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  1. I really like the original type bench seat in my truck. I had an upholstery guy repair and replace springs as needed. Think he charged around $30 for that and retied them all to boot. I then had him over-stuff it and recover the seat. It was OK with the vinyl cover but when I got a dog I added a homemade cover using horse blankets. From a comfort standpoint it is spot on. Doesn't get all sweaty in the hot weather we have here either. Best of all you don't slide around with the horse blanket cover. It has been just perfect and the springing in it works well in an old work truck. Jeff
  2. I have a large Carter rotory type electric fuel pump on my truck. I also have a Holley fuel pressure regulator set at 3.5 psi. This set up has worked very well on my truck. So far more than 20,000 trouble free miles. Hth, Jeff
  3. It depends on which model distributor you have as to what if any mods were made to install the Pertronix module. I know I had to remove a metal tab on the base plate of mine. Probably the same situation as on Merles truck. Fwiw the Pertronix mod has been totally perfect on my truck. It always starts easily and runs great. And I actually use this truck every day. And have for the last 4 years. One of the side maintenance related benefits of this mod is that the inside of the distributor cap stays nice and clean as opposed to what it will be like with the points back in there. Also the quality of a lot of the replacement points and condenser sets out there is very questionable. Jeff
  4. My truck is a 52 B-3-C with a fluid drive. It has a slightly later (54) 230 in it. The 3.55 works OK with this combo except on steep hills. It could use a few more ponies to be perfect. That is something I will address in the future. But for the most part it works fine. It easily cruises at 65 to 70 mph on the freeways here. If I were located in a more rural environment then I think an axle with a 3.77 ratio would be a better choice Putting 4 wheel discs on this was definitely one of the smartest moves I made during the build. I knew from the beginning that I wanted to use this truck on a daily basis. The entire braking system has performed flawlessly. Zero maintenance too. I won't say it stops just like a state of the art new car.....but it is damn close. And you need that here in heavy SoCal commuter traffic. Hth, Jeff
  5. It is smart to stand back and re-evaluate the situation. Could be one small thing....or a combination of several items. Best advice I can give is to not assume. Start with the basics like fuel delivery, spark and timing. Check it all carefully...take your time and don't make assumptions. Put fresh fuel in it. If you have old gas in it get rid of it. These new fuel formulations do not age well. Once you do get it running decent ...use it. There is a good chance it will run better and better with use. Just so you know I revived the engine in my truck instead of rebuilding it. So lots of unknowns. But it has turned out fine because I was careful at every step. As a matter of fact it has been extremely reliable. And it needs to be as it is my only vehicle. Gets driven daily. Just take your time and don't assume something is ok just because you changed it out recently. Prove it all out and bulletproof it as you go
  6. It is easy to get frustrated by some of this stuff. I know I did. The thing is that these seem so simple on the surface that everything should be easy. But there are many "little things" that can trip you up. I bet I had my carb off at least 6 or 8 times before I got it correct. And it was something small and not readily apparent. Bad step up jet. Changed it out and cleaned everything again and bingo no more problems. Have more than 20,000 miles on it now. Trust me the frustration fades away.......and a day does not go by when I know it was worth all the effort I put into it. Just gotta hang tough. Jeff
  7. Yes. Fuel sits and evaporates. Leaves residue. Once you get everything working correctly I would recommend using MMO in the fuel to help prevent future problems. Has worked weel for my truck. Jeff
  8. I put a Grand Cherokee rear axle in my truck to get a 3.55 and discs. Used a matching GC M/C because I figured it would be the best fit. It has worked perfectly. Makes sense. Jeff
  9. From memory the version in the lower photo looks correct. I ended up ditching the mechanical pump in favor of a large electric rotary type fuel pump. This arrangement eliminates the possibility of fuel dumping into the crankcase if the diaphram ever fails.
  10. Permatex makes products for this.
  11. The rear branch of the intake probably has a tapped fitting on top that you can use for vacuum readings. Vacuum gauges can tell you quite a bit about how your engine is running. 6v or 12v both work fine.....as long as it is all up to snuff. Jeff
  12. I have the Pertronix module and matching 6V coil in my truck. Try setting idle to around 600 rpm and use a vacuum gauge to set timing at the highest reading you can get. Then make very small timing adjustments until you get it to run the best. I probably don't need to tell you but loose or improperly sized wiring can damage these modules. I highly recommend clean terminals and the use of rattle proof type lock washers on the ignition system. Hth, Jeff Oh btw I have over 20K trouble free miles on my truck...so I know this ignition system is good if it is installed properly.
  13. Well there are a few "jobs" on these old trucks that should earn us a "merit badge" when successfully completed. Removing a badly corroded WDT is one and replacing the corner window gaskets by yourself is another. You haven't lived until you've tackled these. Jeff
  14. Yep.....not that bad a job. Much easier than the corner windows with new rubber. 😯
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