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  1. Hi Mopar Guys I am thinking now that probably the smartest thing to do is to pass on this project....if I could steal it I might consider it but he is asking $2000.00 for it...I just lost my mother last week so I have had time to really think about and I am still sitting on the fence...so to me if I am hemming and hawing still after all this time...maybe I should let someone else lose their shirt on it...I might be better off finding something that runs when I buy it...(still not sure how much I really want one)...I can see in my mind my dad and I bumping down the road back in the 1960s. in an old blue and black Pilothouse truck...great times those were... MikeC
  2. Wow...thank you thank you thank you for all the insight... I think I need to go look at the heap and see if I really want to take on such a project.....I have saved up some money from the sales of some of my old projects...but that could all go away in a hurry if I try to do this truck...On another thought tangent I was watching some videos on the Road Kill Customs folks and the Jeff Potter Your tube page and those guys are taking Dodge Dakotas and leaving all the running gear in them and mounting these old truck bodies on top of those newer chassis for a not so shabby price either...hmmm Makes me think for sure...love the looks of the old trucks but the one thing I remember from all of them is they are terrible to drive around in...one step above a hay wagon really...never drove a Pilothouse but the old Chevrolet's and Willy's Jeeps that I have driven were nothing to write home about... MikeC
  3. Hi Pilothouse fans... I got a PM from a local guy (on Facebook) who is trying to get rid of his 1951 Dodge 1/2 ton truck and he says the motor is stuck on it...I know the last one I had rebuilt was a 1947 Willys Jeep 4 cylinder and it was in 2013 and I think I spent like $3200.00 on it...it had a cracked block but he pinned that...bored I think .040 over...he did manage to save the crank, the head and the block...in 2019 costs are we looking at over $3500.00 to get one rebuilt?? thanks in advance Mike C
  4. My biggest deal with disc brakes is ease of getting parts...I had 1953 Chevy 1 ton...the drums were passed there ability to get turned and there were no new ones available...so I swapped out the 1-ton axle and put in a 1/2 ton front axle with brake kit from CPP With a truck this age... I won't use it much...where I live you need a hot rod to get around...(fuel injection...MacPherson struts....4 wheel drive and disc brakes all the way around)...I might possibly try to drive it to work...I work about 11-12 miles from my home...2 lanes and 4 lane high-speed commuter roads...I drove my 1 ton 1953 Chevy to work a couple of times...thought I was in horse and buggy compared to the other vehicles around me... This is probably going to be a toy that maybe I can take to the lumber yard to get some 2x4's in...my dad had one back in the 1960s and I have really fond memories of him and riding around in it... The book "Truck" by John Jerome is one of my favorite books MikeC
  5. I took an AMTRAK from Schenectady NY to Lawrence Kansas a couple of years ago to visit my son...it took 29 hours total...a 6 hour layover in Chicago...I would do it again...my biggest gripe was the first car was steaming hot most of the time and you could not open a window to get any air...flying is quicker by about 23 hours...riding in train seems a little less stressful tho. my 2 cents
  6. Hi Old Dodge folks: Has anyone on here taken a 1/2 ton truck front axle and mounted into a 1-ton truck chassis??? I was talking to the folks at ECI brakes and they told me that if I could swap out my 1-ton front axle for a 1/2 ton front axle they would be able to get a disc brake kit fixed up for me. I am thinking about buying a 1-ton truck and want to convert the front brakes to a disc brake set-up for it. Thanks for any insight... MikeC
  7. Hi Radarsonwheels I was thinking about the same thing too...the front wheels don't even look right either when you study those pictures...he did tell me that one of the rear tires rubs on the inside of the box.. MikeC
  8. Wow...you guys are awesome...I think I need to maybe just take my time and see what pops up this spring...this old truck may need a little TLC and that's it or it may end up being pull everything out and start over... With a set of Mopar eys on it to point things out...that would be definitely beneficial to my wallet for sure... Only time will tell... MikeC
  9. When I got married the wife came with a mismatched set of good ole cast iron...me being a bachelor forever...it was welcome addition to the kitchen...I am kinda fond of the old cook ware now... MikeC
  10. Hi Plymouthy Adams...I was thinking about that too and I guess if it happens that way then I guess it was not meant to be parked in my garage...I try not to get too attached to vehicles... Oh my gosh Bobacuda....I was looking at those pictures again and I did see the whole stance looks off for sure....the rear end is not mounted correctly and he did tell me the fenders were welded on before he got it...I did notice the crunched front grille and the one marker light is crushed on the passenger side...I might be really opening up a can of worms...only time will tell... thanks for all the extra eyes on this hot rod...I really really appreciate it... MikeC
  11. Hi Merle Yes I am on the Dodge Pilothouse Era Truck Club facebook page...I will reach out and see if any of them could break free and go take a look at it...I never thought about that end of things...thanks for the thought... MikeC
  12. Boy Hot Rod Tractor you caught all those wires coming off the main battery terminal....I did not see them...even after staring at these pictures for quiet a while too...I would need a wiring schematic for the original Jeep Cherokee to make things right... The truck is from the Ironwood Michigan area...he is asking $4500.00 for it....And we are over 1000 miles to the East of him... I am going to have to sleep on it for sure...yes if anybody is out in that would want to go look at it...I would gladly pay you for your time.... What caught my eye is the 5 speed and the disc brakes and modern Jeep motor in it...the wiring is not looking all that nice tho...the more I look at it... Thanks for all the insight... MikeC
  13. Hi Pilothouse Fans I have sold all my old trucks and cars and Willys Jeeps to this past year...I have been looking for another project to tinker with...I found this one on the HAMB sorta...the fellow had sold one and this one he was going to sell...so I am getting first dibs on it. He swapped out the flathead and the original transmission and put a drivetrain out of a 1990 2 wheel drive service Jeep. He says it starts hard (vacuum leak maybe??)...so it has a more modern running gear complete with a 5 speed and the Jeep rear end is also in it...he doesn't want a ton of dough for it but it isn't dirt cheap either...it is over a 1000 miles from my place so I would be buying it site unseen...other than pictures... So I humbly ask for any insight as to would this be a good deal or not?... MikeC
  14. Have not been for a while....I bought and rebuilt this 1953 Chevy 1 ton....I ditched the big wheels and put a Chevy Blazer rear end in it... With a SM420 4 speed in it it still would only go around 50 mph...that is with 4:11 gears in the rear end... this was it when I had it done... Good luck which ever way you end up going... MikeC
  15. Wash it and drive it...it is an old truck...it should look like an old truck... MikeC
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