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  1. Mine is a triple and Im tinkering with this using copper nickel 3/8 tubing.
  2. Thank you Adam. The reason I, straying away from this option is because I do not have the cabling/hardware nor a diagram as to how to do it. If I had all the cabling and hardware figured out, I would simply go my a less expensive manual mechanical lever to apply the e brake. Is the electric emergency brake system you referenced used a parking brake or an emergency secondary brake system.
  3. Hello was wondering if anyone has installed a hydraulic parking brake, also referred to as line lock.. Im installing a 1972 Satellite differential that originally came with the mechanical parking brake cables. After much research, its seemed easier and more convenient to simply install a line lock or a hydraulic parking brake mechanism instead of attempting to install a mechanical cable parking brake system. I did some research and liked the idea of pressing the brake down and "locking" the hydraulic pressure to engage the brakes. I dont plan on using this system for long term sittings but just for parking no more that 1 day at a time. If anyone has some insight on this and wouldn't mind sharing I would greatly appreciate it.
  4. Rich, I just realized that I circled around you question as to why the airbags. I decided to go with airbags so I can lay the car as low as possible when parked and raise the car to the desired height when driving. Ive had a 64 cadillac with airbags for the last 15 years and Im very happy with it. I love the fact that I can raise a bit higher to get over driveway ramps, etc. this is the look Im going for.
  5. Hey Rich, I completely see, understand , and respect your point of view. This car is now completely a full custom car. Years ago I debated with myself what route I would take and made the decision to make it a custom car to my flavor that I will be proud of. Im not in the hobby for the resale value but more to turn some heads and have some fun with interesting conversations with some kustom car enthusiasts and builders here in So. California. Ive only seen one other 40 desoto coupe in the area and it was fully custom with a 40 lincoln Zepher rear deck and tail. Real head turned and has won awards at Grant Nationals roadster show here in Pomona, CA. I love the custom car culture here in Southern california and cant wait to get my 40 desoto coupe with the 265 flathead . Thanks for your input Rich. Ive always received great input from many knowledgable folks on this site.
  6. Thank You Andy. I have researched the HAMB and other sites. Theres plenty information but have not ran across any that have done a 40’s Mopar. I have a general idea and most have cut the side of the frame to make room for the bag. My frame appears to have a large pocket for spring so I was hoping someone had done a 40’s Mopar and can share their experience.
  7. Has anyone replaced their front springs with airbags? In particular Im wondering; What size cups where used if any and how the cups or bags where attached to the lower control arm,? Where the top of the airbag was mounted to the top of the frame where the original spring was mounted? and whether the spring pocket on the frame had to me cut to make more room in order for the airbag not to rub on the frame? Any help is greatly appreciated
  8. Thank you! Cant see the spring pocket but I can see your modified sway bar. Im gonna post a thread regarding my fatman dropped uprights and the location of my front shocks.
  9. Do you have any pictures of the relocated spring pocket?
  10. Hello Don, did you receive any guidance from FatMan? Did you have to add a power steering pump to it?
  11. I like lake pipes but for some reasonI dont see them too attractive on a 40’s or early 50’s mopar . just my honest opinion.... but... I wouldnt mind looking to see how they might look on my 40 coupe now that I think about it. 😂
  12. Wanted to see if there was any update on this... I am interested in seeing the airbag setup on the front end. Was it done on a stock front end? after many years of deliberation, I ended up notching my frame. I cringed at the idea of cutting out a piece off of the 79 year old frame. .... I swore I would never post this on this forum, but then i found this thread. 😂
  13. Great info Tim. A couple years ago I called you and you helped me determine the details of my 1954 265 engine. Thank you! Great wealth of detailed knowledge. It has since then been rebuilt, have a AOK triple with split exhaust. I havent started the motor but will soon. I purchased the engine and transmission with a rebuilt carter carb and rebuilt distributor for $100 about 2 years ago. I saw a local add for two complete 1954 Windsors with 265’s for $500 for both. If I had the room I would have 2 265 engines sitting around. havent found many since and when i do, they want up to $3-4k for them about 1.5 years ago
  14. Thanks to everyone that provided input and suggestions. So I decided to go through Champion (Ledfoot racing) to get an aluminum radiator custom made. The total was about $420 with all the mods. Im Posting the model number and all the mods if anyone can use as a reference in the future.
  15. Got my rebuilt motor back from the shop in December and looking into getting it started on an engine stand in the next month or so. When I got it from the shop, they simply recommended a break in oil and to change it after the break in period. Any other recommendations? ie: priming oil pump, what type of oil for break in? I would like to run it a bit on the engine start to eliminate any small issues and adjust the valves before dropping into the car. Its a 1954 265 Chrysler Any other advise is appreciated.
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