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  1. 40deluxe

    1940 Dodge D-14

    Throttle linkage pic
  2. 40deluxe

    alternator hell

    Photo #4: Terminal 1 & Terminal 2 wires should be reversed.
  3. From 1940 Canadian Parts Book: 853853 Transmission Case Assembly 853880 Transmission Extension Fits all Plymouth Dodge DeSoto and Chrysler Mark
  4. 40deluxe

    Two Tone or not in 1940?

    1940 Dodge magazine ad:
  5. 40deluxe

    Transmission works OT

    4th gear is straight through ,the countershaft is not needed Mark
  6. 40deluxe

    Axle brake hose.

    Napa 10304
  7. 40deluxe

    Engine Temp Seems Low?

    Anytime I drilled a hole inn a t/stat, no matter how small ,it always took a lot longer to warm up . I Wouldn't drill it unless i really had to. And i'm also running a 180 in mine. Mark
  8. 40deluxe


    Looks like a '37 Nash
  9. 40deluxe

    bearing clearance

    D-14 book says .001 to .002 I wouldn't worry about it
  10. 40deluxe

    Repro vin plates?

    I got mine from Will Knudsen, Wyandotte, MI. wknudsen402@aol.com. He also has the smaller body number tag and the serial number tags
  11. 40deluxe

    40 Dodge in Michigan

    I think the D-17 Special is the low line and the D-14 Deluxe is the hi line??????? Mark
  12. 40deluxe

    What did I do to my solenoid?

    the negative post on the battery got hot and started to hiss. Now it is back to giving a rapid series of clicks when I key the ignition and the starter doesn't turn Classic signs of dirty battery connections.
  13. 40deluxe

    Head gasket installation?

    The water soak is for cork gaskets that have dried out and shrunk. If the gasket is a bit too small, soak it until it swells to the proper size.
  14. 40deluxe

    1940 Dodge D-14

    There is a bar that goes from the lower edge of the instrument panel to the center of the firewall. The wiper motor is supported by a small bracket to this bar.
  15. 40deluxe

    1940 Dodge D-14

    Yes it does

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