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  1. Bingster

    Replacement Gas Tanks

    Is he a brand new owner since the last brand new owner?
  2. I saw on a You Tube video the kid was working on a 1956 caddy and did his own brakes. He said he found out that the rear shoes on the front drums need to be thicker than the front shoes. Is this true for a 1947 Desoto?
  3. Bingster

    Zerk Fittings Cleaning

    Should zerk fittings be removed and cleaned before putting them back in? Should the joint be flushed out with WD or something to get the old grease out? And what type of grease should I ask for at the parts store?
  4. Bingster

    Replacement Gas Tanks

    Didn't I see on here awhile back that Andy B. has some pretty good and authentic tanks?
  5. Bingster

    Gearshift Rod Rubber Grommet

    That looks like it. Thanks!
  6. Bingster

    Gearshift Rod Rubber Grommet

    Here is a gearshift rod from my Desoto S-11. Any of you S-11ites know where I can get the rubber grommet? Been searching the usual suspects but so far no luck.
  7. Bingster

    steele rubber bushings

    I looked through the web site Mopar Mall.com where you got your rubber and I was amazed at the assortment of parts they offer. U.S. made wheel cylinders? Rebuilt water pumps. A lot of vent and window rubber. Is this a better source than Steele?
  8. Bingster

    Newly cleaned and painted engine

    Can the POR15 be applied cold or does it need engine heat to cure?
  9. Bingster

    What Kind Of Oil Filter Fitting?

    And I'm not jerry-rigging anything. In have a 10.5 inch distance to run a line from the engine block to under the oil filter housing using the same type identical metal line that already exists coming out of the engine. I'm using a bender to make a new line like the auto parts guy said and I have made one that will work if the rubber hose that I have ordered doesn't work. All I would need is a brass elbow on the lower port of the oil filter. Now, I really don't appreciate the condescending reply that you gave me, Rich. Have I done something bad to you?
  10. Bingster

    What Kind Of Oil Filter Fitting?

    I'm not copying what you mean by attaching the rubber hose to a metal line? This is not the line that goes to the oil pressure gauge.
  11. Bingster

    What Kind Of Oil Filter Fitting?

    Thanks. I may have found a rubber hose from a Jeep parts source. I've asked for the thread size and ID of the hose.
  12. Bingster

    What Kind Of Oil Filter Fitting?

    Well, I took that fitting to an auto parts store that makes hoses and they couldn't do rubber. Turns out it was an oil line hose coming off the out take of the oil filter housing. Somebody had modified it, apparently. So the guy says that they have the metal line with the inverted flare fittings with the same thread as the sample. It is a stock length so I had to deal with it. After making a few lines to fit between the engine oil port of the filter, I finally discovered that I was missing the brass elbow on the bottom of the filter. Without that the fitting won't seat. So now I have to find a brass elbow replacement. But it's harder than hell getting the fitting to the engine started. I wish I had the fender removed. But I don't want to do that now. Still wish I could find a rubber hose.
  13. Bingster

    What Is This Tubing For?

    The car is missing most of it's brake lines. I removed them shortly after I bought the car about ten years ago. I have them but they are the longer pieces.
  14. Bingster

    What Is This Tubing For?

    I bought this new tubing piece when I had just purchased my DesotoS-11. I now have no idea where it goes. It is not an oil filter line, I know that.
  15. Bingster

    Correct jack for '42?

    Auto makers probably bought them by the thousands.

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