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  1. 52 b3d "Little Blue Truck"

    I have a metal one in my truck. Bought it on ebay a few years ago. They do come up quite often. Jeff
  2. Air cooler

    I hate to say this but it kinda looks....... sorta like a flamethrower to me?........And awayyyyy we go!
  3. The 'Back in the Saddle' build

    Might as well make it a Long Island Ice tea.........have fun!
  4. 1953 Dodge 'coupe' truck project

    Here is what I ended up doing with my truck. Never even considered this until I was pretty far into the build. Just didn't like the way the Dodge cream color looked on the wheels once I had the truck painted. Got inspired by the maroon-ish color of the truckmaster heater I bought from GGDAD. I have since made a horse blanket cover for my seat to make it better for the dog. It is maroon/black with a bit of white in an southwest type pattern. Works out great and is actually more pleasant than sitting on vinyl. I would add that a "little" red goes a long way.......This and the wheels are plenty. Jeff
  5. 1953 Dodge 'coupe' truck project

    Davin; That color looks mighty familiar........good on ya mate! With the kind of heat we have been seeing here I know I made the correct choice. No worries on the red wheels. Mine are maroon and literally not a day goes by without it getting a big thumbs up from someone. You might try and work some red accents into the cab interior. Jeff
  6. Hi All; I am at the stage where I am preparing to wire my truck. Since it will be my daily driver I have made some mods which I believe will enhance the driving and reliability aspects of this truck. I have added an electric cooling fan, a full time vane type electric fuel pump and upgraded/additional clearance & running lights. To keep things relatively simple everything I have added is 6 volt. Most of my driving will be back and forth to the shop and running errands. Short duration 10 to 15 minute drives in moderate to heavy traffic.......so stop and go with lots of idling. I think that because of this installing a alternator is probably a pretty good idea. There is a outfit called Quality Power that offers a 6 volt, 60A positive ground alternator based on a GM single wire unit for $135. They also offer a nice adaptor bracket that makes mounting the alternator very straightforward. I think that this is a pretty good price. The only real concern I have with this mod is how best to wire in and retain the original ammeter to monitor the charging system?...if that is even possible?....and will the instrument hold up with the increased output? Thanks in advance for your input. As always your experiances are invaluable. Jeff
  7. You are welcome Thom. This is one of the simplest and best mods I think there is for these trucks. Pretty much fit and forget. I have never had any issues with it and the battery is always in good shape. Enjoy the ride! Jeff
  8. Thom; There are a couple of ways this can be wired. 1) You can leave the old regulator in place and just use it as a terminal block. Run a single #8 wire from the alternator to the battery terminal on the regulator. Or 2) You can just run a single #8 wire directly to the battery terminal on the starter. I use the second method and have had zero issues with this arrangement even with a lot of accessories. Hth, Jeff.
  9. Interior panels

    I agree. I found John extremely easy to deal with....and the quality and value is superb. I get compliments all the time. Since my Pilothouse is my only vehicle I really did not want the interior to look like plastic or cardboard. I used what John crafted and added quite a bit of insulation to it and the cab. Everybody who rides in mine has the same comments.....they can't get over how nice it looks and how quiet and comfortable the cab is. I am absolutely positive it would have never turned out so well using the other offerings. Jeff
  10. Congratulations Keven

    Keven; I am sure you will get it figured out. And at the very least it will keep you out of mischief. They are great trucks.........especially the 116" long ones. I sure like mine!!!!!! Jeff
  11. Congratulations Keven

    Congrats Keven; That ought to turn out very nice. Jeff
  12. I wouldn't rule out carb issues so quickly. If you can't find anything obvious with the ignition take a close look at the step up circuit components including the jet. I ended up having to change this jet in order to get things working correctly. Made a huge difference to how well the truck ran. Jeff
  13. 1950 B-2-D

    Hey Mike; Good to see ya back at it. Home Depot sells an inexpensive tub for mixing mortar etc......that is just the ticket. Jeff
  14. Daily driver.........first impressions.

    No I just revived it. Was rebuilt a long time ago. Sat for 25-30 years with very little mileage on the rebuild. Pulled the head.....mic'd the bores and they were spot on for 40 over. Did frequent oil changes and eventually started adding a bit of MMO to the oil and the gas. Almost as soon as I started using the MMO I noticed a difference in how well it ran. And it has gotten better the harder it was pushed. I have put about 6-7k miles on it now and it is running better than I expected it ever would in stock form. I am now putting about 250 miles a week on it and honestly couldn't be happier with the way it performs. They are wonderful old trucks once everything is just so.
  15. Daily driver.........first impressions.

    Rings finally seated is my guess. That and I went through the carb another time. At any rate it is good to go and I didn't have to spend any more money.
  16. master cylinder

    You deserve them. What you have done is shown us all "another way" to get the most from one of these trucks without messing about with it too much. Very...very clever too. To me at least these sorts of mods are totally sensible if you wish to really use your truck without completely altering it's true character. Kudos. Jeff
  17. master cylinder

    Yep saw it and I think you are one clever guy. I had thought about it a while back but you have proved it out. Good job!!! There is always more than one way to skin a cat. I love it. Have fun with it you deserve to. Jeff
  18. Laycock J-type Overdrive

    Very nice conversion/upgrade. I really like those laycock units. Had one in a Healy, a Triumph and a Volvo and they always worked great. And being able to split the lower gears is a nice side benefit. I might consider this. I have a 230 with a 3.55 final drive ratio which works well. Being able to split 3rd would be nice though. I have a little GPS speedo with a heads up display that is spot on. Very easy to read day or night and you don't have to look down. Jeff
  19. Pertronix question

    Agree. Get the correct unit with a matched coil and it will be fit and forget. This is a sweet set up. Jeff
  20. master cylinder

    Very cool conversion. Looks cleaner than the Grand Cherokee M/C I used. It was a tight fit and took some time to adjust. Works fine though. I have always been a fan of those Laycock OD units. Have had 3 of them over the years and they were faultless. Would love to see some pic's of this set up. These are the sorts of refinements that can really add to the driving experience. Good on you and enjoy. Jeff
  21. Daily driver.........first impressions.

    Kid friendly? Trust me they are way too pampered already in this neighborhood. I am thinking Vanishing Point with the sound cranked up! Did you know that some of the guitar riffs in that soundtrack were done by a very young Stevie Ray Vaughn? More my idea of kid friendly......... I am fairly certain that Buddy and I are never going to quite fit in. I think we both suffer from NCS (non-conformist syndrome) I curse and smoke too much and he doesn't like strangers or anybody else for that matter. I just got a feeling that we are going to have to go out on the extended road trip. Kind of like Ben Gazarra in "Run for your life". We have been de facto prepping lately as he got banished from the house during the day last week. Tore up a window screen and was caught on Doggy cam. Oh yes I am not making that up. He tells me that the kids Chiuahua was driving him crazy and I believe him. So now he is hanging out with me at the shop every day. He seems to be at ease in that environment and doesn't mind the sound of machinery. He is hands down the best dog in the car I have ever owned. Never fusses and it has been hot and miserable. Not sure if we are going to have much of a choice once I move out of this shop at the end of August. I am starting to hear the Eagles playing....Take it to the limit ......one more time......
  22. cooling tips for pilot house trucks

    An additive like water wetter can be helpful as long as the system is clean and functional.
  23. Daily driver.........first impressions.

    There are trade offs with every living arrangement. The valley Coto is situated in is about 5000 acres much of it looks like a very nice park. It is almost completely surrounded by nature preserve and state & national wilderness land. There are 75 miles of horse trails and hundreds of miles of hiking trails within a short walk of our home. It is a pretty sweet set up once you get used to the rules. I believe it was the first planned community in this part of Southern California. Compared to most of Orange County it definitely has it's benefits. Especially for those of us who have no appreciation of the cold weather climes. I will try and get some pictures or on truck videos soon. I haven't had time to explore the equestrian center yet but it was built for the LA Olympics and is supposed to be very nice. Jeff
  24. Daily driver.........first impressions.

    I kept my bikes but they are in storage. The old thumper is actually pretty quiet..... the 2 stroke Stormer is another thing altogether. One of the loudest bikes you will ever hear. Got a very unique sound too. Some say it is one you never forget. My Kiwi buddy Marty best described it like someone cutting a 55 gallon drum apart with a dull chainsaw. I was thinking of selling the Stormer and using the money to fit a sidecar to the 500 thumper. I would do it for the fun but I am not sure I can get Buddy to wear goggles ...... I feel certain the sight of us pulling up to the clubhouse for Sunday brunch would raise more than a few eyebrows.
  25. Daily driver.........first impressions.

    If that were the case practically everyone would have to leave. I used a 2002 Grand Cherokee axle to get the 3.55 and 12" discs.