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  1. When I commented the first time, I was focused on the detail shots, engine compartment and interior. Never noticed the obvious wheel to wheel well relationship. I would ask one question: is it on the original frame. If not, I'd pass. That's just me as frame swaps can be difficult to pull off well. As to purchasing projects. Depends on the definition of 'project' and percentage of completion. I'd shy away from anything with finished paint. Or even an all over prime job. The potential of hiding major issues is just too good. Now, someones 'pile of parts' that they never got around to assembling is something else.
  2. kencombs

    Ruined.........48 D-24

    I mentioned earlier that I liked both, for different reasons. You sort of touched on the big one. I also like the chrome. But, if it were mine and the chrome was in bad shape I'd opt for the monochromatic paint. I just think it looks better than bad chrome. And it's just too expensive to rechrome that many pieces at todays' prices. Good chrome? Shine it and show it!
  3. The shift lever is unique! That era Jeep engine is excellent IMO. Looks like he also converted to suspended pedals, late radiator etc. Depending on the quality of the work that may be a very reliable daily driver. the body does show some life experiences though. As Plymouthy says, price and the results of a close inspection determine the value.
  4. kencombs

    Sticking valve in a rebuilt motor

    With that background info, truck ran with those valves in those guides 'for a few years', I think it's safe to conclude that clearance is not the issue.
  5. kencombs

    questions about paint

    JMO, but IME I think you will find a urethane enamel to be the best choice for home use. It gets out of the tacky, anything will stick to it stage much faster. Much easier to repair runs or other damage. Sands and buffs really well . Old school enamels never get really hard enough to cut and buff. And have to age a lot longer to do any repair work. And they are not really that more difficult to spray. However, there is a price difference, especially in reds. One of the better lower priced brands, IMO is Kirker. their epoxy primer is very good, easy to mix as it 1:1 and sands fairly well after curing. Some epoxies gum the paper really badly. There are Kirker dealers on the net along with color charts. One of the big shortcomings of the 30 buck enamels is fade. I've seen some very nice red tractors last year, that are pink now!
  6. kencombs

    questions about paint

    Forgot to mention: The Dakota is much easier to paint than the older truck. It has mostly flat areas, bed sides, hood, fenders doors. The older, better lookin' truck has lots of curves (and we all know curves look better), where flat panels meet up with angles and curves. Much harder to maintain the smooth gun motion that helps with even paint distribution. That's why I prefer to paint fenders off the truck if using non-metallic paint. Metallics are hard to get right if not sprayed together.
  7. kencombs

    Slight Engine Modifications

    That is one odd exhaust routing design. Ports on the left of the engine, pipe wraps around the front. Apparently to provide heat to the intake and mate up with chassis design of the day. The clutch and brake design would have made a LH exh exit tough.
  8. kencombs

    Distributor Wiring

    Without seeing the points closely I can say this: with the 'normal' wiring only one wire is needed. The red one is wired c orrectly +from the battery, to switch, to resistor, and to coil +. the - side should be a ground to the engine through the points fixed side. There shoud be a path wired to provide 12v directly to the + side of the coil when the start is engaged. That connection is to improve starting by boosting the primary voltage, and thus the secondary. Perhaps the white wire was attempt by the amatuer sparky to do that. Again, without seeing exactly where the white is attached in the distributor I have no idea what its' actually function is , or isn't
  9. kencombs

    Ruined.........48 D-24

    I like both of them, for different reasons (except for the engine choice) but don't like either wheel choice. Not my money, not my work so I'll just admire what I like and ignore the rest.
  10. kencombs

    questions about paint

    Agree with all of that, except the red. It not only doesn't hide: It magnifies every flaw!
  11. kencombs

    questions about paint

    I think the paint failures where not really the primer. the top coat did not contain enough sunblocking ingredient, whatever they use for that. the sunlight penetrated the top coat and damaged the primer. Sort of like a skin of oxidation like you often see on paint, but under the clear and topcoat between the undamaged primer and the clear/top. The topcoat couldn't adhere to that oxidation so peeled off. At least that's what I've read in several normally good sources. As a matter of fact, I had a 87 1/2 Nissan PU with silver and blue paint. All the silver peeled off but the blue was still in great shape. Sort of supports the theory above. Silver allowed sun penetration, dark blue did not. I agree that good prep down to solid paint or primer should be fine. But, I would follow that prep with an epoxy primer mixed as a sealer before 2k primer and final paint.
  12. kencombs

    59 D100 Clutch Fork

    Need more info: Is the throwout bearing now on the front bearing retainer of the trans? Or just stuffed in there. I have a 58 clutch housing destined for my 56 rework and can take a look later at the design/install.
  13. kencombs

    Suspension components

    I don't think the 230 is near 700. I have one on the engine stand right now. Short block is only around 300/325. add head about 45. What drives the installed weight is the flywheel/clutch housing/manifolds and accessories. Mopar used a lot of cast iron in those. But the fully dressed engine without flywheel/trans/housing should be in the 500/550 range..
  14. kencombs

    Blizzard fun!!!!!

    No snow here, just rain and lots of wind. Nothing like your 97mph stuff though. I think we peaked a 50, sustained at 35. Bad enough that a limb fell from an oak tree and hit my daughters car, while I was driving it to road test a problem. Broken windshield, small roof dent. What are the odds of a 3" x 4 ft limb hitting a car going 35mph down a city street? worse than the lottery scratchers I'll bet, but I never win anything good!
  15. kencombs

    Internal vs External Coolant Bypass

    I understand what you are saying. It's just that the water flow will always take the path of least resistance. No resistance in the radiator path would result in all water going that route..

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