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  1. More good ideas. I couldn't get that link to work, however.
  2. That's all great info. Thanks. The fuel pump doesn't work so we'll have to do gravity. Thanks.
  3. I tried searching for this but there seems to be a new search format it couldn't find any results. Maybe I entered the wrong search title. Anyway, I was looking for a make-shift "gas tank" to fire up my engine after seven years. Some say use an inverted red plastic gas can with a hose connected to the carb input. I'm open to suggestions.
  4. Thanks. They are primed with 2K primer and have been sanded. By the way, do you have to lightly re-sand a surface to get to "fresh" primer? I seem to recall I saw that somewhere, or maybe on another type of paint.
  5. Lacking a commercial pre-painting cleaner, what is a good substitute? They're only interior window frames.
  6. I think those would make good back-up protection. I'm a little nervous about jack stands, so I plan to put railroad tie-like timbers on either side next to the wheels whichever direction I'm working, so if the car slips off the stands, it will land on the timbers and hopefully save me from being crushed. In theory.
  7. I'm just about ready to put a battery in my 47' Desoto and crank him after seven years dormant. From what I can tell, the ground cable was connected to the generator bracket, and as some have said here in the past, it's a pain to get at. The front head bolt is a lot simpler, and I've seen it done. Is it a matter of unscrewing the head bolt, attaching the cable and re-attaching the bolt??
  8. I have an un-restored car sitting in a Morton building in Iowa, and would like to get a cover for it to protect against bird nests, etc. But I am wondering if sealing off the interior from air flow would be worse.
  9. I have a '47 DeSoto. Just for fun, I'd like to see the engine compartment and the interior.
  10. Getting ready to start my 1947 Desoto for the first time in about ten years. The engine has been readied for the event. Someone told me to get a plastic boat tank as a temporary fuel tank for the carb. It has something to do with the bulb on the hose line for priming, I think. Is there a better way?
  11. My thanks and gratitude for all of you who served. My brother-in-law served and suffered PTSD. Human beings aren't supposed to be put in the midst of that type of horror.
  12. I have a Desoto S-11 Left Rear Fender Molding attaching strip on ebay now if anybody's interested. Used. https://www.ebay.com/itm/292914126424?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  13. All that has been so far makes me wonder where the hell would I park my '47 Desoto that somebody might not be tempted to "key" the paint out of jealousy? When the car's finished it'll be a daily driver, but I guess unless I want to keep it parked till I die, I'll just have to take the chance.
  14. Thanks. The fella that said painting over the smaller bare spots would be okay is Evan at the wood graining place. He matched some 1k Spray Max enamel for me, and I had used Spray Max 2K primer. It's had about a year to dry! Since the moldings are interior, I guess it would work out okay.
  15. The only hint that the Rustoleum primer said on the can that raised a red flag was if you're using lacquer over it, do a test piece
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