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  1. Jeff Balazs

    Dodge T110L Eaton axle

    Hello and welcome. You definitely have the right idea about doing an axle swap. It is going to be the best and most cost effective way to up your cruising speed. I would guess you could probably go as high as a 4.10 or a bit lower say around 5.0. I can't help you with axle selection for this but surely someone else here will have more specifics. Very cool truck you got. Enjoy! Jeff
  2. Jeff Balazs


    Thanks. I will be refinishing it this winter and will do a sketch with dimensions then if anyone wants to make one for themselves. It has worked out really well for me. I carry a full tool kit with Jack, fluids, etc...all of the time on one side. Sometimes haul groceries with out a fuss. I have a good quality cooler that fits right in on the other side. I can keep my fish on ice when returning from trips like yesterday evening. Got a nice Mahi Mahi for tonight's dinner. Mama is very happy. Jeff
  3. Jeff Balazs


    Here is the one I built for my truck a few years ago. Gets used all the time. Jeff
  4. Jeff Balazs

    Front Axle

    Rusty Hopes kit works for the 3/4 ton....but not the 1 ton. You do have to use an adaptor/spacer so a bit more work than 1/2 ton conversion. But the big plus is you can use the stock rims which will take a 235/75R/15 radial which is an easy tire to obtain. And it just looks and feels right. I drive mine every day......and the disc brakes have been flawless and maintenance free for 14000 miles so far. Jeff
  5. Jeff Balazs

    Front Axle

    US made B series (if it is?) 3/4 ton trucks are all 5 x 5" x 15" with 9/16" studs. No real problem doing a disc brake conversion. And the front wheels will be the same size as the rears...... Jeff
  6. Jeff Balazs

    Paint - Base/Clear or Single Stage?

    Had mine painted with a single stage and to me it just looks "right" on these trucks. It lives outside and still looks pretty fresh with very little maintenance. One thing I see all the time here in SoCal is clear coat failure. The sun and heat seems to cause a lot of this here. When it happens it just looks like crap. Jeff
  7. I won't argue that a few more ponies would be nice. I just don't think that say tripling the available HP is going to make for a pleasant driving experience. And with a lump like MB has created the complication factor would be silly. I am probably one of the few owners that uses one of these trucks for all my daily needs. That would not be realistic with stock gearing or a few other carefully thought out upgrades. Just last week I took it down to Oceanside on the 5 Fwy. Average speed was 65 to 70 mph....which is not noisy in my truck as it has 3.55s and radial tires. Honestly that is as fast as I need to go in a 65 year old truck. It does it just fine and it actually gets decent mileage. 20 or 30 more HP would make it really nice but it should not come at the cost of over complication. Rock solid reliable is what these trucks can be....if we don't goof them up too much. Jeff
  8. Jeff Balazs

    4 speed Trans noise -

    I don't know if the corn head grease can handle the temps seen in this application.....I am sure it is OK in a steering box. The grease I was talking about works fine in high speed and temp equipment. Jeff
  9. Jeff Balazs

    4 speed Trans noise -

    It has the consistency of yogurt. Has to be pumped in. Can't remember the brand name I used but it was from England. It was a fix for vintage motorcycle gearboxes that had leaking leather seals......worked great on them....so I figured I would try it in the old Dodge and it has performed just as I thought it would. Jeff
  10. Jeff Balazs

    4 speed Trans noise -

    Brent; Filled it with semi fluid grease after draining the "oil". As I said works fine and is a lot quieter. Also doesn't leak nearly as much......... Jeff
  11. Yep I was speaking to the other Tim. I think what is important to note is that most of these trucks here do not see regular use. My perspective as a daily user is that they can be used pretty much as they were built. Just not at 85 mph. To me and I am certain many others changing too much would just ruin the experience of driving a 65 ear old truck. They are in effect a functional time machine that you can use everyday. That is truly what is very cool about them. They are always going to be happiest on a country road. Jeff
  12. Jeff Balazs

    4 speed Trans noise -

    I run a semi fluid grease in my 4 speed and this quiets these old trannys down quite a bit. Also makes them shift smoother. Been driving it daily for 3 years and no change. Jeff
  13. I am a huge fan of inline 6 engines. But that over complicated thing that MB built would never be on my list of transplant candidates. Honestly I would be much happier just doing a careful rebuild / build up on the original engine. One of the best attributes of these trucks is the rugged simplicity of the original engine. I have driven mine daily for about 3 years now. Try doing this before you start changing the basic design. You might just find that the original build wasn't too far off the mark. The only serious mods I made to mine was swapping in a Grand Cherokee 3.55 rear axle and going with 4 wheel disc brakes. I never even rebuilt the engine or the transmission. It cruises happily at 65 mph and gets fairly decent gas mileage. 15 to 17 Mpg. Not horrible for a 65 year old 3/4 ton truck. Best of all it is 100% reliable and has never once left me stranded. Tim I know you love these trucks....but love them for the right reason. Drive a more or less stock one every day........then tell us what you would change. 😀 Jeff
  14. Jeff Balazs

    Early 1955 truck wiper motor

    This set up looks almost identical to the B series unit. You probably need to take it apart carefully and clean out all the old dried out grease. I used Mobil 1 synthetic wheel bearing grease in mine and it has worked great in daily service for about 3 years. The switch can be taken apart and the contacts should be cleaned as well. Almost any motor can be repaired....but it isn't necessary most of the time. I picked up a complete spare on Ebay for mine and cleaned and rebuilt as well. When apart they are a little fiddly during reassembly so take pictures as you go. Lots of people are kind of blown away when they find out that I drive my truck daily. I am not.....these trucks were made pretty darn well and with some careful work most everything on them can still be put back into regular service. Try that with the new stuff! Mine sat as a derelict for 25 to 30 years....but it does just fine now. Jeff
  15. Jeff Balazs

    Early 1955 truck wiper motor

    Why not try taking it apart and cleaning it up carefully? I got mine and a spare working just fine with a couple of hours work. This kind of stuff was made surprising well.......you might be surprised. Jeff

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