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  1. Oldguy48

    rear axle swap

    Is it possible that the problem could be caused by a worn out pilot bushing??
  2. Oldguy48

    It’s an addiction

    John, It's much easier to get forgiveness than it is to get permission!!
  3. Oldguy48

    38 Dodge shorty bus.

    I like it!!😁
  4. Oldguy48

    Hubcap lettering

  5. Oldguy48

    Hubcap lettering

    I tried the method posted by "WLDavis3". It looks good so far, but I'm letting the paint dry until tomorrow, and then I'll wash off the Elmer's glue. Today I came to the stark realization that I'm not an artist! Egads....My mother was a very talented, and accomplished artist, but I guess I didn't inherit any of her skills!! 😩
  6. Oldguy48

    Hubcap lettering

    I think I'm gonna try your method. I experimented a bit today, and it looks like it should work pretty well. We'll see!😃
  7. Oldguy48

    Hubcap lettering

    I recently purchased some better quality hubcaps for my P15. Naturally, the lettering needs to be repainted. And I'm OK with that, but I'm curious to know if anyone has any insight as to how this was originally accomplished at the factory. I can't imagine that they had individuals with artist's brushes painstakingly performimg this task. And even though the hubcaps I purchased needs the lettering repainted, the remaining lettering paint looks remarkedbly well done. As I'm not much of an artist, I'm curious to learn how this was done on such a large scale back in the day!!! And I have searched for an answer, but have not found one so far! Thank you for any input to my question.
  8. Oldguy48

    I have a space problem repairing my B Pillar

    I'd consider using a Dremel tool for that. And a bunch of cut-off wheels. The cut-off wheels are only about 2 inches in diameter, and you'd likely go thru quite a few to cut that off, but worth considering. Good luck!
  9. Oldguy48

    Help with wiring a electric fuel pump

    When I got mine from the "Pick & Pull", I clipped off the wires/connector attached to it, and used the Pink, and the Green/yellow tracer wires which maintains continuity unless the inertia switch trips. I'm not sure if all those inertia switches are identical, but you can check for continuity with an ohmmeter or a test light.
  10. Oldguy48

    Help with wiring a electric fuel pump

    You might want to consider installing a "Ford Inertia Switch" in your fuel pump circuit. The switch "opens" if a severe enough impact is encountered, and disables the fuel pump. I wired mine in the power feed to my fuel pump. My fuel pump only draws a couple of amps (12 volt), so I didn't incorporate a relay. You can find them at your local "Pick & Pull" in Ford Explorers, Rangers, etc. behind the passenger side kick panel. If the switch should ever "trip", there is a reset button to restore operation. I've never had a "nuisance trip" with mine, and it provides an extra safety factor in the event of a collision.
  11. Oldguy48

    Who Is Actually Driving Their Vintage Mopars?

    Woke my P15 out of her winter's sleep yesterday. Just a short trip to shake off the dust, but all seems good. Going to the shop Wednesday for an oil & filter change, and a good look-see while it's on the rack. These old bones don't like crawling on the garage floor anymore, so to the shop she goes!!
  12. Your local NAPA store should have them. That's where I got mine to install on a later year 8 3/4 Mopar rear.
  13. Oldguy48

    48 Dodge - What happened to my threads?

    If you replace it, remove the damaged one properly with a hydraulic press. Had a vehicle to the tire shop once, and found a snapped wheel stud on an OT vehicle The tire monkey working on the car started to beat on the brake drum with a BFH to remove the broken stud. I yelled at him to stop, and summoned the store manager, and insisted the repair be done properly with a hydraulic press. The manager apologized, and gave the repair to another "mechanic" to complete.
  14. Oldguy48

    P-15 Totaled

    Sorry to hear that. Hope nobody was hurt!
  15. Oldguy48

    How Many Drive Their Old Mopars In Rain

    Generally avoid getting the P15 out of the garage if rain is in the forecast, but a couple of years ago, we were heading back from Ocean City, Md. About a 260 mile jaunt, and it rained most of the way home. That poor Plymouth was a filthy mess by the time we arrived home. Took a lot of work and time to get her shiney again.

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