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  1. I have a Desoto S-11 Left Rear Fender Molding attaching strip on ebay now if anybody's interested. Used. https://www.ebay.com/itm/292914126424?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  2. Bingster

    Just saw total disregard for other's property

    All that has been so far makes me wonder where the hell would I park my '47 Desoto that somebody might not be tempted to "key" the paint out of jealousy? When the car's finished it'll be a daily driver, but I guess unless I want to keep it parked till I die, I'll just have to take the chance.
  3. Bingster

    1K or 2K Enamel Over Rustoleum Auto Primer

    Thanks. The fella that said painting over the smaller bare spots would be okay is Evan at the wood graining place. He matched some 1k Spray Max enamel for me, and I had used Spray Max 2K primer. It's had about a year to dry! Since the moldings are interior, I guess it would work out okay.
  4. Bingster

    1K or 2K Enamel Over Rustoleum Auto Primer

    The only hint that the Rustoleum primer said on the can that raised a red flag was if you're using lacquer over it, do a test piece
  5. I sprayed window moldings with Spray Max primer/filler, and a few metal spots came through in the sanding, so I'm spot painting them with the Rustoleum Automotive Gray primer. I'd use another can of Spray Max primer but they're a little pricey for touch-up because once you activate that button on the bottom of the can the shelf life is nil. I'm not sure of the strength of the Spray Max 1K and 2K enamels in the FillClean cans, so I'm wondering if I need extra drying time for the Rustoelum or is that not the right product? I was told just to spray over the raw metal spots with the Spray Max enamel, but I'm not certain I want to do that.
  6. Bingster

    sign of the times

    They're gonna go for "White" Christmas and every classic film that has a black porter or maid or doorman, etc. etc. etc. There used to be token blacks on shows. Now they have token gay guys to provide a comic relief. But they are acting the fool just like the old black guys did. Richard Pryor made a living off of calling his fellow black people "N......s" But it's okay for him. They know he's kidding. Not that I'd ever call anybody by that word, but what ever happened to just turning off the radio or big screen? Same with those bakery cakes!
  7. Bingster

    How Much Should I Pay For A Decent Torque Wrench

    Thanks for all the info. That helps a lot.
  8. I saw a torque wrench at a Napa store for a couple hundred dollars and a few on ebay for $30, $60, and the like. What should one pay for a decent one?
  9. Bingster

    Replacement Gas Tanks

    Is he a brand new owner since the last brand new owner?
  10. I saw on a You Tube video the kid was working on a 1956 caddy and did his own brakes. He said he found out that the rear shoes on the front drums need to be thicker than the front shoes. Is this true for a 1947 Desoto?
  11. Bingster

    Zerk Fittings Cleaning

    Should zerk fittings be removed and cleaned before putting them back in? Should the joint be flushed out with WD or something to get the old grease out? And what type of grease should I ask for at the parts store?
  12. Bingster

    Replacement Gas Tanks

    Didn't I see on here awhile back that Andy B. has some pretty good and authentic tanks?
  13. Bingster

    Gearshift Rod Rubber Grommet

    That looks like it. Thanks!
  14. Bingster

    Gearshift Rod Rubber Grommet

    Here is a gearshift rod from my Desoto S-11. Any of you S-11ites know where I can get the rubber grommet? Been searching the usual suspects but so far no luck.
  15. Bingster

    steele rubber bushings

    I looked through the web site Mopar Mall.com where you got your rubber and I was amazed at the assortment of parts they offer. U.S. made wheel cylinders? Rebuilt water pumps. A lot of vent and window rubber. Is this a better source than Steele?

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