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  1. How Many Drive Their Old Mopars In Rain

    Generally avoid getting the P15 out of the garage if rain is in the forecast, but a couple of years ago, we were heading back from Ocean City, Md. About a 260 mile jaunt, and it rained most of the way home. That poor Plymouth was a filthy mess by the time we arrived home. Took a lot of work and time to get her shiney again.
  2. New member

    Welcome aboard! Pictures...we want to see pictures! Lotsa pictures!
  3. Congratulations to you. That's a gorgeous car. Can you provide a few more photos?
  4. Is the H.A.M.B. down?

    Yeah...I'm having the same problem. I visit the HAMB nearly every day. Anxious for their recovery.
  5. Ignition lock question 48 Dodge ?

    Looks like that replacement lock cylinder is less than $20 at NAPA.
  6. Ignition lock question 48 Dodge ?

    I purchased a replacement lock cylinder from NAPA for my 1948 Plymouth. It was an Echlin KS6482. I would guess that Dodge and Plymouth used the same lock cylinders.
  7. OPINIONS: Sound barriers (Dynamat)

    Another source of good products, and a LOT of information about sound deadening. It's worth browsing their website. www.sounddeadenershowdown.com
  8. Powell sighting today

    I became a Crosley fan many years ago. A neighbor, who was a wizard with a torch and a welder, built a miniature America LaFrance firetruck based on a Crosley chassis. And I rode along on its maiden voyage. I was probably about 12 years old at the time. Last I heard, the truck was purchased by an amusement park in California. He would take it to local carnivals and sell rides from the "Never Make It Fire Company". I have a photo of it that was published in Popular Mechanics magazine, but cannot figure out how to add it to this post. I attribute this neighbor for sparking my interest in metalworking/fabrication. I will forever be grateful to him! Wayne
  9. Powell sighting today

    Those trucks might be ugly, and far from stylish, but I'd welcome one in my garage. Unusual to say the least, but I kinda like the ugly ducklings. I also like Crosleys and early Studebaker trucks.!!!
  10. "Simple Green" cleanser seems to work well on my Diamondbacks whitewalls.
  11. I had a leaf added to the rear springs to get that stance, and the tires are 215/75R15 on stock rims. Tubeless tires/no tubes installed.
  12. Suggest you take a look at the Diamondback Tires website. I bought tires from them for my P15. You can specify the whitewall width you want, since they attach the whitewall to the tires. I don't recall what the price was, except that they were cheaper than Coker. I've been very happy with mine, and they've been on the car for about 6 years now. (Mine are 3" wide)
  13. Endless Summer Cruise, Ocean City, Md

    Well, if you're ever in the Bloomsburg, PA area, stop in and say Hi. I'll be glad to show you the old gal. Wayne
  14. Endless Summer Cruise, Ocean City, Md

    Yes....the panel on the driver's side has a Ford style solenoid that is activated when the starter button is pushed. And the solenoid that's mounted on the starter is wired to the main starter terminal. That way, the heavy gauge wire from the trunk to the starter is only live when starting the engine. Wayne
  15. Single Or Double Flare Brake Lines in My '53?

    Make certain you slip the fitting on the line BEFORE you make the flare !! And I mention that simply because I made a few flares before realizing I DIDN'T slip the fitting on, and had to start over!! I guess I needed the extra practice ! Wayne