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  1. Jeff Balazs

    4 speed tranny question

    Hi Guy's I think this thread and several others discussing gearing say a lot about the struggle we all face keeping up with "modern traffic". Wouldn't it be nice to be able to go back in time? Certainly all of us share a deep appreciation for the time period and nostalgia that these trucks come from. So how does one cope with the challenge of operating a "stock" 60 year old truck in the world we live in now? I am not really certain. I suppose that some of you either live in relatively quiet rural areas or only use your trucks once in a while. I am sure that the stock gearing is more than up to that type of use. But what if you were planning on using this truck as a daily driver? and in a driving environment like we have here in Southern California ? I have been trying to work all this out in my mind ever since bought my truck. I would really like to keep is close to stock as possible. Most of my daily driving will be on surface streets and only short distances. But reality here is that when it does go on the freeways it must keep up with the flow of traffic which is typically 65mph and higher. I have read through the post's regarding transmission swaps and frankly I am not sure I want to go through all that. Switching out the 4.10 gears in the differential to a 3.73 set has a lot going for it.....if you can find them......as the truck is left in pretty much stock configuration. This really appeals to me. I am hoping that I can find what I need to do this "mod". The higher gearing should help a bit with engine life and even gas mileage. And if it winds up that it isn't quite enough of a upgrade then I could always do the transmission swap. It would be great if there were a kit available for this..... Jeff
  2. Jeff Balazs

    Door glass patterns?

    Mark; Well I might just take you up on that. Ya just never know...... It does sound like a great area to spend some time. Nice and mellow....not at all like this area. It's kind of funny....my cousin's husband is a woodworker too. She told me all about digging out the floor in his shop to install dust collection and radiant heating......she sort of lost me when she was talking about the weather.....but got me right back when fishing was discussed. And I guess every Wednesday evening is old car night in Buffalo. Jeff
  3. Jeff Balazs

    Door glass patterns?

    Hi Guy's I was wondering if anyone has patterns or drawings of the glass that goes in our doors. I have a 52 B-3-C that has vent windows which are intact and can be used as patterns to have new glass cut. I am looking for something to use as a pattern for the roll up section of glass.....all that is left of mine is a small chunk. A complete truck is a long way off......but I am trying to get the fit and function of the doors sorted out before doing any paint prep. Thanks, Jeff
  4. Where do you stand on reusing original (or old) fasteners and fittings? I've been cleaning up and taking stock of the old fasteners and fittings I have removed from my truck. As I go through this lot, some of them are obvious candidates for the trash this includes items like collapsed and deformed lock washers and stripped or badly corroded nuts and bolts. Other items can be reused......certainly the majority look fine. My question (and I am sure other folks have this same question) is where do you draw the line? What items would you definitely not reuse? and why? even if they look OK? Have you had failures? This is a general question....but please be specific. I am hoping that the answers help a fair amount of us that are new to these trucks and maybe don't have any other Mopar products. Thanks in advance, Jeff
  5. Jeff Balazs

    Door glass patterns?

    Ed; Yer twisting my arm......don't ya know. Austinsailor; I was thinking that laminated tempered glass would be the way to go. I have it made up for some of the doors I build. I think it is pretty much the best of both worlds.......but I will do some research before I have anything made up. I do know that in order to pass a strict vehicle inspection it must have a "bug" (safety glass label) or otherwise you could be out of luck. Mark; sending you a PM Jeff
  6. Jeff Balazs

    Door glass patterns?

    Hi Ed; That would be cool. I am long overdue. Haven't been east of Vegas for about 25 years.... I suppose it's a weather thing...... It was really great seeing her. A real sweetheart. Maybe we will try to do a trip back. The last time I saw her I was about 10 or 11. Probably shouldn't wait that long. I do remember their farm in Powers Lake, WI vividly. Guess what stuck in my mind? They had a big old barn.....with Model A parts hanging everywhere. My Uncle had a 28 or 29 Model A convertible Pickup. Every winter they tore it down and rebuilt it. I thought that was just about as cool as it get's.....pestered my Dad to buy one.....and wound up with a 30 coupe at 15. Those were the days. Jeff
  7. Jeff Balazs

    Door glass patterns?

    Hi Mark; That would be great. I have a commercial account with a large glass supplier. If I give them patterns they will make these up for me at cost. I have good corner windows....so nothing too fancy required. The rest is all flat and I have them all covered. Btw.....I had a cousin who I had not seen since we were kids visit this last weekend. She lives on an old farm outside of Buffalo, Mn.......is that anywhere near you? When I told her about my truck.....she say's she see's them fairly often. Thanks, Jeff
  8. Jeff Balazs

    Suggestions for Beginners

    Great list! I would say that hands down this forum is the single most important tool anyone could have. Not just us newbies or novices......even the old hands get stumped on from time to time. If you take the time to read through the post's, practically everything discussed is useful at one point in your project or another. And let's face it......where else are you going to get the support and shared experience you need to get through some of this? I know I wouldn't have even attempted my truck if this group wasn't so good. Here are a couple of items I would add to the list for any restoration: 1) A set of appropriate size taps, dies, extractors and a nut breaker. 2) A tube of Anti-Seize compound. Jeff
  9. Jeff Balazs

    Edmunds manifold for 25" block

    Gene; You are welcome. If you come across a decent "Job Rated" grill emblem for my 52 B-3-C let me know. Paint grade is fine with me. I am not a huge chrome fiend. Jeff
  10. Hi Guy's; Someone on Craigslist in LA, Lancaster area has a pretty nice alloy Edmunds 2 carb manifold for sale. Came off a long block DeSoto? Thought someone here might be interested..... Jeff
  11. Jeff Balazs

    Edmunds manifold for 25" block

    Hank; LA Craigslist.....type in 1950 dodge in Auto parts and it should come up. $200 for it and some other items. Won't fit your truck though..... I have not been able to put links or quotes in here......maybe it's a browser thing. Jeff
  12. Jeff Balazs

    Front hub dust cap.

    Moose; Thanks for posting this number.....I need some too. This forum is great. Jeff
  13. Jeff Balazs

    Rear end ratios

    try to find two. I'm off to the junkyard now with Merle's pictures in tow. (Except for the one with the Catepillar D8 bucket...too hard to explain) Hank P.S. I'll keep you in mind. Hank; that's what I am worried about....... Finding one is going to be pretty tough......finding two? Jeff
  14. Jeff Balazs

    Rear end ratios

    Thank you Merle; That is most helpful. I like your weight! So basically it looks the same from the outside and has the 3,73 ratio. Sounds fairly straightforward assuming one can find the correct donor. I will just have to beat Hank to it....... Jeff
  15. Jeff Balazs

    Rear end ratios

    Hi Guy's; I am interested in this "partial" swap as well. It seems like a really good solution. I have a 10 bolt 4.10 rear in my truck. According to the parts book I looked at last night there was even a 3.73 set available for these? I suppose finding one of these would be equal to finding the holy grail. My question is how do you go about finding the right donor these days? I don't know much about old Mopars. They are not too thick on the ground in this area. I understand the ratio stamps but beyond that does potential donor axle housing look the same as the one I have? or as I suspect looks different and just matches up internally? If this is the case what model and year cars would the donor axle be in? Surely someone can shed some additional light on this. Thanks, Jeff
  16. Jeff Balazs

    Leaf spring rebuild.

    GGDad; Yes that sounds about what I would expect. These guy's will make or adjust whatever you want. My friend has had them make springs for everything from rock crawlers to Baja 1000 racers to specialty equipment trailers. Hank; I doubt I will powder coat.... but we will see. Honestly there is hardly any rust on the springs as it is. Nothing like what our friends to the east of us have to deal with. Besides with the amount of rain we've had this year...we will die of thirst before any rust can form There is a product that is made by Mercury Marine that would probably work just fine on bare metal springs. Absolutely amazing stuff. It is an aerosol corrosion inhibitor that forms a pliable self healing barrier to rust and corrosion. I used it for years on my saltwater boats. Jeff
  17. Jeff Balazs

    Reusing original fasteners and fittings.....

    Rusty O'Toole Yes I kind of think a lot of the old hardware is better than quite a lot of the new stuff. Some item's this really is apparent. WWII really produced a talented workforce. One area they got right was heat treating......some of the stuff these guy's could do bordered on black magic. Good stainless hardware is really nice for some applications. Got to watch out for the lower grade stuff though. The threads can gall really badly. Jeff
  18. Hi Guy's; I finally got the steering wheel off yesterday. It was really stuck but after a month of PB Blaster and repeated tries it came off. I was worried that the splined section was damaged but it looks OK. When I got the truck the nut that is supposed to be on top of the wheel was missing. Does anyone know what size this item is? Also should there be a washer between it and the wheel? I've tried looking at the parts lists but have not found this. Thanks, Jeff
  19. Jeff Balazs

    Reusing original fasteners and fittings.....

    Desoto 1939 I have no desire to go to or participate in any shows. I have nothing against that..... it is just not my thing. What I am trying to do is build a daily driver/work truck. I think this is a reasonable and achievable goal. Now it may end up that I don't leave things completely stock but my intention is to end up with a truck that looks fairly original or at least period correct. We will see if this idea works. Hank; I will look into this further. You are right about doing things like this when it is just a bare frame. Definitely much easier. Not sure if it is worth a grand to eliminate a few squeeks......but if it were done to prevent a likely failure then I it makes good sense. One thing I will do is put together a decent set of spares. Some of this will be items that I remove and recondition just for this purpose. Others will be things I need to purchase. As part of this kit I certainly want a few things like a spare starter and fuel pump. Jeff
  20. Jeff Balazs

    Reusing original fasteners and fittings.....

    Hi Guy's; This is good. I am not afraid of buying new hardware....nuts, bolts etc... but I wasn't sure about things like spring shackles. Are new direct replacements available? Is it a good idea to remove and tear down the springs ? Mine are not particularly rusty..... somebody shot quite a lot of the undercarriage with military type yellow primer years ago and this is Southern California. Jeff
  21. Jeff Balazs

    Reusing original fasteners and fittings.....

    Well how about items like brake springs and the horseshoe shaped retaining clips? Shoe retainers? I managed to get most of this type of fitting cleaned up. They look fine to me. Funny thing is all the wheel cylinders were pretty corroded....I will be replacing these and all the lines. As far as my truck goes I don't have any interest in ever showing it.....so I will replace some of the standard type nuts, bolts etc as I see fit. I am much more concerned about reliability and maintenance. I don't plan on ever buying another truck so getting this one right is paramount. There are some specific items though that I am not sure about. Stuff like shock mounts and spring hangers. My first inclination is to obtain a spare for each type and just clean up, lube and use the existing ones. Since these trucks are "new" to me I just don't know where and what their weak points are. What breaks? What never breaks is one way to put it. Jeff
  22. Hi Guys; Is there a good source for rebuild work on the Autolite electric wiper units? I have a decent 2 speed one that I removed from the truck. I have cleaned it up and I would like to have it reconditioned. Not that it ever rains here...... but you never know. Thanks for your input. Jeff
  23. Jeff Balazs

    Wiper repair or reconditioning ?

    Thanks Kevin; That's perfect! Been looking for this place...forgot to bookmark it awhile ago. Couldn't remember the name or where I saw it. Might as well send them the starter and generator while I am at it. A song?....... That I got. Today's song of the day is: Guitar Shorty's "The Story of My Life" Seems like every time I get a little bit ahead. Got to hit the brakes....lights start turning red. Every check I get...is followed by a bill. Every open road ......is followed by a hill. Hey people I don't know why I even try. Tough breaks and bad decisions.... That's the Story of My Life..... Jeff
  24. Jeff Balazs

    53 rear fenders on a pre 53?

    Thanks Guy's; That is what I thought......not sure I would do it.....but I do like the look of the later fenders better on the tall bed. Just something to think about for now. Got to get the frame straightened first. I will be doing a different treatment on the bed. This is going to be a honest working truck and the bed floor needs to be functional for the type of hauling I need to do. I am planning on doing it using ironwood which is an extremely tough and oily south american species that looks a lot like teak. This stuff is beautiful and it doesn't really need a finish beyond a yearly application of tung oil. The metal strips and a few tie downs will be recessed into it. I will post photos when it is in. I finally got new Wranglers mounted on my freshly powder coated rims yesterday. Getting a solution for the bent and broken lugs took far longer than I ever imagined. That is done now and she has 5/8 lugs all around. The tires and rims look good.....of course the rims took an unusual size (for today) valve stem. You would think I would be used to this sort of thing by now. All the fussing over what I thought would be easy and simple things have given rise to a name for this project. Being a huge Blues hound it has to be.................. Bad Love. There is something so wrong about.....I can't stop. Jeff
  25. Hi Guys; I am curious about the feasibility of fitting 53 style rear fenders on a 52 long bed truck. Does anyone know what might be involved? In the photos I've looked at it seems like the later fender just has different mounting points and the round fender bolts are left in place but not used as mounts. Is this true? and if so is there a different length running board involved? Thanks very much, Jeff

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