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  1. Mike; Mine started off as a $1000 non running derelict. I did pretty much everything but the paint myself. And other than the paint I never spent more than a couple hundred a month on it during the build. I knew from day one that I wanted it to be a daily driver. So my build always kept that in mind. I made a lot of subtle mods as I progressed but I also tried to retain as much of the original stuff as I felt I could make do with. I am very happy with the end product. These truck were obviously a good design when they were made and most of it still works well today. I will say that when one considers something like this they need to be realistic about how it should perform. Change too much or ask it to be like an Escalade and it will lose it's real charm very quickly. These are just work trucks....... plain and simple. Keep that in mind and you should get good results. Jeff
  2. Wally; You are welcome. I just wanted to share some of my experience with this aspect of building one these trucks for daily use in todays world. They really do make a very use able truck without too many mods. I have been very impressed by how nice the little flatty runs and how flexible the fluid drive 4 speed set up mine was fitted with actually works. Very sweet indeed. I wasn't too sure I liked it to begin with but I have changed my mind the last couple of months. Definitely no need for any further mods there. What a great little engine these are when they are dialed in. Jeff
  3. Wally; No there is definitely some items that need to be altered to use one of these trucks the way I have been. Gearing and brakes are at the top of the list. I went with a 3.55 ratio on the rear axle. Initially I thought it was too tall. But now that I have been really using it I would say it is spot on. The brake thing is a matter of what your local traffic conditions are like. Certainly drums would be fine if they are in tip top conditions and you use the truck in light traffic. I went with 4 wheel disc brakes and with the type of traffic, speeds and hilly conditions I face they are perfect. There are a few other details that are more than worthwhile when planning to use one of these trucks as a daily driver. Upgraded belts.....and good cabin insulation make it much safer and more pleasant to use. What doesn't need a lot of messing about with is the basic engine configuration, suspension or even the 6 volt electrics. People are blown away by the ride and comfort level of this truck. Not a day goes by when I don't get several thumbs up's or someone asking about it. If you take your time and put one of these trucks together carefully they will reward you with rock solid performance and reliability. They are well worth the effort. Jeff
  4. It's been a while. Moved and been driving the wheels off the old truck. It has been great! What a good little workhorse this truck is. No problem keeping up with traffic here anymore. Guess it just needed to be pushed hard and a bit of MMO to get the rings to re seat. I think I even startled some yoyo in a Tesla this morning when he was poking along in front of me. Too bad......wonder what he was thinking as my grille loomed close? For those of you who want to use one of these trucks as a daily driver.......It can be done without too many mods. Jeff
  5. You mention a turbocharger. Could it be running a little lean? And that condition shows up under load?
  6. Well .......radically different weather here. Not even sure what that white stuff is. It can as does get down to freezing once in a while in the winter. So 10w-40. Summer is much hotter. 112 a few times last year.. Combine that with stop n go traffic and 20w-50 makes much more sense. I also put a bottle of STP high mileage additive in every oil change. Helps keep the oil pressure up in very hot weather. Jeff
  7. You may consider running 10w-40 in the winter and 20w-50 in the summer. This has worked out well for me the past couple of years. Gets pretty hot here. I top up with MMO a week or two before oil change and have found that treatment to be very beneficial. The lowest I have ever seen my oil pressure drop to at idle was about 30# and that was a blazing hot day. Hth, Jeff
  8. Was suggesting VPW as they sell the Weber as a complete kit including adapter. Big thing with a conversion like this is getting the jetting and linkage correct. Can take a while if it isn't close to correct to start with. I imagine VPW has already got these kits set up correctly for our engines. Might at least be worth a call to see if you can get some info on that set up. Something else to consider is that these carbs probably need a good pressure regulator ahead of them. Most Webers seem to work best with about 2.5# of fuel pressure. Jeff
  9. I believe that VPW sells the Weber. I would guess that it is jetted correctly for a 230. Wouldn't hurt to call them and get their take on this installation. Jeff
  10. Might check the fuel tank vent.
  11. Yes.....and they are quite confused when we tell them that we did this stuff...and survived without any apps. OMG!
  12. Yes I used to lay out on the rear window deck of my Dads 56 Belair at on night drives through LA back in the day. It was no big deal back then. Rode in the back of a pickup to San Francisco and back in the 70's. Again no big deal. Used to dirt bike way out in the middle of the desert. No cell phones.....or first aid kits and I know for certain we never took any water with us. But we survived it all and a whole lot more. Not sure if the kids today are made of the same stuff?
  13. I have also heard good things about Earl. It is good to see that somebody is still creating and developing new components for these engines. If I ever win the lottery he would be the guy I would have build an engine for me. Besides I prefer a left coast source any day.
  14. I agree with what Greg has said here. It seems like you have a grossly mismatched carb instead of the correct item. It is just possible that you will chase your tail forever with this. Finding the correct carb should not be considered impossible no matter where you are located. Jeff
  15. I like what you have done. Anything you an do to reduce contaminants getting into the crankcase is a good thing. Jeff