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  1. Conn47D24

    Timing chain cover bolts

    Excellent ! Thanks PA !
  2. Conn47D24

    Timing chain cover bolts

    1947 D24. 230ci Well I did not take enough photos on tear down. The parts books lists a stud, threaded on both ends, as one of the cover's "attaching parts". At which position on the cover does this stud fit, and what do the outer threads hold ? Really appreciate info and or photos. Thanks all
  3. Conn47D24

    Back on Track

    After much delay my D-24 230 has begun assembly. Years of scrounged ( and new ) parts are laid out for inventory. Good thing , I was short 4 correct exhaust valves. They arrived today. Cam cleaned up nicely, and the crank I saved from a 1948 cracked block measured within Standard specs. Hope next week continues this pace.
  4. Conn47D24

    Pinion Nut Cotter Pin

    Any other tricks I'm listening . 🙂 Thanks for the photo !
  5. Conn47D24

    Pinion Nut Cotter Pin

    Yes, slot and hole are lined up. It's so tight I guess maybe bending the pin and feeding it through is the game. ?
  6. Conn47D24

    Pinion Nut Cotter Pin

    Advise please on installing the COTTER PIN in the pinion / nut. This is recessed into the flange and very tight. HELP Thanks All !
  7. Conn47D24

    Front spring removal

    Here is the " Tool " at installation.
  8. Conn47D24

    Front spring removal

    Dave, Frankly I had to " Modify " one. I added the head of an old sledge hammer. It fit across the base of the spring and took up the extra few inches of compression I needed. It took a awhile to figure out. I tried 3 different tools before that. Now there is another method that I've seen. A floor jack under the lower control arm to compress the spring. Seen it on youtube. I would use a chain or heavy duty hoist strap to hold the spring from jumping out. Take a look online.
  9. Conn47D24

    Front spring removal

    VERY Carefully !! That spring can take your head off. Special tool, spring compressor can be borrowed or rented. Squeeze the spring that way and then remove the upper control arm bolt from the knuckle. Slow and easy. I had help on the first side then I tackled the other my self. Take LOTS of photos of every step. BIG help on rebuild. Good luck.
  10. Conn47D24

    ANSWERED Driveshaft - Pinion Angle

    PA, This is the stock engine, bell, FD Couple, Driveshaft and rear dif. No Mods at all. Thank you
  11. Navigating through the web of information here and elsewhere I had seen reference to the Angle of the pinion or driveshaft. My engine will be in soon ( er, or later ) and this gave me one more thing to double check with you all. The rear axle has been rebuilt and re-installed with new springs. I recall that there was / is a small bump or short dowel part of the axle housing that fit into a hole in the leaf spring plates on each side. I felt at the time that this was the guide to setting the pinion against the driveshaft correctly. This is all stock, engine driveshaft and axle. Will I be all set with this " Angle " ?? Thanks ALL ! Clay
  12. Conn47D24

    Thermostat Modifcations

    Has anyone seen this or tried it ? Is this recommended for positive results ? As copied from the Vintage Power Wagon site. "In some cases you may want to drill a 1/32” hole in the top plunger (the piece that opens) of the thermostat towards the outer lip. This allows for circulation before the thermostat opens, reducing deposits in your cooling system and reducing the possibility of pressure build-up. This also helps bleed air from the system, reducing the chance of air pockets which can create hot spots in the engine. Don’t forget to replace the thermostat housing gasket. "
  13. Conn47D24

    Hand Brake Drum Nut Torque Value Please

    PA One more thing.... What is the best way to hold the transmission from turning when tightening the drum nut to torqure value ?? Thanks

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