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  1. Thank you. I was looking for more of a champagne gold color, but happy with the overall outcome. Thanks. To be honest with you Ive been reading and there are opinions. George Asch and company sold me on the idea that the triple single will work best. Its also a 'cool' factor. lol
  2. 40desoto

    I found a Spitfire ... in France!

    I cant confirm it did. When I purchased the motor it had a toiletpaper filter in the canister so Im assuming it wasnt plugged or the tp would tear appart. The engine has been rebuilt and is put back together its too late to plug it.
  3. 40desoto

    Intake/exhaust manifold bolts/studs

    Thank you Dodgeb4ya.
  4. Can anyone out there share an intake/exhaust manifold mounting bolts and studs diagram for Chrysler 265 block? I removed them without keeping track and misplaced them. Specifically what 4 the large ‘washers’ that hold both the intake and exhaust manifolds look like and where the brass-like washers go.
  5. 40desoto

    When you have more questions than answers.

    I used to think the same. There are also some Edmunds intakes on ebay. Just have to look around
  6. 40desoto

    1940 Chrysler Windsor Coupe brake conversion

    Im not sure If I missed the info in between one of your previous posts, but what brake kit are you using? Im working on a 1940 desoto coupe,installed fatman dropped uprights, and using the scarbird disk brake kit. What master cylinder are you planning on using?
  7. 40desoto

    I found a Spitfire ... in France!

    Hello Don, are these diagrams to make a non-full flow system to a full flow? Or does this need to be done to a ‘full-flow’ system to make it a true full flow? Reason I ask is that I currently have a 265 engine being rebuilt that has the full-flow filter and would like to do that to it if needed.
  8. 40desoto

    scarebird brake conversion

    What master cylinder did you use? Do you have drums in the back or discs all the way around?
  9. 40desoto

    Using Engine ID Number to Title Car

    I purchased a car about 5 years ago in California where the only place the VIN on the title existed was on the motor. I was able to register the car with the bill of sale and no inspection needed. I have since swapped the motor and not sure what to do? Should I throw the old block in the trunk and drive to the DMV to get the title adjusted to a different VIN? I was thinking of restamping the frame and making a new door tag to match the VIN on the title and call it a day.
  10. 40desoto

    California Assembly Plants: Where, What & When?

    I think it was actually in the city of commerce close to Los Angeles https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Los_Angeles_(Maywood)_Assembly
  11. 40desoto

    California Assembly Plants: Where, What & When?

    Does anyone know exactly where the Los Angeles plant was?

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