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  1. Normalizing Old Fuel In Tank

    Before starting up a car after a long time, does that additive work that restores gas in the tank?
  2. What Kind Of Oil Filter Fitting?

    Thanks. If I have Napa do one, what material (rubber) do I ask for? There seems to be a difference between fuel and oil.
  3. What Kind Of Oil Filter Fitting?

    Yes, I do have the parts book and the shop manual. I've looked at the parts book for the oil lines but it didn't say specifically whether or not any line was rubber or flexible. At least I couldn't find one. I've looked in the shop manual and couldn't find that either.
  4. What Kind Of Oil Filter Fitting?

    Okay thanks.
  5. What Kind Of Oil Filter Fitting?

    I just found what looks like the same hose on ebay and it's a fuel pump hose. Same fittings. Was that a replacement by somebody? Anyway, it's not the fuel gauge line with the rubber intermediate hose cause that hose is intact and coming out of the dual block fitting. So should I replace the rubber hose with a rubber hose?
  6. I have an oil line coming out of the block with a strange fitting, or at least to me. It seems like a rubber hose fitting. I'm sure I cut the hose when I took the oil filter canister off. The brass piece just spins. It's all one fitting. The second photo shows where it is coming out of the block to the right of the double oil lines.
  7. Ad Messing Up Format

    I also got the mandatory info page and tried to get off of it, and wasn't thrilled in having to make up things to get rid of it. I really didn't have any answers for the questions, and certainly none that would help anybody else or even that I choose anybody to know about me. Dump it.
  8. Ad Messing Up Format

    I don't really know how to make the window wider.
  9. Ad Messing Up Format

    There is an ad on the right side of this thread at the top that is making the entire thread narrower. Can this be removed?
  10. Oil Filter change-over Question

    Yeah, I see that. Thanks.
  11. Oil Filter change-over Question

    I'm opening up this thread because I am installing my oil filter after seven years. First, the bracket. I haven't seen that type of oil filter attachment bracket. There seems to be something extra on the top for something else to attach. Then, I have two unidentified fittings here. I doubt either one belong into filter canister. Anybody know where they belong?
  12. Oil Filter Engine Fittings

    I did find a diagram of this set-up in my parts book, but I still can't account for that single line coming out of the block that had a rubber outer sheathing kinda like a brake hose. Maybe somebody used something they shouldn't have.
  13. Oil Filter Engine Fittings

    The line closet to the block is going to the oil pressure gauge on the dash. The other line is just sticking up in the air to connect to the filter housing. And there is one line coming out of the filter housing.
  14. Oil Filter Engine Fittings

    I'm installing my oil filter and I've looked at a lot of engine set-ups but haven't seen this double-line fitting. Plus, that other line to the right is a rubber hose fitting but I don't know where it goes.
  15. 48 Desoto Project