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  1. Oil pressure relief valve

    I have had luck braking stuff like this loose using repeated cycles of penetrating oil and heat. Try soaking with your favorite penetrating oil then applying heat to the surrounding area. Doesn't have to be a torch....even a heat gun would get the surrounding metal hot enough. Allow it to cool and soak again. Repeat the process a few times then see if it will move. Usually 3 or 4 cycles of this is enough. Hth, Jeff
  2. Spring under axle rear b2b

    Los Control; I do get that. But that could put the "ideal" height in a pretty broad range depending on the owners stature. My view of this is that the height of the vehicle was well determined by the manufacturer during the design process. We are all free to treat this as we wish. My hope is that we all treat this with some respect towards the longevity of these fine trucks. They are after all pretty sweet just as they were built. Jeff
  3. Spring under axle rear b2b

    Merle; It is not an argument.......just a discussion. And you are quite correct about the longer wheel base part of the equation. I intentionally held out until I found this 3/4 ton for this very reason. I reckon my comments are of a cautionary nature. I just hate to see a perfectly usable truck potentially messed up. And doing this sort of modification is one of those situations that need to be very carefully thought out. We have all seen the results of too much alteration and not enough careful thinking. That is all I am trying to say. Jeff
  4. Spring under axle rear b2b

    Paul; Hardly a day goes by that it doesn't get at least a thumbs up. But that is just the nature of these trucks....and the people who actually appreciate them for what they really are. When you pulled springs out to change the ride height or stance you most definitely changed the geometry. And more importantly you altered the amount of suspension travel available. This may not of had any adverse effect on your steering but it certainly changed the loading characteristics of the springs and shocks. No one ever complains about how my truck rides with the stock spring packs and I am still able to carry heavy loads safely. I have carried in excess of 1000# several times in the last 6 months. Blows a lot of peoples minds...... I can't tell you how many times I get asked why I am using this to haul stuff like this. My response is always the same....it is just an old work truck. Drives the car show guys nuts......
  5. Spring under axle rear b2b

    Paul Top of my front bumper is 17 1/2".......rear is 19 1/2". The only reason I commented is that in my opinion messing about with the standard spring set up opens up a can of worms. When you play around with this you alter geometry that was designed for a specific ride height and spring rate. Yes it can be done but it needs to be done very carefully as ride quality and alignment is pretty much as important as good brakes. Jeff
  6. Spring under axle rear b2b

    I am constantly baffled by all the talk of lowering these trucks. Not sure why there is so much interest and effort put into this process? I have about 10,000 miles on my B-3-C now and am extremely happy with it's ride qualities. I just can't imagine messing about with the standard set up. It is easily the nicest riding and handling solid front axle vintage truck in these parts. IMO the factory got it right from the beginning. And no.....I don't think they look any better lowered. Jeff
  7. Tire Info!

    I have Goodyear Wranglers in that size on my B-3-C and am very happy with the ride quality. Jeff
  8. New 1950 dodge Truck to me

    Ed; Sure it can go in like you mention but I think this is a bit misleading. I bet they all left the factory installed in the same position. A study of the manual seems to confirm this.
  9. New 1950 dodge Truck to me

    Driving one of these trucks in dense ground fog is real interesting too. I was down to about 10mph the last bit this morning. Glad I added extra lighting for this very condition. At least others can see me......... Jeff
  10. Adventures of Dolly Dodge-continued

    I got a real kick out of you saying that Dolly got to hang out with all the cool cars......'cuz there ain't nothing there cooler than Dolly Jeff
  11. Dry oil canister. Help.

    Yep. All I can say is that there is a lot of spots in these old engines for crud or sludge to hide. Then you can add in the unknowns regarding the maintenance or lack there of. What we are left with is the definition of a gamble. I wasn't about to run mine without pulling the head, inspection covers and oil pan. Everything got cleaned up as best I could. Then frequent oil changes. Even with that there was stuff hiding in it. Didn't really start running like it should until a few treatments with MMO. I never thought it would work out as well as it has. Made me a believer....at least in this application. Jeff
  12. Dry oil canister. Help.

    Keven; This is just a suggestion based on my experiences with reviving one of these engines' You could try adding a pint of MMO and running it for a little while. Some are afraid of loosening up crud in the engine........but I figured this would actually help. And it really has for my engine. I wish I would have done it sooner. Reviving one of these old engines vs rebuilding is I think always a bit of a gamble. You never really know what is going to happen. MMO acts a bit like a solvent and helps flush junk out. Doing this has worked out well for me.........might do the same for you? Jeff
  13. Over Heating

    It has been a very hot summer here. I had some struggles with this issue as my route home from the shop includes a long steep grade with lots of stop-n-go traffic. Timing adjustments had no effect. Finally had the head gasket go. It was made by Felpro. Replaced it with one made by Best and have not had a problem since. Best must actually be best because the truck has never run better. Jeff
  14. Seat Belts installed?

    I had my upper pillers reinforced before I installed my 3 way belts. No point in having these unless they are actually going to hold up to an accident. Jeff
  15. using modern electronics

    The other option is to use a heads up display GPS speedometer. Mine is smaller than a pack of smokes and is plugged into a 12 V cigarette lighter. It is very accurate and is super easy to see. They are about $60 on ebay. Hth, Jeff
  16. Now that my truck is back on the road I thought I would start a discussion of what it takes to make one of these into a reliable daily driver for today's roads and traffic. Hopefully others considering this will benefit from this. To start off I would like to thank all of you who have been so generous with your time and advice during my build process. It was a long haul and I couldn't (and wouldn't) have done it without you. This forum is by far the most valuable tool anyone could have when attempting this. I definitely did some things correctly. As an example the electrical system I put in this truck has worked flawlessly. I really like the 6 volt alternator and upgraded lighting. And so far I only have good things to say about the Pertronix ignition module. The disc brakes are great too. No complaints there. Also all the work I did to insulate and soundproof the cab has already shown itself to be totally worthwhile. I can't imagine skrimping on this feature......as it is just so nice to have a quiet cab. It has been a real scorcher here this summer. and it has put the cooling system to test. I am not 100% satisfied with it. It has been running on the warm side. So I flushed the system out again yesterday.....put a new water pump on and drilled a 1/8" hole in my 180 thermostat.We will see how that works. If I can't get it to run in my comfort zone this way then I will look at getting a new HD radiator. It is hot here and I don't want to have to constantly worry about this overheating. I am taking it into a old school suspension shop tomorrow. The steering feels a little light to me at speed. Could be alignment? not sure....it doesn't pull but it does feel light. Not at all what I was expecting. Probably the biggest issue I have with it so far has to do with the transmission ratios. I have the 4 speed fluid drive option which kind of limits what can be done. And I would like to retain the FD. Even with the 3.55 rear I have these ratios other than 4th just are not really where the should be for optimum driving.. 1st is so low it is all but useless. Not sure what to do about it? but I sure would like something better. I will say that it is driveable the way it is just not optimum. I can't imagine using one of these with a 4.10 or lower rear though. OMG. Jeff
  17. Daily driver.........first impressions.

    most likely........
  18. Daily driver.........first impressions.

    Just completed two years of trouble free daily motoring. The old truck has been as good as gold. It's never left me stranded and has only required normal maintenance and adjustments. It just goes to show you if you start of with a good foundation these trucks can still handle the job. With a few carefully thought out mods that is. It really makes me glad I took on this project. Jeff
  19. 52 b3d "Little Blue Truck"

    I have a metal one in my truck. Bought it on ebay a few years ago. They do come up quite often. Jeff
  20. Air cooler

    I hate to say this but it kinda looks....... sorta like a flamethrower to me?........And awayyyyy we go!
  21. The 'Back in the Saddle' build

    Might as well make it a Long Island Ice tea.........have fun!
  22. 1953 Dodge 'coupe' truck project

    Here is what I ended up doing with my truck. Never even considered this until I was pretty far into the build. Just didn't like the way the Dodge cream color looked on the wheels once I had the truck painted. Got inspired by the maroon-ish color of the truckmaster heater I bought from GGDAD. I have since made a horse blanket cover for my seat to make it better for the dog. It is maroon/black with a bit of white in an southwest type pattern. Works out great and is actually more pleasant than sitting on vinyl. I would add that a "little" red goes a long way.......This and the wheels are plenty. Jeff
  23. 1953 Dodge 'coupe' truck project

    Davin; That color looks mighty familiar........good on ya mate! With the kind of heat we have been seeing here I know I made the correct choice. No worries on the red wheels. Mine are maroon and literally not a day goes by without it getting a big thumbs up from someone. You might try and work some red accents into the cab interior. Jeff
  24. Hi All; I am at the stage where I am preparing to wire my truck. Since it will be my daily driver I have made some mods which I believe will enhance the driving and reliability aspects of this truck. I have added an electric cooling fan, a full time vane type electric fuel pump and upgraded/additional clearance & running lights. To keep things relatively simple everything I have added is 6 volt. Most of my driving will be back and forth to the shop and running errands. Short duration 10 to 15 minute drives in moderate to heavy traffic.......so stop and go with lots of idling. I think that because of this installing a alternator is probably a pretty good idea. There is a outfit called Quality Power that offers a 6 volt, 60A positive ground alternator based on a GM single wire unit for $135. They also offer a nice adaptor bracket that makes mounting the alternator very straightforward. I think that this is a pretty good price. The only real concern I have with this mod is how best to wire in and retain the original ammeter to monitor the charging system?...if that is even possible?....and will the instrument hold up with the increased output? Thanks in advance for your input. As always your experiances are invaluable. Jeff
  25. You are welcome Thom. This is one of the simplest and best mods I think there is for these trucks. Pretty much fit and forget. I have never had any issues with it and the battery is always in good shape. Enjoy the ride! Jeff