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  1. Conn47D24

    D24 Shock Absorbers

    UPDATE : After studying the recommended sites above, and one other site on how to calculate the correct size shock. I then gave a call to Eaton Springs. I did not realize that my new new leaf springs would, and did change the ride height by about an inch. I was told this may settled back down after driving . In the meantime I have installed a set of Monroe 37073 shocks that fit just fine. Took several measurements and calculations to find the sizes, and then I used the chart from Monroe that The Oil Soup listed here. I will hold on to the Gabriels I had in case this ride height settles down once I'm on the road.
  2. Conn47D24

    D24 Shock Absorbers

    Yes, I am booked already for October Rich THIS year we will get together. Had better luck and more interesting time there compared to Carlise.
  3. Conn47D24

    D24 Shock Absorbers

    Sorry for the delay, I am just back home from a trip that included Carlise PA Chrysler Nationals. Thank you all for the info, big help! I will check out the correct shocks . As for Carlise, Our days there may me done. It's all 60s and 70s muscle now. Two vendors I've bought from over the phone were there. Nice to met Ed Speigle and Mike from Mitchel ( Obsolete Mopar ) in person , but BOTH said the same thing. " Nothing here for you " ! Nice trip anyway.
  4. Conn47D24

    D24 Shock Absorbers

    Today's question. Searched Threads here with no clear answer. My Club Coupe is on the ground full weight in the rear. I went to install rear shocks and at the FULLY extended length they are JUST short ( approx 1/4-1/2 " ) of sliding on to the mounts. Studs seem to be approx. 21" apart Question: Even if they slid on at full extention, wouldn't that be a problem at the first pot hole ? Some travel up, as well as down is needed? Wrong shocks ? Does anyone have a current application part # like NAPA or other modern equivalent? Thank you All Clay
  5. Conn47D24

    Another step forward

  6. Conn47D24

    Another step forward

    I have been working on the chrome for many years. Large items done. Waiting on $400. Worth of small bits now. What do the boat Owners say about a hole in the water where you put your money??
  7. Conn47D24

    Another step forward

    Well, long story but this is a barter transaction. I'm a Realtor , sold his house several years ago. I've had access to a shop for the last few years it's been invaluable to me cleaning and prepping and Sandblasting parts.
  8. Conn47D24

    Another step forward

    Machine shop is getting close on my engine rebuild. Giving her a bath before flatbed trip to the shop. 5 years of dirt on top of the 30 years of dirt ! Body and paint later this summer. If all goes well I'll be in the garage all winter mounting trim , chrome and anything else I can get done.
  9. Conn47D24

    E brake light switch?

    You can find a copy of the original installation instructions here in our download section.
  10. Conn47D24

    Fulton visor installation

    Thank you all !
  11. Conn47D24

    Fulton visor installation

    1947 Club Coupe question about door adjustment. I am test fitting the "dog bone " brackets for a visor. The tabs with the mounting screw holes fit in between the door and the body. As mine is now, its a very tight fit and the door is stricking the bracket on closing. I don't have the rubber seal in yet either. Question: is there an adjustment on the door hinges? I'd like to move the door straight out about a 1/16" it would seem.
  12. Conn47D24

    Threaded Block and Head Plugs

    There are various "pipe thread " plugs in our L-6 flatheads. Should I use any sealant, pipe dope / tape or the like when installing these fittings ??? IE: Over Cylinder # 6 , and several oil passages. Also, the water heater valve, block drain cock, and oil fittings. What is the proper install to prevent leaking? Thanks all. Clay
  13. Heater - Water Valve Instructions " Y " Type View File Copy of original installation instructions that came with the NOS " Rabbit Ear " or " Y " valve. Submitter Conn47D24 Submitted 05/17/2018 Category Instructions, Manuals & Templates  
  14. Conn47D24

    Wire harness

    RI Wiring is the place to call. Send them your old set and they'll reproduce it.
  15. Sad news to report. Tom Lamano of Pennsylvania has passed away. He had done some very good work for me and many others. Expert re-builder of distrubutors and other electrical parts for our old cars. He had set up at Hersey PA show over the years if you remember. :-(

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