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  1. Okay, thanks. I'll see if I can get the belt off. It's not too pliable.
  2. I'll look into it tomorrow after work. Thanks, Rich.
  3. Got that right!! I'd rather screw it up myself for free.
  4. The trailer is finished and it came out very nice in spite of things. I'm selling it so I'm not too particular. This HVLP gun I bought years ago for wood cabinet work. I just wanted to see what it would do with "real paint" on steel and not thinned lacquer and such. It is rated about 21 PSI at the gun. I'm retiring it from automotive work. It will be some time before until I'll be painting Carlo. I'm concentrating on the engine right now.
  5. Do you mean the lower bracket that mounts to the engine block or the strap. There could be mixed terminology. At any rate, no I haven't. If you mean the engine block bracket, I've been trying to imagine if I flipped it what that would do to the generator lining up with the strap. It would lower the gen but it seems that it would swing at an arc that would be too low to match up with the strap. Plus, Donald had it the same as mine. If you're talking about the adjusting strap, I really don't want to mess with that bolt that goes into the head. I've tried to loosen it with heat and penetrating oil and it won't move. But from what I've read, it might be best that I leave it alone. However, even if I could loosen the strap to move up and down, I don't think it would make any difference in the generator moving any further. I think I'm gonna have to do with the advice to unbolt the gen from the engine block bracket and start again, only this time putting the belt around the pulley first and then re-bolting the gen to the bracket.
  6. Okay. I've been looking for a belt size but my parts book does not list size.
  7. Well, it really doesn't matter. I'm stuck with what I have and I'll have to make it work just like the other guy did. And I will.
  8. I haven't data'd the tag as of yet.
  9. I think that my generator has been replaced somewhere along the line. It 's different than Donald's. The bracket seems to be original. If they put in another generator that was a close fit and "made to work," the fit on the strap would have been off.
  10. Okay, another question. Is the arm supposed to be part of the entire fit and adjustment, in that if you loosen the bolt that holds it on to the water pump you can move the arm to line everything up?
  11. Can the fan belt through age shrink?
  12. The belt was on the car when I bought it. I'll check things out tomorrow. At least I got the thing bolted to the bracket!
  13. Yeah, it's just the picture.
  14. I'm not lacking horizontal space between the gen and the strap. The gen aligns perfectly with the strap. It's just that the upward travel is restricted. Don, how far will your gen bolt ride up the strap before it can't go any further? I think it may just be what you said, a bit difficult to get the belt around the gen pulley.
  15. I'm not sure I follow you.