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  1. Mick Blake

    price differences wheel brake cilinder

    I have done a 1954 Plymouth and 1948 Fargo pick up with Centric from Rockauto Parts and had no problems. Good prices and service>
  2. Mick Blake

    48-50 Grill Bars

    I have the two bottom bars, that would need to be restored.
  3. Mick Blake

    Head Removal

    Thanks, turning it over worked, lifted off with engine hoist.
  4. Mick Blake

    Head Removal

    Thanks, I will try it this weekend.
  5. Mick Blake

    Head Removal

    Head is ready to remove, what is the best way to break the seal to remove the head from the engine? Thanks
  6. Mick Blake

    0.080 Overbore on 230 Flathead Six

    Hi, My 1954 Canadian Plymouth 228 engine was done .090 thou over, I have never had any problems.
  7. Mick Blake

    54 Plymouth Won"t Run

    Adams, It is a 6 volt internal resistor standard part number UC 14. could this be the problem? Thanks
  8. Mick Blake

    54 Plymouth Won"t Run

    Driving on highway engine misses a few times than start running rough and stops. It would start but rough, had to tow home. There is a new coil and condnsor on it , and there is fuel from the pump to carb. Any ideas. Thanks
  9. Mick Blake

    Distributor Removal

    Sorry it is 230 US engine
  10. Mick Blake

    Distributor Removal

    Having trouble removing distributor, moves a little then jams.Thing the pin in the shaft has come out a bit. Any one run into this problem?
  11. Mick Blake

    1954 Plymouth Power Steering

    Dodgeb4ya, This is interesting, I have a 54 Plymouth and have been looking for power steering. You have a piston and bracket, how is it mounted to the frame is it welded or bolted? Thanks
  12. Mick Blake

    Maximum Engine Cylinder Bore

    My 228 was done to .090 with no problems.
  13. Mick Blake

    Anyone know what color this is, or whose car it is?

    It looks like a 1954 Plymouth paint color, San Pedro Blue. It should"nt be hard to match.I painted my 1954 Plymouth San Gabriel Green, and had no trouble matching it.
  14. Mick Blake

    54 powerflite leaks

    My 1954 Plymouth power flite leaks if it is parked for a few days. It leaks from the shift input shaft, as the fluid drains back into the trans. There is no valve to stop the drain back, the fluid forces its way past the seal. My brother also has a 54 plymouth powerfite,his does the same thing.This was a common problem. Not sure if later models were modified to fix this problem.I think the Chev power glide had the same problem.
  15. Mick Blake

    Maximum over-bore for a 218?

    I had a 1954 Plymouth engine done .090 thou over, have not had any problems, got the pistons from N.A.P.A, could dig out info if interested. This was a Canadian model.

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