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  1. Here's a pic of the latch from a P15
  2. Andy, It's been quite a while ago that I did this to my 48 Plymouth, but if I remember correctly (and I'll admit, sometimes I falter), I purchased bracketry from "RustyHope". Can't remember specifically what shock absorbers I used, but they were listed for a Chevy pick-up truck. I think RustyHope specified which shocks to get. At about the same time, I replaced the original sway bar with one from a Jeep Cherokee. These two modifications completely changed the handling and road manners of my Plymouth for the better. Much less sway and wallowing. A worthwhile modification, in my opinion.
  3. Just had to share a photo of my grandkids, This was a Christmas photo taken yesterday!with the P15!
  4. I like to watch a good car chase, but I agree with John Reddie about seeing a car like that get trashed. It's painful to watch!😢
  5. My suggestion is to get someone to help you. The transmission is hefty enough to be a challenge for just one person. Recruit a helper to slide it back and lower it to the ground. I've done it by myself in the past...but an extra pair of hands makes the job so much easier!
  6. Am I correct that the stainless body trim is inverted? The end of those "spears" looks wrong. Appears the right side molding and the left side moldings were swapped.
  7. Tragic new, to be sure. Hoping that Bob can endure these tough times, and somehow find the strength to fight back. Praying that God can help you thru this journey. 😢
  8. If there's one near you, try AutoZone. You may be able to rent/borrow one at no cost.
  9. Don's story reminded me of when my oldest daughter learned to drive a stick shift car at the age of sixteen. We bought her a Plymouth Turismo. (don't recall the year). Till she mastered her shifting, the clutch was waving the white flag. Oh, the car had previously been "rode hard, and put away wet", so the clutch issue was not a surprise, and certainly not her fault. She asked me what we were going to do? I informed her that WE were going to replace the clutch. My budget dictated that it wasn't going to a repair shop. So she donned a spare set of coveralls I had, and we proceeded to install a new clutch and pressure plate. The car was front wheel drive, so it wasn't a fun job, but we got it back together. The car was back on the road, and she gained some appreciation for car repair. We still get a chuckle about that, and she can drive a stick shift with the best of em" now.😄
  10. First of all, I'm not an expert on these engines, but considering the mileage, if the engine doesn't make any ominous noises when its running, and otherwise seems OK, I would stop watching the oil pressure gauge. Others may disagree!!😃
  11. Oops...I'm sorry. I thought you were referring to the windshield.😱
  12. The only advice I can offer is to be gentle when tightening the screws on the windshield trim. We replaced the windshield in my P15. Had new glass cut at a local glass shop, and got a new gasket from Steele.. We successfully installed both sides, and I re-installed the trim. It all looked great. I went back to the garage about an hour later, and the passenger side glass had a diagonal crack. Aaaarrgh! Back to the glass shop for another one. The second go-around turned out OK, but I was careful to just snug the trim screws. Have had no problem since. Good luck!
  13. I've done it by myself....but I was much younger then. Nowadays, I would recruit a helper for the task. No point in risking injury, if you can find a willing set of muscles to help out. And if you do pull the transmission, don't forget the gasket between the transmission and the bell housing when you re-install it, lest you will have a leak.
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