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  1. Dual carb/ vacuum question

    Would the lack of air filters or mufflers cause this?
  2. Dual carb/ vacuum question

    55 fargo, mine is taken from the same location front carb below the throttle plate. I will double check everything today to see what is going on.
  3. Dual carb/ vacuum question

    Silly question... on a dual carb set up should i pull the same 15 -18 vaccum as a single set up? Or would it be less? Each carb is pulling a steady 8 with out a air filter or exahust. Before the single was pulling 16. Do I need to "t" both vacumms together to go to the distributor? I sprayed carb cleaner around the base of each and along the manifold and did not notice a idle increase so im not thinking its not a leak.
  4. air cleaner conversion

    This is what i started doing today with my dual setup. I hadnt seen anyone else do this. And here i thought i had an original idea ....
  5. 46 WC Disc brake conversion

    I have the scarebird on my 1940 truck and it was great. It installed in one afternoon and has caused no issues. Fantastic upgrade.
  6. When changing to headers the outer two studs backed out rather than the nuts removing. So of course sealant poured out, but at least nothing snapped or broke, so I will take it as a win. In the past I would place a little rtv or something on them but i was informed by a old timer this was a no no and would cause the bolts to seize over time. They said they would snug down fine and not leak. So sealant or not?
  7. When changing my hydrive out with the overdrive/hydrive i seem to recall the bolts on the flywheel had a odd shaped head (tapered) and I recall being instructed to mark and reinstall In The exact same configuration. But it has been 10 years and my memory might be off. I do have a hydrive service manual from plymouth if I need to look anything up. Maybe I could find the missing note #24
  8. Isn't the flywheel and bolts also different?
  9. Plymouthy Adams are you thinking of mine? Or have you heard of an another. The fast second with the overdrive split is great for traffic. I don't know how many george has made but best investment in my car.
  10. Early christmas goodies...

    If you pay 1500 you overpaid.. Got everything used for under 500
  11. Increasing generator output?

    I have a fresh rebuild on my generator but when in have lights , heater and defrost on it shows a negative draw while driving. Is there a way to increase the stock generators output?
  12. Early christmas goodies...

    I notice that the headers look to have a deep attachment point. Does anyone know if the stock studs will reach or do I have to replace them with longer ones. It also looks like on of the fins was damaged in shipping. This shouldn't be a issue should it?
  13. Early christmas goodies...

    Got the new (used )intake/exhaust and carb set up. I am intending to put on the 230 in the 40' but part of me think it would fit real nice on the 53' with overdrive...
  14. Dual exhaust set up/ route

    What is the best set up for a dual exhaust. 1.)True dual all the way back? 2.) 2 into the muffler? 3.) Duals with a crossover pipe?
  15. Tips on radio static

    I had the generator shop install the condensor, I can take a pic if anyone needs it... I'm thinking I need to change my spark plug wires. Any reccomendations?