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  1. Two years ago my granddaughters 1924 Custer left a show with handprints on the hood, lights, fenders and steering wheel. It started when a mother and daughter stopped and the mother gave a questioning look. I just nodded. I felt good as she led her blind daughter away.
  2. If there are any rules, we break them. I'll be taking her now so she can take me later.
  3. An old goat looks good anywhere you put him.
  4. What will we do with PePe Le Pew !
  5. Grand daughters 1924 Custer at the Car Show. The Panel Truck has become a car hauler.
  6. It's a 1924 Custer Car Electric. Some were carnival rides and some were street legal. This one was street legal.
  7. It's not all about shiny paint !!! MERRY CHRISTMAS
  8. My 1948 panel truck, 250 miles, 1 blown fuse, HAPPY HAPPY.
  9. It's electric with no markings. Anybody have any idea what it is or from where it came ? Can I call it a Dodge when I'm finished??
  10. Do you need the outer fenders (flares) for a big truck?
  11. The pieces in picture #1 "ARE" interior floor trim for Pilothouse panel truck.
  12. Hump involves 2 Packard Rear Fenders, Hood Center, Farmall Gas Tank and a whole lot of time.
  13. A few things that worked for me. http://s535.photobucket.com/albums/ee359/akmagan54/
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