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  1. wallytoo

    Tappet Adjustment Cold

    that ^^ probably works well to set them initially. the "hot" adjustment is much easier than it appears; i'd never done it before, but i was able to adjust all on the running engine. tappet wrenches make the job even easier, but it can be done with a normal combi-wrench.
  2. ?? the 6v horn will work fine on 12v. my truck was converted to 12v, and has the original horn, which works great, and has since i bought the truck in 2007.
  3. wallytoo


    there is no "cherokee wrangler". two different platforms.
  4. wallytoo

    1949 - My First (vintage) Dodge Truck

    the front fenders and extensions on your truck are in excellent condition.
  5. wallytoo

    1949 - My First (vintage) Dodge Truck

    the brake cylinder & diaphragm behind the gas tank is a midland booster. it was not for trailer applications, it is part of the original braking system. with the booster, the brakes on your truck will work VERY well; no need for disc brakes up front. the original axle was an eaton 1350 2-speed, vacuum operated. if you look closely, you can see the vacuum shift diaphragm on the rear differential. closeup of the numbers on the case of my 1350.
  6. wallytoo

    1949 Dodge Dually Dump Truck

    good point. overall diameter should run from 35 to 38" max, ie, 8.25x20 is a 36.5" diameter.
  7. wallytoo

    1949 Dodge Dually Dump Truck

    they weren't widowmakers; they used a lock ring, which is different. ford used the split rims (widowmakers). clearly, your wheels are swapped in, which is fine.
  8. wallytoo

    Beer and Dodge Trucks

    not beer, but wine...
  9. wallytoo

    1949 Dodge Dually Dump Truck

    are they 22.5"? they should be 20". what do the tires list? the originals had a lock ring; they were not the problematic split rims like ford used. if the truck has 22.5" wheels, you'd have to determine whether they use a locking ring or are in fact split rims.
  10. wallytoo

    a new noise

    rod bearing noise most certainly does go away. not audible at idle, increasingly audible with higher revs under light acceleration or cruising, almost disappears under heavy throttle application.
  11. wallytoo

    a new noise

    i infer from the OP's post that he's fairly certain it isn't driveline noise. r-i-f. to the OP, the #1 rod bearing isn't the most common failure; seems to be the #2 that more commonly fails. but your symptoms do at least hint at rod bearing noise.
  12. i don't know much about its prior history. i purchased it from a roofing contractor in MI, and it was being used to haul roofing debris and materials. i suspect it was a farm somewhere in the midwest.truck
  13. wallytoo


    gotta get bob here, too. he's a terrific source of information, experience, and history on medium and big trucks. btw, i hate the auto-underline feature in this site. i cannot stand it. real PITA when using a tablet.
  14. wallytoo

    Traction on ice and snow

    are you running true snow tires? if so, and you are still slipping, then do as paul suggests and add weight over the rear axle. if not (running snow tires), buy some and get them installed on all four wheels.

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