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  1. jhm1mc13

    Wiper Help 46 special deluxe

    Sounds like your vacuum motor needs help. To rebuild or replace this under dash unit can be almost as expensive as a switch to electric.
  2. jhm1mc13

    Who Is Actually Driving Their Vintage Mopars?

    I built mine to drive and do at least once a week. I must say there are some fine looking MOPARS in this thread. Jim M Clover,SC
  3. jhm1mc13

    Song and video about 6 inline.

    Beautifully done.
  4. jhm1mc13

    Newbie Introduction

    The world needs more speedsters. I'll watch your progress. Jim M
  5. jhm1mc13

    any thing that can go wrong will

    Did you change the condenser? Try and find an American one as the Chinese replacements are poor.
  6. jhm1mc13

    What Kind Of Oil Filter Fitting?

    I think you are looking for a Andy part number L-226 $15.00 listed under engine. Jim M
  7. jhm1mc13

    P15 dash install / rattle prevention tips / help

    I chased a dash rattle that turned out to be the drivers side defroster vent. You will have good access to it while the dash is out. Be pro active. It's hard to tighten after the fact. Jim M
  8. jhm1mc13

    Experience using original MC w/front disc brakes

    PFLAMING, Can you get to the reservoir by taking the seat cushion out? Jim M
  9. jhm1mc13

    Carburator shaft air leakage

    Pronounced Ah - she.
  10. jhm1mc13

    If you could have one more........

    This will be my first purchase when I win the lottery. Jim M
  11. jhm1mc13

    Best engine

    What is that small filter on the firewall ? Jim M
  12. jhm1mc13

    New Member Introduction

    Blaine, Welcome aboard. The fact you are Navy caught my attention as I was in 1961 to 1964 and had a 1950 Plymouth, of course mine was only fourteen years old at the time. Jim M
  13. Mike, I used Bernbaum rubbers on some of my repairs. I think you are going to have to go frame off to get to all the hidden places. Here are some pictures that might help. Jim M
  14. jhm1mc13

    Long Time Lurker Official Car Introduction

    Hubler13f, Locust Gap caught my attention as I grew up in Mt. Carmel. I'll be traveling there next week and wondered who is in the Gap? Jim M
  15. jhm1mc13

    Three speed transmission with floor shifter

    I bought a floor shifter from J C Whitney for my '50 Plymouth in the early 60's that worked well but had a reverse pattern. In trying to figure yours out , do you push down to select reverse/first? Jim M

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