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  1. without a pic, I'm gonna guess that gouge is the mark for facing front, #1 cylinder direction.
  2. Wish those .040OS were in the US, that's the bore size of my 230 that's 'in process', still.
  3. kencombs

    Split Ring Tire Question

    A couple of good closer pics of you wheels would help clear this up. I've had some experience with older 20" truck wheels. But, I've never seen a 20 that wasn't lock ring. All the drop center wheels I've encountered were tubeless, 1/2" sized. BTW, the lock ring type are not all that dangerous, IF all the components, ring wheel and outer rim are clean and rust-free. But, I'd still air them in a cage. The other locking type, two piece wheels on the other hand are killers.
  4. kencombs

    P2 steering wheel

    I have had, and do have some very nice ones, Blue Point and Snap On.. But only use them as a last resort.
  5. kencombs

    P2 steering wheel

    bearing splitter and standard , two bolt , puller works just as well, as stated in my post on GJ. And, they are available most anywhere, today. In a couple of days if you order to save money. I hate arm type pullers and avoid them every chance I get.
  6. kencombs

    P2 steering wheel

    If this is the same guy/gal, I answered this on the Garage Journal.
  7. kencombs

    Repairing pilothouse fenders

    Agree wholeheartedly. I use my O/A setup on most body work. But, I don't think the OP has that tool. It does take some (make that, a LOT) practice to control the warpage, but it does make a beautiful job when done. My local welding supply doesn't stock any small rods. I guess he thinks everyone welds 1/8" stock or thicker.
  8. kencombs

    Repairing pilothouse fenders

    Just my humble opinion: but at my level of welding skill ( not great!), there is no way I'd use fluxcore on a fender. Can your welder have a gas kit added? And never weld on dirty thin steel. little grinder with a flap wheel first. I even have difficulty with .023 and gas with thinner metals as my eyes age. !
  9. kencombs

    How Much Should I Pay For A Decent Torque Wrench

    Nobody has mentioned the bending beam type yet , but they are worth discussing. Very accurate, almost impossible to go out of tolerance, as long as the scale and pointer are at zero at rest. Cheaper than other types. But, are difficult to use in all positions. I use an old one to check my click types. Anchor it in the vise link it to the clicker using a square to square adapter I made and read the scale while waiting for the click. I used to work for a major airline and we had a huge certification lab that had to periodically verify all the measurement tools used by over 5000 mechanics. The techs that worked there told me they had never seen a bending beam wrench fail the accuracy test.
  10. kencombs

    a quick overdrive question

    I've never used the cable at all when the vehicle is in motion. The electric solenoid, governor and kickdown switch control in in motion shifts. Just put in overdrive when starting a drive and let the electric controls work. Taking it a step further, I'd recommend wiring in a toggle switch to control the shifting instead of relying on the kickdown function. Wired that way, they almost become a semi-auto five speed.
  11. kencombs

    Old transmission

    I'd pull the shift cover and look inside. Only if there is some 'junk' in the bottom would I flush or clean. If it needs it, put some diesel in it and let that set for at least 24 hours to loosen the stuff up. Run engine with trans in neutral for a few minutes to loosen it up. Drain, repeat. Fill with new oil. If it looks clean, just drain and refill.
  12. If you can't find a listing by model/year try taking the seal out and clean it well. It may have a number on the outside metal ring. If so, Google that. The flat gasket can be cut from stock.
  13. kencombs


    I don't know if it is possible on this model starter but: Some cases can be used for both 12 and 6 v field coils. Since yours seems to have been worked on a lot before you got it, is is possible that it has the wrong set of coils? Use an ohmmeter to measure the field resistance, and compare to the specs.
  14. kencombs

    Plumbing- Oil

    anyone remember the bypass filters in the 60s that used a toilet paper element? My father-in-law thought that seemed like a great idea. So he just put a roll in his standard Chevy 216. Really bad idea. Similar to that described above. Mains were toast. Rods weren't as bad, probably since the mains were pressure lubed and plugged, while the rods dippers still worked.
  15. kencombs

    front crankshaft bolt size

    YEP. lot's more leverage that way. an inch or so from the bolt to the flywheel then the total lever length. With my 24" pry bar that gets you at least 12 to one, and that's applied to the rim of the flywheel. So, if I can apply 100 lbs pressure, that's 1200 to the flywheel!
  16. kencombs


    don't have my book handy. but that sounds like about normal at 6v..
  17. kencombs

    Oil Pan Installation

    I interpreted his drawing to mean the pins are actually 'pins' and are inserted through the end and side gaskets to maintain alignment. Never heard of that before, but seems like a good idea. Especially if one were installing the pan on an engine in the car. I've had more than one end seal/gasket slip when lifting the pan over tie rods and other obstructions.
  18. kencombs

    oil Recommmendations

    I used to do a LOT of engine work back in the 60's early 70's. Our flaties were common in our shop then as well as Chev 6s and ford y-blocks. Based on what I observed inside those, sludge, rocker arms absolutely covered, pan only held 3 qts of oil due to the buildup, etc, it's my opinion you just can't go wrong. Any oil today is better than the best back when these engines were the normal transportation mode. But, I would recommend at least add a good PCV system and bypass oil filter. With those and today's oil, you'll be miles ahead of the best back then. Ideally, install a full flow system but that's another story.
  19. kencombs

    A Nice Dodge Taillight Solution

    Or, look in the Help parts section at your local parts store.
  20. The chrysler I mentioned earlier, hemi/PF, was a 3.55, I'd hazard a guess that the Desoto would be the same.
  21. Yep, there are a lot of possibilities when you swap side (axle) gears. I even put the carrier assy from a '55 chrysler in my '65 dart (that's the valiant sized dart, not big one) with a V8. Required an axle gear swap, but got me 3:55s! That also meant a swap from tapered axle to flanged axle rear end, so lots of interchangeability. That same Chrysler donated it's Hemi and PowerFlite to my brand F pickup!
  22. kencombs

    Oil Pans Types

    Well, FWIW, my guess is a baffle to keep the oil in the area of the pickup during hard braking or descending steep hills.
  23. kencombs

    What is this?

    You say it opens and closes, what exactly opens/closes? path between tubes or? Is there an electrical connection? If so, where to?
  24. kencombs

    valve guide sizing

    Shopping for 230 valve guides. I've always thought the intakes and exhaust are the same. But, now I find that Sealed Power has two part numbers: VG419 and VG420. One for intake, other for exhaust. Same length and OD but different IDs. And this is what's weird to me: The exhaust is .3445 ID, the intake is .3425. I would expect the exhaust to be larger??? I think, when trying to make sense of the two pn's that they may have decided to make them to 'finished' size and not require reaming. But, the smaller exh seems wrong to me. Any experience with this???
  25. kencombs

    valve guide sizing

    thanks for the info, just what I needed.

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