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  1. Don, I know this is an old thread but I find it very interesting that you had to shave some meat off you bellhousing to reach the flywheel teeth. Heres what I have , let me know what you recommend: I recently purchased a 1953 Windsor 265 engine that came with a powerflight so I couldnt use that flywheel as I am adapting a T5 on it. I have two flywheel, one that came out of my 1940 25" that has 8 holes and one that came from a place unknown that has 4 holes. Im tempted to use the 4 hole flywheel since its about 1/2 the weight of the other. Also I measured the distance from the starter mounting to the flywheel teeth and on the 4 hole flywheel the distance is about 1/2 cm further than the 8 hole heavy flywheel. Now Im leaning to go with the heavier flywheel for fit but Im concerned of its weight. Why did you decide to go with the 4 bolt flywheel? was weight a deciding factor (flywheel weight that is. LOL). Do you think weight is a major factor given that Im installing a manual trans? Any insight and advice is greatly appreciated.
  2. I just received my 25 1/2in triple intake and split exhaust this week. Great work on the intake and especially the linkage. Thank you for posting pictures of George at it. Makes it special knowing that a legend in the craft personally created. Keeping George in our thoughts. Tim, thanks for the update and the help you've provided me. Now what to do with my cracked and warped Edmunds aluminum head?? Not ready for wall art yet.
  3. Thanks Marty, I have an old Edmunds aluminum head that I plan on using on my 265 and will def. need to do the sAme.
  4. Marty, what have you done to resolve the issue?
  5. John how did that T5 adapter work for you? I bought one of his early adapter, I believe might if been the first he made, a few years back but I haven't installed. Dave is a great guy.
  6. Wish I previously knew this.
  7. Excuse my ignorance here, but what benefit is there,if any, of installing studs over using bolts? I would assume it would be much easier working with studs when removing and reinstalling heads.
  8. Bump. anyone have any recommendation on using these distibutors over say an HEI Stovebolt distributor? Im assuming its going to be a challenge finding replacement cap, rotor, coil in the future and wondering if the benefits of using these will outway the hassle.
  9. Three and a half years later, I've purchased a 230 23" block, sold it to purchase a 250 from a 1950 Windsor. A couple months back I picked up a fresh 265 Chrysler engine with spitfire head, an Edmunds aluminum head, as well as ordered a triple AOK George Asche intake and dual exhaust from George can't wait to get it all together..
  10. I love the way they differentiated the "large cars" andb "other large cars" on the description of battery #5 and #6. Lol
  11. I believe this is an AOK George Asche triple intake. if so do as many have recommended; Tim Kingsbury for any advice and he also sells the dual exhaust setup for a very good price.
  12. Thank you. I'm assuming this was not a factory option. Looking into swapping a T5 transmission to it. Illbe doing more research on the topic. Thank you
  13. Can anyone help me identify this transmission? and adapter? I don't think Chrysler made an adapter for eom transmissions?
  14. It does have 6 lobes and a flat like a screwdriver. Definitely fits all three chrysler/desoto 25" engines I have. missing the rotor and coil to complete a set. I might just skip all the work and go with a Stovebolt HEI mini. These mallorys shure look cool though. I load some pictures later.