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  1. I would be interested in some door panels the ones I have I made out of aluminum diamond plate but the carbon ones are real pretty!
  2. 52DodgeB3B

    It Lives

  3. 52DodgeB3B

    It Lives

    :DGot the old girl to start today idles a little high but works. Gotta finish up welding the exhaust and get the front end buttoned up then taking it out for a cruise. Man what a trip. Can't wait til it is all finished up. Waiting until after we move to do any interior or body work. Just get it together for now so we can pull it home. Thanks to all that helped me along the way I am sure I will be on here with more questions shortly.
  4. 52DodgeB3B

    wow I wish I woulda labeled those wires

    Thanks Dave but the old lady won that battle long ago the dakota been gone for months:D
  5. 52DodgeB3B

    wow I wish I woulda labeled those wires

    Merle, I thought that did look deceiving but I knew you guys would figure it out. I have been staring at wiring diagrams for two days and have come to the conclusion that I may never figure them out but will keep trying.
  6. 52DodgeB3B

    wow I wish I woulda labeled those wires

    They are pretty sweet they came on the truck has a holley intake and a chip too cant wait to get it rolling.
  7. 52DodgeB3B

    wow I wish I woulda labeled those wires

    Yeah bud i welded about 2 inch risers on the mounts to try and squeeze the dakota radiator under the hood.
  8. 52DodgeB3B

    wow I wish I woulda labeled those wires

    :DHey Tom that's all MOPAR.
  9. got the cab bolted down now trying to remember where all the wires go. Still have a very long journey I fear.
  10. 52DodgeB3B

    Cab in Place, I think

    Boxing them in today Dave then get cab on the mounts so I can get the rear ones on. whew!
  11. So got the cab lined up to make the new body mounts I think they are coming along good. I have been working also on a suitable radiator think I am going with the one from the dakota man this is a lot of work. haha Here are some pics of what I think is progress.
  12. 52DodgeB3B

    Front and rear window installation

    I don't know if this will work for a pilothouse but usually you can put the rubber on the window and a piece of string all the way around the outside then set the glass on the opening and pull the string, with the seal in tow, through the opening. Hope this helps.
  13. 52DodgeB3B

    Speedo cable tranny end

    ggdad I have a new cable that is extra and a used one that I just replaced about a year ago. It is for a 52 b3b. If you are interested pm me.
  14. 52DodgeB3B

    Tranny tunnel

    I just willed the wire to stay in place. Haha No the cab is still sitting in the same place have had no time lately hoping to get to it some next weekend.

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