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    OT the car we got from Calif

    The Nova wagon is here---the Kid is happy----lotsa work, but he is a body man. We are replacing the half section of roof already----Chrysler is on hold till spring---the Kid has taken over the shop---any interest I will post progress pics .........Lee
  2. BeBop138

    12 volt wiper motor

    Newport Engineering doesn`t have a listing for my 52 Windsor--any of the MoPar cousins have the same motor as LuLu ---then I could re-check there product line--I have reduced the voltage with a power resister and could stay with that if needed----but am into a re-wire and other upgrades--now is the time to change while I have so much room to work.....thanks.....Lee
  3. BeBop138

    getting ready for Dynamat

    Just one more time---back is finished---except for carpet.
  4. BeBop138

    getting ready for Dynamat

    Scaping up the old tar stuff and paint---will be putting down new seam sealer and some rust paint--then the Dynamat.I am going to make this as quiet as possible. Since I sold my streetrod I thought I would finish the interior with the new headliner,carpet and a nice radio and speakers. Winter project will be a 700R. Taking out the T-5---need surgery on my left knee---this will make driving a little easier..............Lee
  5. BeBop138

    getting ready for Dynamat

    Got the rear window areas just about done---put the rear panel on and window trim---then all that will be left is the front doors. I think that`s about it till after the by-pass surgery on Monday (1:00 PM) .Lee
  6. 777---no problem---the bolts center the hub---the bolt pattern is the same and the studs fit right on---the lugs do the rest---94-96 Vic rotors- mid 80`s full size GM calipers--Mustang non-power master (disc-drum)---banjo style brake hoses---MoPar police rims---Diplomat--(I think)--with wheel spacer to clear suspension--(stock) Since the R&P I haven`t checked to see if it`s needed anymore. The bracket is from Scarebird.I have a thread back some time ago----lots of pics---- Very happy with how it turned out.......good luck......Lee
  7. Not sure if your hub and mine are the same---I used the Crown Vic rotors on mine and they fit like factory---hub centered up good and the the old rivit holes lined up perfectly to the threaded holes on the Vic rotor---put some bolts in and the rotor centered up correctly.
  8. BeBop138

    Father/Son project... Going to pick up the Coupe!

    Dad & Lad projects are fun............keep the pics coming and good luck on the build.......Lee
  9. BeBop138

    getting ready for Dynamat

    Finished up under the dash and did some on the rear window area---will go till I run out of time......Lee
  10. BeBop138

    440 swap!! Here I go!!!

    Ditto on the Ford---better brakes,parts avaliable,easier to service---go with the disc brakes----you won`t regret it.
  11. BeBop138

    getting ready for Dynamat

    Thanks Tim you made my day..........Lee
  12. BeBop138

    getting ready for Dynamat

    Got the rest of the floor covered today--really took all week (about 3-4 hours a day). Got to put some on the firewall under the dash and some on the doors---but I will put the rest on hold till I heal up from my surgery. Ya get it all done and it looks good---then ya cover it up with carpet.
  13. BeBop138

    My 1st Mopar OT

    My first MoPar was LuLu---1952 Windsor---the closest I got to buying a MoPar when I was a kid was in 69---I almost bought a new Roadrunner---but cash was a problem at 21. Been a GM guy up to getting LuLu. I have restored,hammered,patched at least 30+ cars since I was a kid and LuLu has been a good car---lotsa fun with the old flattie and a good learning experience on MoPars. My first car was a 56 Chevy----after driving and restoring LuLu I have had a new appreciation for the durabilty and engineering that went into these old cars of the day............see ya down the road...............Lee
  14. BeBop138

    getting ready for Dynamat

    hope this works on the pics.....
  15. They gave me an option to use the old format or new ----or until they give you no option.
  16. BeBop138

    getting ready for Dynamat

    Got the rest of the floor cleaned up and painted it with Bill Hirsch rust paint----got some of the Dynamat down. Slow going since my heart attack---plus on the 19th I go back in for bypass----then nothing gets done for up to 12 weeks---they tell me re-hab might take that long---PITA. I would show pics but the new format has me confused---how do we post pics now???? It took me quite awhile to figure it out the first time---computer skills are lacking.........Lee
  17. BeBop138

    I'm back

    Built for a better ride....the car that is...heh-heh
  18. BeBop138

    1956 Plymouth Suburban custom!! New toy

    We need pics.....good score.........Lee
  19. BeBop138

    Fantastically modified 'flathead 6'

    Didn`t you build one with motorcycle carbs---if ya did ---how about a pic of that too.....you did a great job on my intake also....Lee
  20. BeBop138

    questions for the modified crowd

    I just put a small access cover over it and it is mostly under the seat---sticks up about an inch.
  21. BeBop138

    questions for the modified crowd

    I did it this way.........Lee
  22. BeBop138

    New Garage

    So-so nice. Me want (pant-pant):D:D:D
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    51 Moredoor

    TTTHHHHHEEEEERRRRRREEEE BACK---those evil electrical gremlins:eek::eek:
  25. BeBop138

    OT the car we got from Calif

    The "Kid" has been busy with the fenders----opened up the radius a bit to handle the tires he wants to run--235-45 this way they are all the same size. You can see the cut was made at the front---I have seen it done on some other Novas---can`t even tell from factory unless you look close.