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  1. kencombs

    53 Dodge station wagon transmission

    The 56 is probably a PowerFlite. The 270 and 241 have the same block bolt pattern. So, the torque converter housing will bolt to the engine. I'm not sure of the crankshaft bolt pattern. Maybe someone else can clarify that. If I recall correctly, the '56 would have push buttons for gear selection. You would have to be creative to find a gear selection mechanism that is compatible with the '53 column and/or dash. A 55 PF would have a lever rather than a cable. the driveshaft will need modification for length I think also. I have transplanted a pushbutton and cable mech into other bodies. but it isn't easy.
  2. kencombs

    Shocked by 40 yr old air shocks

    So true! Reminds me, back in the day they were really popular with tri-five Chevy guys, really jacked them up for that look.. Stock upper mount location was the trunk floor! I've seen more than one shock sticking up into the trunk when the weight and rough roads became too much.
  3. kencombs

    54 desoto

    Compression test is a good start. Followed by a leakdown test to determine the cause of poor readings.
  4. kencombs

    53 steering box issues.

    Knowing the source of the 904, the adapter used to attach it to the hemi, and a pic of the problem area may help someone help you. I just can't envision the problem from the description.
  5. kencombs

    52 cranbrook flathead 6

    Best place to look is the generator tag.
  6. kencombs

    Engine problem

    Good idea! especially close attention to the wire from the distributor's outside stud to the breaker plate.
  7. kencombs

    Fuel Line Replacement

    I agree with the cupronicle line suggested above Nice to bend and flare. Won't rust either. If it comes in a roll, carefully straighten for best appearance. Double flare will work of course, but there's no need for it in that application, only brakes. From the looks of that fitting, it may have had a short flex from the tank to frame-mounted steel. Tanks can move, just a little, relative to the frame on some installations.
  8. kencombs

    1953 Dodge - What have I got into

    Sounds like you've found a machine shop that has some experience on these. And, that's a good thing.
  9. kencombs

    1K or 2K Enamel Over Rustoleum Auto Primer

    I think I'd choose the red option above, if the bare spots are small. Mixing materials is iffy at best. The Rustoleum would maybe work, but if using that option, a longer cure time may limit the chances of lifting. I think the Rustoleum primer is the old tech lacquer based stuff and will sometimes swell from the top coat solvents. Then, when the solvents evaporate, it shrinks, showing the sanding scratches beneath.
  10. kencombs

    King Pin replacement issues

    4 1/2" I think. 4 1/4" was the 60s A body wheel pattern.
  11. kencombs

    Timing Chain

    IMO, it shouldn't matter who the maker is. I'll bet they all build to the factory specs, diameter, pitch, etc. I just can't see an after market maker engineering a special replacement for stock, unless it is a special improvement. And if it was, they'd surely be advertising it as such. I also suspect that there are very few makers of these parts and they sell them to several retailers. I used to do a lot of engine work and sourced a lot of my hard parts from a very large rebuilder. They never had boxed sets, just individual pieces and most bore no brand markings, just plain boxes.
  12. kencombs

    Can anyone identify this truck

    Hood looks too long for Chev, not a Dodge or Ford. IHC??
  13. kencombs

    Engine Valves

    k It looks like ethanol has been offered for a lot longer than I thought! At least judging from the cars, pumps and clothes! late 30's? Anyway, you're right about valves and seats. The sodium valves do transfer heat from the valve head to guide much better than a normal valve. And, our flatties have hardened seats from the factory, so we're good.
  14. kencombs

    1940 Radiator aftermarket adapted?

    The heater core would be the only likely source of damage from added pressure IMO. It may be worth swapping in a later core, new hoses etc and going to the higher pressure with a matching higher temp thermostat. Engines are much more efficient at higher temps, as long as the temp doesn't exceed the gasket, piston or ring capability. At least, that's my logic for my project truck.
  15. kencombs

    Correct oil

    I use 15w40 diesel rated oil in all older engines. Just a house brand from atwood’s, a local farm and ranch store. The weight range fits the engines needs , it has a fair amount of zinc and detergents. Makes me feel good, engines run fine and it’s reasonably priced.

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