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    Drag racing In 1985, built a 1962 Impala 409 that ran 9.50 on alky, lasted 5 runs
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    NONE, selling all inventory, Planning on going back on the road hauling cars with a 2 car enclosed hauler.


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    Tow truck operater, sell Mopar parts, cars, and trucks from the teens to the 60s.

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  1. This is for an older lady that wants to drive.
  2. Research showed that the truck Hemi had power steering and brakes as an option.
  3. Did the 54 Dodge pick up have a power steering option? If not, what will work? Have a customer asking. Thanks dave
  4. If you're talking about me, I did not say it was mine. Its one of our customers that we sell parts to. We still have the shop and business. I am on the road hauling cars full time. Only home about every 3 months for a week at a time. I run between FL and WA and back with an open 9 car.
  5. 48 under construction. Has a 1955 331 Hemi.
  6. I'm really not trying to push it. I'll install it in one of our 30s car or truck. Thanks for the heads up. Good info on your build. LOVE KNOWLEDGE!!!!!
  7. I have one for sale. 300.00 PLUS SHIP. Call 209-613-1199 Thanks DAVE Just a suggestion to place this Ad in the applicable category too. I don't mind it being on this Blog, in case someone is looking for an A833.
  8. They were so desperate for trucks to come, TIM loaded his trailer to go get this truck that was involved in a garage fire. The truck backfired and from all the gas that was passed from the people looking at the truck. NOW you know the rest of the story. LOL
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