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  1. Airbags anyone????

    I'm planning on installing airbags on my car and don't see why you couldn't use them on the existing spring pocket on the front suspension. I'm also looking to see a picture of one with airbags
  2. The Lowered Stance Picture and Build Thread

    Thats nice. What size rim and tires are you running? Does the front tires clear the fenders when turning?
  3. The Lowered Stance Picture and Build Thread

    Love the car custom culture that I'm sure it's been around since the 40's. To some extend you got to respect those that dare take these risks and making It an art that's inspiring to many. I understand that customizing a car takes away from many conveniences but at times it's gives it a kool factor that in opinion it's well worth it. Here's one of my favorite.
  4. 265 Engine Color opinions

    Decision made. Going the satin gold route. Note: that air breather is not going on the car
  5. 265 Engine Color opinions

    Was thinking this. Is more of an Oldsmobile color
  6. California & The Internal Combustion Engine

    If they enforce anything it would be considered discriminatory.
  7. California & The Internal Combustion Engine

    It can happen, but if it does there will be exemptions for specially registered classic cars. Then whos to say whether you are driving it to a parade or work. When I was younger I had a provisional license (reason not disclosed) that allowed me to only drive to work and back. I had a full time job and my other job was drumming in various local rock bands. I kept my drums in my daily driver (64 Nova) therefore I was always heading to and from work.
  8. California & The Internal Combustion Engine

    I usually coat my cars with 3-4 coats of high solid Epoxy primer so when California slides into the Pacific my cars will be protected from the moisture
  9. 265 Engine Color opinions

    I guess not many are big fans of this color. I dont know but it kinda makes me like it more. LOL I just wanted something different and wondering if anyone has these this color done on a flathead before and would be willing to share some samples. Silver is just not doing it for me, I see too many like that. Another option I was thinking was a Champaign Gold metallic. Ive always like that beige tone color with black or silver contrast.
  10. 12 volt battery to start

    Yes, it spins. I will take it into the shop. Thank you
  11. 12 volt battery to start

    Does anyone know if a 1954 Windsor came stock as 12v? I purchased a 265 engine out of a 54 Winsor and I was assuming it was still 6 volt. The started has a 12v small stamp on the side. Heres whats interesting; When I put a 12v battery to a 6v starter (another engine) It spins fast and engages effectively. When I used a 12v battery on the 264 starter tagged with 12v, it smokes when I engage it. What can cause a starter to smoke
  12. 265 Engine Color opinions

    The color I'm shooting for
  13. 265 Engine Color opinions

    Didn't know what an LST ship was until I looked it up just now.That is exactly what it was. I was in the Army and I volunteered to ride back in it from Thailand to Hawaii.
  14. 265 Engine Color opinions

    Testing colors. Satin Cummins beige
  15. 265 Engine Color opinions

    OK thank you all for sharing. On a more serious technical note - will painting over sealing/mounting surfaces such as exhaust, intake, water pump, etc cause sealing problems? I copies some pictires from an old thread over a THE HAMB site and was wondering. Hope its ok with the OP that I borrowed these pictures. He might be on this site as well.