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  1. http://s1080.photobucket.com/user/mcerda972/media/1940 Desoto Coupe/FCFF1BBB-DC17-4D17-AD0B-F15F190D16F2_zpsfx9ksdka.jpg.html
  2. Wayfarer my 871357 does have rear mounts. I don't know what application mine came from
  3. Cast number 8544414-5 4 1/10" bore, 7 3/4" depth Cast number 871357-6 4 1/10" bore, 7 3/4" depth
  4. Ok so here I am 5 years later, 4 engines after, and a bit more knowledge about the car. I have a question regarding the engine in question on the original post; i have the engine completely disassembled and didn't measure the stroke before taking apart. Can you tell the size of the engine by looking at pistons, piston rods or anything else? I hope this is not a no-brainer question.
  5. I'll be picking up the engine from the shop. I never heard back from the machine shop until I called them. I just don't have the time and patience and have a bad gutt feeling. The engine is completely disassembled and noticed was kept in any order according to the owner. Other than the valves does anything else matter if it's kept in order? I was planning on the very least new valve guides, fixed exhaust valve seat, new valves, springs and getting the deck shaved to straighten. Found a different machine shop that specializes in race engines that just did a Chrysler 25" block and was excited to hear what I had planned to do with mine. Gave me a verbal estimate over the phone that sounds reasonable. I just feel comfortable when chatting with him over the phone. We'll see.
  6. I think patience is the key. The 236 in my 1940 desoto was in bad condition and would need the cylinders sleeved to be able to rebuild. I got anxious and purchased a nice rebuilt 23" 218 with a 230 rotary assembly from a member on this site. He gave me a great deal in order for me to afford shipping halfway across the country. After doing further research And better understanding of the benefits of a 25" block, I decided to go back to use a 25" engine. I sold the 218 and purchased a used 1950 25" 251 engine from a member on the other side of the country. Paid much more than I should have (shipping) Engine came with broken intake manifold, broken fuelPump, no carburetor and the engine had very low compression across all cylinders. Not the sellers fault as I did not clarify specifics, got anxious and paid way to much for shipping. $550 A few months later I picked up a 265 Chrysler six that was advertised through the Instagram RodSwapper account for $200 -very clean engine, spitfire head, freshly rebuilt starter, freshly rebuilt carburetor, new ignition wires, cap n rotor and all assesories attached as well as an automatic 2 speed transmission. The seller just wanted to get his money back for the carb rebuilt and tuneup parts he spent on. He was going the V8 route
  7. I have 4 different ones. I'll measure some this weekend and post
  8. I once owned a 218 23inch motor that 230 rotary assembly installed. A friend of mine argued that it was a 218 because the numbers on the block referred to a 218. He thought he was smart to just google the numbers and prove me wrong... LOL!
  9. Called the shop today, the owner had no clue what I was talking about nor who I was. He then hesitantly stated that it's in the oven baking right now... and that he will call me in about 1 hour. I get it, you have a business to run and things come up and not expected to remember all the customers and every motor you are working on. Summary; I took the engine last Saturday morning, to get a quote on installing new valve seats and checking the deck. The guy talked me into taking the engine apart and baking and magnafluxing and stated that he would get back to me within a couple of days with some options as to how to proceed. I was clear with the owner that I might decide to only do the valves as I believe the piston, rings are fine or decide after the estimate, not to do anything else to it at all. As of today I had not received a call. I called just now and the guy didn't recall meeting with me on Sat nor recalls the engine or the conversation. I don't mind that he doesn't recall me or the conversation, but he proceeded to tell me that it's in the oven to bake know and he will call me in a couple of hours when its done.... what's concerning was that when I spend some time there on Saturday they were already taking it apart and stated that they will have it in the over that day, mangafluxed and back to me no later than Tuesday. I seem to be getting a bad vibe. I'm I overthinking it? Just wanted to inquire on other's experience with a machine shop. I think if the guy would of simply been honest and say " My apologies for not getting back to you sooner, Let me check where the guys are on with it. Is it OK to get back to you by l close of business today?" or something like that I would of felt a lot better about it. What's interested is that we spoke quite a bit on Saturday and reminiscing back on our old high school wrestling days etc... Hence why I love doing most of the work on my cars on my own.
  10. I'm been contemplating buying a shop manual for my 1954 265 engine. Looking for rebuild specs and other motor related service details. What would be the best manual to have? Will the shop manual have this info? im not using the motor on a 1954 Chrysler so don't care much about the other car related chapters
  11. 40plyguy thanks for the info. I wonder the difference in quality between part suppliers and if they're worth the extra effort researching different suppliers. This is something that I'll be researching a bit to determine. Its great learning these details and fulfilling to learn how things work and the always impressed with the craftsmanship.
  12. The engine is from a 1954 Windsor and it'll be going into a 1940 Desoto Coupe
  13. It always amazes me that people want to know venders when so many parts are available via an old car or two. This does not need to be an expensive hobby. I just bought a complete1939  Chrysler Royal for $1,100.00 just 30 miles from me. So many cars and so little time! 

  14. I agree, I have 3 laying around now. I also have a 1950 251ci long block, a 236 long block that came in my 1940 desoto (unstamped ) and a 23' block unknown ci. the 265 Spitfire I picked up doesn't loom bad and didn't seem to have a problem with the rings.