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  1. dudford

    1930 Chrysler CJ build (UK)

    Great, I love a bit of history thanks B-Watson. So would it be safe to assume that the bodies built by Briggs in the 30's for all their manufacturing partners, Ford Chrysler etc, would have been very similar or would they have been completely different?I had another cursory look in the block this morning, I'm now certain that the line that appears to be a crack heading up to the water jacket and cylinders is a casting line as it's repeated twice in the block: I think that while the crack doesn't affect anything essential, I won't be taking it to the scrap metal merchants to be melted down just yet. However the mind now boggles over the collet situation. I have two differing sets of valves with two different types of collets! I'm just guessing that the chap who worked on the engine before me just couldn't source the correct parts. Anyway, Andy yes, still having fun!
  2. dudford

    1930 Chrysler CJ build (UK)

    Hmm... I assumed the vertical "line" was a seem from the original casting that just happened to intersect with the crack but, if like you say, it extends up to the jacket then I think it's coffee table material. The second thing that strikes me as strange on this teardown is the lack of collets holding the valves... They're all held in with what look like washers with a slot cut out to slip them on. I fear a "bodge it" job has transpired. Good to be back Joe
  3. dudford

    1930 Chrysler CJ build (UK)

    It's been a while... Finally, after a considerable sabbatical, getting the time back to work on the old flattie and coupe! Feels great to lock myself away in the shed and get back to it. Recently bumped into some chaps with a car club at the Edenbridge motor show and that reignited the need to get back to it. Not off to the greatest start, was tearing down another block and found a healthy crack down the bottom of the block. Looks like it's smacked the side once upon a time though, and I'm sure someone can confirm or nay say this but, I'm pretty sure that the crack is in an insignificant area? See pic: Hope everyone is well and look forward to catching up with everyone's projects!
  4. you'll be makin a big old metal drum though... just sayin'
  5. dudford

    Newly Registered

    Hi Mark, You've come to the right place, welcome!
  6. dudford

    218 To 230 Flathead How Much Real Difference?

    Tommy, I'm seriously still looking to make that jump to the 230 combined with a s10 t5. If you don't do it think of what will happen when you and I pull up to the lights somewhere near Chichester... tears my friend, tears. Listen to Kirk though, those facts speak for themselves! 39% increase in HP!
  7. dudford

    1930 Chrysler CJ build (UK)

    I knew I hadn't dreamt it!
  8. dudford

    1930 Chrysler CJ build (UK)

    Do people peek over yor fence and wonder why Mr Estes is cooking up a flywheel? Cheers, I've got a little book I write down all important info in, thats going in! The flywheel BBQ freezer pizza. AM i imagining it or do I recall Don machined out a bellhouse to get the starter bendix to meet the ring gear therefore negating the need to change for a 230 flywheel and 230 bendix?
  9. dudford

    Father/Son project... Going to pick up the Coupe!

    dunno?! sometimes if using photobucket it gives you the magic coding already wrapped around the link so pasting it in after clicking the "Image" icon might duff your efforts up? Still love the look of that ride! Rod or Resto or mixture?
  10. dudford

    T5 manual trans

    I felt it might be taking the mick a bit if I said, "no i wont be buying it but can i take some photos?"... its just not cricket really. Looznutz might be onto something with it being t56, either way I'll just shop around, wonder wether the military Blazers have the desired setup, i know of a few over here in the UK though I think alot were diesel.
  11. dudford

    1930 Chrysler CJ build (UK)

    Got back from a frustrating wasted road trip wherein I did not buy a T5 tranny today so I took my anger out on dropping the front end off my chassis... its like therapy but better! and breathe...
  12. dudford

    T5 manual trans

    What I saw was nothing like that, i umm'd and aah'd over it, looked for a tag that wasnt there. Shame, i did a search and found this, 1988 S-10 with a T-5, this would've been what I'm after: I've googled my evening away and I'm thinking that it was an nv3500 bellhouse and transmission with a S-10 tail shaft, looked alot like this: No good for me as I didnt want to re-engineer a pretty simple early S10 T5 swap... shame.
  13. dudford

    T5 manual trans

    Nah, it was recently shipped from the US. Anyway, I'll have to continue to scan through ebay and UK forums chasing the elusive T5!
  14. dudford

    T5 manual trans

    Word to the wise, 1989 S-10 T5... no fudging good... Went to pick up the t5, confirmed it was a mechanical speedo but should've asked if the bellhouse is cast to the gearbox or bolted. The 1989 S10 T5 that I went to pickup was a solid cast unit and only had tail shaft bolted on. Unless I'm woefully ignorant of what has transpired on the wealth of T5 threads that I've read I had to walk away without buying it. I considered whether it was worth taking the tail shaft but I think I'm going to seek out an earlier model more compatible version... or so i think... am i right to do so?
  15. dudford

    Ot-How smart are you?

    Yes I can read it... I think most can surely?!

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