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    My son gave me the 48 Ply Club coupe that I am working on at present.
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  1. Thanks, everyone for your replies. I will search out these options
  2. I have searched the site for any info on clutch fork return spring. mine is broke and I need to replace it. does anyone have one they would like to part with or know of an aftermarket spring that I can use. Thanks & Regards David
  3. Can anyone help me find a Clutch Fork return spring (48Ply) either used, NOS or aftermarket replacement?
  4. What a great read. I really enjoyed following your build and the attention to detail. I only wish I had a shop, like yours, near me. Great job and thanks for sharing. David M
  5. Hi Barabbas: Can you give me more info on the wheels you bought from Wheel Vintique as I can't seem to find them on their website. I too am looking to convert to disk brakes but can find a wheel to fit the calipers from ECI
  6. Tom: Prayers coming your way. David Mac
  7. Dear Faucet: Sorry to hear about your uncle but it good to hear you want your build to be in his memory. Check out the link for a sticker yo could place in your rear window. My thoughts and prayers are with you. David Mac http://www.edecals.com/custom_decal_designer/instant_in_memory_of_sticker.html
  8. Congratulations Don, I wish you nothing but happiness and good health David Mac
  9. Had the same problem at a cruise in a while back. Used the method mentioned to open the hood with a long screw driver up through the grill. My hood release cable is short and I can only get the retainer on the very end of the cable. To avoid this problem in the future I drilled a small hole in the latch and installed a screw to hold a thin cable. I then installed a small Eye bolt in the side of the vertical support for the latch assembly. I then threaded the cable through the eye bolt and down thru the opening in the splash pan at the radiator drain plug. Cut a small wooden dowel and drilled a hole to attach the cable for a handle. I can now just pull the handle to open the hood. Now I have an alternative method to open the hood should the retainer come off again. Was an easy, simple, cheap and fast fix for the problem. David Mac
  10. So sorry to hear of your fathers passing. May he rest in peace and live forever in your heart. David Mac
  11. DaddyO: Sorry to hear about the lose of your best friend. I too lost my best friend from Stillwater Mn. a year ago to cancer and my son two months ago to heart. David Mac
  12. Thanks Don, I will try testing the odometer first then to the other steps. Your advice is appreciated David Mac
  13. My old Speedometer worked okay except the odometer. I sourced another speedometer unit but the odometer wouldn't fit in mine (different manufacture I guess). So I installed the complete new one. The odometer works great now however the speed indicator reads maybe 10-12 MPH fast. How can I remedy this? the old one was accurate. David Mac
  14. Do a search on Ebay. As they have some vendors that offer "Buy It Now" I have seen them for $60 or so. Good Luck David Mac
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