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  1. Overcenter Spring Adjust Tool.

    Yeah. Anything going on in Iowa with the old cars? Salvage yards, etc.?
  2. Overcenter Spring Adjust Tool.

    Thanks Trucker Tim for your specific help in finding the download. I didn't think a template would be in the tools section.
  3. Overcenter Spring Adjust Tool.

    I'm probably missing something but where is this download for the template? I've tried looking. Is it the same for a '47 Desoto?
  4. 48 Desoto Project

    Thanks. That looks like a plan. I very stupidly removed a lot of bolts seven years ago when I got the car, thinking that as I was working on it, I'd remember where they went. Some I did label but others not. I've been pouring through the parts book trying to identify them. It seems that as I am putting things back onto the car, I am finding the right fasteners. It sure would make working on the engine a lot easier!
  5. 48 Desoto Project

    I've got a '47 which is basically like yours. Every time I see somebody like yourself go deeper into some aspect of their restoration than I do, I wonder how difficult it might be and if I'll be able to get the thing back together if I do. How difficult was it to remove the front fenders as a unit? I've got the inner panels off and painted for the battery tray and such, but it looks so inviting to have the entire front off like you do.
  6. Need help identifying an engine part

    That's quite a cleaning up!
  7. New member, new car

    That's a great find. Welcome. I have a 1947 DeSoto S-11 which was the gussied up S-8 available right after the war. As your typical guy who knows little about restoring cars but has had to cobble up info and parts as I go along, let me know if you have any parts source questions, etc. I give you what I have.
  8. Another quick one Please

    I wondered why in old movies drivers exited on the curb side.
  9. 46 Desoto brake shoes

    I bought mine from Andy B. seven years ago and have never put them on, so I don't know how accurate they are.
  10. silver engine paint

    John, could you post a photo of the other side of the engine showing a close-up of your oil filter mounting? I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks.
  11. Normalizing Old Fuel In Tank

    Before starting up a car after a long time, does that additive work that restores gas in the tank?
  12. What Kind Of Oil Filter Fitting?

    Thanks. If I have Napa do one, what material (rubber) do I ask for? There seems to be a difference between fuel and oil.
  13. What Kind Of Oil Filter Fitting?

    Yes, I do have the parts book and the shop manual. I've looked at the parts book for the oil lines but it didn't say specifically whether or not any line was rubber or flexible. At least I couldn't find one. I've looked in the shop manual and couldn't find that either.
  14. What Kind Of Oil Filter Fitting?

    Okay thanks.
  15. What Kind Of Oil Filter Fitting?

    I just found what looks like the same hose on ebay and it's a fuel pump hose. Same fittings. Was that a replacement by somebody? Anyway, it's not the fuel gauge line with the rubber intermediate hose cause that hose is intact and coming out of the dual block fitting. So should I replace the rubber hose with a rubber hose?