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  1. Pilothouse at the Movies

    Hey Guy's; I think it was rated PG...........for Pilothouse-Great! The truck is in it quite a bit.....particularly the last 1/2 hour or so. The very last scene the boy's are on their way out of town with the horse in the back. As they are leaving town they pass the police car they evade earlier in the film......and of course he spins around and takes off after them. The End Or is it? Maybe the chase is still on. Jeff
  2. could be kismet?

    Hi Guy's; I suppose this is how it all starts........................ We went to our nephew's wedding this weekend.....and stopped by my brother-in-laws house this morning to have brunch etc... When he asked me what I had been up to I started telling him about my "new" Dodge Pilothouse truck. After a minute or two of describing it he got a funny smile on his face and said "well then I have something you will want". We took a walk out to the back of his property and this is what was sitting out there. Too funny..... I must have walked past it for years on the way back to the horseshoe pit. Hmmmm....it is pretty rough but I could really see this thing spiffed up with a custom BBQ & smoker on it. Whaddythink? Jeff
  3. could be kismet?

    Hi Guy's; 49Dodge1ton; I have used that trick more than a few times......it might be worth a shot here. I've left the biggest 2 finger puller I could find on it overnight....but that is just wishful thinking. Dave; Yes we are spoiled ...... in so many ways. On the negative side it is a real zoo here.......traffic and congestion like you wouldn't believe. Compared to my truck....it is rough. Hank; I know where I can put my hands on an impact gun. btw, I finally took your advice and removed the front clip......mo'betta for sure! Jeff
  4. could be kismet?

    Hi Guy's Honestly I was not really touting my good luck, I just think this coincidence was too funny not to share. Besides my luck appears to have run out......I have a real situation with a stuck rear hub. I was able to borrow the correct type of puller and it worked just fine on the hub that still had all it's lugs........not so much on the one that had 3 broken ones. This one is going to be a real bugger to get off..... Jeff
  5. could be kismet?

    Hi Guy's; Yes......a real coinkydink for certain. My sister-in-law wants it outta there so I will happily give it a new home. To me this is really funny.....I have only had the truck for a few weeks and I already have a matching trailer. Well there you go! Jeff
  6. Thermostat housing

    Hi Guy's; I need to find a new thermostat housing for my 52 B-3-C. Roberts does not carry this item. Anyone know of a source for these? This is the small plain sheet metal version. Thanks, Jeff
  7. Lug studs

    Hi Guy's; One more question...... We are trying to locate replacement studs for my 15" 3/4 ton hubs. I had a buddy who builds off road racer's press the old ones out and he is having trouble finding the right size replacement studs. Is this another case of having to go through a specialty supplier like Roberts? Or is there a aftermarket stud that we have just not come across? I would just as soon have the "modern" arrangement on these. Thanks, Jeff
  8. Lug studs

    Thanks Guy's; We'll give Napa a shot next week. I have to get a hold of a puller to get the rear drums off. The drivers side has 3 broken studs. I did order the workshop manual from Roberts so that should help a lot with my questions. You are right of course....most of the cars and trucks I've worked on have been a bit newer than this. My recent vintage work has been of the 2 wheel variety. This Pilothouse is going to make a really great bike hauler among other things. I did have a Model A back in the early 70's but it doesn't count as it had been street-rodded sometime in the late 50's. And what a mongrel it was. Very early SBC 265 /powerglide drivetrain, 48 Merc front spindles & brakes on a dropped axle coupled to the original worm and sector steering box by a steering rod off a White Freightliner. And all this had been done without cutting the firewall. Found out early on what the term "Death trap" means when I had to swerve and I got it up on the two passenger side wheels with myself and two passengers on board. Got real lucky that time........ Jeff
  9. Lug studs

    Hi Tim; They were definitely a pressed fit. Took a pretty good sized press to get them out....and they are flanged with the flange to the backside so there was no was they could come out. Also there was no evidence that any of them had ever spun in the hole. I can tell you we were both surprised by the lack of knurling. I am 99% certain that these were the original studs too. I certainly have never seen this type of fitment on lugs before......but I have never owned a Mopar product before either. :confused:And I have only had this one for a couple of weeks. In general I really like the truck and the way it was built. It is really going to great when it comes back to life. I suppose every vehicle has it's good points and it's odd points. For me the most peculiar thing about these trucks is the placement and design of the master cylinder arrangement. I really wonder what the thought process was that was behind this. I am certain that it must work just fine when it is up to snuff. I just don't recall ever seeing one not located somewhere on the firewall.......and with such a small reservoir. Thanks again for your advice.......I will get the hang of these trucks....I promise! Jeff
  10. Lug studs

    Thanks Tim; The ones that came out (possibly original) were not knurled.....is this normal? Neither of us had ever seen any like these. Maybe it is a Mopar thing? I dunno. Jeff
  11. Thermostat housing

    Hank; Yes......have made a fair amount of progress since you visited. Wheels are off and at the powder coater's...... 95% of all the surface rust that was on it is gone now and we are repriming ........radiator is being rebuilt.....parts ordered.......carb and fuel pump ready to rebuild... distribution tube is out......inner fenders, shrouds etc....are cleaned and painted.....etc....etc...etc... In the immortal words of Ricky Nelson...."I don't mess around boy" I will definitely get by to see you in the near future.....gotta see your truck too. Jeff
  12. Thermostat housing

    Hi Guy's; Thanks for your input. Honestly I would have thought that the local Dodge dealership could handle what seems on the surface, a simple cross reference on a very simple part. I suppose I have a lot to learn ....... On the plus side I have already had great dealings with Then & Now who had a fuel pump repair kit to me in 2 days. And have placed my first of many probable orders with Gary Roberts. In each instance these people were very knowledgeable and helpful......so that is a good sign. I just got off the phone with Vintage Power Wagons about this housing and they seem to be good as well. I told Matt there what I was after and he asked for photos as they have several variants...some new, some NOS and some used...so you can't ask more than that. Who knows? Maybe they even have that most desirable of factory accessories....... a Ma Deuce mount. Thanks, Jeff
  13. Thermostat housing

    Hi Tod; Well not sure about this. Went to the local Dodge dealers parts dept.this am.......all they had were much smaller.......and quite frankly they were not much help either......I won't bother with them again. Too bad as they are literally walking distance from my shop. This really seems like an item that should be fairly easily obtained as new....the one I have is very corroded and has at least 2 weld repairs on it. I would guess this is pretty typical ? I am a total newbie to old Mopars so I am still trying to get a handle on parts availability. Jeff
  14. Hi guy's; Well it (water distribution tube) is out...........and what a job! Glad to have that over with. Got the freeze plugs out too. So what is the best way to flush the block out ? Anybody use any chemicals to flush this or is it a water only job? Keep in mind that I am not planning on taking the engine out of the truck for now. All the indicators are that I can get it running pretty well as it is. One thing I really need is a good frame and regulators for the seat. I have an original seat and back cushion but none of the hardware to install them. If anyone has this and is willing to part with it please contact me. I see that Roberts sells some tailgate hinges......I am not sure if these are the correct type for a 52. Can anyone tell me if they are? I need to do something about tires. This truck has a set of 4 original type 15" rims on it. Is there a modern tire.....preferably a radial... that fits these rims and works well with the truck? I would really like some input on this. I plan on using this truck as a daily driver and work truck. Thanks for your input and have a great Holiday! Jeff
  15. Hi Guy's, I took the front wheels off today for the first time. I will get this pair blasted, coated and some new rubber on these to start off with. All of my wheels (15") have studs and lug nuts....so I suppose it got modified years ago. I did find that the driver side lugs need some attention. Looks like two of the front wheel studs are bent.....they are "wrong way" threads so this probably explains why it is this side. The drivers side rear actually has 3 studs broke off. So here comes my question....... what is the repair procedure for this? And should it be left in this thread pattern or should it be revised to "modern configuration" to prevent issues in the future? And just so you know ...... it wasn't me that did this. The only other damage I have found to the undercarriage is a bent tie rod. I think this must have happened when the seller loaded in on the trailer and delivered it. Must have had one of the tie-down traps on it and this bent it. There are no signs of impact type damage on the rod. So my next question is is it safe to have this straightened out and reuse it? There is little or no evidence of rust or corrosion visible anywhere on this. One more question. I have removed the fuel pump and it looks like it would be a very easy item to rebuild. Do most of you repair this item yourselves? It appears to be in excellent condition and has a glass bowl filter element built into it. I read the recent post about fuel line replacement and was already intending to drop the tank and replace the lines..... I believe we should learn from "history" and I definitely don't want to be the next person with this same story. Thanks, Jeff
  16. More newbie questions.....

    Merle; Thanks again......that was almost too easy GGdad; Thanks for the info...very helpful....I will be going that route. Jeff
  17. Hi Guy's; Am digging into my "new" 52 B-3-C and have a couple of questions regarding the Fluid drive. I want to get the truck running in the condition it is in and have drained and flushed the engine oil/sump, the gearbox (4 speed) and the rear axle. I think that it is probably a good idea if I do this with the fluid drive as well. If all goes well I will run it for a short period with fresh fluids and then change them all again. My question is should I flush the fluid drive out with kerosene once the old oil has been drained? And is the tractor oil that Napa carries a suitable/adequate oil to refill it with? Again I am not planning on going any distances with the truck for quite a while.....I just want to get it to a state that it can be moved under it's own power. Thanks, Jeff
  18. Progress on my 52 B-3-C

    Hank; You are too funny! How'd you know that Ralphie is one of my hero's? I have a Red Ryder single action carbine hanging in a place of honor out in my garage that my Dad gave me for Christmas one year. To show you the faith my Dad had in me......he waited until I was 45 years old to give it to me Dad was as usual....................... quite correct in doing so. How's this? I will only attempt it if absolutely necessary and someone else post's a You-tube video of a successful repair. Jeff
  19. More newbie questions.....

    Hi ggdad 1951' Thanks for your reply. That FedHill tubing looks to be a great way to go. Did you pop for the flaring tool as well? I would be interested to know what sizes and quantities you ended up ordering to do your truck. I think I would like to do all the lines on mine with this material. Thanks; Jeff Keep up the great work on your truck......very inspiring!
  20. Progress on my 52 B-3-C

    Hi Hank; Happy New Year to you too. I tend to agree with you on this item. Especially since the inner fitting on mine seems pretty buggered up......hopefully it still works.......so that item is going to be put on the "lets look at it in the futeure list. Thank you jpwuertz...... that is a good site. The temp sending unit repair sounds doable.......I wonder if anyone on this site has actually attempted it? Thanks, Jeff
  21. Progress on my 52 B-3-C

    Guy's......you are awesome. That was exactly the type of info I need....and you even answered a question I was going to ask in the very near future about finding TDC.....all I can say is Wow! I really feel like my project is going well. I know I was extremely fortunate to find one of these trucks in very decent shape.....but the help and know-how available here is of equal importance. Hopefully I will be able to help some folks with some aspect of their project in the future. Jeff
  22. Progress on my 52 B-3-C

    Merle; Ok so pressure washer, thin tube and water and keep going til I stop getting gunk out. I can do that! The one thing I have not touched yet is the temp. sending unit. I suppose that should come out to aid in getting that area clean as well. There appears to be a small freeze type plug just inboard from the sending unit on the top of the head. Should this plug be removed? I am still getting familiar with these engines so I am uncertain how far to take this at this stage. I am located in Irvine in southern California. I am happy to pay a fair price for the frame and for shipping. I have the truck at my shop in an industrial complex so all the shipping outfits come through here daily. Thanks again for your help. Jeff
  23. Making sparks

    Hello All; I am going to make a run to Napa later this morning to try and see if they have a rebuild kit for my carb. I should probably see if they have plugs and a condenser as well. My question is do I just replace the Champion J-8 plugs with same or is there a better suited plug for these motors? It appears that the engine I have is slightly newer than the truck itself being a 54 -56 series 230. Thanks, Jeff
  24. Making sparks

    Dave; It turned out to be a 1 ga. cable........and it had a non soldered terminal. Guess I will get something more appropriate. And maybe go directly to the starter motor mounting bolt....just to be on the safe side. 49 Dodge had a good point here. I suppose a couple of aux. ground jumpers is not a bad idea as well. Might prevent a host of difficult to diagnose electrical faults once the old truck is rewired. Thanks, Jeff
  25. Making sparks

    Dave; I believe it is a 1/0 cable... It is at least the same size as the old ones that were in it.....I will have to take another look. Never had a 6 V system before...... 49 Dodge 1ton; That sounds like a great idea.....I wasn't thrilled with the turnover speed. What about the old starter motors? Are they work or don't work or will a fresh one make a big difference? I kind of doubt that this one has been called into service in the last 20+ years.....but it cranked the engine over right away. Thanks for your help, Jeff