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  1. Only section of the shields that I had. I did re-install as part of this rebuild.
  2. Water pump Some of the timing chain plate and cover i recall.
  3. Finally finished this Pitman Arm Installation. Air gun on the nut till snug. Then torque wrench to 120lbs . Thought the air gun had this close to torque. Nope ! Several hard turns still, till the wrench clicked . 1 & 7/16th socket is probably another "one use " tool investment. Check it off the list !
  4. casper50, After having the entire pedal-linkage assembly apart, I was happy to just get it close. But the tool was easy. Crossed another item off the list !
  5. Another step done today. Completed installation of the clutch pedal - linkages. Free play and clutch release all looks-feels good. The correct Miller tool C-705 came in handy and easy to use. Fits over the two pivot pins and you adjust the turnbuckle until the notch in the end of the tool fits over the spring bracket on the frame. Tool template in this site's downloads will do the trick as well.
  6. I did set them cold and thought the hot setting was standard procedure. Mostly Im hearing some tapping . No driving yet, just garage. Certainly will use the gauge on all before i start adjusting any. Hope only a few need adjustment.
  7. 1947 Dodge , 230 Engine rebuild. Today I adjusted the idle rpm's and the timing. 3rd time running the engine since the rebuild. Running very smooth. Oil gauge is strong just above 40. Looks like 45. Gets up there right away. I've been on the lookout for leaks and so far so good. Next week I want to tackle the valve adjustments. Read up, and also watched several videos . I have the two long flat wrenchs. Other than wear gloves ! Any advice ?
  8. I have another video I'll post soon. 1947 Dodge D24 . 230 ci stock. All standard rebuild. LONG time in the works.
  9. New rebuilt engine started right up. I'm still in shock! Longer video on Youtube https://youtu.be/1fgfz4rIHo4
  10. Question about using a remote starter button please. My wiring harness at the interior / dash areas is disconnected, so as I approach my first start I want to use a remote. Where do I connect the two leads from a remote starter button ? Any help ? Thank you
  11. To remove it you will need at least these non- FD items: bell housing ( shorter ) drive shaft ( longer ) move frame cross bar support ( to support new bell ) Clutch springs ?? not sure on this one Others may add what I missed. Ebay, and some of the MOPAR vendors have FD coupler parts. Special MILLER tools needed to make the work easier. Good luck
  12. Welcome ! Andy Bernbaum's has all of your brake parts . Ebay for some of those interior items. Although 1st thing is a service manual and illustrated parts book. The books will be your best investment ! Enjoy
  13. Thanks. These #s are stamped on the parts. Not sure if each division of mopar stamp their own numbers on identical parts.
  14. My research on these parts dead ends at my 46-48 Dodge parts book. Would the Chrysler, DeSoto, Plymouth owners please check your books for these numbers ? 1122666, and 871997 Brake and clutch pedal shafts. I picked up an assembly cheap to used some of the other parts. They all match my D24 set and I wonder about the application of these #'s Thank you for any help you can offer. Clay
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