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  1. Heater - Water Valve Instructions " Y " Type View File Copy of original installation instructions that came with the NOS " Rabbit Ear " or " Y " valve. Submitter Conn47D24 Submitted 05/17/2018 Category Instructions, Manuals & Templates  
  2. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F142756746110 Frame for D24 Off of a 4 door. Same seller has front kit listed too.
  3. Conn47D24

    Wire harness

    RI Wiring is the place to call. Send them your old set and they'll reproduce it.
  4. Sad news to report. Tom Lamano of Pennsylvania has passed away. He had done some very good work for me and many others. Expert re-builder of distrubutors and other electrical parts for our old cars. He had set up at Hersey PA show over the years if you remember. :-(
  5. Conn47D24

    Moore's Auto Salvage

    I did some business with them about a year ago. All good.
  6. Conn47D24

    Starter Field Coils

    Thanks Guys ! I just posted my solution to the frozen screw issue. Worked out well. Meanwhile more research in an Auto-lite book ( and Dodge parts book )shows the D24 Using " MAW 3005 S " a TWO coil set. The Auto-lite book also shows the D-25 Dodge model using the MZ 3005 S set up with FOUR coils . I had purchase this set before I found this AL book. Maybe the cold Canadian weather required the 4 coil starter ??? Good Guess or no? Clay
  7. Conn47D24

    Field Coil Screws

    Reading up on past threads here I saw that several have had a hard time with starter and generator rebuilds due to these magnet / field coil screws. Mine were no different, impact hammer and air tool started stripping the slot. I found a great tip on the AACA Forum. Using my C-293 Miller tool and a slotted 1/2 drive socket I had an easy time of it . Squeeze the socket into the frozen screw slot, and turn the shaft with a wrench. Very happy today that I invested in this tool ! :-) Now on the the rebuild. Shout out to Rich Hartung ( Miller Man ) Clay
  8. Conn47D24

    Starter Field Coils

    James, I'm in this same situation with my starter (47 dodge). The field coil package that the Autolite catalog called for has 4 coilscoils and small metal strips. When I open up my starter it has 2 field coils as the parts book illustrates. Another look at the Autolite catalog shows my series Dodge coming up with both the two coil package and the four. If the 4 is truly better, I'll go with the package I bought. how did you wire them? And how did you get the damn screws out? I appreciate any help you can give thank you Clay
  9. Conn47D24

    Chrysler Original parts suppliers OEM

    Looks like the dual " Y " type. Yes, crazy expensive. I did send it to one shop but he sent it back due to no parts avail. Mine has a damaged brass stem, and a broken price. Dog bone shaped bakalite perhaps. PA, I'll research RANCO, see what's available. Thanks!
  10. Does anyone know what company manufactured the "rabbit ear" heater Valve? If not, can you list some of the suppliers 1930s-40s ? I am trying to find names to search for parts, as mopar #s cant be found at any of our vendors (yet). I've searched US Patent office with not luck (yet). Thank you
  11. Conn47D24

    Heater Cowl Vent Project

    Round rubber bellows fits the linkage for the cowl door opening.
  12. Conn47D24

    My 48 Dodge Interior Pics - & color question

    My color chart has the lighter green as: "WINDWARD GREEN"
  13. Conn47D24

    Heater Cowl Vent Project

    Before and After ! The horse hair filter is now synthetic. Por-15 , and color to match the heaters. Feels good to save another piece from the scrap yard.
  14. Conn47D24

    Heater Cowl Vent Project

    Update on heaters. Opened up the Comfort Master 53. Original to my D24 Club Coupe. Taking the core to my radiator shop for testing. Here is what they look like. Also, I brought the NOS Comfort Master 54 to the local auto paint store. They used a gadget to scan the paint and mixed me up a spray can to match. Will repaint the 53 and related under dash brackets etc. to match.
  15. Help Please ! According to the D-24 parts book, this cloth / chrome handle has a " Fastner # 795 528 that holds this chrome BUTTON on and covers the screw and fastner. No luck finding this part yet. It would be a HUGE help to see one and have a photo. If someone here has a car with an assist strap , would you post a photo for me please? Thanks as always Clay

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