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  1. Veemoney

    Identify this motor cycle

    Going with the original title here I will add a cool bike that is not mine but one I always considered one of the coolest. I removed the name from the tank in the picture but if you would like to read about it I will attached a link to provide the info.
  2. Veemoney

    Identify this motor cycle

    Not a drop of oil under any of them? 😀
  3. Attached a Word file with the info you need for your truck. I pulled this from another site for my truck and did not author the write-up but it seems to provide enough information to build the wood components for 39-47 Mopar trucks. Good Luck. _BedWoodDimensions (1).rtf
  4. Veemoney

    Steering Box for 46 Plymouth Special Deluxe

    Sorry all, I agree with rhelm 1953, Looks like straight shaft with no flexible coupler so it has to be a steering box issue if the pitman does not turn when the steering wheel does. The only exception would be at the steering wheel itself if it has a key or spline that is loose or worn.
  5. Veemoney

    Steering Box for 46 Plymouth Special Deluxe

    There should also be a knuckle or rubber coupler between the steering column and the steering box that could fail and create a problem as you described. It is worth a check
  6. Veemoney

    A108 van frame

    My experience with an old 67 charger with the A100 axle set-up was plenty of bump steer and no power steering so a bear to parallel park. Those front axles sure look cool though.
  7. Veemoney

    Engine problem

    I had issues in the past similar to yours (truck jerking and having to reduce speed to get it to stop jerking on my 47 WC. It was fine idling and taking off from the light but would start the jerking in 4th. I am thinking fuel starved after warmed up. I say this because you have not mentioned any backfiring at all. I would expect some misfire if the ignition was at fault while you were running. The fuel pumps pump at low pressure and it doesn't take much to restrict them. Below are my thoughts in the order I would check them for the fuel system If you have a fuel filter inline confirm you can easily blow through it manually. I could see gas in mine while running in the driveway but when I removed it and blew into it I could feel it was restricted and replacing it resolved my issues. I see you rebuilt your fuel pump but the issue could still be there. My truck is running a 6volt fuel pump now but 12v are also pretty inexpensive. you can bypass your pump and see if that resolves your issue. Did you check the float adjustment in either of the carbs or the needle valves. You did not mention if these were rebuilt or checked so if not confirm this. Good luck
  8. Veemoney

    Engine Valves

    The heat transfer benefits of sodium valves used on our flatheads is IMO the best way to go for our low rev motors used on the street if that is the way they are set-up. Just some FYI below. Some Chrysler hemi motors came with sodium exhaust valves. The sodium valves have a larger diameter stem and require a larger diameter valve guide and weigh more. For those power hungry builds on the hemi motors reducing the weight of the valve helps reduce valve float at high rpms. Reducing the diameters of the components projecting into the ports increases head flow.
  9. Veemoney


    Can't go wrong with the Optima. Now just enjoy that new ride.
  10. Those older models had trouble starting, would kick back too besides leaving a mark when parked. That said you have to run what you got till you can upgrade.
  11. Veemoney

    Wide-Whitewall Radial Tire Choices

    Just a note on alignment. Getting it back to factory specs may create more of a problem since those specs were made for Bias tires and were likely using settings with positive camber and negative castor in many cases. Radial tires are a different animal. I use the specs below for radials on my mopars. Castor makes a big difference in handling. If you have a good alignment guy he probably does this for you. Driving style Camber Caster Toe-in Sunday Cruising -0.25° +1.5° 1/16" to 1/8" Daily Driver / Street -0.5° +2.5° 1/16" to 1/8"
  12. Veemoney

    Exciting 1933 Dodge project!

    I am waiting to see the front suspension but everything so far looks fantastic. I found that the old jeeps used front leafs that were a pretty close match when I was looking for replacements to use on the front of my 34 PD. Found them new and they were very reasonable.
  13. Veemoney

    New member new project

    That straight 6 will run smooth like a sewing machine, suggest you give it a try before you make the leap. Just my thoughts if you haven't tried it yet. Welcome to the board and good luck.
  14. Veemoney

    I may have shot myself in the foot!!

    I agree with what has already been said. I will just add that you can measure the RJ18yc6 plugs as bent to give you the max depth of protrusion for plugs as you look for a new plug or shim combo. Just make sure to add some buffer margin.
  15. Veemoney

    I have a problem with carburation and/or fuel delivery

    Glad you got it worked out and running great again.

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