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  1. bosworth

    A few pictures of my 51 B3B project

    Turbo53 The axle that I used was from a 1990 Jeep Chreokee it's a Dana 35 with a 3:55 ratio. the swap wasn't to difficult, I had to cut off the Jeep spring perches then purchase new 1.75" perches to fit the axle diameter. Welding the new perches back on is critical as you need to make sure the input shaft is in the correct plane, there are some excellent references for how to do this on this forum. I also needed to buy new "U" bolts. The axle length is an inch or two shorter than stock, but doesn't seem to cause any problems. Many people have used similar axles some preferring one with disk brakes. I replaced the axle bearings and seals as well as the brake cylinders, shoes and all brake hardware. I removed the emergency brake hardware as I am using the stock emergency brake. This axle is not limited slip and as far as how much power it will handle, I have not idea, but I'm sure it's up to handling what my 218 can deliver. Bill
  2. bosworth

    A few pictures of my 51 B3B project

    I didn't use a kit for the interior, but I did get ideas from this forum and from looking at Pilot House interiors website. I used a cardboard sheathing material that is plastic coated on both sides to make patterns and to make the final head liner, back panels, door panels and kick panels. I'm fairly happy with the way they turned out, everything is covered with vinyl except for the kick panels which are carpet. Bill
  3. bosworth

    A few pictures of my 51 B3B project

    I believe that the seats came out of a VW Pasat. I don't know the year. A neighbor bought them at one of the Good Guys shows for a hot rod, not realizing that they were for a four door car and wouldn't tip forward for his coupe, he was very happy to sell them to me. I should also have mentioned that the hub caps and rims were provided by Plymouthy Adams. Bill
  4. bosworth

    A few pictures of my 51 B3B project

    I will replace this engine with the rebuild, Again, thanks to everyone for all of your input and help throughout this project. Bill
  5. I guess it's about time I posted a few pictures of my project. I got this truck about 3 years ago, it was either I bought it or it went to the crusher, as I was only paying scrap price I figured I had nothing to loose. I knew once I started though, that It would be a very time and money consuming project. Besides replacing a bunch of sheet metal, I changed the rear end to a Jeep Cherokee with a 3.5 ratio and drum brakes. I installed a front ScareBird brake kit. The engine that is currently in the truck was supplied by Dan Babb. The engine that I am rebuilding is the one that was in the truck when I got it. Although the engine has some issues I have been driving it, I really love driving this old truck and am amazed at the amount of attention it draws, seems I can't go anywhere without someone wanting to examine the truck and relate fond memories of old Dodge trucks they have known. The paint color is called Laguna Green and was available on Mini Cooper convertibles for a short time. I put the truck together to make a comfortable driver, not a show truck.
  6. bosworth

    crankshaft question

    I want to thank everyone for their great input, I learned a lot in a short time. I purchased a crank from this website store and should receive it this week. I'll have to start collecting up the rest of the parts so they can complete the rebuild. I should post a few pictures of my project so you can see what I've been up to so I'll start another thread and see if I can figure out how to post the pictures. Thanks Bill
  7. bosworth

    crankshaft question

    Elwood, thanks for the information, it's interesting that the cranks are universal. it seems like the biggest job with the 8 bolt crank offered would be fitting a pilot bearing. If i were to go with the 8 bolt crank I would have to find out if the flange is setback further than the 4 hole crank. Thanks Bill
  8. bosworth

    crankshaft question

    I seems that the surface is to damaged to be turned to .040, I was hoping that it could be saved. I went over to the shop this morning and looked at the crank number, it's very hard to read, at first I thought that the number was way off in left field, then figured out that I was reading the number up side down!! As best I can make out it is consistent with 952068. The engine Number is P23*87907 so it should be a 218 out of a 52 plymouth. They are going to clean up the block and check for cracks etc. If it is ok, I will be looking to get a replacement crank.. On another topic, there is a question about removing the plate at the end of the camshaft, is this the thrust plate?, is it pressed on? thanks Bill
  9. bosworth

    crankshaft question

    thanks, I will go over to the engine builders this morning and try to find a forge number for the crank that I have. He also indicates that the camshaft looks warn, I have another running engine that may donate a camshaft, the crank in that engine is worse than the one at the builders. Thanks Bill
  10. bosworth

    crankshaft question

    The crank that I found with the 8 bolt flange has a forging number of 1316540 I don't know about the one that was in my engine, I'll try to find out tomorrow, but it is probably 952068 or 856080 Bill
  11. I took my 218 engine from my 51 B3B pickup to a local machine shop. They removed the crankshaft, the shaft has been turned to .030 under, most of the shaft looks ok, but number one had a spun bearing and is going to need work, problem is the largest rod bearing that I can find is .040 and that probably won't be enough. If I can find a shop that can weld and grind we might be able to save the shaft. I found a crankshaft on ebay. It's problem is that it's output flange is for 8 bolts, my flywheel for a 3 speed is 4 bolt. I would assume that the 8 bolt flange is a different size and has a different bolt circle than the 4 bolt flange, it would be to much to hope for an interchange. Does anyone have a clue if the 8 bolt and 4 bolt patterns are compatible? Any thoughts on welding and grinding the one I have? Thanks Bill
  12. bosworth

    I bought another old dodge !

    My 48 Plymouth is still 6v pos ground with an Optima battery, works fine, I did add a 10A 6v. to 12 v converter so I could charge phones and run GPS. I did convert the 51 B3B Dodge pickup that I just finished to 12 volts. I also wanted a modern sound system and plan to add AC and electronic ignition at some point. I also changed the generator out to a one wire alternator. As I had to put a new harness into the truck and replace just about everything it was much easier to go 12 volts. I am still using the 6 volt starter, no modification. I also put resistors in for the heater motor, wiper motor and horn. What I used there were 1 ohm 100 watt resistors. I'm currently still running a 6 volt coil with a ceramic ballast resistor. The starter does run very fast and the truck starts after about 2 revolutions, so all is good. From now on, finding parts, including batteries, should be much easier. Bill
  13. I converted my B3B to 12 volts and installed 1ohm 100 watt resisters in series with the heater fan, wipers and horn, what I used was something like https://www.ebay.com/itm/1-Ohm-100W-Watt-Power-Aluminum-Shell-Resistance-Shell-Case-Wirewound-Resistor/253391459239?epid=1593151861&hash=item3aff4ed3a7:g:tkgAAOSwItJaa~20 Bill
  14. bosworth

    Water pump. Maybe

    My 51 B3B also sat out in a field for about 40 years. The water pump was missing from the engine as were the radiator hoses. Once I got the truck back on the road, I found that it was that I couldn't go anywhere without it overheating. I pulled the radiator and tried to run water though it to gage how well it flowed, there was absolutely no water flow. I ran water in the bottom outlet and injected compressed air into the drain fitting, what I got was a geyser of water and mouse nests. That radiator contained hand fulls of nests and nut shells. Now that the radiator is well flushed it cools very well. I thought I'd mention my experience on the off chance that your radiator also contains unwanted mouse houses. Bill
  15. bosworth

    engine rebuilding parts

    It would be very nice to save the rod, I don't know what they cost, might be less than the labor, but I will be sure to ask, thanks! Bill

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