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  1. Unique intake manifold, to me

    Look at the amateur weld on the front dump. This was common in its day.
  2. Unique intake manifold, to me

    It's homemade. Have done a few myself.
  3. Recently purchased engine

    Here you go 9500
  4. Recently purchased engine

    T142 is a 48 49 truck 1/2 ton
  5. 47 Chrysler starter question

    Bought mine from Snap On https://www.ebay.com/itm/Snap-On-Tools-A144A-Black-Handle-Flywheel-Turning-Tool/302495780814?hash=item466e274fce:g:u0gAAOSw8axZ6qMD
  6. 1948 dodge custom needing engine rebuild d24 engine

    Manuals do not tell you how to rebuild.
  7. 1948 dodge custom needing engine rebuild d24 engine

    It is rocket science. You would not believe the shabby work that comes through our doors from other machine shops. Just saying. We have shops that grind cranks and they do not clean the oil galleys, that is one little example. Rods installed wrong. Cam bearings installed wrong. Piston ring gaps and side clearance not set to specs. Bores not parallel or decks ground at an angle. I could go on and on. STOP!!
  8. 1948 dodge custom needing engine rebuild d24 engine

    That would be great.
  9. 1948 dodge custom needing engine rebuild d24 engine

    Would like to see paper work. Customer in LA CA just spent 15k for a complete rebuild for his 38 Dodge pickup.
  10. 1948 dodge custom needing engine rebuild d24 engine

    My partner and I rebuild engines and know prices. Would like to see paper work to compare notes.
  11. 1948 dodge custom needing engine rebuild d24 engine

    Can you show us the paper work?
  12. Fire at Country Classic cars

    They do not have a fire hydrant within a mile, you're not going to have an ample plumbing supply for a sprinkler system. We have picked up cars from this establishment. How sad and devastating this fire is. Had a customer call us from Holland this morning calling for parts for a 1934 Dodge 4 dr convertible. I asked what happened? He said a private collector with 50 cars lost all in a fire. His 75-year-old dad bought the car to bring it back to life.
  13. Overdrive

    Never had a OD in a 30s Plymouth unless it was exported.
  14. Earliest Warner overdrive 1935?? T86-1P

    Just found the book on the Dodge in the UK. 1937 Dodge had the OD claiming that it will do 80 MPH. Also showed a 38 Dodge with a straight 8. Post #1 is an OD trans for a 37, not 36.