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  1. *SIR_ELY*

    How Is This Snow Storm Hitting You?

    Don, the information was listed in my profile, oddly not displaying in the thread view. I think I have sorted that out now. Wish you all well with the upcoming storm.
  2. *SIR_ELY*

    Restorating a P-15 business coupe.

    As stated time and time again, thank you for sharing. A craftsman you are indeed.
  3. *SIR_ELY*

    How Is This Snow Storm Hitting You?

    Nothing accumulated here as of yet. I did see what appeared to be flakes coming down a little while ago, but they were miniscule. We are experiencing some pretty good gusts of wind though, so I am hoping for the best here.
  4. *SIR_ELY*

    The Story Of A Car Part, 1 of 2

    Great story, thanks for sharing.
  5. *SIR_ELY*

    Great Anniversary

  6. *SIR_ELY*

    Where are you???? We have 35 pages of members

    Long Island, NY....would love to meet some more Mopar hobbyists......
  7. *SIR_ELY*

    OT Old Videos of Driving 1940s-1970s

    Awesome videos, thanks for sharing...they really do capture such a great time period..
  8. *SIR_ELY*

    moving along....slowely but surely!

    Looking really nice, great work.
  9. *SIR_ELY*

    What are you having trouble with

    Experiencing permission errors when accessing attached pictures on the for sale subset. I believe its already reported, but wanted to also share it here. Thank you for the great forum.
  10. *SIR_ELY*

    Everybody in DFW area OK??

    Very frightening sight.....hope everyone is okay.
  11. *SIR_ELY*

    Downtown Cleveland How many MoParS?

    Maybe a pic of NYC street, almost seems like this intersection... http://www.bing.com/maps/?FORM=Z9LH4#JnE9LlclMmIxNCUyYnN0cmVldCUyYmFuZCUyYmh1ZHNvbiUyYnN0cmVldCUyYm55JTdlc3N0LjAlN2VwZy4xJmJiPTQwLjc0MzEwMTk3NDI1ODUlN2UtNzMuOTk4Njk3MTUyNTIxNCU3ZTQwLjczNjM3MTEyNTA4MzQlN2UtNzQuMDA5Mjg2NTEzNzEyMg== Considered the meatpacking district in downtown manhattan, new yorkdurst finitely a lot of movement during that time period and that picture would be very fitting to the area.....

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