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  1. Clayton:

    I will be arriving at Hershey on Wednesday morning and then will go out looking for parts and those very special Miller tools, so hope to beat you to them. just kidding.  I plan to have my spot open on Thursday and Friday.  The last price I saw on Ebay for the Ammco brake tool which was complete was 750.


    Looking forward to seeing you again and we can setup the tool to see if we can sell it.

    Rich HArtung

    Cell 484-431-8157


    Site OAD 7 and 8  Orange Field.

  2. Ex : .010 Int : .008 slight pull, NOT snug
  3. These were little too happy. Lol
  4. Today I tweaked my valve adjustment using the NOT running procedure discussed here many times. I believe it is available on the tech section. Engine is smooth and quiet ! During rebuild I did set these cold. Then in the car I did the Running method . Although I thought I managed this ok, the valves were still I bit noisy. Certainly recomend the non-running adjustment.
  5. The Chrysler museum was closed a few years ago by Fiat. About 10 years ago I wrote and obtained a copy of the "built card" Shows the dealer that sold it, and option package, color etc. Very cool to have.
  6. Not a clear image of the clip but it must be CLIP 14-07-4 ??
  7. Thanks Dodgeb4ya ! Parts book shows a "clip" at the pivot joint . The rod that goes thru the firewall to the gas pedal. That one ?
  8. Help please. Another small part I did not tag at disassembly. Clip of some sort ? I took the time to paint it years ago but at a loss to recall from where. If you've seen this on your project please advise. Thanks all !
  9. Does anyone know the parts book name and / or part # for this piece please? Trunk , driver side, it is a cover or shield for the fuel sending float wires. It comes down the wheel well to the trunk pan and meets the welded wire cover / clips that run across to the sending unit. I have looked through many sections of my parts book with no luck. It's a removable / screwed on parts so it must have a name & #, no ? Anyway as you can see mine is rusted and I wanted to try to find a new or used one. D-24 . Thanks in advance for any help. Clay
  10. I am currently using a plastic gas can on the garage floor for start ups. Temp rubber fuel line from fuel pump to can. Make sure the hose is straight and dosen't curl up and suck air. I ran the battery out before I caught that mistake. 🙂
  11. Only section of the shields that I had. I did re-install as part of this rebuild.
  12. Water pump Some of the timing chain plate and cover i recall.
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