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  1. New (to me) Truck

    I got the first frame mount created for the motor mounts. I’ll get it ground down a bit more then paint it.
  2. engine swap upgrade

    I think we all can agree that we hope Pilothouse trucks fetching $50K becomes the norm.
  3. New (to me) Truck

    Yes. I plan on boxing the frame. Given this my first build, any other insights are appreciated.
  4. New (to me) Truck

    I'm starting the fitment for the mounts. Surprisingly there is plenty of room for the big block. I think it's going to fit in there nicely. This first pic is the engine is hanging higher than it will actually sit. I had to remove the oil filter and will need to do a little cut to make the remote oil filter connector fit. I think the radiator can go in the same mounting bracket as the original as I placed the engine pulley in the same location as where the flathead sat. With the down draft stainless headers, a mini-starter and moving the engine over 1 1/2" to the passenger side, I think the original steering box, or one that size will fit in there too. I was able to keep the original mounting plate for the steering box intact.
  5. New (to me) Truck

    It's been a while since I provided an update. I had another project (48 plymouth) that I put ahead of this one, but now I'm back on the truck. The cab is in primer and I've stripped the paint off the outside doors and front fenders and front. For the most part, the cab is in great shape. The dash had some heavy pitting though. I hadn't used it before, but I shot some Slick Sand high build polyester primer hoping I wouldn't have to skim coat the whole dash. I built it up where I thought I got the thickness of most of the pits. I sanded on it for about 4 hours and I was very happy with the results. You can see from these first two photos, the pitting was bad. I have one more coat of Slick Sand to put on after I finish sanding the whole cab, and I'll use a finer grit sandpaper on the next coat to eliminate the sanding marks left with the 220, but the dash is going to go from rough as a cob, to velvety smooth. Next, as we all are prone to do, I changed my mind on the drivetrain. I've decided to put a little more power under the hood. The flathead is cool, but I didn't find myself wanting original as my end result. I want more of a resto-mod with an automatic and more power. So, I happened upon a guy locally via CL that had just pulled this 400 big block and A727 transmission from a 69 Satellite. His customer that has just bought the car decided to upgrade to a modern Hemi drivetrain from a wrecked Challenger. This 400 has about 3000 miles on a rebuild, new carb, stainless headers, a Purple Shaft camshaft and the transmission was just rebuilt too. So, I'm looking forward to having a bit more pep under the hood when it's done. Well, that's about it for this update.
  6. Photos of my B2B 4th try

    Great truck! Most of us are trying to build one that good. Thanks for keeping trying to get photos posted. Folks on this forum really appreciate such well kept original trucks. They are very rare and finally being appreciated by a bigger audience than just us Mopar fans. I recently talked to a guy that was going to rat rod a '50 Dodge truck. He's decided to fix it because he's seeing a growing interest in restored or resto-modded Pilothouse trucks. Just like the one I'm lightly resto-modding (Jeep rear end and disc brakes), it's being saved from being a clone rat rod (chopped top, beer keg for a gas tank). Keep the updates coming. Thanks for sharing.
  7. California & The Internal Combustion Engine

    Well, this guy is prepared.
  8. I hate seeing a good cab cut up. I actually like rat rods that are creative. So many of them are cookie cutter - cut the cab, do something with the headers, chop up the grill, beer keg gas tank, skull gear shift, make them extremely uncomfortable to ride in as possible by having your legs stick straight out while sitting on a piece of steel seat. It's like they have a checklist. There's no creativity in there, it's a bunch of borrowed ideas applied to the first poor old car or truck they can find to cut up. I like when the rat rod is actually created from parts that are end of life or not likely to be used again. I watched this whole video series on YouTube where a fabricator found a car with trees growing through it, no floor board, most of the bottom rusted out. She took it and chopped out all the rust on the bottom, built a new frame and created a cool looking rat rod from a car that was literally returning to the earth. She talks about taking parts that aren't or won't be used again for their original purpose and she creates her art out of it like a sculpture you can drive.
  9. Auburn Cord Dusenburg Museum

    I've been there too. One of my favorite car museums. I hear there is an early Ford Museum in Auburn too. I plan on going there as well one of these days. http://www.fordv8foundation.org/news.html
  10. 1000 post

    Sorry for your loss.
  11. Giant VW

    I saw this on Jay Leno's garage. The guys that did it work as aircraft fabricators, so it's all metal hanging on a Dodge Ram. That's also why the sheet metal work is so good. They fabricated everything 40% bigger, even the gauges and buttons.
  12. Odd Duck out....

    It would be beautiful restored though. Hopefully someone with deep pockets and good taste gets it.
  13. http://bringatrailer.com/listing/1949-dodge-woody-stationwagon-on-b1b-12-ton-chassis/
  14. New to older cars

    My 48 Plymouth is 12V and I used a Rebel Wire 9+3 kit. http://rebelwire.com/rebel-wire-products.php?cat=Wire Kits Even though it was my first re-wire job, it was an easy installation, all the wires are marked every few inches with exactly what they are.