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  1. "On the Road Again" with Phoenix

    Really? Paul I have been unfortunate enough to witness stuff that looks like what you are building come apart on the freeway.
  2. "On the Road Again" with Phoenix

    You are dreaming...wake up before you hurt somebody
  3. carb

    The kits sometimes come with two fuel shut off valves that fit different types of internals on the fuel inlets. Get the wrong one fitted and it will never seat correctly. Also dirt etc...can keep it from seating. Hth, Jeff
  4. 218 engine upgrade questions

    The Pertronix conversion is quite simple and very effective. You replace the standard points and condenser with their module which is a magnetic trigger and has no moving parts. If you go this direction you should buy their matched coil and use resistor type leads not solid core wires. My truck is my daily driver and this conversion works flawlessly. Starting hot or cold is never an issue. Some may argue that the original equipment is just fine as it is.........but that really depends on having good quality replacement parts and I found that to be problematic. My experience with the Pertronix set up is that it is basically fit and forget. One possible negative with it is there isn't any under the hood bling associated with it. It is hidden under the stock distributor cap and there really is not any evidence things are not bone stock. Jeff
  5. "On the Road Again" with Phoenix

    I didn't want to sound totally negative but that material isn't really up to the job. Reminds me of a similar effort I tried many moons ago using EMT. It seemed like a good idea but fell way short of the mark in the end.
  6. "On the Road Again" with Phoenix

    Paul; I've looked over your drawings and did not see where the self igniting BBQ was? We all know it is there somewhere........
  7. C-3-B FORUMS

    I don't know how much I speak for others but this group has evolved to be more inclusive quite a bit since I found it about 7 years ago. One of the real strengths of this group is that it populated by folks that truly care about helping each other out. I am pretty sure that if you ask questions about any older Mopar product here..... no one is going to be offended and you will get the info or answers you are looking for. Also as more C series owners participate here the series specific data will grow. Jeff
  8. Newbie 1955 c3b

    Welcome. Just gotta love that truck! You have done a very nice job on it and should be proud. Jeff
  9. Holy crap! Glass prices

    RZ-50 is available at Home Depot here. I like it as there is no silicone or oil in it. There are others but it is best to read the ingredients if you are going to use it for a variety of things.
  10. Holy crap! Glass prices

    When mine start to get this way my go to stuff is the dry lube spray. Makes all the difference. Try it you'll like it!
  11. Holy crap! Glass prices

    If you spray some dry lube in these "tracks" you may be surprised by how much smoother they operate. Jeff
  12. Carb upgrade, fingers crossed

    I'd be interested to hear how this works out. This is one area that a lot of progress has been made in since the old B & B's were made. Just not sure if the siamese ports and the original manifold will minimize the potential gains.
  13. Another 230 build thread

    Tom; I dont think it is all that critical. I cleaned mine up by hand and it works fine 10k miles later. Caveat is there were no chatter marks....so I felt good with the hand clean up. Jeff
  14. Thought I had enough trucks!

    Hey only off by a decade...........
  15. Stands to reason. Sump level would be falling if you had a cracked block type oil leak. And you haven't mentioned low oil pressure.