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  1. Great looking car. Usually don't care for sedans but this model has a stylish rear end. Owing a pre-war is cool, you never meet another at rallies and meets 😉 Glad you're planning to keep it original. 👍
  2. Very nice but is this a new nut? If so from where and size?
  3. Shaft is brass. Soldering brass to iron can be done with brass wire
  4. Close up photo of throttle shaft bracket for choker connector rod. Normally preened on shaft.
  5. Here are two PDF files, don't know if they will help. It seems roller bearings where used on the bigger models, 7 pass and Limo. Hilsen fra DK Pages_from_Chrysler_Shop_Manual_C28_C30_C33.pdf
  6. Ok back to carpeting. My original carpet is made of two pieces sewn together. Large part under seat extends to the side under sill and covering both floors but stops at both side of domed part where transmission lies. Center part over the dome sewn the carpet under seat (broader piece sewed on), overlapped by ca. 15 cm over the sides giving easier access to inspection lids. Sorry for this explanation, maybe someone with better English can put better words. I haven't found any companies selling or producing these.
  7. Mine has an optional back-up lamp and switched on from dash due older transmission without reverse switch hole. One day I ran across this 1948 with M5. It's simplicity was a surprise. Too my luck I found one on eBay. Switch was not working properly. Found NOS switch on eBay. 1300644 There are 4 switches for sale on ebay now. Bracket can be made. https://www.ebay.com/itm/NOS-1946-49-CHRYSLER-DESOTO-49-50-DODGE-BACK-UP-LIGHT-SWITCH-W-AUTOMATIC-TRANS/142954221331?epid=1723736426&hash=item2148bc4f13:g:CfQAAOSwwE5Wa1fK&frcectupt=true Now reverse lamp turns on when in reverse or manually. 😀
  8. I got hold on one of these some time ago. Works perfectly .
  9. Not only speedometer but my radio left "tune" knob also has color change
  10. Please don't destroy it with 12v, disc brakes, radials etc.
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