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  1. kencombs

    Oil Pan Installation

    I interpreted his drawing to mean the pins are actually 'pins' and are inserted through the end and side gaskets to maintain alignment. Never heard of that before, but seems like a good idea. Especially if one were installing the pan on an engine in the car. I've had more than one end seal/gasket slip when lifting the pan over tie rods and other obstructions.
  2. kencombs

    oil Recommmendations

    I used to do a LOT of engine work back in the 60's early 70's. Our flaties were common in our shop then as well as Chev 6s and ford y-blocks. Based on what I observed inside those, sludge, rocker arms absolutely covered, pan only held 3 qts of oil due to the buildup, etc, it's my opinion you just can't go wrong. Any oil today is better than the best back when these engines were the normal transportation mode. But, I would recommend at least add a good PCV system and bypass oil filter. With those and today's oil, you'll be miles ahead of the best back then. Ideally, install a full flow system but that's another story.
  3. kencombs

    A Nice Dodge Taillight Solution

    Or, look in the Help parts section at your local parts store.
  4. The chrysler I mentioned earlier, hemi/PF, was a 3.55, I'd hazard a guess that the Desoto would be the same.
  5. Yep, there are a lot of possibilities when you swap side (axle) gears. I even put the carrier assy from a '55 chrysler in my '65 dart (that's the valiant sized dart, not big one) with a V8. Required an axle gear swap, but got me 3:55s! That also meant a swap from tapered axle to flanged axle rear end, so lots of interchangeability. That same Chrysler donated it's Hemi and PowerFlite to my brand F pickup!
  6. kencombs

    Oil Pans Types

    Well, FWIW, my guess is a baffle to keep the oil in the area of the pickup during hard braking or descending steep hills.
  7. kencombs

    What is this?

    You say it opens and closes, what exactly opens/closes? path between tubes or? Is there an electrical connection? If so, where to?
  8. kencombs

    valve guide sizing

    thanks for the info, just what I needed.
  9. kencombs

    valve guide sizing

    I'm hoping that by buying the guides I mentioned, reaming can be avoided. They are the right size, according to the catalog, so if they don't shrink when pressed in, I should be good to go. Otherwise, I'd need to use a ball gauge and reamer. Dial indicators don't work well since the place you have to measure is so far above the guide itself the clearance is magnified. But I can do that just to get a 'ballpark' figure. that should confirm the need/no need. On a side note, the stems in this old block show no wear at all. But, they seem to have been replaced at the last rebuild, as they are nice and thick. Block is .040 over and crank is a nice .010/.010. New exhaust valves, grind seats and valves, rings, and bearings should fix me up. Haven't used my seat grinder or valve grinder is years. Had to replace belts on the valve refacer due to age and or mouse damage. But, had 3 new seat stones of the right size and angle in the box. Cheap valve job! Just have to by guides.
  10. kencombs

    Interesting photos I have run across.

    No pic, but I got to tour the only one made, cargo version: XC99 when it was on display at Kelly in San Antonio. That was in the mid '6os. Those wings are so thick that there is a walkway in front of the engines. The engine accessories were accessible from there so the generators, hyd pumps etc could be serviced without engine removal or major surgery.
  11. kencombs

    valve guide sizing

    Yes, this isn't my first rodeo, that's why I was suprised to find this brand that had two different pn's. Size difference that is. Counterbore up/down is to trap oil on the exhaust to aid lube, not trap to prevent sucking into the combustion chamber on the intake. Another example of really good engineering mother Mopar, along with water distribution tube and hardened valve seats. I'm always amazed at the longevity of our flatties compared to brand F and C. I recall looking for a good F flathead to rebuild at my Dad's salvage back in the early/mid '50s. We had a big stack of them so I started pulling heads. 23 blocks later I found one that wasn't cracked!! And it had to be sleeved on one cylinder to correct a wrist pin score. I' m sure it has happened, but I've never encountered a heat cracked mopar flathead.
  12. kencombs

    valve guide sizing

    I'm aware of the single part number for factory guides, but the Sealed Power brand provides two. And Sealed Power is an excellent brand IME. The factory speced clearance for the exhaust is .002 greater than the intake, which is provided by the sizing of SP. Since the factory guides (and valve stems) are the same size, but speced for greater installed clearance reaming is recommended. But, I'd rather not buy another reamer! We've all seen recent posts here of people having sticky valves due to insufficient clearance, or at least suspected to be due to that. I haven't seen confirmation after a teardown..
  13. kencombs

    valve guide sizing

    Agree, that's why I expected the stem clearance to be higher cold, with the larger guide ID on the exhaust. But, these Sealed Power brand guides are the first I've seen that have different PN's for intake and exhaust. Presumably that negates the need for reaming after install. I'm looking for someone who may have used them and can confirm that.
  14. kencombs

    valve guide sizing

    Well, I answered part of my own question. I got the sizing info from a web site that sells these, Carter's. I went to the manufacturers catalog and confirmed that there are two valve guide part numbers. And they vary in ID, but the exhaust is .002 larger as I expected. So my remaining question is: has anyone use these sealed power parts and did they install OK without reaming?? I've found a vendor that has the six packs of guides MUCH cheaper than most.
  15. kencombs

    valve guide sizing

    Shopping for 230 valve guides. I've always thought the intakes and exhaust are the same. But, now I find that Sealed Power has two part numbers: VG419 and VG420. One for intake, other for exhaust. Same length and OD but different IDs. And this is what's weird to me: The exhaust is .3445 ID, the intake is .3425. I would expect the exhaust to be larger??? I think, when trying to make sense of the two pn's that they may have decided to make them to 'finished' size and not require reaming. But, the smaller exh seems wrong to me. Any experience with this???

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