interested in either, drop us a note and we will get you on our waiting list and/or be happy to discuss your project(s). Thanks Tim Kingsbury and George Asche Jr fargopickupking@yahoo.com Below pictures are the AoK dual and triple intake that are being set up for the pre-WW2 cars ad all trucks, pickups and powerwagons which have linkage going down the intake/exhaust side of the blocks
  12. AoK intakes.. Shipping and going going going.. gone

    Howdy Folks - Just thought I would put up a little update on the Flathead Mopar Grand Master - George Asche Jr. George is getting stronger every day and wants to say thank you for all the calls, cards and notes of support as well as the prayers from many. George has slowly been easing back into his shop and this week, along with his Son Rob was finishing off a full race motor that goes in a 1933 Plymouth. The Plymouths entire life has been as a race car, with a couple of stints in Museums. It recently has a major break down while up on a bank racing and its owner sought out George to do this build. Just a couple of shots of the build including, yes, those are custom Forged pistons, with plasma moly rings. If you look close you may notice the pistons actually have laserred serial number on each piston. The last couple of pictures is George building a pair of carbs on an AoK dual intake. He has the bases on, the linkage all made up and adjusted, and then continues the build. So he is back at it. There is no question its a new normal for George, but he loves doing it and so he is working through the back log of work he has agreed to do. Sadly, with 4 hi-performance engines and a ton of carb and/or linkage, and a few overdrives to rebuild he isn't taking on any new projects at this time. That may change down the road, but for now his plate is full! We do still have a couple of AoK dual intakes for 23 1/2" small blocks available for sale as an intake only for $425 + shipping. For the AoK triple carb intakes for the 25 1/2" bog blocks were not 100% sold out with a couple of guys on a waiting list. We are continuing to look at options to produce intakes in a more cost effective manner to make the intake projects viable. Tim
  13. A833 Overdrive Trans Conversion

    Great to see you jumping into the blog-a-sphere. Looking forward to many great topics on the "Up and Coming Flathead Mopars"!
  14. AoK intakes.. Shipping and going going going.. gone

    Howdy folks - Well I am down at George's this week and I have passed on the many notes of good wishes to him. The good news is he is actually up and cant move around on his own. The bad news is he is still very weak and definitely is not up to getting back to his bench and the hobby he loves so much. Definitely we can not take any more work on at this point, and we will have to see how this unfolds. He has several engine jobs ahead of him and a large about of carbs, linkages etc. His son's Rob and George III are swamped with the family business - Asche Mechanical which rebuilds starters, generators, alternators etc as its pretty much Spring in PA and they have a huge lineup of work ahead of them. So as of now 100% of the AoK intakes are done, machined and ready to ship. If you are already on the list for intake(s) we are working through the list contacting customers over the next while to give them updates. We do have a very few AoK dual intakes not spoken for, although I believe all of the triples are now spoke for. That may change as people on the waiting list of intakes are contacted. Beyond that, for the time being we can supply intakes, we can take your factory intake and make it into a dual intake or headers, but we wont able to take on any new orders for carbs, linkage, motors etc. We will keep you posted and definitely I can tell you George is looking forward to getting back to his bench, but right now he just isn't up to it. Tim
  15. The Rough Field Spotters Guide for Mopar Overdrives

    Interesting. Would love to see it when you come across it. The only stuff I have is shipping from Canada which even in the 1930s would make a lot more sense for UK than being shipped from the USA which would have seen a tariff attached. Even the convertibles which after 1936 were still made in the USA, shipped over to Canada from Detroit to Windsor and because the frame was made in Canada some how were exported as Canadian goods. Ive seen a few pieces of import paperwork from guys in England with 23 1/2" USA motors in Plymouths and a couple labelled as Dodges but were basically Plymouths.