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  1. chrysler1941

    Proper torque

  2. chrysler1941

    Grounding and painted parts

    Agree with DJ194950, you never have enough grounding straps. braided straps are ugly. All mine are hidden under engine/transmission. Generator bracket stud has battery cable and a braided strap to frame hidden under generator.
  3. chrysler1941

    Notice anything different?

    White tail lamp jewels ?
  4. chrysler1941

    Notice anything different?

  5. chrysler1941

    Notice anything different?

  6. chrysler1941

    Notice anything different?

    😀 There is a French company who makes them for European car models. I wrote to them with dimensions several times. They only replied with a form to fill in French. After returning the form, no answer. I gave up. Maybe if one contacted them in French. If somebody succeeds, please let us know. https://www.gradulux.org/anglais/accueil/index.php
  7. chrysler1941

    Notice anything different?

    Don't want to steal the threads, but where can one find Venetian blinds like these?
  8. chrysler1941

    Heater Control Valve

    A bit pricey but here you go. https://www.ebay.com/itm/nos-1940-1941-1942-1946-1952-chrysler-desoto-dodge-dual-heater-valve-/323522757041
  9. chrysler1941

    6vdc fan motor to 12vdc

    ptworthree is 100% correct. You need a DC/DC converter with correct amp rating. Voltage drop using resistor is a crude way. A resistor can only provided a fixed voltage drop if you send exactly the same current through it at all times. That means your heater motor must only run at one set speed. Adding more load will change the voltage. Even a voltage divider using to resistors is a better choice although same rules apply. Here is a eBay link. but only 3 Amps. Look around, you'll find more with higher current ratings. https://www.ebay.com/itm/12V-to-6V-DC-DC-Buck-Converter-Step-Down-Module-Power-Supply-Volt-Regulator-T1/252482388190?epid=1253103178&hash=item3ac91f80de:g:ffcAAOSwnQhXnS-q:rk:10:pf:0
  10. chrysler1941

    1935 plym busness coupe pj light switchs

    According to parts book, the should come off. If me, I would try warming them with a heat gun without melting them. Good luck.
  11. chrysler1941

    1941 Plymouth coupe

    Pre-war Chrysler use another # but here's a picture of it. Andydodge's suggestion is great.
  12. chrysler1941

    Electronic ignition again

    Thanks. I'll save the site.
  13. chrysler1941

    Electronic ignition again

    Perfectly clear. So are you using a 7 Ohm resistor in series with success?
  14. chrysler1941

    Electronic ignition again

    Interesting. I can see what you mean from this image. So it's precise same problem. I have no experience with OD as unfortunately my hasn't got one.
  15. chrysler1941

    Electronic ignition again

    Sorry but OD, do you mean Over Drive unit? Aren't they grounded through a regular switch? Never heard about a rev limiter grounding. Usually they just disconnect coil when the limit is reached and on again when RPM drops.

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