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  1. 40desoto

    scarebird brake conversion

    What master cylinder did you use? Do you have drums in the back or discs all the way around?
  2. 40desoto

    Using Engine ID Number to Title Car

    I purchased a car about 5 years ago in California where the only place the VIN on the title existed was on the motor. I was able to register the car with the bill of sale and no inspection needed. I have since swapped the motor and not sure what to do? Should I throw the old block in the trunk and drive to the DMV to get the title adjusted to a different VIN? I was thinking of restamping the frame and making a new door tag to match the VIN on the title and call it a day.
  3. 40desoto

    California Assembly Plants: Where, What & When?

    I think it was actually in the city of commerce close to Los Angeles https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Los_Angeles_(Maywood)_Assembly
  4. 40desoto

    California Assembly Plants: Where, What & When?

    Does anyone know exactly where the Los Angeles plant was?
  5. 40desoto


    Ill need to do more research and spend a bit more time reading this thread and reading all the resouces provided here. Heres my situation; Im running a 265 engine with a T5 5 speed transmission. Ive read that if I use the 2.73 gearded rear end that I will rending first gear useless. Im trying to determine if a 3.55 or 3.73 gear will work best with my setup
  6. 40desoto

    Rear end swap

    I’m a bit confused as I️ thought that a higher gear ratio (ie; 3.73) would work best with my T5 5 speed. Di you think a 2.76 will work ok using a 5 speed?
  7. 40desoto

    Rear end swap

    I installed a 1972 Satellite (Bbody) rear end into my 1940 Desoto coupe and the perches alligned perfectly, its about 2 inches wider that the original therefore the tire come close to rubbing the inner fenders but clear fine. The only problem was that it has 2.73 gears.. I need 3.73 or higher with the same dimensions as the 1972 Satellite
  8. 40desoto

    Rear end swap

    I believe the Ranger rear end might be too narrow, measuring between wheel mounting surfaces
  9. 40desoto

    Rear end swap

    I swapped this same rear end on my 40 Desoto as well. It’s about 1.5 inches wider than the original but wheels clear the inner fenders well. I haven’t ran it but I think I’m going to go with a higher gear ratio like 3.73. What transmission are you running with yours?
  10. 40desoto

    Rear valance/stone deflector

    Thank you all for your input. A few years ago I did buy a 1941 Desoto sedan rear valance and it was too wide for my 40 Desoto coupe. im keeping an eye on a 1940 Plymouth rear balance but it doesn’t have the grooves in the middle. All smooth
  11. 40desoto

    Rear valance/stone deflector

    Does anyone know if a 1940 plymouth coupe stone deflector fits a 1940 desoto coupe stone deflector? Many items on these two cars have the same dimensions and Im assuming the stone deflector might be the same dimensions between both cars.
  12. 40desoto

    Airbags anyone????

    I'm planning on installing airbags on my car and don't see why you couldn't use them on the existing spring pocket on the front suspension. I'm also looking to see a picture of one with airbags
  13. 40desoto

    The Lowered Stance Picture and Build Thread

    Thats nice. What size rim and tires are you running? Does the front tires clear the fenders when turning?

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