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  1. Take your time. I acomplished all of these jobs on my D24. Rear springs easier than front. Front-end work was aided by borrowed Miller Tools from Rich Hartung another member of this site. Good luck Post Pix.
  3. Not mine, just saw it browsing. Poor photo quality I cant tell.
  4. This guy just helped me out. Excellent experience with this vendor. TOM LAMANO DISTRIBUTOR REBUILDING 590 ABBOTTSTOWN PIKE, ABBOTTSTOWN, PA 17301 717-353-3964 OR CELL 631-258-9355
  5. Cragislist in New Hampshire
  6. Just got home from Spring Carlisle. Bought not one item. Nice day though, lots of walking. Dan's Old Parts had the most old stuff but small percent was mopar.
  7. Rhode island Wiring folks are great.
  8. Does the D24 3 speed transmission have a name/model number ? Searching here i see many assigned to various models but not D24. Thank you Clay
  9. Speaking of Miller Tools. This one came in handy on my distributor rebuild. Old Bushings pressed out. New Bushings pressed in. Burnishing tool was well worn, needed to ream to correct size.
  10. Good going Rich ! Since you loaned me some of your Miller collection last year I have been bit by this "bug". Your fault LOL ! I've acquired several, including most of the Fluid Drive tools. They have come in handy as you know. As well as the catalogs. Clay
  11. Brass water line over a basement sink. Window nearby helps after painting! Can't wait till warmer weather and garage work again.
  12. These coat hangers have come in handy painting so many parts. Especially with Por-15. Simple.
  13. RIP, :-(
  14. C, There is a larger, twisted type bracket attached to the drivers idea frame above rear wheel. That one holds the flex hose that come off the tee on the axel. How about a fuel or oil flex line? I not that far yet but soon. Never had a project without extra pieces!