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  1. The other option is to use a heads up display GPS speedometer. Mine is smaller than a pack of smokes and is plugged into a 12 V cigarette lighter. It is very accurate and is super easy to see. They are about $60 on ebay. Hth, Jeff
  2. most likely........
  3. Just completed two years of trouble free daily motoring. The old truck has been as good as gold. It's never left me stranded and has only required normal maintenance and adjustments. It just goes to show you if you start of with a good foundation these trucks can still handle the job. With a few carefully thought out mods that is. It really makes me glad I took on this project. Jeff
  4. I have a metal one in my truck. Bought it on ebay a few years ago. They do come up quite often. Jeff
  5. I hate to say this but it kinda looks....... sorta like a flamethrower to me?........And awayyyyy we go!
  6. Might as well make it a Long Island Ice tea.........have fun!
  7. Here is what I ended up doing with my truck. Never even considered this until I was pretty far into the build. Just didn't like the way the Dodge cream color looked on the wheels once I had the truck painted. Got inspired by the maroon-ish color of the truckmaster heater I bought from GGDAD. I have since made a horse blanket cover for my seat to make it better for the dog. It is maroon/black with a bit of white in an southwest type pattern. Works out great and is actually more pleasant than sitting on vinyl. I would add that a "little" red goes a long way.......This and the wheels are plenty. Jeff
  8. Davin; That color looks mighty familiar........good on ya mate! With the kind of heat we have been seeing here I know I made the correct choice. No worries on the red wheels. Mine are maroon and literally not a day goes by without it getting a big thumbs up from someone. You might try and work some red accents into the cab interior. Jeff
  9. You are welcome Thom. This is one of the simplest and best mods I think there is for these trucks. Pretty much fit and forget. I have never had any issues with it and the battery is always in good shape. Enjoy the ride! Jeff
  10. Thom; There are a couple of ways this can be wired. 1) You can leave the old regulator in place and just use it as a terminal block. Run a single #8 wire from the alternator to the battery terminal on the regulator. Or 2) You can just run a single #8 wire directly to the battery terminal on the starter. I use the second method and have had zero issues with this arrangement even with a lot of accessories. Hth, Jeff.
  11. I agree. I found John extremely easy to deal with....and the quality and value is superb. I get compliments all the time. Since my Pilothouse is my only vehicle I really did not want the interior to look like plastic or cardboard. I used what John crafted and added quite a bit of insulation to it and the cab. Everybody who rides in mine has the same comments.....they can't get over how nice it looks and how quiet and comfortable the cab is. I am absolutely positive it would have never turned out so well using the other offerings. Jeff
  12. Keven; I am sure you will get it figured out. And at the very least it will keep you out of mischief. They are great trucks.........especially the 116" long ones. I sure like mine!!!!!! Jeff
  13. Congrats Keven; That ought to turn out very nice. Jeff
  14. I wouldn't rule out carb issues so quickly. If you can't find anything obvious with the ignition take a close look at the step up circuit components including the jet. I ended up having to change this jet in order to get things working correctly. Made a huge difference to how well the truck ran. Jeff
  15. Hey Mike; Good to see ya back at it. Home Depot sells an inexpensive tub for mixing mortar etc......that is just the ticket. Jeff