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  1. Veemoney

    I have a problem with carburation and/or fuel delivery

    Glad you got it worked out and running great again.
  2. Veemoney

    I have a problem with carburation and/or fuel delivery

    Like others mentioned check your gas lines and also check your vacuum line to make sure it is tight and no leaks.
  3. Veemoney

    I have a problem with carburation and/or fuel delivery

    My first check would be the fuel filter/s. Fuel pumps are low pressure and it doesn't take much restriction in the filters to starve your carbs as you move up in the Rs. Sounds like once you get to cruz speed and back off things settle down. I had a similar issue and pulled one of the glass inline filters off mine, noticed right away when I blew through it ( you should have no restriction) and cleaned it out. That solved my issue.
  4. There is a dodge forum on yahoo for the 39-47 trucks that have some good technical info on this. The attached article is one I had pulled previously for myself _Converting Axels to High Speed.doc
  5. Veemoney

    Optima 6v battery

    Ed, I checked some of the online outfits where I purchase motorcycle batteries from but no luck. I got my last Optima on the bay for $114 about 18 months ago. I did see the same prices as you were finding but noticed advanced auto was offering 20% off which would get you down $37 bucks. Amazing how much they went up but they do pack the power. Good Luck
  6. Veemoney

    Who Is Actually Driving Their Vintage Mopars?

    Nice cars all of them. I am partial to the 33-34 Plymouths and drive an old coupe regularly. That 30 Desoto is special. Desoto had a way to make a car look like it was moving fast when it was just sitting still.
  7. Veemoney

    Edgy heads being poured now

    In 2015 Earl quoted me "Heads are $850 plus S&H. I require a $400 deposit to order a casting from the foundry. Delivery is 12-16 weeks after I receive your deposit" The head is some nice bling but I just did not see throwing $1250 at the time for a marginal improvement in performance over a shaved iron head. Also I am not driving any show cars
  8. Veemoney

    Engine Cutting Out At High Speed

    Fuel filter or pump. It doesn't take much restriction to cause a fuel starving problem like your describing. I run a 6v electric and had a similar issue. Replacing the filter fixed the problem.
  9. Veemoney

    Home Made Intake, Exhaust & Freshen-Up

    That turned out nice
  10. Veemoney

    1940 Dodge instrument panel

    Interesting concept. If you know someone with AutoCAD or another software you can draw up the circle required for the speed numbers and they have options for the type of text to use. Choose an old style for the numbers and then add some tic marks on a smaller concentric circle. Places that do silk screen and print shops like the tee shirt places may be able to draw it up and make you one using 3M one sided sticky material.
  11. Veemoney

    What is this growing on my engine?

    If you don't already have one you may want to consider an overflow tank for the radiator. I made one up out of black PVC. I have my original no pressure radiator cap but agree you should be good running low pressure cap at just the 1rst lock position. Likely the engine was flushed with some chemicals and those were not removed or not completedly removed and are reacting with the plug. Good Luck
  12. Veemoney

    Hesitation woes continue

    I had similar issue with my 47 running great all these years then one day it started to stutter in any gear when it was getting high in the RPM range. If you backed off it was good again. Went on for about a week I rebuilt the carburetor and still had the issue. Then decided to check the glass gas filter I had installed inline with the 6V pump.. It always showed gas but when I pulled it, it ended up It had restricted flow. I just blew threw it and could tell. I serviced it and put it back in and no more issues. Not sure where you are checking for pressure on your system but make sure you have no restrictions in the gas line. The pump will give you pressure but it doesn't take much to slow it down. Making sure the point spring or springs are installed correctly will lend the same result as mentioned by others. Good luck
  13. Veemoney

    Woodgrain Thoughts

    That is perfection.
  14. Veemoney

    Woodgrain Thoughts

    I used a paint brush to load the sponge so as not be gob it on to thick to start, then a flat piece of sheet metal to unload and test then just dob it on. You don't need much on the sponge. The flash of the camera on the close-up doesn't do the color justice.

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