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  1. Conn47D24

    Water pump -Water jacket

    On the D24 block behind the water pump, there is the water tube ,and the larger round opening. The back of the water pump only has the tube opening. What is the round hole for?
  2. Conn47D24

    Fan blades. Mounting

    Thanks PA and all ! The dumb questions always have a simple answer. It seems Mopars attempt at making some of these things idiot-proof ......have failed. 😆
  3. Conn47D24

    Fan blades. Mounting

    Simple (dumb ) question. What is the correct installation of the fan on the water pump? Is there a difference in sides?
  4. Conn47D24

    Oil Pans Types

    Got it ! Yes I've seen the truck type pan set up. I will use this pan. I like the baffles.
  5. Conn47D24

    Oil Pans Types

    Interesting as my block is stamped as D24 #####. Now what?
  6. Conn47D24

    Oil Pans Types

    Update: I dry fitted the pan today. All lines up except the "slot". The dip stick misses it by an inch. My D24 parts book shows a pan with this slot . And the shop manual shows the baffles. I'm baffled! Questions: 1. Will the stick be ok , not hit any moving parts? 2. The stick hole in the block is threaded. Why?
  7. Conn47D24

    Oil Pans Types

    Thanks all. I will check the dip stick location today.
  8. Conn47D24

    Oil Pans Types

    Does anyone recognize the first one I have with the baffles? What type on block would this one be from?
  9. Conn47D24

    Oil Pans Types

    218 ? 1953 Plymouth correct?
  10. Conn47D24

    Oil Pans Types

    Yes Sir ! Looks identical to my 2nd set of pix. Now, what is your engine type ?
  11. Conn47D24

    Oil Pans Types

    How about the baffles and that slot on the side?
  12. Conn47D24

    Oil Pans Types

    Back on track today with the CORRECT external bypass head, and painted block. Next up is the oil pan and I have two type. Would you please tell me if one is correct for my D24 ? First two photos are # 1 choice. Pix 3 & 4 are the 2nd choice ( First picture: what is the "slot" welded to the interior side ? ) Thanks as usual ! Clay
  13. Conn47D24

    Bypass " Bump " Head

    Thebeebe5 What a great thread and build ! My repaired head looks similar, brass weld. I will swap the head as all other options require removal anyway. I have to ask. All that great detailed work and you kept the old head studs. Why not change them ?
  14. Conn47D24

    Bypass " Bump " Head

    Thanks dpollo ! The more I read, I was afraid of that. I do have a correct " non bump " head but it had a repair around the thermo housing. Thought I picked the better of the two. LOL Either way I have to remove the head so I will use the correct one after all. Minor setback. I could see the "barn door" as they say, and got ahead of myself. I have to keep studying these threads. Thanks again ! Clay
  15. Conn47D24

    Bypass " Bump " Head

    Good morning gentlemen, The internal vs external threads here have cause me to pause and panick a bit. Not knowing the difference, I used one of the several heads on my new build. This head has " the bump " yet the block does NOT have the by pass hole I have seen and read about here. The photos show what I have, and I've included a photo of the NOS Mopar copper head gasket I used. I appears to me to NOT have the bypass hole either. Please review these pix and see if I am seeing what I'm afraid of. Question, will this gasket cover the hole in the HEAD and therefore I'm fine? OR .... should I take off this head and use the NON BUMP head ? OR ..... is there more to this ??? Thanks all for bailing me out. Clay

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