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  1. 40desoto

    Clutch Pedal and related components

    Just wanted to share my update and maybe it will be a reference to someone in the future. I came to the conclusion with what parts i had remaining that this is the proper assembly of the clutch fork return spring and bracket. kinda neat that the spring bracket also holds the speedometer cable in places
  2. 40desoto

    1947 Vin Number location.

    Thank You DJ. I will definitely consider your recommended route. the car is not driveable yet and have been inquiring so I can be ready when the car is ready to drive. keep in mind the car is already registered under my name but I’d rather have the VIN number on the car in the case that I even need to sell it.
  3. 40desoto

    Clutch Pedal and related components

    Beautiful! your setup moves your shifter one inch forward compared to the rest that used the adapter.... and saved you about $400. I'll save my T5 questions for another forum topic. By the way, everytime I google to do research that damn baby blue motor keeps coming up... 😀
  4. 40desoto

    Clutch Pedal and related components

    Thanks Don. I think mine is different because my bellhousing has a bottom cover that bolts where the bracket on your picture is located. Im guessing that the large bracket in the picture I posted mounts on that same hole but under the bellhousing cover. Thanks for sharing your pictures over time. Ive used them for my project, especially my T5 conversion.
  5. 40desoto

    Clutch Pedal and related components

    Im assuming that I have all the parts when I removed them all years ago and I never noticed a clutch spring return bracket. I did have this large bracket that appears to mount around the area of the spring return bracket. If I recall correctly, this bracket also help the transmission OD cable as it ran from the dash to the transmission. does anyone have a similar bracket that can assist me in confirming the mounting location?
  6. 40desoto

    1947 Vin Number location.

    Im in California, my VIN on the title was the engine number.i successfully transfered the title over to me and registered the car with the engine number. I have since swapped the engine and no other numbers on the car match. I looked at the frame and a completely different number is stamped. what should I do? Should I just restamp the frame to match the VIN number on the title? Or should I throw the old block in the trunk and drive over to the DMV to request a new VIN number?
  7. 40desoto

    Clutch Pedal and related components

    So my spring plate is not rectangular like the ones on all the diagrams I reviewed. I was lucky to see markings and slight paint lines to detemine where they have been mounted before. It also has a spacer plate that was on between the spring plate and the recessed area of the bell housing. Looks like the spacer was not factory and was used as a shim to allign?
  8. I had the same question on a later post and luckily I found this older post. Does the rectangular (spring) plate mount on top of this Cluthc Linkage mounting plate?
  9. 40desoto

    Clutch Pedal and related components

    Just found the answers to my questions on the following post!
  10. 40desoto

    Clutch Pedal and related components

    Thank you Don! This is very, very helpful. I knew that the silver plate bolted on the side of the bellhousing but I noticed on mine, and on your as well, the matting area is not flush. How did you get that silver plate to mount flushed?
  11. 40desoto

    Clutch Pedal and related components

    Thank you Don. After posting my inquiry I didnt find thing diagram through one of your many posts of it. Thank you it has been very helpful. Where Im stumped is where this plate (spring 6-52-5) goes mounted on the bellhousing. Im assuming the bracket 6-53-5 goes attached to it?
  12. I took apart my clutch pedal assembly from my 1940 Desoto about 5 years ago and lost track of where everything goes. I was assuming I would easily refer to the shop manual or any other diagram available online, but I havent been able to find one. More specifically Im looking for a diagram that shows the plate that I believe mounts on the bellhousing and acts as a two bolt mount for the clutch torque shaft pivot bracket. I vagely remember that plate was thin and caught my attention that a mounting plate would be so thin. Does anyone know what manual would provide an exploded view or is willing to share an diagram?
  13. 40desoto

    Langdon HEI timing & vacuum

    Thank you Don.
  14. 40desoto

    Langdon HEI timing & vacuum

    When using a triple carter ball n ball setup. Is it beneficial to run the vaccum advace from all three carbs?
  15. 40desoto

    Rebuilding engine

    Not sure if your question regarding how much off the head was directed at me, but I did notice that they didnt specify on the paperwork. I will ask the shop. I dont know how much had been removed before so i'll most likely never know how much has been taken off from the original head.

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