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  1. kencombs

    Water pump status

    I think the hole was intended to rectangular, but has some casting flash that makes it look different. I'll be the lower left part is paper thin covering the rest of the hole
  2. kencombs

    Rear ended not turning .

    I just noticed in the video that the one tire in view appears to be on the ground. What is the state of the other?
  3. kencombs

    14-14-4 spring purpose?

    I can't see the lever, bellcrank etc very well. Going from memory of a little 1t we had when was teenager, I think that spring and linkage allow you to set the throttle to a certain engine speed, but still have the ability to increase the speed with the accelerator pedal. Was useful when using stuff running from the PTO, winch, hydraulic pump etc.
  4. When trying to reply to the Craigs list posting, I get 'an error has occurred please try again later".. Just tried. If you still have it and will ship(at my expense of course), send me a pm.
  5. kencombs

    Rear ended not turning .

    can we see both tires at once? jerks, wiggles etc may provide a clue.
  6. kencombs

    Show your tools.

    Every name brand tape I've owned (and that's a lot over 60 working years) has had that mark.
  7. Guess it's either gone or a scam. I've tried the reply button ever few minutes since I saw this. always get an error message. I was hoping I could get him to ship.
  8. kencombs

    E-brake band relining

    An end mill of the correct diameter will cut the flat bottomed hole. Works best in a drill press, rather than hand held. Much easier to control the depth. like this one: https://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-1-4-diameter-CARBIDE-4-flute-End-mill-endmill-USA-120-4250/161963505298?epid=3019118838&hash=item25b5c6f692:g:svYAAOSwZ1lWgmjn:sc:USPSFirstClass!74017!US!-1:rk:2:pf:0 may need large diameter but they are available also.
  9. kencombs

    Engine builders

    The pump drives the distributor using a slot and tang arrangement. You can actually put it any way you want. Then you have to hunt for the rotor/plug relationship. Your spark plug wires will likely not be in the correct hole location . Also you may not able to easily rotate the distributor body to make final adjustments in timing without a hassle. When the pump slot in in the correct orientation, the distributor will drop in in the location pictured in the manual. Makes maintenance, assembly and life in general so much easier if one follows the book.
  10. kencombs

    Steering Box for 46 Plymouth Special Deluxe

    I think he meant the lash adjustment screw instead of preload. The preload is for the bearings and is normally on the end of the box. And, requires removing the linkage to accurately measure the bearing preload. Lash, or freeplay is the more common adjustment and just removes 'lost motion' between the gear and follower. Located on the top or side of the box, depending on model.
  11. kencombs

    Engine builders

    I've got a 'mini hot tank' for cleaning small difficult parts. A commercial grade two element countertop stove and a stainless buffet container. It's about 12 x 24 and 6 inches deep. Water and a lot of purple power or simple green and a long soak/simmer on the stove followed by a good good hot water rinse gets everything spotless. rods, bolts, oil pickup etc get dropped in that and makes quick work of prep. On really tough things, I add some lye. But, that's getting hard to find as all the stores have it under lock and key. Seems it's part of a meth recipe.
  12. kencombs

    1954 Dodge PU Engine Upgrade

    JMHO, if I were to go to the trouble of installing the longer engine, I'd hold out for a 265. Went through the same discussion with myself a few months ago when I found a 251 MF combine engine. I'm working on my 230 little by little. I'll use it until bigger and/or better appears. A baby hemi would be great! even an early 318.
  13. kencombs

    251 block 265 crank

    Pistons and block are the same. Rods are different, that's what keeps the pistons from going too far up. Just like the 218/230 swap so many do.
  14. kencombs

    Split header - dual exhaust - reduced torque?

    Phone?? Auto correct??
  15. kencombs


    The clutch is only necessary when changing gears. While you can accelerate from a stop in 3rd , I always thought that was way too slow. In slow traffic, second works well from a stop to 25-30 or so. Just put it in 2 and keep it there until traffic speeds up.
  16. kencombs

    Freeze plug troubles

    I know you're speaking of steel hammers, and you're correct. But, my favorite tools for this are a small ball peen held on the plug and struck with a 16oz brass flat face. Using a hammer keeps my fingers out of harms way, the brass won't damage the steel peen and there is no rebound like steel on steel. Only good on out of the chassis work for the most part though, most are unreachable when in the car except with a longer drift. For those I've got brass drifts and a steel hammer.
  17. kencombs

    Best rear gears for OD Trans

    If you're keeping the big wheels, IMO, keep the 4.78. Roughly the same RPM/MPH as the 4.1 and 6.70/15s.
  18. kencombs

    1951 B-3-C: How to prime the master cylinder...?

    A vacuum bleeder from each wheel bleed port works well. Mity Vac is one brand. Lots of cheaper versions.
  19. kencombs

    1954 Plymouth Suburban Project

    Looks good. Pic on the wall is epic!
  20. kencombs

    3/4 ton suspension upgrade

    IMO, your suspension, if in good condition, is more than adequate for a reasonable trailer weight. That is assuming you will be happy with the cruise speed afforded by the rear gears. The bigger issue will be power. It takes a fair amount of HP to drag a big box down the highway. If you want to lower the cruise RPM using a different differential gearset, the power issue becomes more difficult. Adding power by changing to a modern engine may be a requirment, if you need more speed, or are in mountainous areas.
  21. kencombs

    Engine dies

    No expert here, but really heavy oil could create enough drag when in gear and not moving to lug the engine down and cause a stall. That could be more likely with winter temperature and an improperly low idle speed. After all, the oil slippage is what allows it to idle in gear without the clutch being disengaged. To the OP, have you assured that your idle speed is correct? That would be my first thought
  22. kencombs

    Exciting 1933 Dodge project!

    What brand/type/size are the hoses, fittings used in the oil filter system? I'm considering a similar setup on my 230 refresh but was concerned about restricting flow to the bearing if the fittings were too small. Any info on locating and drilling the holes would be appreciated also.
  23. kencombs

    53 New Yorker brake booster problem

    most commonly, that is caused by lack of clearance at the pushrod from the pedal. The piston doesn't completely uncover the return port.
  24. kencombs

    230 crank won’t turn

    Double check to make sure the main caps are facing the right way.
  25. kencombs

    Different PCV valve location

    Yep, that one even has the military ignition and generator connectors. Water resistant if not water proof. Uncle Sam paid dearly for those.

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