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  1. Bingster

    What Kind Of Oil Filter Fitting?

    And I'm not jerry-rigging anything. In have a 10.5 inch distance to run a line from the engine block to under the oil filter housing using the same type identical metal line that already exists coming out of the engine. I'm using a bender to make a new line like the auto parts guy said and I have made one that will work if the rubber hose that I have ordered doesn't work. All I would need is a brass elbow on the lower port of the oil filter. Now, I really don't appreciate the condescending reply that you gave me, Rich. Have I done something bad to you?
  2. Bingster

    What Kind Of Oil Filter Fitting?

    I'm not copying what you mean by attaching the rubber hose to a metal line? This is not the line that goes to the oil pressure gauge.
  3. Bingster

    What Kind Of Oil Filter Fitting?

    Thanks. I may have found a rubber hose from a Jeep parts source. I've asked for the thread size and ID of the hose.
  4. Bingster

    What Kind Of Oil Filter Fitting?

    Well, I took that fitting to an auto parts store that makes hoses and they couldn't do rubber. Turns out it was an oil line hose coming off the out take of the oil filter housing. Somebody had modified it, apparently. So the guy says that they have the metal line with the inverted flare fittings with the same thread as the sample. It is a stock length so I had to deal with it. After making a few lines to fit between the engine oil port of the filter, I finally discovered that I was missing the brass elbow on the bottom of the filter. Without that the fitting won't seat. So now I have to find a brass elbow replacement. But it's harder than hell getting the fitting to the engine started. I wish I had the fender removed. But I don't want to do that now. Still wish I could find a rubber hose.
  5. Bingster

    What Is This Tubing For?

    The car is missing most of it's brake lines. I removed them shortly after I bought the car about ten years ago. I have them but they are the longer pieces.
  6. Bingster

    What Is This Tubing For?

    I bought this new tubing piece when I had just purchased my DesotoS-11. I now have no idea where it goes. It is not an oil filter line, I know that.
  7. Bingster

    Correct jack for '42?

    Auto makers probably bought them by the thousands.
  8. Bingster

    Upper control arm bumpers

    Lots of PB Blaster & heat?
  9. Bingster

    1946/47/48 Desoto S-11 Cowl Trim Retainer

    That's them!
  10. Bingster

    1946/47/48 Desoto S-11 Cowl Trim Retainer

    What were they listed as?
  11. Bingster

    1946/47/48 Desoto S-11 Cowl Trim Retainer

    Thanks, Rich. That's probably the best way.
  12. I'm looking for a pair of Desoto 1946 S-11 cowl trim retainers, for the short cowl piece that fits immediately after the hood and before the door. Mine are rusted. Thanks.
  13. Bingster

    water tube question

    Does this include your DeSoto Suburban? I haven't removed my pump yet but I'll be getting there eventually. I'll make a copy of your post and maybe get in touch with you then. I'm not certain that when you talk about the back plate, which I'm sure will be evident once I remove the pump, I'm assuming that this plate is a separate part between the block and the pump. Is this plate available? And are you saying that the holes will not line up perfectly? And how do you flare a WD tube that isn't?
  14. Bingster

    Wedgewood blue

    Where have you seen the color on? Can PPG match the old chip, or do you think it would not be accurate after all these years? You might try some older body shops. Or a dealer body shop.
  15. Bingster

    My first classic

    That's very exciting to see that shiny new metal. There's a show I was watching called Ice Pilots who fly WWII era DC-3's and 4's. When their engines break down out "on the road" sometimes their mechanics can't find the problem, and in sub-zero weather. I am amazed how they can find anything inside those engines. Makes a flat head seem like a walk in the park.

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