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  1. I think I'm getting old. When I was "younger" people wanted to lower their cars. Now it's reversed like every thing else in this world. I don't understand anything anymore. πŸ‘΄ Yes I must be old.
  2. Is probably reason for well maintained interior ☺️
  3. Yes naturally, didn't mean touching it πŸ˜‰
  4. Does it matter with these low ratios? Lowering compression don't do much with stock engine. Theoretically you can plane it down just until it touches open valve.
  5. If it was in this country, I'll buy it immediately for $3950, with or without brakes
  6. Have you checked the clutch not slipping?
  7. Interesting question. I never knew they where to norms for octane so I had to look it up. Here and most Europe use Research Octane Number (RON). They are even planning to drop 92 and offer 95 as lowest so next is 98 and 100 for modern injected cars. Lower octane is better for stock flat heads due filling out burning in deform combustion chamber. (I'm sure this is not correct English )πŸ˜‚ No difference on highways, but driving around town with lowered octane, there' is more torque and engine sounds more relaxed. Difficult to explain. And yes timing is important. Especially in my Cadillac V8 flathead, there is a significant difference. With a compression of 4.5-7:1, who needs lead ?
  8. Exactly. Same goes for 12 volt, radial tires, etc
  9. I wish we had 87 available in this country. 92 is lowest. Occasionally I add 20% Kerosene to fuel to lower the octane. Lowering octane gives a fuller combustion flame burn for side valve engines, more torque and minimizes vapor lock. Only minus, exhaust odor πŸ˜‚ Diesel can also be used.
  10. Could be. Or some kind of oil that expands ?
  11. Field and Armature of generator can burn if subjected to opposite voltage. Generator and battery from donor but what about VR? You need to individually diagnose these 3 parts separately.
  12. Follow the factory recommendation and compare.
  13. yes and polarize the generator on regulator when switching to positive ground before start.
  14. Yes finding uncracked is even harder. I have contacted him several years ago. he only does for 4 doors (shorter plastic parts) and in normal tan. It just amazes me no one in this modern plastic age can produce these. I mean you don't see it any where even outside auto industry.
  15. Thanks but was thinking of rest of dash. 41 and 42 dash are similar. Mine is plain tan plastics, the cheapest version. Would love the marbleized dash πŸ™‚
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