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  1. Thanks man. I'll check them out.
  2. Hi everyone. I'm wondering if anyone has used a different gas tank other than the stock tank. 1953 Dodge Coronet gas tanks are hard to find and can't spend 400 for a new one at the moment but was wondering if some of the 48-52 Dodge tanks or 55 and older would work.
  3. When I removed the drum I barely pushed the pedal just to make sure the cylinders would move. I made sure not to push the pedal to the floor. So how could I fix the brake cylinders from over extending.
  4. Thanks for the reply everyone. I used dot 4 fluid on the brakes. Last night I jacked up the car, pulled the hub off to see if the cylinders were stuck. I then pushed the pedal and the cylinders worked. I had to adjust the brake pad in order to put the hub back on. I'll check the passenger side later today.
  5. Not sure on what brake fluid I used I'll see if I still have the container in the trunk. As for the master cylinder it was also rebuilt and I checked it at lunchtime and I can push it may be a 1/4 of the way down but that's it. I bleed the drivers side top cylinder and the pedal went to the floor but once I tighten the bleeder it got stiff again. The bottom cylinder barely leaked fluid. Maybe a dirty line?. Thanks for the replys.
  6. Rebuilt my brake cylinders when I bought the car around 4-5 months ago. Installed a 318/904 drove it around fine with no problems. Took the family for a cruise Easter Sunday and the brakes were tight when we go home. Next day I go to drive it and the brake pedal is so stiff I can't push it down at all. The brake system is bone stock. Anyone got a idea of what it could be.
  7. I sent you a message about the rocker panels.
  8. Thanks I'll try to look for a stock bracket or Fab one up.
  9. The cables are still there and I have some of the hardware minus the factory bracket that was welded to the frame.
  10. Anyone have advise on how to hook up the old Coronet hand brake to the Ford explorer rearend e-brake.
  11. I'm running a 318/904. I was planning on using a ujoint driveshaft that came with the 904 on the Ford flange rearend. I found a site that has ujoints that have outside clips for the rearend flange and inner clips for the Mopar driveshaft. Has any ever used these. It would be alot easier and cheaper than getting a whole new driveshaft made.
  12. Found a 91 explorer rearend and installed it but what ujoints do I use to connect the a Dodge driveshaft to the explorer rearend flange.
  13. This is awesome. Where did you get the rack and pinion from. Nice work.
  14. Thanks. Mainly looking to install a duel master cylinder on the firewall just not sure which one to use.
  15. Finally found a rearend for my 53 Coronet. Just curious if any other members use a explorer rearend and if the leaf spring perches need to be move or what kind of Fab work needs to be done. Also looking to get a front disc brake kit. What master cylinder could I use would the explorer master cylinder work.
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