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  1. Trying to take out sending unit from my 53 pick-up. I have been spraying blaster around it. I am sure it should screw out! But so far it is not moving. Is there another way it comes, or am I on the right track? Thanks
  2. Returning sending unit

    Problem solved!
  3. Pilot house rear axle conversion

    did the spring mounts line up or did you have to weld in new ones?
  4. Wilson NC trip

    I live in Ellerbe N.C. 15 miles or so above Rockingham.
  5. Dave, If you hav'nt got it shipped yet. Give this fellow a call. 605-999.4842. He lives in South Dakota. He delivers all over the USA. Had my 9 cars bought from New Jersey to North Carolina for a reasonable sume. Hope this is some help for your shipping needs. mopar-sam