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  1. 40plyguy

    Wedgewood blue

    Some autopaint supply stores can color match if you have a sample of the color you are trying to match. They may have generic color charts as well for you to look at to get a match. Some NAPA stores mix paint as well and may be able to help you. If you don't have a sample. I'd print out a picture of wedgewood blue off the internet to help you get near the color you want. On a repaint close counts and as a bonus you will have some leftover paint for touchup.
  2. 40plyguy

    Body Mounts on P15

    Just an idea. I would check a shop that does alignments on heavy and medium duty trucks. They use washer and u-shaped shims of varying thicknesses when setting drive axle alignment. Older car shops may have similar shims too that were used for front end alignments. Hope that helps.
  3. 40plyguy

    Pulling the engine

    I would rec. removing the front clip and the trans before removing the eng. I tried removing the eng from my '40 Plymouth with the trans pulled back but the front clip still on. As I was pulling the eng I ended up removing part of the front clip and radiator anyway. Would have been easier if it were removed first. If the front clip were off I would have removed the eng and trans as a unit. The little 3 speed on the '40 doesn't weigh that much. That's my opinion for what it's worth....................................
  4. 40plyguy

    Song and video about 6 inline.

    Hey! Pretty Cool!
  5. 40plyguy

    drain rear axle

    If you end up drilling a hole for a drain plug. I'd get a plug with a magnet on it. Or drop a magnet into the bottom of the dif to keep metal shavings away from the gears and brgs.
  6. 40plyguy

    Moore's Auto Salvage

    Keep us updated on that. I stopped there many years ago while going through Rapid City SD on the way to Seattle. They had a lot of 30's, 40's and 50's Mopars in addition to later ones. I've often wondered if they still are in business as well.
  7. 40plyguy

    1940 Dodge D14 Build Thread

    I've cleaned many brake shoes from leaky wheel seals by a hot tank bath or using a degreaser and then rinsing them off or you can use brake clean. I would think the same would go for a clutch disc.
  8. 40plyguy

    1947 Chrysler modern rim substitutions?

    God! That's a nice looking car and it sits just right. Did you lower the suspension at all or use stock rated springs?
  9. 40plyguy

    1940 Dodge instrument panel

    Is that the same as a 39 Dodge? I know I have an instrument panel for one of those laying around.
  10. 40plyguy

    Dual carb/split intake

    Wondering how thick of a carb "riser" would normally be used?
  11. 40plyguy

    Hershey swap meet this week 10/4 to 10/7

    I came from Wisconsin and paid tolls for the majority of the roads I traveled through Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Pa. Pa was more than 35 bucks one way. I anticipated this problem and purchased an IPass in Illinois the day b4 I left. I registered it and thought all was cool until I came to the 1st toll. It wouldn't accept the IPass. After calling the co that issues the transponders, I found out that because I was from out of state I had to wait 48 hrs before using it. Total nonsense! I thought 15 bucks to get in wasn't bad at all especially when there's no real admission fee...............To anyone fr Pa, does an IPass/EZ pass reduce the price of the tolls in your state like it does in others?
  12. 40plyguy

    Hershey swap meet this week 10/4 to 10/7

    Was there all day Friday. Amazing how much stuff is there and the quality of the cars. Last time I was there was 2001. I like how everything is on a paved surface now. Unfortunately I think it's my last visit to Hershey. Too long of a drive for me-12+ hrs and too many tolls to pay. I paid more in tolls than in gas! The other unfortunately is there's no local show or swap meet that can compare.................The weather was outstanding and my wife and I enjoyed Fri evening in downtown Carlisle. So it was a good time anyway.......................
  13. 40plyguy

    L-Head 6 valve removal

    Just removed the valves fr 2 of these engines and found that if you give the retainer a sharp rap with a brass punch and hammer before installing the compressor helps free the keepers. Then compress the spring. Remove the keepers-a magnet helps. Remove the compressor and gently pry the retainer and spring away fr the lifter. Remove the valve and move on.
  14. 40plyguy

    1940 Dodge D14 Build Thread

    Thanks a lot. It's easier to see the difference with the picture...............
  15. 40plyguy

    1940 Dodge D14 Build Thread

    Would anyone be able to post a picture of the 40 vs 41+up upper control arms for comparison purposes? Thanks much................

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