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  1. Phreakboy

    Input need for 47 d24

    I have a 47 D24 Deluxe and Im wondering about the mirrors, are they factory in this location? I have looked at a bunch of pics and haven't found any others with the mirrors in this location but i do not see another spot on the car where they would mount. https://www.dropbox.com/s/9hcguvo2dhk0z27/20170903_132956.jpg?dl=0
  2. Phreakboy

    rear castle nut Information needed

    Thank you all very much, this answers my question.
  3. Phreakboy

    rear castle nut Information needed

    Do you know the thread count?
  4. I am working on a 47 d24 and am trying to find out the size of the rear axle castle nut? Can anybody help me out? Also I am looking for a passenger wiper arm and am wondering if anybody has a source?
  5. Phreakboy

    desperately seeking advice , rear drum removal

    the snap on 3 jaw puller is one that I have already tried and snapped one of the arms right in half, Hoping to get that replaced this week, I have now tried to have a puller on there with tons of pressure, heated and used a large slide hammer to go around the outer edges of the flange and still have yet to move this drum, Im really running out of ideas quite quickly.
  6. Phreakboy

    desperately seeking advice , rear drum removal

    This is where I'm kinda confused, one person tells me I should have the lug bolts and another is saying that studs are normal
  7. Phreakboy

    desperately seeking advice , rear drum removal

    no cover, it has a removable center section.
  8. Phreakboy

    desperately seeking advice , rear drum removal

    yes center nut has been loosened. I didnt think so, now im wondering what it is off of.
  9. Phreakboy

    desperately seeking advice , rear drum removal

    Yes the brake drum can be turned very easily with only one hand. As for drilling the rivets, mine does not have any rivets. If you look at the picture below, mine looks quite different than any of the other pics I have seen. I assume that these must have come from something else, any insight?
  10. Phreakboy

    desperately seeking advice , rear drum removal

    ok yea mine has studs all the way around, I will try to post a picture tonight and maybe someone can identify what it came from.
  11. Phreakboy

    desperately seeking advice , rear drum removal

    I did back off the adjustors, Can someone tell me if a 47 is supposed to have studs or lug bolts? I have found mixed answers to this question.
  12. I am working on a 47 dodge four door and I am having a lot of problems with the rear drums, I am looking for any help to solve this. This project started because I had two stud stripped out so I was hoping to pull the drum and replace the studs. I attached my puller to the three remaining studs after soakin this hub for days and promptly pulled the threads off of a third stud basically making it so I had two good studs left and they were side by side. I then tried installing The puller and welding a lugnut back to the stud and ended up breaking the puller. So then I tried a fork puller grabbing the outer flange and heating with a torch. Also resulting in another broken puller I have hit on this thing while under pressure. And soaked it while under pressure and no matter what I do it just won't move. I'm really hoping that someone can give me some advice that I haven't already tried andully get this off as I'm starting to think I need to just find another differential.

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