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  1. StreamlineDeco47

    Please Help!! Ply 230 Flathead Crank Problems!!

    Lol! I looked through all his pages. There's so much to try and make out, but I got an good idea of what's going on in there. More pictures would definitely help out a lot!
  2. StreamlineDeco47

    Please Help!! Ply 230 Flathead Crank Problems!!

    Good point to bring up, though. I would stray away from using caps from a different engine-unless I knew they were interchangeable! No worries. I'm looking for more assembly photos of the similar engine's bottom end, if anyone has or knows of any.
  3. StreamlineDeco47

    Please Help!! Ply 230 Flathead Crank Problems!!

    Found some replacement Bearing Cap bolts online. Gonna see how the positions of the 2nd and 3rd caps differ them hopefully start assembly. Thanks for your help everyone!
  4. StreamlineDeco47

    First attempt with GoPro

    Cool Video! I would love to see more of your Chrysler!
  5. StreamlineDeco47

    Please Help!! Ply 230 Flathead Crank Problems!!

    Hi Dave72dt, With snugging the caps I did feel a small lip where cap and block meet. I think I will attempt to install bearings and see what my readings are. I think I'll stamp them once everything is in it's right place, too!! Just in case there's a future rebuild.
  6. StreamlineDeco47

    Please Help!! Ply 230 Flathead Crank Problems!!

    Thanks for the tip! My manual says the same I will be careful!
  7. StreamlineDeco47

    Please Help!! Ply 230 Flathead Crank Problems!!

    I did notice the dimples you mentioned and matched those with the bolt holes. They appear to be lined up. I will plastigage and see what type or readings I get, once I get some replacement bolts. Thanks guys!!
  8. Hey everyone, Recently I have gotten the time (and funds) to continue, and hopefully complete, my engine rebuild on my 230 Flathead. About 6 years ago I purchased a '55 Flathead from a buddy, while taking an engine rebuilding course at my nearby community college. This was after learning my lesson when buying a cracked engine from an unmentionable forum. After finding the one my buddy sold, I began the teardown. I photographed as much of the teardown as I could. I'm also pretty anal (can I say that here?) about labeling everything. I zip-locked each bolt set and labeled their size, count, and where they belonged. Now, here is my issue: After receiving my 230 crank from a local shop I am ready to plastigage it with the bearing caps, but I don't remember how my caps go. Attached is a photograph of my setup. I could have sworn I stamped them, but also notice there's oil caps, as well. I have looked through my Service Manual from 1955 and don't see any diagram or illustration as to the order in which these caps go. I've checked images online of similar engines and nothing close to what I'm looking for. Long story short, if anyone has any photographs of their rebuild on a 230 I would really appreciate a shot of the bottom end install. Also, Could I get away with replacing my Bearing cap bolts with some grade 8 bolts? I have called various suppliers (i.e. Burnaby and Vintage Power Wagons) and they don't carry any. Any info would be appreciated! =Adrian=
  9. StreamlineDeco47

    HELP!! Edmunds Head on '55 Plymouth Flathead

    Sorry for the late response Merle Coggins. I already found a replacement backing plate without the hole for the bypass. I plan on plugging the block port, as well. Thanks! I will fill you guys in on how it works out. I'm sure someone else will (or has) run into this issue.
  10. StreamlineDeco47

    HELP!! Edmunds Head on '55 Plymouth Flathead

    Thanks for the response! My water pump has the top spot to mount the bypass elbow to route to the thermostat housing elbow on top of the cylinder head. I found some backing plates without the extra hole for the bypass on the block. We will see how that works once I receive it.
  11. StreamlineDeco47

    HELP!! Edmunds Head on '55 Plymouth Flathead

    Thanks shel_ny. Do you think a different backing pate would block off any water from seeping through? The passage being there would'nt interfere with anything?
  12. StreamlineDeco47

    HELP!! Edmunds Head on '55 Plymouth Flathead

    After doing some research, I realize I will also need to get a water pump without the bypass port to the water passage in the block. All I would need then is a new thermostat housing with the external bypass and just plug up the hole in the block. Correct me if I'm wrong anyone??
  13. StreamlineDeco47

    HELP!! Edmunds Head on '55 Plymouth Flathead

    Thanks for the response Merle! So, I need to have the external setup for my thermostat? Do most shops do plugs on blocks like this? =Adrian=
  14. Hey everyone, Got a little dilemma, here. Recently got my hand on an Edmunds Aluminum head for my '55 Flathead. All the bolt holes line up. The only difference is, as opposed to the stock cast head, the 'hump' in the front for the water pump is absent. As you can see in the first photograph, this is how much lip is left once the head is aligned. The little bypass port is exposed. The second picture is just to show the area clearer. Does one plug the bypass? If so, any recommendations on what type of sealant to use to plug this? I've been going crazy trying to figure this out. Any tips would be helpful and appreciated. Thanks!

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