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  1. martin53

    What Disc brake conversion to use on a 53 coronet

    Ok while searching online for different options on rearends I came across a place that builds custom driveshafts and found one for a 64 Dodge that looks similar to the 53 drive shaft. Anyone ever use one of these. I'm wondering if I can just buy the flange with the u joints and use my own drive shaft.
  2. martin53

    What Disc brake conversion to use on a 53 coronet

    This Cherokee 2wd had a 4 cylinder with a 4 speed. Still trying to figure out the gear ratio it has.
  3. martin53

    What Disc brake conversion to use on a 53 coronet

    215 15s. Looking to drive around 75 on the highway
  4. martin53

    What Disc brake conversion to use on a 53 coronet

    Found a 93 Cherokee 8.25 rear end . What gear ratios should I be looking for. I'm looking to cruise highway speeds. Would this be a good fit.
  5. martin53

    What Disc brake conversion to use on a 53 coronet

    Cherokee rotors would fit on the front Dodge hubs brakes. Are there any links of this being done.
  6. martin53

    What Disc brake conversion to use on a 53 coronet

    I'll keep looking. I found a couple of links. I got lucky and found a 93 Jeep Cherokee rear end down the street while driving to work. I'll look up scarebird and rusty hope. Has anyone ever found a interchangeable spindle for 53 coronets. Thanks for the help.
  7. Couple of questions. Just dropped in a 318/904 in my 53 Coronet. What Disc brake conversion options are available. Also what master cylinder and rearend are best to use. Maybe Dakota or Ranger rear?
  8. martin53

    Converting 6v to 12v

    Ok I'm installing a 318/904 setup engine is in and got it running. Switched all light bulbs to 12v. Disconnected radio, heaters and horns untill I get reducers. What else an I missing. I know I need to swap the am gauge but does the panel lights get swapped over too. Main reason asking is my dome light and dash light stays on when all of the dash knobs are off. Not sure what it could be.
  9. martin53

    1953 Coronet windshield

    I got my Coronet up and cruising really good but still looking for a windshield. Anyone have any leads on how to get ahold of one. I'm in the eastern part of New Mexico. Also will a 53 Cranbrook windshield work. I found one in a local junk yard that's in pretty good shape but figured I'd ask before purchasing.
  10. martin53

    Car won't start with key.

    My 53 Coronet was starting up fine with the key. Out of nowhere it just stopped working. If I want to drive it I have to turn the key then use a screwdriver at the solenoid. Could it be a bad solenoid or the nuetral switch. I can't find a wiring diagram either. Anyone got any idea what it could be.
  11. martin53

    Thermostat housing

    Is there a thermostat housing that I can get over the counter. Mine is really rusted and started leaking. Finally got to cruise it now my 53 Coronet is leaking fluid
  12. martin53

    Adjusting brakes so hub fits

    I was putting brake cylinders in and can't get the hub back on. Is there a trick to doing this. There is arrows on the top and bottom bolts where are they supposed to point.
  13. martin53

    Master cylinder rebuild

    Any one have a diagram of how to install the rebuild kit on a 53 dodge Coronet master cylinder.
  14. martin53

    Help with wiring a electric fuel pump

    Well I got it running and sounded good then my car just died. Now the switch won't turn over the engine. I can get it running through the solenoid. Any suggestions. Anyone got a wiring diagram. Thanks for the help.
  15. martin53

    Help with wiring a electric fuel pump

    Just curious but will a 5-8 psi pump be to much for the 241 2 barrel carb. Also I was planning on bypassing the stock fuel pump and running just the electric pump. Thanks for the help everyone.

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