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  1. I've had Diamondback radials on my 1948 Plymouth with stock rims for a long time. No problem whatsoever, but the wheels were sandblasted and painted.
  2. I going to add that my P15 is not stock...it's got a 350 Chevy engine. Not that will make any difference regarding the A/C, but I don't want to mislead anyone.😄
  3. The Hurricane model is not specific to the P15. But the heater/AC unit is about the same size as the original heater that was in my P15.. The installation was fairly easy. Suggest you check out the "Old Air" website. If I recall, they showed dimensions of the units to help you plan your installation.and you can even call their tech support with any questions.
  4. I installed an "Old Air Hurricane" unit in my P15. Works well and I'm pleased with it. But it is a 12 volt unit....don't know if they offer a 6 volt version.
  5. Actually I have a spare speedometer. But with a bad back and cataracts, I'm hesitant to tackle removing/replacing the old one.😨
  6. Here’s my solution for the broken speedometer in my P15. It’s a piece of 1/8” Plexiglas that I can slip into place when I need it, and remove in a few seconds when I don’t, without damaging the dashboard. I’ll use my cell phone as my speedometer/GPS, attached with a bit of velcro. The “Throttle” knob is non-functional, and just a knob/short stem that serves as an anchor point for the Plexiglas.
  7. Here's a pic of the latch from a P15
  8. Andy, It's been quite a while ago that I did this to my 48 Plymouth, but if I remember correctly (and I'll admit, sometimes I falter), I purchased bracketry from "RustyHope". Can't remember specifically what shock absorbers I used, but they were listed for a Chevy pick-up truck. I think RustyHope specified which shocks to get. At about the same time, I replaced the original sway bar with one from a Jeep Cherokee. These two modifications completely changed the handling and road manners of my Plymouth for the better. Much less sway and wallowing. A worthwhile modification, in my opinion.
  9. Just had to share a photo of my grandkids, This was a Christmas photo taken yesterday!with the P15!
  10. I like to watch a good car chase, but I agree with John Reddie about seeing a car like that get trashed. It's painful to watch!😢
  11. My suggestion is to get someone to help you. The transmission is hefty enough to be a challenge for just one person. Recruit a helper to slide it back and lower it to the ground. I've done it by myself in the past...but an extra pair of hands makes the job so much easier!
  12. Am I correct that the stainless body trim is inverted? The end of those "spears" looks wrong. Appears the right side molding and the left side moldings were swapped.
  13. Tragic new, to be sure. Hoping that Bob can endure these tough times, and somehow find the strength to fight back. Praying that God can help you thru this journey. 😢
  14. If there's one near you, try AutoZone. You may be able to rent/borrow one at no cost.
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