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  1. Tips on radio static

    I had the generator shop install the condensor, I can take a pic if anyone needs it... I'm thinking I need to change my spark plug wires. Any reccomendations?
  2. Undersized carb?

    What are the consequences/ effects of using a carb. from a 201 on a 230? My current carb is taged d6a2 which is for a 39 plymouth 201, but the block is a 48 dodge 230. Will i see any change in drivabilty/ power if i switch to the proper carb?
  3. Dual carb/split intake

    Are dual carbs and a split exhaust worth the trouble? Is the dual setup hard to balance? Is the performance gains worth the hassle?
  4. Tips on radio static

    Both of the plymouths have a issue with radio static while the car is running, so much that the radio is useless. If the car is turned off the stations come In Loud and clear, both have been recapped and retrofitted with a mp3 inputs but even that had static when the ignition is on. What can I do to reduce interference?
  5. Hesitation woes continue

    Changed out the coil, condensor and points (all of which were less than 3 months old) and it works great. Was able to cruise at 55 and it still was pulling. Don't know which one of the 3 it was, but on don't care as long as it runs..
  6. Reccomended timing

    I have seen several different suggestions on what our base (non vacuum) timing should be. Researching today I have seen everything from 2 to 8. What is best/right?
  7. Reccomended timing

    I have seen several different suggestions on what our base (non vacuum) timing should be. Researching today I have seen everything from 2 to 8. What is best/right?
  8. Hesitation woes continue

    Brent mine isn't that rough. And it is not effected by the choke. It just runs out of steam. I changed points condensor and coil today. I also checked the compression and it was good. We will see tommorow how the changes help.
  9. Hesitation woes continue

    New cap, new 3/8 lines, new tank. The lack of fuel pressure drop makes me think it is not a fuel issue.
  10. Hesitation continues.. So I have been fighting the hesitation for a month now. In the last month i have rebuilt the carb, installed a vacuum guage( runs 18hg at idle), replaced the mech fuel pump and installed a pressure guage (hold steady at 4-5). Bumped the timing up to 10. Even after all of this the truck will start to surge when it gets above 45 in third or 25 in second. It will pull strong up to this point and then starts bucking. The vacuum will slowly drop from 18 to 5... When you let off the throttle the vacuum shoots back to 20+.. the fuel pressure never drops In neutral you can run the rpm high and it never stumbles and the vacuum idle hold mostly steady. I'm now wondering if the carb is at fault, it has a d6g1 carb and it is a 1948 dodge 230 engine. Is the carb wrong for the block? What else could it be? Weak springs would show up while racing in neutral, right? The needle may flutter 1/2 hg in each direction when it is racing but that is all. I'm at a loss? So are my local car guys.... any thoughts?
  11. Fuel pump flow

    Greg, what do you have ? My 53 manual says 15/6 but i don't know how that relates to gph.
  12. Fuel pump flow

    Does anyone know what the quarts/min or gph flow of our mechanical fuel pumps are? I am wanting to confirm my electric pump is sufficient and it hard to compare 15pumps with about 6 oz. To anything published.
  13. Air conditioning in a C1 B6?

    Check the car side I have it on my 53 plymouth w/ 6v. I used a hot rod air unit that is no longer made. .. hope nothing breaks...
  14. My son has started our Scarebird conversation

    No solution yet, but mine won't stay on. I am trying a new one and hope that it will fix the problem. I did bend out the lip a little in the last one but no luck holding. I may try the 60+ year old ones again.
  15. My son has started our Scarebird conversation

    Have you had a problem with keeping the dust caps on with the scare bird hubs?