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  1. B3B suspension frightful experience

    not "callahan, first name harry"? goes by dirty?
  2. Whose Truck Got A Workout?

    ok, today i actually gave the truck a workout. moved 1.5 cords of wood from my house 10 miles to the sap house. rained a bit, so the wipers got a workout. after dumping the wood, i needed to fuel up, so put in 14 gallons when i got to the station. this worked out to 8.8 mpg (125 miles), so my mileage has been improving, even with a heavy load. stopped to meet with a client on the way home, took the pics with the stonewall & fields there. all told, put 46 miles on today.
  3. things i find in the woods....

    the pink is much more common in northern new england, but i do run into yellow once in a while.
  4. Pilot-House Friends

    nice truck, and nice to know quite a bit of its history. my dad has a '52 b-3-c that has been resting in his garage since 1987. i'd like to get it back on the road to go with my '48 b-fa-152. but first, i need to get my cj back together.
  5. things i find in the woods....

    a little foliage/etc.
  6. Whose Truck Got A Workout?

    97-mile round trip today to pick up the rebuilt front axle for my jeep. drove nice the whole way, and only used just over half a tank of gas, and less than one quart of oil leaked out. my gas mileage has been better recently, i must be doing enough longer trips at the right speed. last tank was 8.5 mpg. clearly, the truck was nearly overloaded. really taxed those helper springs!!
  7. starter

    do you have the push pedal? that has a spring that runs from the toeboard to the bottom of the pad. the pedal should be linked to the arm on the starter. the spring prevents the arm from moving.
  8. 2 Speed rear axle question

    you could try soapy water. spray the vacuum lines and see where it bubbles. don't have to be moving, just engine on and shift the ranges.
  9. Build Thread for our 47 Dodge Truck

    bob (dodgeb4ya) is correct, you need at a minimum 3/4" drive tools for the big trucks. i bought a six point impact socket for the lugnuts and a budd socket for the inner rear wheel. both in 3/4" drive. also bought a 3/4" impact wrench. still, for initial removal of the lugs, you might find that a big 3/4" bar, with cheater pipe added for more leverage, works. i also have an extension for these, which works because of the depth of the wheel mounting surface. you will continue to break any 1/2" or 1/4" stuff, don't bother.
  10. Tell me about this Dodge Truck

    the willock swivel-frame is unique, but that's about all it offers.
  11. 2 Speed rear axle question

    you probably have a leak in the system, which is why it is "shifting on its own" while driving. i had a hairline crack in the vacuum tubing, in a place where it touched the frame. the symptoms were as you are experiencing.
  12. if it makes you feel any better, my 237 has had a rod bearing knock for several years. it is the number 2 rod bearing, and i replaced it twice. the first time with the same size insert as on the other 5, the second time with a slightly oversize insert. in both cases, the knock went away for about 250 miles, but has returned. either i'll pull the engine and take the crank to a machine shop to regrind the rod journals, or i'll wait for the engine to put a rod through the side of the block and pull the engine and replace it with the 251 spare i have sitting on a crate in the garage. in all, i've put nearly 1,200 miles on it with the knock.
  13. if the only help i can offer is to ridicule a non expert in automotive technical terms, i'd prefer to remain silent.
  14. So this is what being fired feels like

    keep your chin up, mark. and don't spend much time paying attention to your former employer; it's a waste of time and provides nothing useful to you. move on to something better.