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  1. Proper Speaker Ohms

    With AC sets I think some guys use a filter choke that matches the output tube impedance and some people get big wirewound power resistors but they get hot.I have a Philco 802 and some years ago I needed a replacement speaker. I came across somebody on the internet who knew more about it than me. He said I could just leave the fc leads unattached and it would be good.I stole the permanent magnet speaker out of a junker 1949 Fada 790 (mainly because it fit the dash opening) and it works fine.
  2. Proper Speaker Ohms

    Most of those old speakers had 2 coils.The coil (called the voice coil) glued to the cardboard form in the base of the cone is probably between 4 and 8 ohms. Back then,speaker magnets sucked so to get around that, they used electromagnets,often called field coil or electrodynamic speakers.For a car speaker they might range from a couple hundred ohms to a thousand.If you go with a modern speaker,you can pretty much ignore the field coil leads and just connect the voice coil leads. If you tried that on an AC set,the kind found in a home,you would cook something. As is always the case with vintage tube driven electronics be very careful as parts of the circuit can carry pretty respectable voltage. Don't ask me how I know.To figure out what you have,You might try this site, http://www.nostalgiaair.org/. They have thousands of schematics. There are lots of sites out there that you can extract useful info from before you start tinkering including do's and don'ts.Good luck.
  3. Questions questions questions

    Yeah, That's how those small block chevy engines are. I ignored one for about 5 years, dumped gas down the carb and it fired right up.About a gallon of water puked out the tailpipe when it started though.
  4. Questions questions questions

    When I was trying to get my 251 unstuck, I found out later that the stuck pistons were the ones that the penetrating oil wouldn't drain past.If I recall, It was #2 and #6.From the bottom, I used a big crows foot on an extension to beat on the piston from the inside after disconnecting it from the crank. When it finally started moving, I put rubber hose on the rod bolts to prevent them from buggering up the crank when I pounded down from the top with a large wooden drift.
  5. Moore's Auto Salvage

    I know they were still in business 3 years ago.I bought a trunk lid. Shipping was reasonable.Overall they were a pleasure to deal with.
  6. Oil Pan Removal, Engine in Car. '53 Windsor 265.

    A few years back I pulled the pan on my 57 Ford y block with 60k miles on it just to clean the sludge that I knew had to be there.The stuff was almost a half an inch thick and had the feel of plumbers putty. By the time I got it all out I must have upped the pan capacity by close to half a quart.It was almost up to sump height.It was a filthy job but really worth it.
  7. Oil Pan Removal, Engine in Car. '53 Windsor 265.

    I can't say what a '53 is like but on a '47 I got it out of the way by cranking the steering wheel all the way over to one side.That got the arm enough out of the way to drop the pan.
  8. 265 Engine Color opinions

    I guess I did.That picture is a couple of years old. It was a warm day in December so I rushed. I had the head off to address a stuck piston ring that was giving me lousy compression.
  9. 265 Engine Color opinions

    I went with sort of a schoolbus yellow. If I had it to do over again it would be a pale green.
  10. Head Removal

    When you do free it up, be sure to lift it straight up to clear any valves that happen to be open.
  11. Full flow oil filter gasket

    Any halfway decent hardware store will have exactly the size you need.
  12. Age at which your child can drive your antique

    I have Condon and Skelly for my 57 Ford. It's in a 1 car garage on my property.I can't add the 47 onto the policy because one of the requirements is that the vehicle be in a garage. I tried to get liability through Allstate which insures everything else and they just refered me to an antique carrier.At this point,the only way that I can do it is to either commit fraud and tell Condon and Skelly its in a garage or rent a garage in the neighborhood. At that point, the car becomes like a horse, whether you ride it or not, you still have to fork up to feed it.
  13. 46-48 Chrysler questions

    That car doesnt look any worse than mine did when I got it.As long as the frame isn't rotted out,somebody should be able to do something with it.
  14. best way to awaken a flathead

    If you don't already know, the spark plug holes are located over the valve train. When I wanted to do the same thing,I used one of those baby formula things that look like a miniature turkey baster with a plastic hose on the end to direct the oil directly into the cylinders. Either way the oil gets in I guess but that way you know it all makes it instead of down through an open valve.
  15. 1948 Chrysler Windsor distributor gasket

    I did the same thing,Nothing like a well stocked hardware store. Fits like a glove.