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  1. Jeff Balazs

    Gremlins within

    I agree in principal with Mr Coatney. Had it happen on an old car I bought years ago. But it could be ignition based too. Lets start a guess tally. Hope Don is correct 'cause that is an easy fix. But I gotta go with an ignition fault. Failing condenser...bad coil or perhaps a worn out or dirty ignition switch. Had that last one more than once since I was old enough to work on cars trucks and boats. Works after it has had a chance to cool down. Jeff
  2. Jeff Balazs

    Sticking valve in a rebuilt motor

    That 1/32" is probably all it takes to turn one of these engines into a roaring beast........😂 There has to be times when we all dream of just a few more ponies. I have a few steep hills on my commute where I thin even one more would help Jeff
  3. Jeff Balazs

    Sticking valve in a rebuilt motor

    I put about 4oz of MMO in my gas tank every other time I fill up. It really helps with the fuels we have these days. We have a winter fuel formula here in SoCal that makes for harder starting if I forget to dose it with MMO. My daily driver has a 230 that I revived rather than doing a full rebuild. I change the oil about every 2000 miles and use MMO in the fuel. Over 20k miles and it does not smoke or let me down ever. Jeff
  4. Jeff Balazs

    Thermostat Housing Problem

    I have a housing similar to the one in your righthand picture and believe me it will work just fine. I simply went to Pep boys and got a pre-formed hose with a 45 degree bend in it and cut it down to fit. Works perfect. Jeff
  5. Jeff Balazs

    Heater Control Valve

    Glenn; You are welcome. Like I said it all works just fine. I insulated the living daylights out of my cab. As much for sound as heat. I can't run my heater more than about 10 minutes before it gets too toasty in the cab. Of course that is here is SoCal and anything below 60 degrees feels cold to us. 😀 I really added the heater to gain the defroster. It can get very foggy here ........ Saturday afternoon visibility was down to less than 100" where I live.....and it was raining. Jeff
  6. Jeff Balazs

    Heater Control Valve

    Glenn; I had the same concern you had about the flow when I set mine up. Not sure I ever found anything on it. I just went ahead and used the fitting on top of my water pump to tie the other end of the system in. The real world answer is it works just fine. Used it this morning in defroster mode. While it doesn't get too warm the first few minute it does do it's job. Takes between 5 and 10 minutes to start putting out some noticeable heat. After that I usually have to turn off the fan. Also I don't think you will see much heat when that cable operated valve is closed. At least I don't. Hth; Jeff
  7. Jeff Balazs

    Heater Control Valve

    Glenn; I have that manual valve on mine to be able to isolate the heating system. Got to have a fitting there anyway...so why not a valve? It gets real hot here so no need for a heater except a couple of months this winter. Not needed that past 3 winters..... Jeff
  8. Jeff Balazs

    Heater Control Valve

    Jocko; I don't remember if mine has those slits. I don't think they would have much effect on the system though. Could even be there as a sort of "Freeze" protection for the system? I have another manual shut off valve on top of the water pump housing so the system can be isolated during the hot months. The whole things looks and functions period and for most of us that is good enough. Jeff
  9. Jeff Balazs

    Heater Control Valve

    The valve you have was a commonly available item back in the day. Heaters were an option item as well and could be installed by a dealership or local garage. I would venture a guess that most were added after the factory had sent the truck out to the dealership. I added a heater and a fresh air kit to my truck during my build. Glad I did this year. 😀 The defroster has been particularly handy. I have the same valve you have and it works just fine. Been using it every morning lately. Jeff
  10. Jeff Balazs

    lug studs

    Can't say for certain on 1 tons but my 3/4 ton had 9/16" studs originally. 9/16" studs were not available from any source. I ended up getting 5/8" studs and bored out the holes in the wheels. I believe Dorman was the source I ended up using. Was a PITA but it all worked out. Jeff
  11. Jeff Balazs

    thoughts on 3:07 gears?

    I have a 3.55 in my B-3-C with a later 230. Would not go any higher ratio than that. It is fine for the freeway but when there are hills it could use a T5 with a better spread. There are Cherokee rear ends out there with 3.73 ratio that would probably work perfect for your truck. Just my opinion. Jeff
  12. Jeff Balazs

    Man are these old trucks tough!

    The weather we have been having let up enough on Sunday to clean and wax the cab. The old truck definitely did not sustain any damage from the impact with the tree during the storm. Amazing considering the impact of hitting the tree top going that speed. It sure sounded like there was going to be some damage. All I found was a few pine needles stuck in the passenger side cab roof light that I had added when I put the truck together a few years ago. No dents or scuffs. Some people doubt that these trucks can be used daily but this episode is just another example of how wrong that thinking is. With a few tweaks these old trucks can be extremely functional transportation. I have had this one on the road for 4 years now and it gets the job done. Might not be the fastest thing out there but it has been pretty much rock solid reliable. As the old Timex commercials said "Takes a lik'in and keeps on ticking" Get out there and use um, Jeff
  13. Jeff Balazs

    Man are these old trucks tough!

    I bought them online from Napa or one of the big box stores. Don't remember the brand but they came in black or chrome. Here is a photo. They work well....and will fold away on impact. Jeff
  14. Jeff Balazs

    Man are these old trucks tough!

    Thanks guys. No pix....happened in the dark and in a downpour.....and the only evidence was literally a few pine needles. I drove past there on my way home last night. The tree must have been 50 to 60 foot tall judging from the ones around it. Looks like the slope it was on is super saturated and it tipped over in the wind. Lucky it was just the top of that tree because what was left that I saw was about 10" to 12" in diameter. Probably would not fared as well with that much trunk. Jeff

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