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  1. The weather we have been having let up enough on Sunday to clean and wax the cab. The old truck definitely did not sustain any damage from the impact with the tree during the storm. Amazing considering the impact of hitting the tree top going that speed. It sure sounded like there was going to be some damage. All I found was a few pine needles stuck in the passenger side cab roof light that I had added when I put the truck together a few years ago. No dents or scuffs. Some people doubt that these trucks can be used daily but this episode is just another example of how wrong that thinking is. With a few tweaks these old trucks can be extremely functional transportation. I have had this one on the road for 4 years now and it gets the job done. Might not be the fastest thing out there but it has been pretty much rock solid reliable. As the old Timex commercials said "Takes a lik'in and keeps on ticking" Get out there and use um, Jeff
  2. I bought them online from Napa or one of the big box stores. Don't remember the brand but they came in black or chrome. Here is a photo. They work well....and will fold away on impact. Jeff
  3. Thanks guys. No pix....happened in the dark and in a downpour.....and the only evidence was literally a few pine needles. I drove past there on my way home last night. The tree must have been 50 to 60 foot tall judging from the ones around it. Looks like the slope it was on is super saturated and it tipped over in the wind. Lucky it was just the top of that tree because what was left that I saw was about 10" to 12" in diameter. Probably would not fared as well with that much trunk. Jeff
  4. Just a little side note on this. And a nod to Reg. When I built my truck I installed a pair of aftermarket mirrors similar to the ones on Reg's old yellar. Not only do they work better than the stock type mirrors but they fold away in an impact situation. I caught a bit of flak from some purists on this. But based on what happened today my passenger side mirror took impact and folded away. I am pretty certain a original mirror would have caused some sort of damage. Jeff
  5. Pouring down rain this morning. Flood watch in effect. Headed to the shop in the dark when out of nowhere a huge fallen pine tree is hanging into my lane. At 45 mph it hit the roof on the passenger side near the corner of the windshield. Was expecting broken glass and significant damage. Nada.....zip....nothing. Not even a scratch. Got to love that old Detroit Iron. I am positive an impact like this would have messed up a newer truck. And yet the only evidence is a few pine needles. And an elevated heartbeat..... Old Pilothouse trucks RULE! Jeff
  6. Snap off or strip is a distinct possibility in this location. Lot of weight hanging on these. And subject to metal fatigue etc. IMO leaks are not likely. Breakage is. Play it safe while it is an easy job. Jeff
  7. May or may not be pertinent but you will have to re torque all these after a few heating cycles on the manifolds. To me this is a more significant issue with these studs. Not leaks. It is a pretty easy job if the manifolds are off. Rather do it then than to have one break or strip later. Jeff
  8. You can sometimes find NOS carbs on Ebay. I was lucky enough to do so a few years ago. Price was around $125 +/- for a fluid drive B & B that had never been mounted. Got to be patient though and ready to pull the trigger. Jeff
  9. I don't think it is possible to over filter fuel these days. Also if you have deleted the mechanical pump in favor of an electric then it is a good idea to have a real good filter ahead of your electric pump. I have been using large sealed canister filters on my truck and they get changed at 10k mile intervals. Seems to work very well. There is often a lot of crap suspended in under ground storage tanks. You definitely want to do what you can to keep it out of your carb and engine. Jeff
  10. Mark; You appear to have taken my observations as a personal attack on yourself. It is not. Please continue to do as you wish with your trucks. And pardon me for expressing my dismay about not using running boards for the actual purpose they were made for. What was I thinking? Jeff
  11. I use mine daily.......and I almost always step on the running board. It is what they are for. Stop fretting over normal wear and tear and use your trucks like they were meant to be used. (You car show guys just crack me up) I sprayed mine with a black bedliner product to help reduce slipping. Guess what it works....and I bet if it were around back then Dodge would have used it on our "Job Rated" trucks. These are Trucks...not cream puffs. Jeff
  12. I still think it is a fuel delivery issue. Try pulling the carb off and give it a close inspection. Perhaps some dirt lodged somewhere? or an orifice plugged up. I have to say that you almost can't filter the gas enough these days. I have also found that with the ethanhol in these modern fuels regular use of a fuel additive like MMO is helpful. Hth, Jeff
  13. Ha! Their RR Merlin was better than anything we built at the time. Fastest prop engined combat plane to see lots of action was the absolutely amazing Mosquito with a pair of Merlins.
  14. Nice find! Love those 9' beds. You will have fun with it. Jeff
  15. I would urge you to do a careful assessment of the entire truck before taking the engine in for a rebuild. There is an awful lot of other things that may need dealing with there that could be way more problematic than the engine. For example what shape is the frame in? Mine was bent pretty badly and yet my truck "looked" a hundred times better than what you are starting off with. I suggest a real plan before starting off with much. These trucks are not all that easy or cheap to complete. Jeff
  16. To me this kinda sounds like a fuel delivery issue. Could be the fuel pump or a partially collapsed fuel line. Hth, Jeff
  17. Yes put them back together but do not tighten the connection bolts until you have done an intilial torquing of the manifold mounts. Jeff
  18. Best is still the best. I had similar issues with the Felpro I fitted first. And re-torque at least 3 times at short intervals after it has come up to operating temp a few times. Hth, Jeff
  19. Interesting. I have the same problem with my vintage 6V Westach tachometer. Does not work correctly with the Pertronix module. If anyone ever figures out a fix for this one I would sure like to know. I won't be going back to points just to have a working tach. That's for sure. 😀 Jeff
  20. Good luck finding new ones. Usually have to find another latch....and rob Peter to pay Paul. Jeff
  21. Could it be some sort of solenoid actuated heater control valve? Perhaps it was used instead of a manual valve on the heater connection at the rear of the cylinder head. Jeff
  22. I have a 52 B-3-C which is my daily driver and lives outside. I will tell you that it is a real chore to get these cabs totally sealed up....even with the "good" stuff. And I am in Southern California where we do not get much rain these days. Can't imagine how bad it would be in harsh weather. I have not used the DCM stuff but I doubt very much there is a one source shop to get this task accomplished. I mainly used the Steel products and have fussed and fussed with the windshield. Not absolutely certain but I think my replacement glass might be a bit undersized. At any rate I have got it to stop leaking from time to time only to have it start again somewhere else in a different spot. Vigilance is required. Jeff
  23. Welcome to the group. Cool truck. Don't sweat the Fluid drive thing. My 52 B-3-C has it and it drives fine just like a conventional stick....perhaps a bit smoother. About the only time I actually "use" it is stop-n-go on a hill and then only rarely. Rest of the time it gets used just like a regular stick shift. Have fun with it. Jeff
  24. That is what I thought Don until I had to fuss with 3 different sets of crappy repop points. A lot of this stuff is just junk now a days. This experience is what got me to switch over to the Pertronix. At least for me it has been Fit and Forget. And I drive my truck every day. Jeff
  25. Well I do carry a spare module. Just have not needed it. I do the same with other items too like fuel pumps and filters....stuff that isn't on the shelves too often. Got if I need it..... but I haven't. One tip I have heard is that sometimes the module can be damaged by using old ignition switches that may have high resistance etc.... I can't say for certain but my set up is 100% reliable. To add to what Merle mentioned the inside of the distributor cap and rotor on my truck looks brand new so things stay a lot cleaner and that is good too. Jeff
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