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    Dodge 25 Club Coupe RHD!


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  1. AndreasD25

    Dodge D 25

    1946 D 25 Dodge built in Michigan for Export...
  2. AndreasD25

    Dodge D 25 Coupe

    Export Model RHD for South Africa built 1946
  3. AndreasD25

    Dodeg D 25 Coupe RHD

    ready to go! after 10 yaers of reconstruction!
  4. D 25 ready and on the road after 10 years ....




    1. greg g

      greg g

      Very nice where in Pa.are you located?  As it was for export does it have the 25 inch engine


    2. greg g

      greg g

      Just noticed its a P 15 body and rear lamps.  Can't be many of tuoser left around.

    3. AndreasD25


      I am in Germany. The PA Plates are bought on ebay as teh yre correct in time (1947) and look much nicer than the official german license plate... The car has the longer US built engine. Most of the D 25 were built in Canada with the shorter engine. Mine was built in Detroit ( Body from Briggs Mfg.Co Detroit ). The Dodge D 25 is principally a P 15 Body but with Dodge trims ... As my car came from South Africa  it is right hand driven. As I had to replace the worn out steering worm it was very dificult to find somebody who was able to built a new one....

  5. AndreasD25


    sorry cant delete completely! my fault!
  6. AndreasD25


    Gravel Guards
  7. AndreasD25

    If you want to join the forum...

    Hi all, I own a 1948 Dodge D25 Club Coupe ( RHD ! ) from 1948. Right now I am restoring the car ( complete frame off ). I am looking for the Hood Nose Trim ( can be without crest ) for the D25. Its different ( much smaller ) from the D24 piece. In case somebody has one for sale, I would really like to buy it. Thanks a lot, kindest tregards from Germany, Andreas
  8. AndreasD25


    My Dodge D25 Club Coupe, special deluxe 1948, right hand driven from South Africa. Before Reconstruction..
  9. AndreasD25



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