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  1. Conn47D24

    Steering Pittman Arm Installati

    That info will come in handy on this front end thanks again again PA
  2. Conn47D24

    Steering Pittman Arm Installati

    Thanks PA. I thought of tightening it up with the nut but I wanted to double-check to make sure I wasn't stripping the steering shaft. 👍
  3. Conn47D24

    Steering Pittman Arm Installati

    Advice please on installing the steering arm to the steering box shaft. Mine slide on about 1/3 up. I didn't want to hammer it home. Also, is it normal that the large nut that holds it is a very tight fit as well ? Dodge shop manual is little help. What is the best way to install this part ?
  4. Conn47D24

    Drivetrain back IN THE CAR !

    Thanks Rich
  5. Conn47D24

    Drivetrain back IN THE CAR !

    Took some phanese but dropped in all in one piece. Starter had to come off to squeeze by the battery shelf. This was a big day, and a long time coming. Off to paint in a few weeks then home for more nuts and bolts.
  6. Conn47D24

    Transmission housing HOLE ?

    The template is the same as the one i have. Will make a new one w/o the hole over this trans hole. Will look for plug too. Any other thoughts on the greatly appreciated. Thanks All Clay
  7. Conn47D24

    Transmission housing HOLE ?

    Ill double check gasket and look at down load section. Thanks
  8. Conn47D24

    Transmission housing HOLE ?

    Hope we get the answer. A plug if too deep will block the passage inside the hole's wall . Could make my iwn solid gasket too??
  9. Conn47D24

    Transmission housing HOLE ?

    1947 Dodge D24 In the process of mounting the transmission to the bell housing, I have stumped by this " HOLE " in the 3 speed housing. I noticed it a few years ago and at the time I thought the gasket would cover this hole. Now I find the gasket has a hole in the same spot ! Three sets of NOS gaskets I have are all the same . There are no matching holes in the housing here. What is this hole for ? Should I plug it ? If I don't what keeps it for pouring trans oil out and around the clutch area ??? Note: Inside this HOLE is a port that must drain fluid back to the case from the drive shaft bearing.
  10. Conn47D24

    Wishing Everyone a Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas All !
  11. Clay:  Wishing you a Merry Christmas and happy New year. It was great meeting up with you at Hershey.  I am sending in my funds again for the same two sites for next year.


    I have been working on the the trubrake shoe ling tool and am getting made several of the sanding cones made.  I have to pull one of my rear drums because of something is leaking and I think it might be brake fluid or an inner seal has gone bad.

    I will then correct the issue and then try to use the brake lining tool to see how it works. Hopefully it might warm up this coming weekend but when its cold in the garage I have little motivation to do any work. Getting older has its limitations.


    Let meknow if my input about the foglight was helpful and yes do the cutting and sizing on a piece of scrap metalbefore drillig into the front gravel guard. Mease twice drill once.


    Rich HArtung


    1. Conn47D24




      So sorry I missed this message !


      Hope you had a Merry Christmas and happy / healthy New Year to all.


      I will tackle the fog lights later this year.  Thanks for the help!


      Right now I am pushing to get the drive train in the car and the car back to the painter.


      THEN HOME for assembly.


      Today I was rushing and mounted the bell housing with out the dowels.


      I may have to remove the bell, the clutch , and the Fluid coupler to install the dowels.  Trying to drive them through from the block side but they are tight, and starting to peen over.  I don't want to hammer this hard on the block either.


      Really stressed on this, so close and working too hard for 61 ! 🙂


      Fourm threads indicate the dowels are too important to leave out.


      Wish me luck




      PS: good thing vacation is soon

  12. Conn47D24

    By pass Head

    Sure wish i saw this before I installed the wrong (bump) head earlier this year ! LOL Sorry. Couldn't resist. We had thd old Lionel set out for the grandkids. 🤣
  13. Conn47D24

    Fog Lights Bracket Instructions

    Good idea to mock up on scrap sheet 1st ! I will invest in a step drill bit. Thanks all !
  14. Conn47D24

    Fog Lights Bracket Instructions

    Is there a space btwn the gravel shield and bumper ? Or is the shield drilled for the bolt?
  15. Conn47D24

    Fog Lights Bracket Instructions

    Mopar 1064520 Does anyone have the instructions for installation that they would share please? I checked our download section but nothing there. Mine arrived without any. Im sure ive seen them somewhere but no luck yet. Thanks and Merry Christmas to all !

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