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  1. 1949 Dodge Dually Dump Truck

    good point. overall diameter should run from 35 to 38" max, ie, 8.25x20 is a 36.5" diameter.
  2. 1949 Dodge Dually Dump Truck

    they weren't widowmakers; they used a lock ring, which is different. ford used the split rims (widowmakers). clearly, your wheels are swapped in, which is fine.
  3. Beer and Dodge Trucks

    not beer, but wine...
  4. 1949 Dodge Dually Dump Truck

    are they 22.5"? they should be 20". what do the tires list? the originals had a lock ring; they were not the problematic split rims like ford used. if the truck has 22.5" wheels, you'd have to determine whether they use a locking ring or are in fact split rims.
  5. a new noise

    rod bearing noise most certainly does go away. not audible at idle, increasingly audible with higher revs under light acceleration or cruising, almost disappears under heavy throttle application.
  6. a new noise

    i infer from the OP's post that he's fairly certain it isn't driveline noise. r-i-f. to the OP, the #1 rod bearing isn't the most common failure; seems to be the #2 that more commonly fails. but your symptoms do at least hint at rod bearing noise.
  7. i don't know much about its prior history. i purchased it from a roofing contractor in MI, and it was being used to haul roofing debris and materials. i suspect it was a farm somewhere in the midwest.truck
  8. Welcome!

    gotta get bob here, too. he's a terrific source of information, experience, and history on medium and big trucks. btw, i hate the auto-underline feature in this site. i cannot stand it. real PITA when using a tablet.
  9. Traction on ice and snow

    are you running true snow tires? if so, and you are still slipping, then do as paul suggests and add weight over the rear axle. if not (running snow tires), buy some and get them installed on all four wheels.
  10. how do i get this off

    surprised the rears are six-lug. mine are five-lug. also, should match your fronts, which are five.
  11. B3B suspension frightful experience

    not "callahan, first name harry"? goes by dirty?
  12. Whose Truck Got A Workout?

    ok, today i actually gave the truck a workout. moved 1.5 cords of wood from my house 10 miles to the sap house. rained a bit, so the wipers got a workout. after dumping the wood, i needed to fuel up, so put in 14 gallons when i got to the station. this worked out to 8.8 mpg (125 miles), so my mileage has been improving, even with a heavy load. stopped to meet with a client on the way home, took the pics with the stonewall & fields there. all told, put 46 miles on today.
  13. things i find in the woods....

    the pink is much more common in northern new england, but i do run into yellow once in a while.
  14. Pilot-House Friends

    nice truck, and nice to know quite a bit of its history. my dad has a '52 b-3-c that has been resting in his garage since 1987. i'd like to get it back on the road to go with my '48 b-fa-152. but first, i need to get my cj back together.